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Meredith Whelchel February 11, 2009 Op-ed project Author: Kathleen Parker Date: January 19-25, 2009 Publication: The Washington Post Page: 31 “Pink Slips Du Jour” By Kathleen Parker Topic: the failing economy and unemployment ♥ “blue collared jobs” disappeared, now “white collared jobs” are fading ♥ College isn’t a degree anymore or a guarantee of employment or job security ♥ “consulting” and “free lancing” are upscale terms for out of work ♥ Pink slip organizations are giving those who are unemployed a chance to group together ♥ We may be in trouble for a while… Argument and Technique: she uses personal examples and stories. She is sarcastic in her writing. She uses short sentences and short paragraphs. She also includes some facts and statistics to back up her point of view Her purpose is to appeal to the unemployed by using sympathetic stories, facts and sarcasm to slightly brighten those peoples’ days. Story—“My 28 year old niece…these days.” Facts—“the poll, conducted online among 500 employed Americans over 18, found that a third are working as freelancers or in two jobs.” Sarcasm—“This not-so-rosy scenario raises questions for which there are no ready answers.” The tone is concerned, disdainful, and supportive. ♥ Concerned-“we may be in for a longer faul than anyone cares to admit.” ♥ Disdainful-“no longer is a college degree-or even an advanced degree-a guarantee of employment or job security.” ♥ Supportive-“On the bright side, the wired generation is dealing with its recessiondepressed creatively.”

Pink Slips Du Jour  

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