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echo #1, July 2013

5 outfits for your summer

How to run an agency?

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VO Takeover event review

The mysterious RedDaisy Anelise - The living artwork fashionista spotlight

The bohemian Mun

Behind Nevoir Anything is possible if you want to do it.

The secrets of posing

This is the first issue of ECHO Magazine! A lot of work has been put into making this possible, so hopefully you enjoy it and share the word with others, too! Also, we are still hiring journalists and reporters, so check out our group and feel free to apply! It would also be much appreciated if you’d leave a review of the magazine, saying what you liked the most and what you’d like to see more of and what not, it would help the magazine to improve. If you have any suggestions for the magazine, you may leave it in our Suggestion thread. Thank-you and enjoy reading!

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echo in style The newest fashion trend review by Dominellla.



ashion… it’s universal. With that being said, vintage styles come in and out of our lives all the time. Trend setting styles for this summer repeats itself from past decades. High waisted everything is in, like shorts, jeans and skirts. Some great devs to find these types of items are Irrelevant and Low. Another flashback trendsetter is maxis. Maxi dresses and maxi skirts have come back to life, hitting the world in full force. These are also great for the cute casual look that make the summer interesting. Quill and Farmes are two devs that offer amazing maxi skirts, so if that is a look that you are trying to portray make sure to check them out. Head wraps are another great in style trend that has been brought back in. Gwen’s catalog offers some great head wraps that look fabulous with any hair. Bright colors are also very in, as they are every summer. Pastels, warms, and even cools have been seen all over the catalog of IMVU as well as all over the runways in New York Fashion Week. Are you a hipster? If so you are also very in style for the summer. Beanies, snap backs, tee shirts, and ray bans can be worn almost anywhere in this day in age. Also making a flashback from the 70s are hippie bands, john lennon style sunglasses, and floral prints. High low dresses, they are perfect for any occasion. They are sort of the reversed mullet… business in the back, party in the front! A great dev for high low dresses is KisaTheCutie. Some fabrics that are in style include laces and leathers, which almost any dev offers. Are you looking for a new hair style? Try brightly colored hair. Blues, purples, pinks, and other hairs that are definitely not a natural color are always fun to experiment with. They can always make life a little more interesting, as well as make you look a little more interesting! A few devs with marvelous un-natural hair colors are Nevoir, 0bey, Quill, and Farmes. Summer is here! So embrace your inner fashion sense and make sure you look fabulous at all times. Like seasons, fashions come and go but style is eternal.


It’s officially Summer, the trend setting season that we all eagerly await 9 months out of the year for. Here at Echo, we’ve asked our models to display a look for the summer season. As always, they’ve dressed to impress. So here we go, ECHO Magazine Models’ outfits to heat up the season.


B. Dru Velvet Crop By Coochie 648 cr.

|mx. Umeri Mint By Gwen 538 cr.

+ Lyrble Sheer v1 By 0BEY 510 cr.


tarting off with Parakiss and her casual outfit, she chose a tie died half halter by Coochie, complimented by teal shorts by Gwen and a sheer high waisted skirt by 0bey . Her strappy open toed heels by Coochie display a pop of pink that is also seen in the top. Bringing the outfit all together, she chose to accessorize with hot pink earrings by Hermosa. This outfit is perfect for that cutecasual sense that the summer brings out. It also displays a bit of the hipster side that has been very hot for the spring and summer seasons.

B. Jazzy Heels By Coochie 795 cr.


m// Woodchopper’s By Minou 699 cr.

[KISA]NotFairDressMint By KisaTheCutie 608 cr.


ext up in the casual category, we have Vertigina. She chose a so instyle mint and beige high low dress by KissaTheCutie, with mint studded ankle-strap heels also by Kisa. Vertigina accessorized this outfit with brown earrings by Minou, highlighting the brown belt on the dress. This outfit is also perfect for that cute-casual feel.

[KISA]OnlyOneWedges By KisaTheCutie 600 cr.


[Night] Drone earring By Night 719 cr.

[bq]Clear Black By baraq 719 cr.

= Imagine Lennon’s By Cleo 690 cr.

*az*N.T.outfit By ANDZELICA 609 cr.


ummer wouldn’t be summer without a few sexy bathing suits. Rocking our “Bikini Couture” category, Ocsaverdna chose a different take on “Bikini Couture”. She wore a high fashion one piece by Andzelica, accessorizing with unique John Lennon styled sun glasses by Cleo, and pulling it all together with spiked earrings by Night and a simple silver spiral ring by baraq.


