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A Guide to Obtain CAPM Certification – Acquiring CAPM Training Course The CAPM training course can make even a fresh graduate with no management skill/knowledge to become a project manager by providing essential training that gains him/her relevant domain experience. Unlike any other career, the management sector has many challenging tasks to offer. This, in turn, demands the candidate to be skilled, knowledgeable and experienced to handle any given tasks with no hassle. There are many institutions providing various project management training program. How effective is CAPM Certification? Here are a few facts that emphasize the need to obtain CAPM certification from a reputable institution: 

It helps you acquire new skills and increase your commitment learn more new things

It boosts your confidence level and thus grow in your career

It helps you achieve your career goals as a certified professional

It increases the confidence of the recruiter and the organization to deliver best services to clients

It helps to improve your performance towards the success of the project

This certification will certainly make you become more appealing candidate for the job placement among others present for the same opportunity

This certification will increase the faith the employer has on you

What should you know about the CAPM training course and Certification? CAPM – Certified Associate in Project Management Certification is issued by PMI – Project

Management Institute, which is the leading certifying organization based in the United States. PMI commonly issues two PM certification and they include CAPM and PMP. CAPM will require lower educational qualification and work experience compared to PMP. However, both the certifications require the candidate to undergo exam conducted to obtain the certification. Who is Eligible for CAPM training course? This CAPM certification is intended especially for those who want to enter management sector but do not have relevant work experience or educational qualification. This training program will mostly interest technical people who want to enter project management and gain expertise in the management domain. Becoming Qualified There is a set of qualification criteria that every candidate strives to obtain this CAPM certificate should fulfil. To point them, here follow; 

Candidate should hold at least high school diploma or equivalent certification with global recognition

Should have at least 1500 hours of work experience in project management

Should obtain 23 hours formal education in project management to take up the examination

Besides becoming qualified for the CAPM training course and certification exam, it is also crucial to maintain your certification over a long run, for which every candidate with this certification should retake the advanced or the same exam once in every 5 years. Although this is the same exam you appear for, the questions will change according to the current industry requirements and employer’s expectations.

Appearing for the CAPM Exam: On passing your eligibility criteria, preparing for the exam is vital. Remember, this exam is based on PMBOK guide, therefore, you should clearly understand this guide before you begin with for your preparation. This CAPM exam is for 3 hours and contains 150 multiple choice questions. On passing the exam with a good score, you will be given the CAPM title, which you can place after your name. Why choose CAPM training course and obtain the Certification? Among many certification programs to choose from for your career betterment, why should you choose CAPM? There are still valid reasons to provide and here are a few that make your effort reasonable and worthwhile; 

This program enables you to move to project management career, which has huge potential for best job position with better salary package

It is easy to obtain this certification, as the eligibility requirement is less or simple to provide

As you progress in your career with this CAPM certification, you can move on with other higher certifications like PMP, PMI-RPM, and PGMP

This CAPM program will help you gain a better understanding of the sector/subject and thus you can perform well in the real-time project

This CAPM certificate is an asset and it certainly distinguishes you from others in the job market. It thus enhances your credibility whilst working with your team in an efficient way

By 2020 about 1.57 million job placements are expected to rise in the industry and thus the need for qualified project managers increases

Your opportunity to get placed in a reputable organization will widen

To verdict, with ample advantages to gain from this CAPM training course and certification, undeniably, you get increased opportunity to be placed with better job position, which further helps you grow in your career to top levels as you excel. However, besides knowing best things about this course, you should also pay attention to choose the right institution that is accepted worldwide for quality training. Moreover, the curriculum set by the institution should be advanced meeting the current requisites of the recruiter.

A Guide to Obtain CAPM Certification  

The CAPM training course can make even a fresh graduate with no management skill/knowledge to become a project manager by providing essentia...

A Guide to Obtain CAPM Certification  

The CAPM training course can make even a fresh graduate with no management skill/knowledge to become a project manager by providing essentia...