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FALL 2015

L i ly / f a ll 2 0 1 5


Lighten. Brighten. Exfoliate.

Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant smooths lines and wrinkles, removes deep impurities and nourishes even delicate skin while healing environmental and stress effects on skin.

Hello Sunshine!

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Good Things Come in Small Scout Batches.

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Bright, Light, Uplifting. Soft, Luminous, Balanced. Sun & Moon scents from Little Barn Apothecary Body Oils create the perfect sensation, day or night. Wild harvested, naturally processed ingredients are safe, natural and simple.

“Spice” up your fall with this delish shade of Jane Iredale lip pencil!

Active! Organic!

Let Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum’s 22 wildcrafted botanicals deliver more healthy, radiant and youthful skin.

Blue Tansy!

The flower known for nourishing even the most irritable skin is the key ingredient in this miraculous daily serum. Say goodbye to inflamed, aging or delicate skin conditions and emerge, fresh-faced, with Lindstrom Blue Cocoon.


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Forever a Customer Favorite. Stella is infused with the slightly sweet, never bitter, and always fresh scent of blood orange.

Color Your Kiss with Precision.

Lips become irresistible when colored in moist, playful shades from Jane Iredale’s cream Lip Crayon.

Then Tata Harper Elixir Vitae is a musthave ingredient in your skin care regimen. And it’s 100% natural!

Accentuate the Positive with Kjær Weis Radiance Highlighter. Cheek bones, nose and brow lines look gorgeous and the warm pearl cream gives eyelids a lustrous shimmer.

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1 1 3 P I T T S T. | O L D V I L L A G E , M T. P L E A S A N T | S H O P O U T O F H A N D. C O M 8 4 3 . 8 5 6 . 3 5 8 5

2 | Fall 2015

30 years lending in charleston. over 1.5 billion dollars in loans.


How did we become the biggest little lender in South Carolina? Because every day, every loan, we ask ten of the nation’s largest financial institutions to compete for the very best rate for your mortgage. By working with you one-on-one, we help you make smart decisions today that will benefit your lifestyle for years to come.

Lorcan Lucey: 843.884.8133 • • 861 Coleman Boulevard, Mount Pleasant | Fall 2015 3

C R E AT I V E | C A S U A L | C U I S I N E

Serving an eclectic menu featuring fresh, local seafood & Certified Angus beef as well as inventive vegetarian options.

863 Houston Northcutt Blvd. | Mt Pleasant | 843. 606.2493 115 E 5th N St. | Summerville | 843.804.9512


Helmed by Emmy Award Winning local producer and videographer Neal Kinard, Hank Productions offers full service commercial video production on a local and national scale. Able to staff every stage of corporate & industrial production, from conception to completion.

4 | Fall 2015


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lily liFe on PurPose

fa l l B r i n g S

the laSt of the peacheS

FALL 2015

and the firSt of the appleS.thiS iS where y o u r c e l e B r at i o n Should Begin.

apple peach Skillet deSSert recipe on page 5

Homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, St. angel brie cheese, fete “Rustic” placemat, “The Tugaloo” Williams Knife Company (Johns island, SC), all courtesy Southern Season, Mt. Pleasant | Fall 2015 5







6 | fall Fall 2015

is s ue

welcome to fAll And welcome to lily. our debut issue! i picture readers checking out this magazine in a variety of places... a favorite local restaurant... an urban homestead (i have chickens, dog, cat and koi surrounding me as i type this!)... waiting for their turns in a salon, spa or a doctor’s office. Although the settings may change and the age, gender, race and interests vary, i hope the reaction is the same: a great big smile—maybe even a laugh-out-loud moment or two—and a genuine enjoyment of our thoughtful content. because authentic, intelligent content for a wise, enlightened readership is our passion. even our ads are chic, fun and smart! but as you can see while you explore this issue, we also keep it light. We don’t like high falutin’ attitudes because true class or grooviness has nothing to prove. We’re not the nutrition nazis or the politics police or the anti-shopping sadists. We like to buy cool stuff, eat fabulous food, live in wonderful homes, go to awesome events and learn new skills. and we like to be as healthy and responsible as we can. to hold our leaders accountable. to protect our families, communities and food systems. to promote artists and artisans, celebrate our local community and generally just strive for better living. You get that, right? l i ly


above Photo: Knife: The Tugaloo, Williams Knife company, Johns island, SC from Southern Season