[Iss] Ferel / Leopard By Iss 633 cr.


oving on with “Bikini Couture“, Iss chose a cut out leopard one piece by herself, with matching leopard peep toe heels by her also, as this season animal prints are in fashion, too.

[Iss] Ferel / Leop Shoes By Iss 631 cr.


SLN Summer HAT By SELEN 690 cr. 5pr*OH round shades By Shades 802 cr.

[Iss] Ferel / Black By Iss 635 cr.


inally, in our last “Bikini Couture” category, FCii chose a gorgeous one piece with a cut out shoulder and torso, draped by a piece of sheered red fabric by Iss, and simple black gladiators by Nygiaz. Accessorizing this outfit Cookii chose a black sun hat by SELEN and rounded black sunglasses by Shade. All of these high fashion bathing suits are key to heat up your summer and look both sexy and fashionable, weather you’re on the beach or just lounging by the pool. [N] Fashion-O .Sandals By NyGiAz 631 cr.



how to run an agency Hello, dear reader! This is the very first article of “From my experience” at ECHO magazine. In this section I will be sharing my experience as a model, agency owner and graphic artist, as often people ask me advice and how to manage a certain situation. Hopefully you find this interesting and at least a sentence from this helps you! - Vertigina


I often get asked – Līva, how do you run an agency?

unning an agency… It is not easy and definitely requires a lot of attention, patience, commitment and most importantly – hard work. “Why would I need to work hard if I have all my staff doing stuff for me?” might be the question you would be asking me, well, here is your answer… Never depend on your staff. That is the first and most important thing you should remember when running an agency. The only person you can always trust and depend on is yourself. With that being said, let me explain to you how running an agency works. The agency depends on few basics, each of them I will cover. The group. The group is the “business card” for your agency as well as your way of connecting with the members of your agency. Remember to make sure your soapbox is flawless and shows exactly what the agency is about. Think a lot about the content you put there to make your agency seem impressive, yet not too exposed. Displaying winner pictures and their prizes is a very good idea, as well as having advertisements for every event you’re making. In best case, you should be an editor yourself, so you don’t have to depend on an artist and in how good of a mood they are in and how much time they have got. Another important thing besides soapbox is the thread organization. Work on them hard, make sure all the information is perfectly planned and organized. Make sure that if a person


reads all the threads in group it is more than clear to them how the agency works and what it wants from them. If it’s otherwise – the threads aren’t good. And trust me, models won’t bother trying to understand what you meant to say if all of your threads don’t make any sense. So think about the threads! Think about them good! One more thing about the group, make sure to update it regularly. It will make the agency look more active also. So, to sum up, make sure your group is organized and regularly updated and it will be a great reputation for your agency. The room. Once your group is perfectly done and planned out, it is time to work on your room, as it is another “business card” for your agency, just within the client. Although the room seems to be just like a hangout for the members of agency, it has to look flawless. If your room is perfectly thought out and made, most likely people visiting it will believe your agency is better. First step that is very important is choosing the right room to use for your agency. Make sure it is not too small and not too big, yet it has a good layout and is easy to navigate within. Plan out what you will put in every corner of it. It’s very important to stick to the color scheme that you have also used in your agency’s group. Not more than 5 colors should be included in the color scheme, but make sure you have 1 or 2 dominant ones. Think about how you will do the interviews here, make sure nothing glitches and it doesn’t look empty nor overloaded. Yes, it will take

