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Multiple Functions Supported by PDF Converter Pro

PDF Converter Pro is a multi-purpose utility with the help of which the user can not only convert his/her PDF documents into other formats, but he/she can also edit PDF documents, can extract images from PDFs or merge several PDFs to make a single file. Unlike many PDF converter products, it handles batch conversion and partial conversion of files with 100 percent efficiency, which makes it stand out among the rest in the market. The functions of PDF Converter software are discussed in subsequent slides.

Edit PDF Files Effortlessly PDF Converter Pro contains an in-built PDF editor which helps an individual to edit any PDF document easily, just as he/she would edit any document in MS Word. If the file contains some error, it could be corrected without converting the file to another format. The user can even view PDF files using different options such as Zoom out, Zoom in, and Go To, Rotate etc.

Partial Conversion of a File

Partial Conversion refers to the conversion feature by which the user can convert only selected pages from PDF file to another format. The user can easily specify the number of pages such as 1-3, 6-8 etc. which needs to be converted into another format. Page selection should be done before clicking on ‘convert’ button in PDF Converter Software. It is very helpful when one's source file is very large and they need only a few pages to be converter.

Batch Conversion of Multiple Files

PDF Converter Pro supports batch conversion of files from PDF to other formats as well as from other formats to PDF. During batch conversion from PDF to other formats, the user has to select multiple PDF files and then desired format (like Excel, Word, etc.) to initiate conversion. On the other hand, during conversion from other formats to PDF, the user can select multiple files available in different formats to convert them to PDF. Convert files in bulk with PDF Converter Software. All one needs to do is browse to the order where documents to be converted exist. It makes work a lot easier.

Merge Many PDF Files into One Single File

PDF Converter Pro can merge many PDF files to make one single file, so that it becomes easy to view and share them. A business usually has many files having different information which needs to be shared with many people. With merge feature, the files become manageable and easy to share.

Extract Images from PDF Files

PDF Converter Software can extract images available in PDF without losing their quality. It produces exact copy of the images and one can easily re-use those images in any project / process at some future date. One can obtain images in Tiff, jpeg, bmp, etc..

Multiple Functions Supported by PDF Converter Pro  

Unlike many PDF converter products, PDF Converter Pro handles batch conversion and partial conversion of files with 100 percent efficiency,...