TABLE OF CONTENTS grAB your Skillet ... 7 hello! ....................... 9 Slow down ............. 10 chAS mArketS 101 11 Slow mo’ ................ 11 ABout thAt mArVelouS hAt!

charleston’s own delightful designer natalie simmons hand blocks (shapes), sews and trims each hat offered through her company, carolina millinery. From the kentucky derby hat museum to booths at the city market and charleston Farmers market to her studio on daniel island, her elegant, vintage-inspired designs take both men and women to the next level in fashion. the cover and interior hats are felted fall beauties available for $305 each. check out her amazing Fall / Winter 2015 collection (or request a custom order!) at

SketchBook ........... 12 StAycAtion ............. 14 money mAtterS ...... 16 Art & Soul.............. 18 lily cookS! ............. 20 Building green ...... 23 lily noteS .............. 25 food tAkeS ............. 26 high fiVe ................ 28 connect with uS .... 31 | Fall 2015 7

Don’t let your money fall too far from the tree! Owning your own start-up business today can be quite a challenge. Let Linda McHugh help you navigate the financial side of things and free your business up to concentrate on what you do best. Now accepting new clients.

Linda McHugh 843. 276. 2316 |

We do more thanTaxes! CPAs utilizing a holistic approach to your accounting and tax needs


to protect your assets. Working with the client’s whole tax structure,

• Tax Minimization for Business & Owners • Quarterly Reports and Annual Financial Statements • Succession Planning • Cash Flow Modeling & Formation • Forensic Accounting Services • Corporate Structure & Formation • Market Analysis & Business Expansion Services • Contract Consultation • Sarbanes Oxley Compliance • Business Valuation Services • Due Diligence Services • Expert Witness

through a comprehensive analysis of their overall interrelationships of corporate, personal and qualified trusts. We implement strategies to minimize taxes and protect your assets.

126 Seven Farms Drive, Ste. 160-B | Daniel Island | 843.277.0626 |

8 | Fall 2015

w h o i S l i ly M a g a z i n e ?

We like to have fun. We think life is worth improving and celebrating. like the great outdoors? do you see your yard, porch or balcony as another living room in your house? do you love and want to support local venues and local farms? y o u ’ l l l o v e l i ly.

love good food? We do too! We’ll serve up something dee-lish in every issue. like to shop til you drop but want to be a thoughtful, educated, more responsible consumer? y o u ’ r e at t h e r i g h t p l a c e .

interested in making changes, large and small, to improve your quality of life and the lives of those in your community? y e p, l i ly i S a l l o v e r t h at.

Want to know where to get what’s hot, what’s cool and what’s happening now? o h y e a h , w e ’ v e g o t y o u c o v e r e d — l i ly k n o w S .

Want to read something positively passionate? We promise to give you a boost in every issue—good news you can use and tons of humor when we call things out that just aren’t right. y o u ’ l l l o v e i t.

now that you know a little about us, we want to assure readers that we know you, too. First of all, you’re smart. (We love that about you!) you’re replacing what is negative and useless with what’s positive and productive. you’re already making changes in your life—and better choices, too. you’re creating the life you desire rather than settling for life as it is. that’S So lily! | Fall 2015 9


s low

S l o w f o o d + S l o w m o n e y = c l e A n , h e A lt h y f o o d

Slow food slow food is both a movement in general and a specific, international organization. slow Food is all about: a better, cleaner and fairer world that begins with what we put on our plates—and our daily choices that determine the future of the environment, economy and society.

“Slow food aiMS to Be everything faSt food iS not. it’S Slow―in the Making and the eating. it’S freSh―not proceSSed. it’S froM neighBorhood farMS and StoreS.” usa today

slow Food network has over 100,000 members in more than 150 countries. through a vast volunteer network of local chapters, youth and food communities, they link the pleasures of the table with a commitment to protect the community, culture, knowledge and environment that make this pleasure possible. their mission as an international grassroots membership organization is good, clean and fair food for all. You can find Will and his Righteous Ranch products @ the Charleston farmer’s Market and local retailers.