a lot of time and credits, but no one has ever said that owning an agency is an easy thing! The events. The best way to keep the agency active and fun for everyone is by doing events, all kind of events – photo shoots, competitions, parties and, of course, fashion shows. Photo shoots can be held within the group or by gathering people in a photo room, both ways it is a great experience. From all of these I would like to put the biggest attention to the fashion shows. I have seen many fashion shows and made many as well. The most important thing is the room, the way you prepare the room for this event, the way you place your chairs and set up your catwalk system. You don’t have to make a complicated switchwalk for this fashion show to be good, your room has to be good. Think about every detail of it – where the models will walk out, where they will leave, where you have to place your nodes and so. Step two: Train your models. Make practices, train them, and tell them exactly what you want from them, work long and hard in the training if it’s required. Double check their outfits, double check their poses and avatars they are using. Pay attention to the details. The attitude. With that being said, we move on to next and most important step in how to run the agency – the attitude. As an agency owner you are the example for everyone, you are what your models should look up to. Remember that every step you make is like an advertisement for your agency, so it is very important to think where and what are you doing, and most importantly – be responsible for your words. Within the agency be confident, be sure of what you are doing and always stay professional among the fellow members of the agency. Don’t mess private life with agency, it never ends good. Be willing to work whole day and night on your agency, love it no matter what and not give up halfway. This is the experience I have gathered while being in modeling industry, hopefully this has helped you or inspired you to work on your agency harder.

Good luck to all the agency owners out there! 15




here are a lot of professional modeling agencies on IMVU. Some of them have more and some fewer models, which makes them more or less popular. We could separate the agencies in two categories, the first category would be agencies, which require models to both model and edit, let’s call such an Art Modeling Agency, and in the second category we could put agencies that have editors and models separated, as in, you do not require to know editing in order to be successful in this agency. The models do only the screenshot work and the editors - the editing work. Let’s proceed with checking out the agencies. This agency falls under the first category of agencies. It is a very good agency that offers all kind of interesting contests and editing opportunities for the members of agency. The name of this agency is Picturesque. For me, personally, it the name is not really for a modeling agency, but more for an art group. Agencies have all kind of different names, sometimes crazy, sometimes a name that don’t mean anything, maybe a name from fashion magazine or modeling agency in real or just simple words that we use in our lives like Picturesque. So, I went for an interview with the owner about her agency to learn how she found the title and some more interesting things about her and the agency, and to have an objective rating about this agency, we asked the models their opinion as well. So, the owner of Picturesque is MeganDawnD, and we invited her for a little interview.

So, let’s begin with the basics! What’s your name? Megan. How long have you been on IMVU? Oh, a long time. Maybe like 5 years. Tell us about your IMVU’s everyday! I don’t always log on everyday, but check my messages and update groups where needed. Which public rooms can we meet you in? Either Picturesque or my other group for Family Recruitment. Or just wherever my location is. Let’s move on to the modeling. How long have you been modeling on IMVU for? Probably about 4 years. Are you doing modeling in real life as well? No, I am in university. Why did you start modeling? I started on an old avatar because it looked interesting. I began as only doing the basic, and learnt things as time progressed. I always enjoyed fashion, and IMVU allowed me to explore that. I wanted to learn editing, too, and modeling on IMVU was one of the first places to start learning that.


What does modeling mean for you? It’s a chance to meet new people and to learn new ways of editing and modeling. It’s a fun social environment. Why did you decide to open agency? I helped co-own agencies in the past, and was tired of not being able to have full control and not gaining much for all the work, so I thought I would try it myself. Why did you choose the name Picturesque for the agency? It was a choice between me and Europhile. We just liked the sound of it. Do you have any plans for the agency? Yes, I’m in the process of re-thinking things. We seem to be losing activity a little. What you could say about your agency? I would say we try our best to keep the group running and active, of course, we have troubles with that sometimes, but we work hard in keeping the agency to a high standard.

modeling Ratings of the agency Fun: 10/10 Profesional: 8/10 Models-Editors: 8/10 Edits: 7/10 Activity: 8/10 Total rating of the Agency: 8/10 As I am a part of this agency as well, I think that Picturesque isn’t an agency that lives by motto «Everyone must be good», but it helps the newcomers to the industry to grow, which is a very good start for their careers. The agency is also very fun to be a part of and I think that this agency deserves and will be on the top modeling agencies. Although, it has a lot of competitions and assignments, same as in other agencies, the themes in Picturesque are funny and very good! I hope that the popularity of this agency will grow eventually and this agency will stay among us strong and impressive! - Viennex, journalist of ECHO

Hopefully you liked our article and that this helps you to find an agency which you can join and expand your modeling and editing experience. If not yet, stay tuned for the next issue.

Megan, the owner of Picturesque



behind nevoir WITH ISS


elcome to Confessionals, the place where we invite a person from IMVU community’s elite and have a friendly and open conversation with them about everything. This time we have Nevoir, the number one hair developer on IMVU. We all know her for giving a huge variety of hair colors and styles every day. The interviews are done by Iss, an IMVU fashionista, developer and a model.

