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brand position For Good Guide to reach its goal and become a brand that users could build and grow with, we created a brand that speaks to the humanity in us all. Good Guide is not meant to just inform users about the products they buy, but to empower them with a fundamental foundation that will move users to take action against wasteful product purchasing. Good Guide’s new design targets a sense of community and the desire to do better. This brand will not only serve as a product knowledge database, but also as a platform that will help jump start the conversation for communities to become more aware and make better purchases. The experience will leave users with the peace of mind that Good Guide is a brand that you can trust to make things better for themselves, their community, and our world.



COLOR palette

Type palette





Roboto Slab



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Pantone Warm Gray 1

Pantone Cool Gray 1

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Pantone Cool Gray 9


Pantone Cool Gray 10



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PMS 122


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We wanted a clean look and feel, so we combined a grayscale palette with a lot of white space. To bring in a warm, humanistic aspect to the brand, we

In order to help the user navigate throughout GoodGuide we played with varied typefaces. Intro is a bold typeface while Roboto Slab brings in a comforting

brought in a warm yellow color that will pop out within our clean layout.

feel to the brand. Combined with two extremes, Source Sans is a friendly and easy to read typeface.


logo Our logo is a progression that first focuses on the self (the small shape), then the community (the shape under the smallest), and our world (the biggest shape forming the G), providing a visual communication of our tagline.


For you. For us. For everyone. tagline identity Our tagline, “For you. For us. For everyone.” touches on the three sections our products are graded by. “For you.” is the equivalent of the health ratings next to each product. “For us.” is the social impact grade and “For everyone.” corresponds with overall environmental impact. All three categories are an integral part of what Good Guide looks for in a product and the foundation of how the rating system was built.


icon system Our Good Guide icons allow the user to quickly identify each section of the navigation bar and find what they are looking for quickly. They were designed with the same illustration style carried across our brand.


The App The application is an extension of the Good Guide web page and allows the user to customize their own personal profile and preferences, while providing full access to products just by scanning or searching for the product.



product page After you have searched or scanned a product, this page will show an image of the product with its ratings next to it. The ratings start with the overall rating, then breaks it down into the three category rating system. With the option to expand, the user will be able to see how each product further relates back to the tagline of how it affects them, us, and everyone.

homepage This page displays personal information and acts as a navigation page where they can enter the other sections of the app.

categories The categories page is a breakdown of the same navigation that is displayed on the webpage. It uses the same icon system as the webpage to help unify the two platforms.


the website The website is an account management tool that allows the user to manage their profile settings and search through Good Guide’s massive product library. Viewers can specify what types of products they are looking for and spend additional time researching the products they use. The site also functions as a notification space that alerts them to the social aspects th at are essential to Good Guide.



Intro Page This page explains to the new user what Good Guide is all about. It breaks down the rating system, encourages the user to sign up and download the app. After the first visit, users will be redirected to the homescreen automatically, but this page will still be accessable on the website.



HomePage The homepage will include a news feed, other users’ comments, and trending products to keep everyone up to date on what popular in their community. Good Guide will partner with Google+ EventsŠ and the newsfeed on the homepage will allow users to read about them and RSVP directly from their account. These events will feature speakers and/or activities meant to educate communities on product quality. Some events will be geared specifically towards professionals, i.e. nutritionists, sustainable engineers, etc. On the contrary, some will be aimed at educating the general public, through family activities in a farmers market like atmosphere.



print ads Our Print Ads depict a familiar scene of a common grocery store. The words challenge the viewer to take action and look closer at what they are buying, before they place it in the cart.




let us help you save more.


let us point you in the right direction.

let's see how it measures up.

Finding the truth in your products. For you. For us. For everyone. Good Guide


let us show you the real cost.


A ir Clean rth Ea n a e l C water Clean

Finding the truth in your products.

Finding Findingthe thetruth truthin inyour yourproducts. products.

Finding the truth in your products.

For you. For us. For everyone.

Foryou. you.For Forus. us.For Foreveryone. everyone. For

For you. For us. For everyone.

Good Guide

Good Guide

Good Guide


FIND the truth behind your products Take one. We insist. Visit for more information.


Good Guide

The interactive installations are outdoor print ads that allow people who pass by to take an icon from the wall and keep it. On the back of each icon is a lesser known fact about the product along with Good Guide’s logo and web address for viewers to reference later.

FOR YOU. FOR Us. for everyone



DID YOU KNOW? FIND the truth behind your products

FIND the truth behind your products

FIND the truth behind your products

Take one. We insist. Visit for more information.

Take one. We insist. Visit for more information.

Take one. We insist. Visit for more information.

Even though a jar of peanut butter claims to be healthy, it’s not neccesarily good for you in the long run. In order to know if a product is truly good for you, you have to take a look at the

Good Guide

FOR YOU. FOR Us. for everyone

Good Guide

FOR YOU. FOR Us. for everyone

Good Guide

FOR YOU. FOR Us. for everyone

bigger picture. What is this product doing for the people? What is it doing for the environment? And how do these things affect me?

Uncover the truth about your products,


Good Guide Visit Visitour our website website at at



social media A clear presence in social media is an essential and effective form of advertising for Good Guide. Having one on one conversations with users, consistently displaying new updates, and promoting events and meetups through Google Events are great ways GoodGuide can actively participate as a predominate player on good products.

The events will also be advertized predominantly on our social media pages. This acts as a forum for users to talk to each other about their experiences and post photos of activities they have participated in. Social media also creates a direct line for users to contact Good Guide and will play a central role in keeping us involved with the community.





Facebook will play a major role in promoting the activities of local events, global

GoodGuide will use Twitter to update users on recently rated products and live

talks and meetups. These meetups are the platform to inform communities

feed from meets ups in their community. Each Google Event will be tweeted live,

about the specifics of Good Guide’s mission, to promote product wellness. The

so everyone can follow along and join the conversation. Meetups will feature

banners will act as a notification for the next round of meetups and where they

specialized hashtags, like #GGgoesAustin and #FFF4TW, to help users find others

are happening. The Facebook page will also be a space to post videos and photos

who attend and create new connections.

from previous events for others to view and comment on.



Credits Designed by Mae Reed Lauren Lang Jordan Gutierrez Lily Kowalski Store setting provided by Wheatsville Co-op, Austin TX


Good Guide Pitch Book  
Good Guide Pitch Book  

Pitch book for total campaign and redesign of Good Guide. By Mae Reed, Lily Kowalski, Jordan Gutierrez and Lauren Lang.