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It’s good to be LVIV EB! Be the part of DREAM TEAM 14-15!

Application questionnaire | EB 2014-2015 |AIESEC in LVIV

General questions: 1. Which experiences inspire you to apply in EB 1415? What 3 personal and professional goals you want to achieve as EB member? 2. SWOT analysis of your individuality (describe your characteristics & values). Why exactly you should work in EB 14/15? 3. Make SWOT analysis of AIESEC in Lviv (prove your statements with specific numbers or facts). 4. How do you see EB 13/14 and AIESEC in Lviv next term?

How LC can ensure stable growth?

(Describe strategy and your personal ideas for LC development; coordinators structure). 5. Evaluate performance of LC Lviv on national level and it’s contribution to Ukrainian entity (describe main achievements and their reasons, describe role of LC Lviv in Ukraine).

Application questionnaire | EB 2014-2015 |AIESEC in LVIV

To be the chosen one means to be‌.

Local Committee President 2014-2015

Application questionnaire | EB 2014-2015 |AIESEC in LVIV

LCP questionnaire: 1.

Identify the necessary leadership characteristics of LCP for the term 2014-2015 and explain why they are needed. In addition, evaluate your leadership style with the profile defined.










performance in the time reference 2010 – 2013 (base your







programs, members’ efficiency, financial stability and organizational culture). Make exchange analysis on national level in the time reference 2010 – 2013. What is your conclusion?


Evaluate our key results on the way of AIESEC 2015 midterm ambition achievement. Make analysis of 20132014 term main initiatives (name them, explain reasons of






implemented in LC, describe their effectiveness and influence on LC performance).


What are the key things that should happen next term to precede with global ambition @2015? What will be the role of AIESEC Lviv for global, national and local entities?


What will AIESEC in Lviv remember about the 14–15 term, your term as the LCP?

Application questionnaire | EB 2014-2015 |AIESEC in LVIV

VP Talent Management 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Make SWOT analysis of TM in AIESEC in Lviv. Which initiatives were implemented this year and how do you evaluate them? How do you evaluate education in LC? What parts of education are present now in Lviv and which would you like to implement? Explain. Please in one sentence describe what is Talent Management in AIESEC? What is INTEGRATION and REINTEGRATION? Why do we need it in AIESEC? Create an agenda of key training for X project.

VP External Relations 1. 2. 3.

Describe how different quarters of the year influence raising process. Make SWOT analysis of ER this term. Why servicing is so important? Why do we need CRM in organization?

4. Why do we need ER in LC? (at least 4 bullet points) 5. Describe the synergy of ER and other functional areas. How ER makes contribution to exchange goals achievements?

Application questionnaire | EB 2014-2015 |AIESEC in LVIV

VP Finance 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Analyze current financial situation in LC. What are the key indicators of LC stability? What are main risks and advantages? Which factors influence flow of incomes and expenses in our LC the most? (Name at least 4 and write how can you manage them) How do you envision development of finance direction in LC Lviv for the next year? (Give specific options/name stages) What is grant-management? Why do we need it? Imagine, on the beginning of the month there is 30 000 UAH on LC balance: how will you arrange/use them?

VP Marketing (CMM) 1. Make SWOT analysis of CMM activities in past 6 month. 2. Analyze promotion of Global Citizen. Point 2 things that were good and 2 things that were bad and your options to improve them.

3. Design a promo-timeline with explanations of an iGCDP project (Explore Lviv). Mention goals of promotion and the results wanted (don't forget about EP-raising as a result).

4. What would you like to change in CMM in case you are chosen for the position of VP Marketing?


Describe the synergies between CMM and all other


Application questionnaire | EB 2014-2015 |AIESEC in LVIV


What is unique in OGX program? Why is it relevant for Ukrainian society?

2. Analyze oGIP|oGCDP situation in our LC and Ukraine for the past 3 years.

3. Make a strategic plan on how to improve OGX in LC Lviv. 4. What is quality of OGX processes? Describe & note all tools needed for quality of X.

5. Make

segmentation and customized promotion plan of oGIP or oGCDP for summer realization.

VP ICX (iGCDP) 1. Please make SWOT analysis of iGCDP term 13-14. 2.

How you see process of servicing in ICX? (TN-takers, interns, other stakeholders)


Evaluate synergy between ICX and other directions; synergy with which directions will you focus on during your term, how, why?

4. You will be responsible for three processes - RA,MA,RE. How will you establish good connection between these three processes?


Name min quality standards of exchange. How will you ensure their implementation for every intern?

Practical task: Make internal research in for the project WWW. Financial Education (GCDP, shools are TN takers, date of RE – 01/06/14 – 27/06/2014)

Application questionnaire | EB 2014-2015 |AIESEC in LVIV

You definitely worth it! Proud of your strong and good will!

Application questionnaire | EB 2014-2015 |AIESEC in LVIV

Application questionnaire eb1415  


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