1 0 | Fall 2015

speaking of good, clean and fair food, we thought we’d check in with a local farmer about his experience within the slow Food movement. Precocious purveyor of pastured pork, Will altman (of righteous Ranch, Effingham, SC), breaks down the realities of being a small, indie farmer in our area. how do you think charleston compares to other progressive cities with regard to supporting the slow Food movement? Would you say most people are pretty knowledgeable about it?

l i ly

the only experience i’ve had with slow Food is here in charleston. it's a good group of folks but i’d like to see more outreach programs connecting the people of charleston with their farmers. will

What do you think about the distribution opportunities available here in the lowcountry for farmers?

l i ly

w i l l there are several outlets for vegetable farmers in the lowcountry, including growfood carolina; but due to the complicated regulations on meat, it’s been tough to get anything similar for protein farmers.

What would you say to encourage an investor to get involved with the slow money movement?

l i ly

w i l l Where else would you get the option to eat your interest—in a good way?! l i ly are local investment gurus embracing the opportunity to direct clients’ resources towards local farms and food products?

i personally haven’t seen any local investment guys get involved with local farmers, yet. i believe it’s coming though. will

how do you think large chain stores are doing with regard to incorporating local food products into their stores? What national or regional chains are doing the best job around here right now?

l i ly

will i can only speak from my experience trying to contact the regional meat department at one famous national organic grocery store chain. i’ve tried to contact them over and over and over again with zero result. i even had another regional person who is a part of that chain grocery store’s organization make an email introduction for me. to this day no one has returned any of my calls or emails. smaller retailers are much easier to work with.

lily power! come on lily readers— your best source of power is your $. demand local farm food in stores!

“Today, people are hungry for real alternatives to faster and faster, e at l e S S froM a BoX and More froM the earth.

chArleSton fArmerS mArketS guide

so many markets, so little space to wax poetic. in a nutshell, here are some local markets and a special goody you should bring home from each! a tiverton Farms bouquet in season or a spice bouquet anytime, from the charleston Farmers market— downtown, marion square. Fresh eggs from Fili-West Farms at the mount Pleasant Farmers market on coleman blvd.

Slow money the crab & Pimento cheese melt from the café at boone hall Farm market on hwy 17. classic mud Pie or fall fav caramel apple Pie from mud Pie girl bakery at the north charleston Farmers market on Park circle. local grade a raw goat milk from Jeremiah Farms or one love kabucha’s green goodness juice from homegrown Johns island Farmers market on maybank hwy. a local, seasonablyappropriate veggie from compost in my shoe Farm at the sunday brunch James island Farmers market on maybank hwy just behind the Pour house deck. Pumpkin cinnamon crisps dog treats from the chew Factory at the summerville Farmers’ market on main street behind town hall.

ok, time for another lily happy dance! What has us shimmying now? the fact that one of our favorite investment ideals is paying off in a big way. since its inception, for every dollar donated to slow money, $11 has flowed to a small food enterprise!!! We challenge you to find a better payoff than that!

bigger and bigger, more and more global. investing in local food systems is a way to begin fixing our economy and our culture from the ground up.” Woody Tasch Slow Money Founder

Slow Money “is one of the top five trends in finance.”

What is slow money? it’s basically like the financial version of slow Food. to quote the organization itself, slow money catalyzes the flow of capital to local food enterprises and organic farms, connecting investors to the places where they live and “bringing money back down to earth.” check them out ( and be sure to click the slow money Principles link there. it helps answer the question, “What would the world be like if we invested 50% of our assets within 50 miles of where we live?” | Fall 2015 1 1


s ketchb ook

people And plAceS, pASt And preSent

uncle Andrew mAgwood by tressy magwood mellichamp

Lifetime shrimper and oysterman Capt. andrew Magwood picks oysters at low tide from his family-maintained beds, loading them onto his handmade, wooden bateau. Read and see much more about Capt. andrew at!