Iss: Welcome to the Confessionals! Nevoir: Thank you, sweetie, it’s a pleasure to be here. Iss: First of all I would like to thank you for accepting our request! :) Nevoir: Oh, I was surprised. It’s a great opportunity! Iss: So, let’s talk about who is behind Nevoir. :) What is your real name? Nevoir: Satori. Iss: Oh, that’s a nice name! Where are you from, dear? Nevoir: Thank-you! I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, however, I live in Missouri now. Iss: Alright, I would like you to tell me a few things that describe who you are. Nevoir: Well, I consider myself to be pretty ambitious. Usually, whatever catches my attention, I make goals to succeed at it. Both here and in real life. And also, I am a kid at my heart, so I am usually pretty goofy. Also, I love the arts. All kind of arts – musical, painting, graphics, performance. I am open minded about mostly everything. Iss: Woah, that’s nice! I love art also! :) Nevoir: I think it allows us to express ourselves in ways we can’t verbally. Iss: So for how long have you been on IMVU? Nevoir: For 4 and a half years. The time has gone by fast. Iss: Yes, very fast, indeed. Ohh, and I forgot to ask you, how old are you? I know it’s not polite to ask a lady that. Nevoir: I’m 28. And oh, I don’t mind. Age is just a number. Iss: So, tell us about your IMVU and real everyday. Nevoir: Most of the day is spent with my son, when he’s not at school, and, of course, I come on IMVU to develop. I socialize at times, but not so much. I like to be by myself to think. Iss: Aww, so cute! How old is he? Nevoir: He’s 6, going on 26. Iss: Let’s talk about your work now, I mean, developing. How long have you been a developer? Nevoir: For over 4 years. Iss: And what is that inspires you? Nevoir: A little bit of everything. I can be at the grocery store and see something that sparks my interest. I love lots of color. Even a song can inspire me. I have a big imagination. Iss: I see. Do you have any interesting projects coming up? Nevoir: I have actually went back and forth in my mind about practicing with graphics more, to actually

become a graphics artist. I am not good at it. I have specific areas that I am good with, but I want to expand. Iss: For your products, do you use models or you prefer to be a model yourself? Nevoir: I prefer to use myself because I don’t like waiting for anyone. Iss: Haha! Nevoir is a machine not a human. Nevoir: Lmao! I have been told that before. Iss: I have no idea how you upload products that fast, and not 1 or 2, but 20 and more! Nevoir: Well, that is where a routine kicks in for me, and after doing it for so long it is very easy. Iss: Yes, everything is, just needs to get used to it. Let’s continue to the “hairy” questions, as it is your specialty. Where do you get your color ideas for your hairstyles? Nevoir: In real life and images of people on the internet, or sometimes, I just go into Photoshop and freelance. Honestly, that has been my best work, when I freelance. I like to play around with colors. Iss: Which is your favorite color of your hairstyles? If you can choose one. Nevoir: Ooo! Tough question! Lol. Iss: Or you can tell me top 3! For me, as you can see, it is the brown. Nevoir: Well, I tend to wear Gold a lot. Black/Honey which is now named Ombre has always been one of my favorites and was a good seller. And also Cameo. I love pink. I always have pink in my shop. I change shades sometimes. And, by the way, the brown looks lovely on you! Iss: Aww! Thanks! But let’s move on. What is your real hair color? Nevoir: Brown, like yours. Iss: I thought you will say pink! But no, too crazy for a lady with a family! Nevoir: But it has been many different colors throughout my life, such as red, blonde, ombre (brown/blonde) and a deep purple. Iss: See, I knew you would have something crazy! Nevoir: Yea, I loved it! Iss: What do you think about the new trend in hairstyles, it looks good on IMVU? I am talking about the ombre technique. Nevoir: Well, of course, I love it. One of the first to introduce it to IMVU, so it’s really not new for me. Iss: What is your best color combination? Nevoir: Well, I would say Dyed because I did a 5 tone for that. I love blends on here and in real life. It offers more color and creativity. Iss: Do you have any specific hair mesher? That you


