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Li Lu Jennings - An Experienced Salsa Instructor

Li Lu Jennings is an experienced Salsa instructor working in a reputed dance academy. Born and brought up in Venezuela, a country which has always welcomed all types of music and dance forms, Jennings grew up having dance as important part of her life. As a young girl, she was always drawn towards different forms of dance – hip hop, jazz, samba, mambo, etc, however, it was Salsa that she liked the most.

Her love for Salsa soon turned into passion and at the age of fifteen she joined a dance school to learn the dance form. Owing to her flawless talent and and hard work, she soon became the best dancer in the school. Realizing that there is nothing that gives her as much pleasure as Salsa, Li Lu Jennings decided to become a professional Salsa instructor.

Today, she is working as a trainer in an established dance academy, where she is highly regarded for her excellent dancing skills and dedication. She beautifully blends upbeat rhythms with east-to-follow choreography to make sure her students are able to easily learn both simple as well as difficult Salsa steps.

Being a constant seeker of self-perfection in her art, Li Lu Jennings strives to constantly improve herself. Her future plans include opening her own dance school, where she would train individuals belonging to the underprivileged strata of society. Li Lu Jennings is an experienced Salsa instructor known for her superb dance moves. Presently, she is working in a well-established dance academy that has been providing excellent dance classes for the past twenty years.

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Li lu jennings an experienced salsa instructor