1 2 | Fall 2015

“sustainable” wasn’t a term used back in uncle andrew magwood’s day. it was simply the way life was on a tiny barrier island off the coast of charleston called little bull. the rough, 70-something year old man still tends his garden there the way it was nurtured as he grew up. that is, amending precious dirt (painstakingly brought to the island by buckets and sacks in increments over the years) with fish, shrimp parts and manures and hand watering from a cistern created decades ago to catch and store rainwater, a commodity more precious than gold during the challenging times he and his family grew up in. if you were to tell uncle andrew how cutting edge and on trend he is he would laugh, thinking himself lucky to have luxuries like a motorized boat and electricity, remembering

his beloved mother, ethel, painstakingly shucking oysters by the hour, putting them up in mason jars, rowing herself across the harbor and selling them up and down broad street in charleston. oysters gathered from ancient beds granted to the family in a royal charter and still protected and maintained by the family today. Pastured pork is nothing new to andrew – he remembers catching wild hogs on neighboring islands and bringing them back to little bull island to raise for meat, along with chickens and ducks . born the 8th of 11 children, andrew pulled his weight in the hard

Magwood Matriarch ethel shucking oysters to sell downtown. photograph by Martin puckhaber, courtesy of capt. andrew Magwood.

working family, hauling produce in exchange for farm goods, gardening to help feed the family, loading his homemade wooden bateau with oysters to sell and later upgrading to a fine vessel called the Playboy, a trawler well known and beloved in the local seafood industry. the 100 year old homestead, built by hand and entirely from salvaged shipwrecks along the barrier islands, was taken by hurricane hugo. but what can never be taken by time or by storm is a heritage that was founded on sustainability, hard work, respect and balance. “only take what you

need and save some for another day,” he says his father frequently reminded him and his brothers. it’s sage advice for all of us today. uncle andrew is a beloved patriarch to our family, sowing seeds of inspiration, love for simpler effects and hope in our hearts. i hope his story does the same for readers today.

freSh oySterS And freSh lemon Are A cool weAther lowcountry clASSic.

Go online to and check out author Tressy’s tips and recipes for oysters and shrimp dishes that are delish. (She and fellow foodie Debbie Newman were the creators of that marvelous Sweet Chili Shrimp Muffin recipe!)

The old Magwood homestead on Little Bull island.

o n ly ta k e w h at y o u n e e d a n d S av e S o M e f o r a n o t h e r d ay. | Fall 2015 1 3



G e t a w ay f r o m i t a l l r i g h t h e r e i n S o u t h Ca r o l i n a

Aching for Aiken! Tally Ho! You don’t have to be a part of the horsey set to appreciate a day or two in this impossibly-pretty and famous polo and racing town just a couple of hours away from Charleston. While it looks like the quintisensial southern, quaint, small village, its history and development involves some of the most famous “yank” fortunes in history.

Check out the various historic districts and walk where the Vanderbelts and Astors once lived during their winter sporting seasons. Figure out which house the Hope Diamond was kept—

1 4 | fall 2015

Insider Tip

The food at the Willcox is supberb! For a snack, order Drunken goat cheese plate with cabernet sauvignon jam & cranberry walnut bread. For lunch, try their classic burger with white Alabama BBQ sauce and potato sticks and for supper, their fish of the day is always perfection.

Stay a day:

Our editor’s fav room is 208. This sunny corner room is sumptuous, the view wonderful and you’ll never want to leave the “swimable” bath tub.

reportedly in an underwear drawer. Then grab a cocktail (we recommend their signature Parisian) at the elegant but relaxed bar at the Willcox Inn – a place so hot back in the day that Roosevelt stayed there (they have a suite in his honor) and the Prince of Wales was turned away because they had no rooms available. It’s cutting edge, awardwinningly “green” and is one of Conde Naste’ Traveler’s top 50 world hotels—but when you step inside and become enveloped in its cozy, wood paneled lobby, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time at your own, private club. | fall 2015 1 5

her example makes you think: Women just asking for and getting a raise (and we can translate that into empowering themselves by whatever investment necessary, be it training, education or investing in entrepreneurial efforts) to make enough $ to close that earning-gap, results in this: the investment women just made in themselves enjoys a nearly 30% return on their most valuable asset—their income stream! Wouldn’t you invest in something that earned that kind of return?!

w h at i S t h e B e S t i nv e S t Me nt f or wo M e n?

y o ur s e l f .

