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Lily Saillant

2017 - 2018


Summary BUILD _ Tur _ Simone _ U. _ Nuée

RESEARCH _ Memoro _ Armadillo _ Canopé _ Armure _ Cineris _ Silence

CRAFT / WORK EXPERIENCE _ Internship / Workshop _Resume






_ The shock between the animals is re-enacted by the jerky swing and the confrontation of the two structures_


TUR _ zootropic

object made in partnership with the Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes Structural principle resulting from the observation of the movements of animals from the Ménagerie. The object is inspired by the action of the Caucasian Turs, animals fighting each other by clashing their horns. The interaction of the double structure evokes the duel between the two animals and engages the users in a game, a confrontation. The pendulum movement is jerky, resuming the idea of ​​shock. The project was realized and presented within the menagerie.





_ The weights balance each other, the face to face allows to strike up a conversation



_Bench for two Seating for two people, whose stability is based on the balance of weights. Users sit astride, face to face, which invites interaction. The structure is inspired by that of the bridge Simone de Beauvoir on the Seine, and traditional scales



_ U.




_Swing made during a workshop at Domaine de Boisbuchet (Vitra) Object created by the bending of Taiwanese bamboo slats. The simple shape results from a succession of identical curves. This swing demonstrates the qualities of the material, as its flexibility and strength. The flexibility of the slats allows it to close like a cocoon when a person sits there.

_ A curve, a twist, the shape unfolds like a pendulum in motion_





_ The modules create a patterned structure, light as a cloud of birds_



_Construction game Series of paper modules and small silicone gaskets. The folds are made of paper laminated with wood glue. They are light and rigid, easily supporting the weight of the construction. Silicone parts allow assembly by pressure. The resulting shape is reminiscent of a cloud, in its lightness and its scrambled appearance.






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_Application using the principle of facial recognition Anticipatory design project, aimed at supporting future people with Ahlzeimer. When the disease is declared, important information and memories about relatives are classified in the database. The application fills up gradually, organizes them to make them resurface with a face, a name or a date as soon as the user has forgotten. It is divided into 3 parts: the memory cloud, the directory card and the logbook. The contacts are classified as in a solar system, depending on the proximity to the user.


_ The application recreates the natural path of memory by associating the user’s memories with a specific face. _

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_The LM42 is a conductive plastic that alternates between flexibility and rigidity with a simple power-up_



_Skateboard made in partnership with LOMA innivation The LM42 is a conductive plastic invented by the startup LOMA innovation. It is solid at room temperature, and becomes flexible as soon as it reaches 60 ° C. A simple electric current allows to soften it in 4 seconds. This rolling skateboard project is a demonstration of the qualities of the material, and plays on the idea of ​​urban mobility, which is becoming more and more optimized. The user turns on the battery of his skateboard which becomes flexible. The series of rigid pads in buttress makes it possible to give it shape and to solidify the whole. The user uses it to move and to wrap it once arrived to store it more easily.



_ CANOPÃ&#x2030;




_Nomadic vegetable garden Backpack to transport plants in seeds, seedlings, plants. This object is a nomadic vegetable garden, as a manifesto for the reintroduction of plants in the cracks of the urban space. It can also encourage the migration of species, taken by course through global warming.

_ Encouraging species migration, listing and investing urban space_







_Pulp Research Project The Chinese armies used paper armor, with efficiency comparable to steel until the 19th century. The the superimposition allowed them to dampen the shocks and to stop the blades, while keeping a light set and inexpensive to produce. The philosophy of the flexible against the rigid makes it possible to draw from the ÂŤweaknessesÂť of the materials unsuspected qualities, according to the context. My project focused on a modification of the recipe for pulp, combining it with shellac or other fibers (linen, bamboo, hemp ...) in order to draw new characteristics .

_ The flexibility of the paper contrasts with the expected rigidity of an armor. We draw unsuspected qualities_







_Disturbed object The disturbed objects are what remains of the town of Saint-Pierre after the eruption of the Pelée mountain in 1902. This production gave rise to an exhibition at MAC-VAL. «The jug is resting on the dining room table. When the mountain explodes, its edges vibrate under the shock wave. The atmosphere is bubbling and its enamel crackles, the clouds vitrify the earth. The jug has become ash. Only the fragile shadow of it remains, a shadow that will crumble and return to dust. «

_ CINER,CINERIS, m : result of the bite of fire, ashes of the dead._





_ The sound of silence is revealed when you listen more closely_



_Research module with Bertrand Gauguet Composition of a music on the silence, starting from the acoustic study of the Pantheon and creation of its graphic partition. The images were generated by processing. This project questions the scales of silence. The description of the sound space is done through the revelation of micro-sounds and reverberations.


For 3 years, I have been doing several internships with artisans. The hand work seduces me, it is a source of inspiration. I have more affinity with the direct experimentation on the subject, and the exchange with the craftsman who shares his knowhow. At the same time, I try to introduce a design methodology to the process.






Project realized with the help of ceramists Karen Swami and Linda Iklef I work since 2016 at Karen Swami, ceramist. In addition to learning techniques, I realized a project called ÂŤFOLDÂť. Coming from a first model of plaster, it is a series of white porcelain hulls cast and enamelled.



Learning with Martine Rey, artist and professor of vegetable lacquer at ENSAAMA. I learned the Japanese technique of kintsugi, which traditionally consists of filling and repairing cracks of ceramic pieces with vegetable lacquer and gold powder. It is an art that tends to reveal and sublimate the fragilities of matter. It is also an effective repair technique to counter the large number of parts that can break during cooking or during a lifetime.



Learning with AurĂŠlie Abadie and Samuel Sauques, designer and craftsmen in Lorient. I spent a month of training to learn the technique of molding glass paste, molds, cold cutting glass and torch. In parallel, I conducted a project on glass feathers and calligraphy, to see how the properties of glass affect the flow and the reserve of the ink. See if this material could give a particular spelling and the shape of this tool.

_06 _48


Two workshops, at Galerie 24B and Boisbuchet Estate (Vitra), on the weaving and bending of Taiwanese bamboo. With the help of Taiwanese artisans, we learned how to cut, braid and bend bamboo. The objects made have been exhibited at Galerie 24B rue Saint Roch and Parc Floral de Vincennes.




_ Partnership with Loma Innovation, LM42â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s creative start-up _ Workshop at the Domaine de Boisbuchet (Vitra) with Sophie Larger and Marc Thebault on the bending of Taiwanese bamboo _ Exhibition in Bambazar, presentation of students projects at the Parc Floral de Vincennes _ Internship at AurĂŠlie Abadie and Samuel Sauques for 1 month, designer and craftsmen specialized in molding and molten glass


_ Bamboo workshop ENSAD x NTCRI with Hand in Hand association, exhibition at Galerie 24b for Paris design week _ Internship at Karen Swami, ceramic assistance, 1 year and a half _ Kintsugi with japanese vegetable lacquer workshop with Martine Rey, lacquer artiste _ Internship at the studio 54, 1 month, assistance production showcasing stage models


_ Language course in Tampa, Florida 5 weeks. Class Assistance of elementary school, French lessons, followed courses in high school of applied arts


CONTACT Lily Saillant 84 rue du cherche-midi 75006 PARIS 0675143252

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