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Kidcare International Prayer Letter

January 2014

Ephesians 6:18 ‘...praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints’

Dear  Brothers  and  sisters, Happy  New  Year.  On  behalf  of  the  children  and  families  our  prayers  touch,  Kidcare  would  like   to  thank  you  for  all  your  prayer  support.  This  season,  we  continue  to  pray  for  Syria  and  South   Sudan,  for  vulnerable  girls  and  children  who  are  exploited.  This  bulletin  will  also  focus  on  the   works  of  Kidcare    in  UK,  Uganda,  Pakistan  and  Ghana.       Susie  Djan   Kidcare  International         WORLD  PRAYER       *Please  Pray  for  the  suffering  of  all  refugees  and  especially  those  from  the  Syrian  conflict,   where  children  are  going  barefoot  in  the  middle  of  blizzards,  hunger,  lack  of  housing,  clothing   and  medical  care.       *Thank  God  for  all  those  assisting  in  Aid  Agencies  to  help  suffering  children  and  families  in   Syria.  Pray  for  those  Christian  agencies  that  God’s  love  and  compassion  will  be  seen  and  many   will  be  saved.     *Please  Pray.  As  well  as  being  caught  up  in  the  brutal  civil  conflict,  Christians  in  Syria  are  at   risk  of  attack  by  jihadist  rebels  who  aim  to  create  an  Islamist  state.  Islamists,  many  of  who  are   foreign,  are  now  largely  driving  the  revolution.  Pray  that  a  greater  understanding  of  the   character  of  the  opposition  will  come  to  light,  and  that  Western  leaders  will  have  the  wisdom   from  God  to  know  how  to  deal  with  this  conflict  in  Syria  so  that  Christians  in  Syria  will  be   protected.   *  Please  Pray  for  children  and  families  in  South  Sudan.  After  a  decades-­‐long,  brutal  civil   war  ended  with  South  Sudan  separating  from  Sudan  in  July  2011,  South  Sudan  is  embroiled  in   a  new,  bitter  conflict  with  rebels  under  former  Vice  President  Riek  Machar  accused  of  an   attempted  coup  against  President  Salva  Kiir.  Since  fighting  broke  out  mid-­‐December  in  the   world’s  newest  country,  an  estimated  1,000  people  have  been  killed  and  nearly  200,000  have   been  displaced  from  their  homes.  More  than  22,000  have  moved  as  refugees  to  neighboring   countries,  while  the  rest  of  those  displaced  have  fled  for  safety  to  other  areas  inside  South   Sudan,  with  about  62,000  camped  in  U.N.  compounds.  Peace  talks  that  began  Jan.  3,  have  not   yet  seen  significant  progress     Please  Pray  for  children’s  health  and  welfare.  Many  children  and  families  are  not  in   refugee  centres  and  can  not  be  reached  by  food  or  clean  water  distributions,  and  families  have   no  assurance  of  safety.  Many  reports  confirm  that  people  are  hiding  in  the  bush.   Today,  malnutrition  still  challenges  the  youngest  lives,  keeping  millions  from  reaching  their   fifth  birthday.  U.N.  and  humanitarian  groups’  staffs  are  rushing  to  vaccinate  children  against    