CONFESSION A LS like, I mean. Nevoir: Not at all... I usually just look for what catches my eye or what I think will sell. Sometimes I find an old mesh people don’t even think about making. Iss: I saw that you started meshing your own also, is it easy for you? Nevoir: Not at all, it takes a lot of time and patience. Iss: Well, what else left that Nevoir hasn’t done until now? Lol. Nothing, I think. Nevoir: Me either, lol, but I didn’t start out with hair. Iss: Yes tell me about it! What was your first product? Do you remember? Nevoir: My twin sister on here encouraged me to create with her. Yes, it was a purse, and an ugly purse at that. Back then I was making clothes and accessories, and tattoos, they were ugly to me. I wasn’t the best at cutting. I switched to hair because most of the hair I saw in the shop was too plain in color. That was when PH was the top seller for the hair. Iss: But now you have found your ‘’throne’’. And now you are the number one. Nevoir: It took me a long time to move up. I wish I was still up there, but things have changed in the shop. Now I have 1 hairstyle here and there that will float to top every now and then. There is also a big problem with texture and mesh theft. I’ll just say creators know what goes on behind the scenes. Iss: Would you like to add something else? Nevoir: I would just like to say always keep an open mind about who you shop from. On here and in real life. It’s ok to follow trends but there are a lot of real artists that don’t get the recognition they should. And never think because someone has pro by their name that it considers them that. It’s easy to become pro on here now. But it isn’t easy to make sales if you can’t evolve. With that being said I’ll continue to offer products to accommodate the ladies. Iss: Gifts make people pro, not the sales… Nevoir: You’re a good mind reader. Iss: It is ok to get in front for a bit, but if you are good you will stay even without them. Nevoir: Thank you, I couldn’t have said it any better. There is so much drama between creators, it’s sad. And some of them even steal… Iss: So, what about moving to some more personal questions? Nevoir: Ask away! Iss: So describe how the perfect man seems to you? Nevoir: Well, for me that would be someone that can be honest at all times even if it hurts me, someone that


doesn’t change unless it’s for the best. I love a great personality, they have to make me laugh and smile and all that mushy stuff. And first, before anything, they have to be a friend, someone I can confide in, someone that has a genuinely good heart. I couldn’t tolerate anything else, I would just leave them alone eventually, so the friend has to come first. Iss: So true! What does love mean to you? Nevoir: Well, there are many levels of love. Unconditional love is one a mother would or should feel for her children or child. Only for my family I would lay down my life, honestly, no one else, unless it was my spouse. It takes a lot for me to trust people, so it has to be gained with me and I will return it. We live and we learn. But love is a strong feeling and, not to be taken lightly, some people confuse love with other emotions. Iss: You have such a good view of it. Nevoir: I can only tell you from my experience. Iss: Experience is the highest school. And life in general. Nevoir: Yes! Exactly! Iss: What’s the craziest thing you ever did? Thought and thing. Both in real life and on here. Nevoir: Well, hmm. Haha! I would have to say a night out with some friends some years ago. I got so drunk I passed out on the dance floor. I tried some drink I never had before called a flaming banana. I don’t remember too much of what happened after that… The things we do when we’re young. Lol. Iss: And was the craziest thought? Nevoir: Well, I used to wonder what it would be like to have a harem. Don’t judge me! Lol! Iss: That’s nice! Lol! Nevoir: I am laughing so hard right now, you made me blush behind the pc! I’m usually very open about those things until I’m being interviewed. Iss: If you got to know that today is your last day to live, what would you do? Nevoir: I would spend the last moments of my life with my son, nothing else would matter. He means everything to me. The thought of that made me tear up. Iss: What type of music do you listen to? Who is your favorite artist? Nevoir: I listen to a variety of music - pop, rap, classical, jazz etc. I don’t have a favorite artist but one of today’s artists would have to be Adele. I just love Adele because of the soulfulness in her words. I like a few of Gaga’s songs. A lot of today’s music sounds too similar for me, I don’t know if it’s the beats or what… I miss the variety

