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Week of February 27, 2012 • Supplement to the Review • Published by Lillie Suburban Newspapers, Inc.

Manager Carole Conway and travel consultants Ann Cleland and Maggie Knuteson, provide the best travel options and value for their clients.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel consultant Maggie Knuteson plans a cruise for enthusiastic couple Louis and Rose.

Reach your dream destination with Carlson Wagonlit Travel


hinking about a trip to China or maybe Hong Kong? Cruising on the Danube or hiking in the Sierras? No matter where you want to go, the experienced travel consultants at Carlson Wagonlit Travel at Macy’s in Maplewood Mall can help you reach your dream destination. With more than 80 years of experience between the four of them, the consultants at Carlson Wagonlit Travel in Maplewood are well versed in all of the industry’s intricate details. Whether it is planes, trains, hotels, car rentals, tours, or cruises – Carlson Wagonlit consultants can help you plan it all. “Customers look for expertise since planning travel can be complicated,” explains Carlson Wagonlit Travel manager Carole Conway. “It’s a complex business and there are many components to a trip.” And though many Carlson Wagonlit clients with busy schedules prefer to work with consultants via phone and e-mail, clients are also welcome to stop in to confer with a consultant face-to-face. The travel agency, formerly Dayton’s, Marshall Field’s & Macy’s Travel, has been a mainstay in the Twin Cities since 1963, and opened an office in the Maplewood Mall Macy’s location in 1997. Customers can even use their Macy’s credit card for payment, as well as most other credit cards, cash or check. Carlson Wagonlit Travel is a member of Virtuoso, a consortium of the finest hotels, best cruise lines, tour companies, airlines and other related travel products. This means the staff has global connections and can

get their customers the best value for exclusive travel offers. Popular destinations and travel trends are constantly changing, Conway says, but extended family trips seem to be on the uptick lately. “Grandma and grandpa, mom and dad and the children are all going as a group and some families even do spring break together,” Conway says, adding that she has also seen growing number of river cruises. A few popular rivers are the Mekong in Vietnam, Yangtze in China, Amazon in South America and various European rivers, especially the Danube. Conway just took a cruise on the Danube River and describes it as “the trip of a lifetime.” Destination weddings are also popular right now, Conway says, and many brides and grooms are heading to Mexico, especially the Riviera Maya, for its miles of white sand beaches. No matter where you want to go, Conway and her staff at Carlson Wagonlit are more than happy to help. “We love making our clients happy,” Conway says.

Brochures about everything from cruises to safaris are available for clients to browse in the agency’s lobby.


4 night cruise




8 night cruise



Norwegian Fjords

7 night cruise



Western Caribbean

7 night cruise




7 night cruise




12 night cruise



Call Us Today to Plan Your Vacation! Carlson Wagonlit Travel Maplewood • 763.852.8163 Located in Macy’s

*Cruise rates are per person, double occupancy, cruise-only and include port charges. Government taxes and fees are additional. Prices are valid for new bookings only, subject to availability, and may change without notice. Service fees, cancellation charges, and other restrictions may apply. Advertised prices already reÁect savings when applicable. We are not responsible for errors or omissions in the content of these offers.