“there i S a B S o l u t e ly n o t h i n g t h at B e at S hard work.” SaLLiE KRaWCHECK

1 6 | Fall 2015

according to sharp (and we must say elegantly gorgeous) investment guru sallie krawcheck, the best investment advice for women is to put their investment dollars into their own businesses and careers! citing the (disgusting) fact that women make 77 cents to every man’s dollar on average, she urges women to realize that any efforts or investment that results in furthering a career or building a business is a much bigger payoff than investing in government bonds or the stock market.

lily magazine asked local investment guru bobby cummings (cummings Wealth management group) about what makes women excellent investors and money managers. here are some great things to know about women and money: they are excellent investors because they invest in what they love as consumers, they stick with a plan, they are patient, they understand a good sale and they seek guidance from knowledgeable advisors. They are also starting businesses at tWice the rate of men, women hold approximately half of management positions in corporate america, and over 40% of americans with assets over $600,000 are women.

CUSTOMERS BEFORE COMPANY, EMPLOYEE BEFORE OWNER, FAMILY BEFORE SELF, SAFETY ABOVE ALL! Pristine Safety Record. Convenient East Coast USA Location. Quality Services. Detyens Shipyards is the largest commercial shipyard on the United States, East Coast and provides exceptional facilities for your ship, your crew and your contractors. Located in the historic city of Charleston, South Carolina, Detyens Shipyards Inc. is busy building a tradition of quality workmanship at a reasonable price. Our focus on safety and our specialized workshop capacity ensure your visit to our one-stop facility will be exceptional. Detyens Shipyards understands the unique challenges that come with ship repairs and conversions. We endeavor to work with your team to get the ship sailing as quickly as possible.

Detyens Shipyards is a SCA Multiple Safety Award Winner

With our central location on the United States East Coast, close commercial shipping lanes and our deep water port allow ships easy access in and out quickly with either planned or emergency repairs. We offer extensive crane services and workshops, flexible work environment including cross-craft policies, three graving docks, a floating dry dock and six deep water piers. Ship owners who are looking for work to be done in a timely, efficient manner should contact Detyens Shipyards at .

1670 Drydock Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405 | 843.308.8000 | | Fall 2015 1 7


ar t

the heArtS of theSe deSignerS will inSpire you

with A nAme like rAVen roXAnne, you eXpect ultimAte grooVineSS. and this charleston chica doesn’t disappoint. her lightas-air, gauzy, hand painted scarves make you feel like a feather on a breeze and her recent girls with Flowers paintings were an instant (and sold out) hit, creating artistic heirlooms for contemporary collectors. know your Worth, Food for the heart, i am good, my song…the titles of her best selling works paint a picture of this artist’s soul. if you’re not fast enough to snatch up her vibrant paintings or scarves, why not commission a special piece? you’re worth it! Visit with Raven (seen right and with scarf) and other kindred spirits and arftists at Redux Studios, downtown at 136 St. Philip Street.

1 8 | Fall 2015

“When discussing Charleston’s contemporary art scene, it is hard to go without hearing the name Raven Roxanne.ˮArt Mag

thiS gorgeouS limited edition ScArf, the roXAnne, iS Sold out. But your Soul cAn tAke flight thiS noVemBer when She deButS her neweSt deSignS.

Jewelry thAt iS Both ethereAl And eArthy Fluid pieces that look as if they simply enveloped your finger, wrist or neck from some natural process. these designs make a statement in their very subtlety and are hallmarks of talented artisan, designer and metalsmith christina Jervey. We’re ooing and ahhing over her designs; but what we love most is that you can collaborate with this jewelry maven, creating a signature piece that’s all you. that’s so lily!

Shop online at | Fall 2015 1 9



the Art of cooking And food from the Soul

whAt’S cooking? our cover girl, Jennifer Wieckowski, along with gal pal & sis in law yana Wieckowski, is co-founder of the ultra hip company, hemming birds. but they do more than just design and hand sew their creations (the ollie bandana drool bib and the crazy cute art smocks are our favs)‌ these gals teach knitting, continental style, at cool venues and even private parties throughout charleston.


Sweet chili Shrimp muffin

2 frogmore muffin

See page 7 for hat information 2 0 | Fall 2015

SAVory And Sweet

we’re All on BoArd for thiS AmAZing recipe She contriButed, VegAn chocolAte pumpkin cupcAkeS! go online to for the how to for thiS deliSh diSh.