in music. I listen to some Ellie Goulding, too. Iss: And what kind of movies do you prefer? Which one is your favorite? Nevoir: Hmm, I had to think a minute about that, but I would say American Beauty, but I prefer suspense thrillers, psychological plots and so. End of the world movies weird me out, seems to be a lot of those lately. Iss: Who is your favorite clothing developer on IMVU? Nevoir: I really don’t have a favorite anymore. I am wearing Gwen and Frenchie91 right now. Iss: How you would describe your style here and in real? Nevoir: In real life I’m pretty simple - Jeans and a cute top, depends on how comfortable I want to be for the day or where I’m going. If I go out, I’m classy, not too edgy. I am the opposite here – usually edgy. Iss: What you can’t wear in real you do here, right? Nevoir: Yes, but my style changes with the weather. I have no set image. I even put together characters at times when I get bored. Iss: Do you consider yourself self as a fashionista? Who is your favorite designer? In real, I mean. Nevoir: Yes, I do consider myself a fashonista. In real life I would say Marc Jacobs, I like some Versace, Valentino for class. I like to combine ideas and put together something different when I dress on here, though. Iss: And the final question! What is your motto of life?

Nevoir: It’s one thing that always stays the same -

Never limit yourself.

Iss: Is there anything you would like to add or you want to say to the people that will read this interview? Nevoir: I just want to recognize all the other creators that work hard to make products for IMVU and encourage those that want to become creators. Anything is possible if you want to do it. Iss: I have to thank you for accepting. It’s so nice to talk with you. It’s been a long time since I have talked on IMVU with such a true and good person. Nevoir: Yes, it’s very rare. I guess that’s why I don’t socialize much. Even the entertaining part of IMVU has changed a lot. It’s great for someone to want to get to know me, and not just because I create. I get a lot of people wanting to be my friend just because of that, but it’s not genuine to me. I always wonder if they would want to know me if I didn’t create. Some of them just want to know how I do what I do and, not to seem rude, but I always tell them If I show you what I know it’s basically like giving you my money. Why would I do that? It’s ok to give suggestions, I can do that, but I worked hard to get where I am, so can everyone else. And you can’t hold everyone’s hand. I tell my own son that you have to work for what you want, so the same goes for everyone else. You appreciate it more later. Iss: Yes, I agree with you fully!




the living artwork


nelise has been on IMVU for years now, always a friend to everyone, making people smile with her genuine kindness, also an amazing graphic artist and creator, bringing creative and unique artwork and clothing to IMVU community, and, because of posessing an original and beauteous style, also a true fashionista. Her style varies, depending on the mood, moon phase and occasion. She can match an outstanding outfit for attending a formal event, as well as a crazy costume party or just wear jeans and t-shirt and rock it. However, every outfit she has is always planned in every detail, carefully selected to match the styles, fabrics and colors of the clothing pieces. Her outfits are always very thought out from head to toe. Anelise is a bright example of how people should not be scared to experiment with the color and style combinations. Very often her combinations can be considered risky, however, she makes it look flawless.



the bohemian


We have many content creators on IMVU community, almost every other person is a developer nowadays. However, since the success of the creator mostly depends on how wealthy they are and how many people they have in friends list to gift stuff out to. Obviously, not all of the developers can afford it, so it’s much harder to achieve success. ECHO would like to help the developers that work hard to receive the well-deserved recognition.


un is already a pro developer, however, not popular among the people in the modeling industry. Why? No one knows. She is the type of a developer people would call a “hipster paradise”, but all of her clothing is much more than that. It can be seen very well how much time is spent on each clothing piece to create beautiful, casual and bohemian outfits for IMVU community. Also, she is not afraid to play with the colors, make unusual color combinations Mun offers a large variety of products, not only tops or bottoms, but the whole package. It’s quite easy to put together an interesting outfit, just by using her products. It’s quite easy to get lost in her catalog, but not in a bad way. Once you begin scrolling through it and putting together an outfit, you can spend hours there, because you can’t decide which piece you prefer. She also offers a few meshes, which are great for developers to use! So, to sum up, Mun is a bohemian and casual style developer with a large variety of products.


Mun | Gold w glamour 699cr.

Mun | Purity classic 699cr.

Mun | Rome Pearls 694 cr. Mun | Queen Empire R 699 cr. Mun | GoldS Bracelet 699 cr.

Mun | Vintage Nails 699 cr. Mun | Dance w/ me 699 cr.

Mun | Antique Gold Ring 699cr. Mun | Beige Nails 699cr.

Mun | Any ocasion 699 cr.

