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Photography Info and tips By Lily Goodman All pictures shown were taken by yours truly.

Street Photography For me, street photography is all about the subject. 1. Find someone unique and interesting. 2. Pluck up your courage and ask if you may take a picture. 3. Work quickly, then thank them profusely when you are done.

Portraits Portraits can be simple, left, or more quirky, below and right. A photographers job in a portrait is to capture the subject始s essence and let it shine through the image.

Action Shots Action shots can include a variety of subjects, and can be blurry, frozen, or a combination of both. 1. Determine subject. 2. Take 10 times more pictures you think you should. 3. The result will be around 1 good picture for every 15-30 bad pictures.

Effects In photography, there is no absolute right and wrong. It ultimately comes down simply what you like in a picture. Effects can help you reach what you might feel is perfection in a photo. Effects are also helpful when the lighting in the photo is horrendous, as evidenced by the photos to the left. Picture 1

Picture 1: Strong orange overtones. Picture 2: Using the effect tool in iPhoto, I made it B&W. Picture 3: I made this one sepia. While picture 1 is obviously not ideal, neither pictures 2 or 3 are better than each other. It all simply comes down to preference. The same is true regarding the images on the bottom and right.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Lily Photography  
Lily Photography  

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