Add A fAll twiSt to your neXt cocktAil pArty: make this super cinchy frogmore muffin for your next tailgate or cocktail party! Your fav cornbread recipe, mixed; 1 cup corn, fresh or frozen; 1 Kielbasa sausage link, chopped; 1 lb cooked, peeled shrimp, chopped. Optional cheese, chopped. Heat oven to 425. Spray muffin pan with non stick or line. Gently mix your cornbread batter. fold in corn, sausage, cheese & shrimp bits. cook until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean, usually 15 minutes For recipes 1 & 3, go online to

Sweet cAroline the amazing food and recipe blog, chocolate and carrots, led the lily team down a rabbit hole—it was the site we couldn’t get enough of, with one completely amazing recipe after another. not to mention the


lemon pepper chiVe muffin

wonderful product reviews and thoughts and observations made by fellow foodie and South carolinian caroline edwards who, among other things, is a member of the pampers Baby Board. Be sure to check her out at chocolateandcarrots. com. no wonder we

i love Seeing people SMile w h i l e t h e y a r e e at i n g a S w e e t t r e at t h at i h av e M a d e .

lured her to lily as a regular contributor! look for tasty treats in every issue. | Fall 2015 2 1


Modern Coastal The title sums it up‌ Whether you’re building on the beach, the peninsula, or in North Charleston, Delpino Custom Homes can help you build your next home. The city of Charleston is experiencing a renaissance in industry, tradition, culture and construction and we are proud to have been a part of the change and look forward to sharing our experience with you while you Plan, Design and Build your next custom home.

295 Seven Farms Dr, Suite C-115 | Charleston, SC 29492 1-843-200-2721 Visit us on social media.

2 2 | Fall 2015

Kitchen, Woodbridge, CT

green demolitionS, kitchen trAderS And demolition AngelS Are mAking dreAmS come true!

“We have a lofty goal. We’re trying to make sure that no good luxury kitchen gets thrown out.” steve Feldman President & co-Founder, renovation angels

The kitchen above hails from Short Hills, NJ The lower kitchen came from swank digs in old Greenwhich, CT Small image, inset from Brooklyn, Ny

it all started when a staff member yearned for a fancy stove usually found in the homes of gazillionaires... enter, green demolitions, america’s luxurybargain superstore, and kitchen traders. these two enterprises basically help remove rich folks’ high end fixin’s (with their stellar “white glove” service) and then provide those former luxury home appliances and décor—and even whole rooms—to consumers! and provide a huge tax break to the high end homeowner as well. oh yeah! add to that dynamic duo a third enterprise called demolition angels and you have a triumphant triumvirate. Working with green demolitions and kitchen traders, demolition angels is a non-profit branch of the brands that provides jobs for and contributes proceeds to outreach programs in the areas of: at-risk youth, addiction recovery, job creation and social entrepreneurship!

insert the lily happy dance here! We were so inspired by owner steve Feldman, he’s becoming a regular columnist about designing green with lily magazine. and we’re luring his team right down here to charleston, giving homeowners and buyers an avenue to remove or purchase anything from high end appliances to entire kitchens! gorgeous décor, beautifully appointed homes and re-designing and re-purposing with purpose sounds great to us. Won’t it be fun to upgrade our digs and still feel good about our consumer choices? that’s so lily! check ‘em out at | Fall 2015 2 3



w h At ’ S c o o l , w h At ’ S n o t S o c o o l & w h At ’ S g o i n g o n

StArBuckS got Bucked! the lily mag crew hit the streets sampling scrumptious local coffee purveyors’ fall flavored alternatives. it was a tough call, but our fav was the mexican Fox mocha latte, a best seller of uber-cutie biz Foxworth’s coffee truck, brown Fox coffee. So what’s the kick in that foxy coffee? her recipe includes dark mocha syrup and cinnamon, cloves and cayenne —hand crafted for a sweet, spicy treat. it’s a real metablolismbooster with an antioxidant punch.

When not out satisfying caffeine cravings at special events, look for the Brown Fox coffee truck on Simmons Street in Mt.Pleasant, just across the road from Moultrie Middle School and the Mt. Pleasant farmers Market.