Mun | Stand always up 699cr. Outfits matched by Ocsaverdna




takeover H

ello everyone! First off, I would like to thank Vertigina for her interest in our fashion show and ECHO magazine for featuring us. Our fashion show was called VO TAKEOVER. The show was for VO’s grand opening. I wanted something different and revolutionary, so I had my wonderful models model extreme high fashion outfits. VO is an agency with a dark high fashion look and extreme high fashion definitely illustrated VO perfectly. Finding a room that fulfilled what I had envisioned was a bit difficult especially because I wanted something completely different and something that no one had seen before. The room turned out to be pretty fascinating, it was dark with black grass, and had a stage that was formed by smoke. My models dropped from these huge rain drops, I found in the shop, and then walked on into the run-

way. The show turned out to be a success, and everyone that came loved it. Now the planning was a whole different story. It was difficult to find everything I had in my mind for the show, I definitely experienced the limitations we have from our mind to IMVU; however, after a few days of searching for the right room and furniture, I came to find everything I wanted. We also had practice for a week straight that was a little stressful because not everyone showed up the same days. Besides the limitations and the stress, everything paid off because the show was a success and I couldn’t of asked for anything else. I want to give a huge thank you to my models and my colleague, Morgan, because without them the show wouldn’t have been possible. This is just the begging, VO is here to TAKEOVER and revolutionize! - Yareli, the owner of VO



hen I received the invitation for the fashion show, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, as I haven’t attended any fashion shows lately and I didn’t really know if the show systems have changed or no. The show’s room was very well decorated, it was very simple, but matching very well for the theme of the show – Extreme High Fashion. I loved the smoke effect on the runway! The catwalk system was very basic, though, but it didn’t make the show less effective, but the opposite – Than simpler catwalk system than less chances of timing being off. The models had prepared for the fashion show for sure, the outfits were very well thought out till the last detail. I was very much surprised for the amount of male models in the show! The show in overall left a very good impression of VO. Would love to attend more of their events! - Vertigina



the secrets


osing is a way of art, like the sculptor builds the pose of the characters to express their emotions, models express the meaning of outfit and promote it by their pose, especially in photo modeling. However, often the posing doesn’t do the work it’s supposed to do, because it is not thought out enough. Here are my tips on how to improve your posing in thematic photo modeling and modeling for developers. The concept. The first and most important step in order to create a beautiful pose is having the concept of the picture very clear. If it is a picture for a competition, try to get an original, interesting and outside of the box concept, don’t be scared if it is too different, as long as it still fits with the theme given. Then, think of the way you will present it, think of how you would do it in real life, where would you pose, what you would wear and in overall – what impression do you want to make. However, if it is modeling for a developer, ask them every detail about how they exactly want it modeled. Not all of the creators will have artistic concepts TITLE



thought out for their picture, but if they do – make sure you understand it clearly! Visual image. Once your concept is clear, plan out in your head how you want the pose to look, step by step. If you can’t get the full image planned out, find a piece of it. It will be like a key point for the further image. The rest should just come to your mind as you pose. Basic rules still apply. When posing in an unusual way, always remember the basics – the outfit must not glitch, the hair should not clash with the outfit and the outfit must not be covered. Get the right tools. We can talk about how we have a beautiful concept and visual image in front of our eyes, but if we don’t have the appropriate tools, we can’t do anything. In our case, the tools are the pose packs and appropriate avatars. What you need is a set of good base poses and a pose modifier. For this I would like to share my personal experience, I suggest using Sinderella pose packs from her avatars, each for a different occasion. DESCRIPTION


Good for everyday posing, mostly glamour shots, but could work with thematic shots also, depending on your concept.


Same as Luna, is good for the glamour shots, but, for me personally, it has the best base poses, if you need to create something very extraordinary.


Veronica is a great avatar for modeling more “edgy” themes or so. Something that is not so feminine and you are not required to be a beautiful pretty cute girl.


Alexandra is the perfect avatar for high fashion modeling, or actually, I would say it’s an avatar that can be used for anything and everything, it is one of the most expensive avatars, but it is worth buying because of pose variety!


Victoria is the posing classic. It offers a very big variety of poses to use as your base as well as without modifying. It covers all styles and all requirements.

of posing However, we will not stop just with the base poses. We need something that can modify them, for which I highly recommend Pandora (for females) and K-OS (for males) avatars by the one and only VisNova. VisNova has definitely made a huge impact on the modeling industry with the pose modifying and creating system. Yes, it is pricy, but as VisNova has said about his products, “you get what you pay for”.