diseases like  measles  and  typhoid  and  to  provide  food  resources  in  compounds.  Those  living   outside  face  uncertain  conditions.   *Please  Pray  for  hostilities  to  be  settled  in  Syria  and  South  Sudan     *Pray  for  aid  workers  in  Syria  and  South  Sudan  The  conflict  has  made  life  difficult  for  aid   workers  and  their  families.  Helping  people  amid  insecurity  presents  daunting  physical,   mental,  and  spiritual  challenges.     *Pray  for  the  safety  of  unborn  and  infant  girls.  The  dangers  girls  face  begin  before  they  are   even  born.  In  some  cultures,  a  preference  for  sons  puts  pressure  on  women  to  terminate   pregnancies  if  they  are  pregnant  with  girls.  Those  who  do  survive  until  birth  may  be   neglected,  abandoned,  or  even  killed.  Seen  as  less  valuable  than  boys,  girls  are  less  likely  to  be   sent  to  school  and  may  be  the  last  to  receive  food  or  medical  care.  Ask  God  to  protect  these   young  girls  from  those  who  fail  to  see  their  true  value.   *  Pray  for  the  safety  of  girls  as  they  go  to  school.  The  journey  to  and  from  school  can  be   risky  for  females  —  especially  those  in  rural  areas  where  children  walk  long  distances  to   school.  Even  older  girls  often  must  leave  their  rural  communities  to  pursue  higher  education,   making  them  vulnerable  to  attack  in  a  more  urban  setting.  Pray  that  the  Lord  will  honour  the   desire  of  these  girls’  hearts  to  become  educated  and  provide  them  with  safe  passage  to  and   from  school.   *Pray  for  girls  who  are  forced  into  early  marriage.  Poverty  and  tradition  in  many   developing  countries  result  in  girls  becoming  wives  and  mothers  long  before  they  are   physically  and  emotionally  ready.  In  Bangladesh,  more  than  half  of  girls  are  married  before   the  age  of  15,  often  to  much  older  men.  Girls  who  marry  early  are  much  more  likely  to  drop   out  of  school.  Since  their  bodies  are  not  yet  mature,  the  risk  of  complications  —  including   death  in  childbirth  —  is  higher  for  them  than  for  adult  women.  They  also  have  a  higher  risk  of   giving  birth  to  an  underweight  or  stillborn  child.  Ask  God  to  touch  these  precious  girls  who   are  forced  into  early  marriage  and  give  their  parents  the  resources  they  need  to  resist  offering   their  daughters  to  older  men.       *Please  Pray  for  the  children  as  young  as  8  years  old  sold  into  the  slavery  of  forced  marriage   in  Europe.  Pray  also  for  the  worldwide  crowds  of  children  and  the  many  women  trafficked   against  their  will  for  perverted  sexual  desires.     *Please  Pray  Let  us  pray  for  the  protection  of  young  people  in  the  UK  who  feel  marginalized   and  worthless,  seeking  to  find  their  identity  in  the  crime  of  extremist  groups.        *Thank  God  for  so  many  people  now  working  to  rescue  these  victims,  and,  once  rescued,   helping  them  to  heal  and  recover.       KIDCARE  UK   *Thank  God  for  another  successful  year  of  Kidcare  International     making  a  difference  in  the  lives  of  many  around  the  world.  Thank  the   Lord  for  His  provision  in  miraculous  ways  to  help  the  poor.     *Thank  God  for  all  the  previous  successful  fundraising  events  in  2013.  Namely,  the  Easter   Concert  –  He  is  Risen;  the  Black  Tie  event  held  in  Croydon  Park  Hotel  in  June  which  raised  over   £6000  pounds!  Thank  God  for  the  Kidcare  5K  Run  held  in  the  summer;  football  tournament   etc.,  barbecue,  tuck  shop  selling  all  of  which  raised  funds  for  Kidcare  this  year  and  has  been  a    


blessing to  many  in  other  parts  of  the  world.  *Thank  God  for  the  ‘Celebrating  Christ  the  King’   concert  on  the  7th  of  December  2013.  Moneys  were  raised  in  this  concert  for  Kidcare.  It  was   very  successful  and  by  Gods  grace  we  managed  to  raise  up  to  date  £1250.     *Thank  God  for  the  enthusiasm  of  young  people  in  True  Vine  Church  and  all  sponsors  and   benefactors  who  have  supported  these  events  and  Kidcare  generally  with  their  presence,   giving  and  help.    *Thank  God  for  our  fundraisers,  for  our  charity  Trustees,  for  their   leadership  support,  advice  and  oversight  of  Kidcare  and  for  all  who  volunteer  and  who  assist   in  the  Kidcare  office.  Pray  the  Lord  blesses  them  and  makes  provision  for  them  in  areas  of   their  own  needs.     *Please  Pray  for  new  initiatives  this  year  to  raise  Kidcare’s  publicity  and  sponsorship  in   churches,  schools,  businesses  and  invisible  funders  across  the  UK.  Pray  that  the  Lord  will  open   doors  for  these  groups  to  be  a  blessing  to  Kidcare  and  that  more  people  will  come  and  support   this  cause.     *Thank  God  for  the  Kidcare  film  that  is  being  made.  Pray  that  this  film  will  touch  people  and   will  open  doors  in  more  ways  than  one.       *Please  Pray  for  our  Kidcare  Social  Enterprise  Project,  which  we  would  want  to  establish  in   2014  in  the  UK  by  the  grace  of  God.  Pray  the  Lord  enables  us  get  a  building  and  bring  all  the   necessary  resources  and  manpower  together.  Pray  that  the  Lord  opens  up  the  vision  and   direction  of  this  work  more  clearly  in  2014.       *Please  Pray  for  Kidcare  Family’s  Conference  that  will  be  hosted  on  February  8th  2014.  Pray   that  many  will  attend  and  that  it  will  strengthen  families  and  be  a  huge  blessing  to  all  who   attend.       *Please  pray  for  the  +Zone  children’s  program  as  children  are  mentored  to  study  and   memorise  scriptures.  Please  pray  that  the  children  will  have  the  Grace  of  God  to  do  this,   parents  will  be  supportive.  Pray  for  financial  resources  for  this  ministry.  For  the  +Zone   Assistants  and  leaders  that  the  Lord  will  bless  them  as  they  mentor  children.    