Osaka Sushi and Hibachi: Come for the show, return for a tapestry of tastes


t Osaka Sushi and Hibachi, newcomers to authentic Japanese cuisine find an attentive guide in restaurant supervisor Al Kue. “If people are new to sushi or have questions, I’ll sit down with them and explain what we offer,� he says. Never had sushi before? Afraid it’s all “raw fish�? Allergic to shellfish and sure you can’t eat a thing? Kue’s heard it all before – and has turned nervous newcomers into happy diners. “People say, ‘Oh – it’s all raw,’� he says. “No, actually some sushi is cooked. And some people have shellfish allergies. No problem – we’ll just have a chef prepare something specially.� After such a pleasant introduction, most people can’t resisting coming back again and again. “They might have stopped at lunchtime or come for dinner, and pretty soon I’m seeing them two or three times a week,� Kue says. “I know so many people who come here by first name – ‘How are you doing? How are the kids?’ They’re really like family.� As customers become more familiar with what they like, they can explore new tastes. This is one of Kue’s favorite aspects of Osaka, and he lights up just talking about it. “When I started, I was like most people – eating just the basic things. But as they taste more, they become more adventurous, and now they can eat exotic like I do.� Osaka’s success, Kue points out, is due to the expertise of owner Michael Lao, “who’s my mentor.� Under Lao’s watchful eye, staff are selected and trained to be welcoming hosts, and food is the freshest you’ll find. “You can tell by looking at the sushi bar,� Kue says. “The colors are bright, the textures are crisp and the presentation is second-tonone. You’ll see the difference.� Chefs are not only willing but eager to prepare special requests. “You should see them when I ask that they make something for a customer – with a few selected items and their imaginations,� Kue says. “They blush. They’re so pleased to be able to show their creativity and artistry.� Watch the flames fly Meals at one of Osaka’s hibachi tables, with a chef preparing food before your eyes amid dancing flames and flashing knives, are memorable events. When the still-sizzling food is served, customers are still thrilled – because unlike other hibachis they’ve visited, Osaka’s tastes more than live up to the chefs’ performances. Rave reviews have sparked all kinds of gatherings. “We’ve hosted children’s birthdays, anniversary celebrations and groups of every type and size,� Kue says. Osaka offers eight hibachi tables in the main seating area and six in a more private setting. They’re able to cater to any group. But children’s birthday parties or family outings? Kue finds parents are sometimes nervous about bringing children to the elegant restaurant, saying “I’m afraid they’re just going to run around.� “That’s never been a problem,� Kue says with a smile. “As soon as the chef fires up the hibachi grill and they see the flames and the show, they’re entranced.� Osaka’s chefs also have a special flair for engaging youngsters. In fact, Kue says, he and Lao judge “people skills� first in their hibachi chefs. Surprisingly, knife-juggling and fire-handling

Now at Osaka: Kobe beef You’ve heard about the famous Kobe beef – now try it! Osaka offers a $49.95 Kobe-and-lobster platter to celebrate its one-year anniversary in Maplewood. ‘The marbling is incredible,’ Al Kue says. ‘We have cooked it to-order from rare to ultrawell-done, and every time it cuts like butter.’

Tableside hibachis promise not only a fiery show but incredible tastes.

come second. “You can teach someone the skills,� Kue explains. “But the ability to connect with everyone around the table – that has to come first.� Late-night ambiance

Though the south-facing dining room is bright and sunny during lunch hour, Osaka’s decor really glows after sunset. The deep-red woodwork, soft music and paper lanterns encourage lingering and relaxing. The upscale bar and lounge serves a variety of wines, premium Japanese beer, sake and a menu of mixed and exotic drinks. It’s open until 1 a.m. and chefs are happy to serve food to latecomers, making people’s options for a late supper or after-event bite much more appealing. Osaka has become a destination on weekend nights, with live music Friday and Saturdays. But of course, Lao and Kue’s primary focus is the food.

Osaka’s sushi chefs take food from fresh ingredients to a work of art for the eye and palate.

How serious is Kue about Japanese cuisine? “I’ve really just started,� he says with a broad smile, spreading his arms. “I’m only 32, and there is a world of tastes out there. I can’t wait.� Join the journey with him.

 ))55R55.%55R55/-"#5,55R55#"#5,#&& Try Our Seafood Lunch Buffet Every Day!

Maplewood Only

Japanese Steak House Maplewood

goff5)/(.35)55-. W O B *&1))5 &&5R5,)--5 ,)'5 3]-C N N OPE lkgRmmiRkhkn

DINNER FOR 2 Kids 10 & Under Eat For $5

Chicken, Steak & Shrimp or Lobster, Shrimp or Filet Mignon

$ $

39.95 45.95

Valid At Maplewood Location Only. One Coupon Per Customer. Not Valid With Any Other Offer. Expires 3/31/12.


10% OFF



Valid At Maplewood Location Only. One Coupon Per Customer. Not Valid With Any Other Offer. Expires 3/31/12.

Valid At Maplewood Location Only. One Coupon Per Customer. Not Valid With Any Other Offer. Expires 3/31/12.

Left, Tropiquatics in North St. Paul will carry popular fish like the Discus. Right, The Flowerhorn, a more unusual looking fish, makes an interesting addition to any aquarium.

Find an exotic pet at Tropiquatics in North St. Paul


innesota’s reputation as the land of 10,000 lakes means great fishing is abundant, but if you’re looking for something more exotic, look no further than Tropiquatics in North St. Paul. Four enterprising young brothers, Lor, Seng,Yeng and Keng Xiong, are opening Tropiquatics on East Seventh Avenue near the post office in downtown North St. Paul, where patrons will soon be able to find the perfect fishy friend. Most fish stores in the Twin Cities are located in the western portion of the metro area, say the Xiong brothers, who live on St. Paul’s East Side. And only several pet shops in this area carry fish, they add. The Xiong brothers take extra-special care of their fish – keeping the air in the shop warm and tropical so that the tanks don’t have to be specially heated. The water temperature ranges from 70 to 85 degrees depending on the type of fish in the tank, Seng says, and the brothers use an in-house water filtration system to keep the water clean and the fish healthy. “We use a test kit to monitor the water, but there are a lot of variables, depending on the fish,” Seng adds.