Practice makes perfect. Mess around with the posing, practice a lot, don’t worry about spending hours posing. You must feel what you are doing, just sense what looks good. Don’t be afraid to experiment and go crazy and wild with the posing. Also, don’t be scared of failing at first, no one was born knowing everything.

Let’s take a theme “Spy“ for an example, as it is good for expressing yourself in posing.

e5 pose from Venus avatar, no modifying done.

n9 pose from Alexandra avatar, left hand modified and head turned with Pandora. Now the pose is unique and not seen before.

And always remember, posing is just as important as your outfit matching skills. It’s what makes you a good model. 35


the mysterious


As we know, we have a lot of artists on IMVU. Maybe we know some of them, but not all! There are artists that put in full effort in their edits and we don’t know them, as it’s not easy to get recognized on IMVU. We’re going to help these artists out.


he first artist is IRedDaisy! She is also the owner of an art group RedDaisy Art and Design. We went to ask her for an interview to learn more about her everyday, experience as artist and show some examples of her work, so we would have a general knowledge of who she is. What is your name? My real life name is Joanna. People mostly call me Jo. How long have you been on IMVU? I have been with IMVU for almost 5 years now but not really active.

Tell us about your IMVU’s everyday! I am not on the client all the time. I rarely come on there. I use too when I was developing but I don’t have time to really do that right now as my real life is busy. Would love to be on IMVU more to meet people. Which public rooms can we meet you in? I do not go on any public rooms. If I need to I will. It’s not that I don’t socialize I just can’t find the time to be on it beside my groups. For how long have you been an artist on IMVU? About three years. Was not very active though. Just here and there to start with as I was still learning a lot about it. I was developing more instead.


Are you doing something art related in real life as well? Not since college. I do a lot of graphic design for business cards, logo design and posters etc. I will design my own greetings cards for family, so I guess yes I do real life art. What editing software are you using for your edits? I am using Photoshop CS5 with an 8 x 6 Wacom tablet and pen. What inspires you to make the artwork? Most of my artwork is inspired by real life photograph either provided by my client or by googling art or photography on the Internet. The picture has to have character, emotions, good lighting and shadows and good overall theme for me to be inspired. I put my own spin on any inspired photo given to me and I will give it it’s own originality. Which kind of edits are you the best at? I’d like to say with everything! But all artist have weaknesses. I know mine is hands. But if you’re not good at something you learn and practice how to make it better so you do get better at it. I read and watch tutorials a lot. I am very slow with my edits, it’s because I pay attention to every angle, lines, lighting and etc... I pay attention to every part of the body that I edit, nothing gets forgotten and I think you can see that on my edits. What kind of edits are you able to do? I can do pretty much any edits but I get a lot of real life, model type and realism with my edits. I would love to do more fantasy, dark and more surreal art but I don’t get a lot of those. How much do you charge for your edits? It varies! I have a 5’000 cr. worth display picture where I take your screenshot as is and edit, it is not a custom edit. My custom edits none theme starts around 10’000 cr. and up. My theme custom edits starts at 20’000 cr. and up! Do you have a place customers can order your artwork at? I have my own group on IMVU where I take all my request 5 at a time. I like to keep it in one place as I don’t have time for a lot of edits.



n IMVU, same as we have many artists, we also have many art groups. Sometimes the artists don’t have their own groups, but they do have their rooms for art. Some of the artists prefer to keep their work private and do pictures only for themselves and their friends, but we will focus more on those that do like to public their work and make art groups! Nowadays anyone can make a group, any kind of group really. Artists often use this chance and make their art groups to notify IMVU community of their existence, they expose their work examples, take orders and sell their artwork, as well as take custom requests. There are many art groups on IMVU now, it is hard to find good ones among them,

but, lucky for you, we have done the work for you! Previously, we took an insight on IRedDaisy’s artwork, but she also has an incredible art group, where she also takes requests for her artwork. I personally really love her work, she does every detail carefully and slowly, so she never forgets anything! I hope you will like her edits too! If so, feel free to join the group and order your artwork now. However, IRedDaisy’s group is just one of the 10’000 art groups on IMVU! You don’t like the kind of arts IRedDaisy does? You are seeking for different kind of art? Stay tuned for our next magazine, where you will meet new art groups and artists!

Something Mysterious and Unexpeted. Be different, Be Unique, Be You.



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