L i Ly / f a L L 2 0 1 5

biz knows her business! The health benefits of these ingredients include: cinnamon —fights infections, increases brain function aids digestion, boosts immune system. cloves—antimicrobial, aids digestion, boosts immune system. cayenne – boosts metabolism, aids digestion, boosts immune system, helps circulation, fights inflammation & headaches.

our Slogan iS “good thingS happen over good coffee” and w e e X p e c t J u S t t h at !

comBo StellAr & Stink We want to give a big, warm hug to kraft foods for actually listening to their customers and removing all artificial food dye from every kind of their mac & cheese products by 2016!!! (they never added it to their european products because those countries and consumers refuse to consume it!) now that we have the warm fuzzies, it’s time for the chill. come on, kelloggs, you already produce cereals without genetically modified sugar beets for your European market—now it’s time to do the same in the states! come on now, you can do it. kelloggs claims that it’s ok to feed that stuff to us silly americans because here in the states, “consumer concerns about the usage of biotech ingredients in food production are low.” say whaa? let’s not forget that some of our “healthy” products from places like morningstar Farms, kashi, bear naked, and gardenburger are kelloggs brands. gulp!

ABle to lABel hats off and hip hip huzzah to u.s. district court Judge christina reiss, who ruled last spring against the grocery manufacturers’ association and other industry groups in their efforts to block a vermont law that could make the state the first in the country to require labeling of genetically modified food from going into effect as scheduled on July 1, 2016. nothing as dangerous as an informed consumer, right?

termS of endAngerment speaking of getting the chills—get your blanky ready before watching the documentary “terms and conditions” (available on Netflix and other venues). the truth behind power companies, what they’re doing with your information and what they are willing to do to you will make you duck under the covers like you’re watching the scariest horror flick. you’ll never click that “agree” box again without getting the willies! | Fall 2015 2 5



c o o l S t u f f f o r l i ly ’ S h i p, u r B A n ‘ S t e A d e r S & f o o d i e S

fourteen greAt reASonS to eAt potAtoeS AgAin the poor potato has fallen victim in the past to anti-starch extremists. but lily readers are too smart to be hoodwinked by food fads. (helloooo... it’s called moderation—and works with most foods.) so we wanted to remind you why you should love your spuds !

here’s what consuming potatoes (responsibly grown and in reasonable amounts) does for you. Improves Digestion Reduces Cholesterol Levels Boosts Heart Health Protects the Body from polyps Prevents Cancer a n e w ta k e o n p o tat o e S :

Goat cheese feta with chopped mushrooms & pepperoncini (or pepper of your choice) Local product, Buttery Blonde butter with blue cheese & horseradish, sprouts (we used Kale) & blue cheese crumbles Chipotle Gouda cheese with sour cream, chives and diced tomatoes 2 6 | Fall 2015

Manages Diabetes Strengthens Your Immune System Reduces Signs of Aging Protects Skin (Even Promotes Healing of Skin) Increases Circulation Reduces Blood Pressure Maintains Fluid Balance Reduces Insomnia Boosts Eye Health

like ButtAh! nothing goes with spuds like creamy butter and guess what? Fitness guru cindy hubbard, from charleston’s F.i.t. studio, put’s it like this: “your body knows what to do with butter. it’s real and naturally derived. not so this fake, processed stuff, no matter how ‘healthy’ the labels claim they are.”

less is more in butter’s case, since there are only 1 – 3 ingredients in real butter and 2 of those are salt and air! our tip: try “whipped” real butter for the same awesome flavor with only half the calories.

ruh roAh industrial ag potatoes cause lots of problems (another reason to buy organic). according to the usda, 35 pesticides have been found on conventional potatoes.

sc has her own potato woes, as controversy has ignited over industrial ag farms endangering the edisto river, america’s longest uninterrupted black water river system. a large potato farm there earned ire & headlines by taking as much as 800+ million gallons of river water per month for irrigation in addition to clearing & destruction of habitat right on the banks of the river to do so. Food for thought, eh?