‘This poor  man  cried  out,  and  the  Lord  heard  him,  and  saved  him  out  of  all  his   troubles.’  Psalm  34:6        UGANDA   *Thank  God  for  the  successful  mission  trip  to  Uganda  with  a  team  of  7   –  namely  Susie,  Ray  Jr.,  Cheryl,  Shanna,  Greg,  Akua  and  Miles  and  for  the   provision  of  travel  and  living  expenses  for  all  in  the  team.  May  God   bless  them  and  all  who  supported  them.       *Thank  God  Kidcare  organised  a  successful  youth  camp,  with  over  80  young   people.  The  Word  of  the  Lord  was  proclaimed;  all  the  members  of  the  Mission  team   ministered  powerfully,  in  bible  group  discussions,  prayer  and  in  games.     *Please  Pray  for  the  students  of  S4  (which  is  equivalent  to  GCSE)  and  S6  (equivalent  to  A   level)  and  primary  school  leavers  who  have  taken  their  end  of  year  exams  and  are  awaiting   their  result.  Pray  that  they  will  have  good  results  and  God  will  open  new  schools  to  them.     Pray  that  all  groups  will  do  exceptionally  well  in  their  exams  by  the  grace  of  God.      


*Please Pray  with  us  for  funding  to  continue  to  meet  all  the  needs  of  poor  sponsored   children.  Generally,  all  school  fees  and  school  requirements  have  increased  in  prices  due  to   the  high  inflation  in  Uganda.  Please  also  pray  for  God’s  provision  for  the  cost  of  all  those  who   are  moving  to  secondary  school,  higher  education  or  university,  in  regards  to  the  costs  for   schooling,  uniforms,  new  books  and  increased  fees  etc.     *Please  Pray  for  all  schools  supported  by  Kidcare  in  Uganda  and  the  Kidcare  children’s  home   in  Uganda.       GHANA   *Please  Pray  for  Madame  Amegashie  and  Joshua  Nyamekye  of  the  Ghana   Kidcare  children’s  home.  Pray  that  the  Lord’s  grace  and  provision  will  be  with   them.         ‘Rejoice  always,  pray  without  ceasing,  in  everything  give  thanks;  for  this  is  the  will  of  God   in  Christ  Jesus  for  you.’  1  Thessalonians  5:18     PAKISTAN      


Thank  God  for  the  success  in  the  exams  for  the  Kidcare  sponsored  children  in  Pakistan   *Please  Pray  That  the  sponsorship  program  in  India  and  Pakistan  will  continually  run   smoothly  by  the  grace  of  God     *Please  Pray  for  many  people  to  receive  Christ  in  the  midst  of  persecution  in  Pakistan.       *Please  Pray  for  protection  upon  all  Pastors  and  believers,  especially  the  new  believers     *Please  Pray  for  Pastor  Labin  and  his  wife  Mercy  for  God  to  bless  them  and  meet  all  their   personal  needs  at  this  time.     ‘For  You  will  light  my  lamp;  The  Lord  my  God  will  enlighten  my  darkness.   For  by  You  I  can  run  against  a  troop,  By  my  God  I  can  leap  over  a  wall.   As  for  God,  His  way  is  perfect;  The  word  of  the  Lord  is  proven;   He  is  a  shield  to  all  who  trust  in  Him.    For  who  is  God,  except  the  Lord?   And  who  is  a  rock,  except  our  God?    It  is  God  who  arms  me  with  strength,   And  makes  my  way  perfect.’  Psalm  18:28-­‐32   Kidcare  International,     SBC  HOUSE,  Restmor  Way,     Wallington,  Surrey  SM6  7AH   Tel.  020  3417  5727    


Kidcare Prayer Letter Janaury 2014  

Prayer Letter for Kidcare International