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FABRIC Design Process

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Behind the Scenes

c h o s e n

contact sheet

I chose this photo as it appealed to me most out of all of the other photos. I took a range of photos on the photo shoot day, but this one was modern, yet quirky enough for me to use! It had great colours and once edited it popped and looked aesthetically pleasing.

p h o t o

inserting masthead

edited photo I used photo shop to edit my chosen photo. I enhanced the brightness to make the image ‘pop’, as well as edited my complexion and removed things such as bruises and bags under my eyes.

I originally had just a white title, in front of the head. After I tried out a few options, this was the final masthead that I came up with and the most effective. The blue is the same as the colour in the background pattern, therefore there is a sense of balance. By keeping the white outline around the masthead, it allows the title to be eye catching and legible.

original masthead

with sub-headings... Once I added the subheadings using InDesign, I exported the file. The overall look of the headings reflect the magazine and it’s theme. Some of them are music related and others lifestyle and celebrity related. This helps to appeal to a wide audience.

Finished Cover

Design Overview Design Brief: You are to design and produce a magazine called The magazine cover needs to have an original stylized photo, sell lines, masthead, QR scan code, barcode and issue detail. The cover also needs to incorporate the 5ml fragrance sample.

I believe I have achieved this design brief and that I have captured the essence of “Fabric� magazine. My photo for my cover is stylised and original and I have included all of the nessesary sell lines, mastehead, barcode, etc. My magazine cover is aesthetically pleasing and eye catching, yet is still quite simple and modern. At the start of the project I aimed to do well and effectively complete the project, I feel like I have captured this goal and made a great magazine cover.

Fabric Magazine  
Fabric Magazine  

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