“a recipe haS no Soul. you, aS the cook, MuSt Bring Soul to the recipe.” THOMaS KELLER


IS A UNIVERSAL EXPERIENCE. ginger Bender creaky joints, queasy tummies and poor circulation will be a distant memory once you begin your ginger regimen. this stuff seriously works! if you or someone you love has arthritis problems, this may be the perfect, all-natural solution. our fav way to take it is in tincture form, which is a small bottle of an herb that has been completely incorporated into a liquid solvent through a specific process. Once tinctured, that herb (or in this case, the root) will retain its medicinal properties far longer than in most other preparations. alcohol tinctures can last for years. tinctures made from vinegar can last for at least a year. and all it takes is a few drops, either directly under the tongue or just mixed with a bit of water, juice or tea. but if you love the taste of ginger, why not try incorporating more of it into your diet or partaking daily in a yummy and invigorating cup of ginger tea? you can also get it in capsule form at local health food or natural remedies stores.

Learn about why you dream and how you can learn from it. In Gateway to Dreams, Teresa Ward presents an easyto-read, quick-start guide to understanding your dreams. She will help you see dream interpretation from a fresh, balanced approach that might just change your opinion regarding the different ways God speaks today. As you take the “dream dare” and start discovering what your dreams really mean, you will begin to find deeper meaning in your everyday life.

by Teresa Ward we loVe Butter BellS, A crock thAt SAfely keepS Butter At room temperAture, without refrigerAtion or the threAt of SpoilAge or odorS!

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folkS mAking A difference on purpoSe

Master Beekeeper Tami Enright (i.O.P resident and Executive Director.)

JuSt Bee cAuSe! some people complain about daunting environmental problems like the decline of the honey bee. others decide to do something about it! a simple mission can lead to a momentous boost to the beleaguered honey bee population thanks to the bee cause Project. their goal is simple: the installation of bee hives in 1,000 schools. and they are well on their way as a look at the “community” page of their website,, shows. make sure your local schools are participating!

StAte orgAniZAtion grAntS wiSheS to SmAll town, Sc

ah, bliss! at last folks will explore mayberry-like towns in our wonderful state of south carolina. For big-thinking small towns with tiny budgets, the undiscovered south carolina grant program endeavors to help towns partner with the sc dept. of Parks, recreation and tourism to develop and implement ways to attract the all-important tourist dollar to their communities. Way-tago, sc! one of the many reasons we love ya!

“the huM of BeeS iS the voice of the garden.” ELiZaBETH LaWRENCE

Go online to thebeecause. org to buy their amazing products. Be sure to order their jars of honey—100% of online sales go to support a donated hive!

2 8 | Fall 2015

Archery in the SchoolS in Sc your kid can feel just like a hunger games character—only without the element of fatal danger! The National archery in the Schools Program partners state departments of education and Wildlife with various archery equipment manufacturers and organizations to promote student education, physical education & participation in the ancient (and elegant) sport of archery. the idea is to provide “international style target archery training” in P.e. classes (is there still such a thing?) for students in grades 4 to 12. how cool is that?


free downtown cAr SerVice in An electric cAr (JuSt tip the driVer)! ‘nuff SAid...

meeting chArleSton’S green needS since, according to city Planners, charleston’s population is likely to more than double in the next 20 years, we love that Charleston’s own, first-ever, planned ECO-DISTRICT promotes “responsible growth” on the increasingly chic chic upper east side of our narrow peninsula. ride up to upper meeting street—the area where it converges with morrison—and check out those cool companies like the sustainability institute who are giving the industrialized, formerly contaminated and beleaguered 850-odd acre area a new (and wise) beginning.

While you’re there, swig a swank beer at the toney hotspot, edmund’s oast (1081 morrison drive) or get gritty at the funky, fun tattooed moose (1137 morrison dr) or get your soul on at martha lou’s kitchen (1068 morrison dr). awesome food and drinks in the heart of a hip, forward-thinking eco-district... that’s so lily!

tattooed Moose | Fall 2015 2 9

there coMeS a point where there’S a tiMe of fleeting Beauty t h at S t o p S y o u S h o r t, ta k e S y o u r B r e at h a n d SuSpendS tiMe.

JuSt Step outSide. JuSt open your eyeS. J u S t w a i t.

3 0 | Fall 2015

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3 Chisolm Street, 205 Chic South of Broad condo with eastern exposures, open floor plan, soaring 14’ ceilings, shared courtyard area, and off-street parking. $695,000

J OY C E L . K I N G, A B R


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