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bout Us Mongolia Summer Camp is an educational fun camp run by international youths volunteers for street children in Mongolia to teach them basic english, music and art as well as values through games and activities. The camp is situated in the rural green pasture in traditional mongolian tents and provides both volunteers and children a chance to be close to nature and enjoy nature’s beauty through activities like hiking SINCE 2010

and horse-riding.Â


The project seeks to enable youth volunteers to give off whatever little time and resources that they have to serve the less fortunate in

An independent youth initiative to help street children in Mongolia.

the society by running a simple camp. It also hopes to provide a chance for informal education for street children to equip them with a basic foundation to continue further in life. To inspire them to hope, to fight and never give up. The project aspires to bridge together the hearts of people from miles apart to forge a common dream of a better future.

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Spreading seeds of joy and hope to the little ones Making a difference, a small step a time


” I am really happy to have you guys. You people give us a chance to stay in a camp and live as a family. All the times are spent so happily together. I enjoyed the camp. I love you. Wishing all of you the best! ” TEMUJIN, 15 YRS OLD, PARTICIPANT OF MSC 2

“I got excited the moment I got here. I loved this camp. I’m having a great time. I like to thank the volunteers who came from such far distances. They spent 150 thousand turugs just for our horse riding. And I was very happy. I really thank them. It feels like I have to say thanks to all these people.” W it h t h e fa ll o f communism in Mongolia, d ra st i c e co n o m i ca l r e f o r m s to o k p la c e , ushering in prosperity and progress for the country. However, such wealth and progress remained tasted by just the privileged few who benefited from capitalism. Mongolia today remains plagued by many economic troubles which has consequently crippled the nation’s social security system; that is increasingly essential for the livelihood of the poor. ! Living under the city of Ulan Bator, in manholes, are a community of street children, a group of innocent who has fallen through the cracks of the social safety net. These children have left their homes

Under the City

various reasons. Some because of abuse, some lost their parents through hardships in life, while some are simply thrown out because the family can no longer support them. These children roam the streets to beg and busk, while the older ones work at the local black markets for a living. On a bad day, the only resort will be to scavenge for food in landfills. ! What makes the situation of these children stand out amongst street children in other developing countries is the fact that Mongolia spends most (75%) of the year under extreme winter condition which makes it hard or even fatal for these children to survive without a shelter. Driven out of desperation, many had to live underground in manholes, where the pipes sending hot steam to keep houses warm, where their healthy and safety is greatly compromised.

HOW U CAN HELP! There are many ways you can help! MSC is seeking philanthropic individuals and organizations who will embark on a journey with us to build a boarding school to help these children in more sustainable tangible ways. If you’re a youth, sign up as a volunteer to our annual camp. Or simply donate to our cause. More info visit:

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MSC e-brochure  

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