The store will carry freshwater fish as well as a variety of tropical fish such as Discus, Bettas, the Pacu fish, which comes from Central and South America, and a more unusual-looking fish called the Flowerhorn, a hybrid originally from South America. Tropiquatics will also carry more common types such as Angelfish, goldfish and koi fish, and they’ll soon be getting in other species such as the “monster fish” which can grow up to four-feet in length. All four brothers agreed that ornamental shrimp, which come in many eye-popping colors, are spectacular sights. “You can put it on your desk at work and watch it,” Lor adds. It’s fun to observe the different looks of fish as they swim about their tanks, the brothers say. Plus, the fish seem to sense if someone’s watching and they flaunt their distinct personalities. The brothers plan to sell community fish, which can all live peacefully with one another. All four brothers remember having gold fish when they were little, which began their love for fish. “We had fish for pets as long as I can remember,” Lor said. “Fish are pretty and peaceful, and our mom didn’t mind.” Some fish are ordered from wholesale dealers, while others come from overseas breeders, farmers or hobbyists. Thailand, Malaysia, Central and South

Brothers Lor Xiong, 27, Seng Xiong, 25 and Yeng Xiong, 21 will soon be opening a fish store, Tropiquatics, in North St. Paul. Keng Xiong, not pictured.

America are a few of the exotic places where the fish originate. The fish order usually arrives at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport where the fish are inspected. Following a call to the Xiongs, the fish are soon given a temporary residence at Tropiquatics. Currently the brothers each work in different trades, but all have in common a love of fish, says Lor. This interest led them to choose a fish store, a business venture they have been planning for more than a year. Besides fish, the store will also sell aquariums. There will be some in stock and customers can special order any size. The store will also carry a variety of drift-

651–330–1635 Fish • Supplies • Driftwood • Plants • Accessories Store Hours

Mon-Fri: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

2519 East 7th Avenue North St. Paul

wood, which adds natural beauty to a tank as well as cozy nooks for fish to hide. Keeping up with technology, Yeng said they have plans to have videos of the fish on their website and through email can connect with people and supply anybody in the states with quality fish. With an attitude of quality and service first, these four entrepreneurs plan to present their customers with the highest quality fish possible.

Lake Elmo Inn serves downtown quality with small-town flavor


ake the scenic lakeside drive from I-94 to Lake Elmo for a night at the Lake Elmo Inn, and you may ask yourself: is it possible that finding the best place for fine dining could be as pleasant as the food? Suppose the mouthwatering expectation of an artfully prepared dish wasn’t cancelled by headaches over traffic? The staff at Lake Elmo Inn is constantly pioneering new ideas for the inn’s award-winning restaurant, but one constant pleasure that remains is the location: less than four miles east of the Twin Cities beltway, the Inn is nestled into a quaint, small-town landscape with historical buildings. Despite the pastoral setting, the Lake Elmo Inn has the refinement and creative spark to serve up a dining experience that can go head-to-head with any restaurant in the Twin Cities. Local boy makes good John Schiltz recognized the potential for the Lake Elmo Inn as a high-schooler hired to wash dishes in the early ‘70s. He eventually worked his way up to cooking at the inn – even before graduating high school and recieving formal culinary training. After graduating with honors from St. Paul College, John became a chef and gained experience in restaurants everywhere from San Francisco to Kansas City. At age 25, John became the second youngest person ever to be promoted to executive chef with Hyatt’s restaurant division, and as such he traveled the nation launching and supervising the hotel chain’s latest restaurants. But John’s true goal was back in Lake Elmo, and it was finally realized in 1983 when, while visiting his parents, John was stunned to find the Inn had finally gone up for sale. “This was my dream,” John recalls. “I wanted to own my own restaurant, and I wanted it to be here in my hometown.” Recipe for success Business at the inn was at its

Owners John and Christine Schiltz strive to provide an elegant and inviting atmosphere in the Lake Elmo Inn’s historical setting.

While the town of Lake Elmo may be laid back, John Schiltz and the rest of his chefs are always taking painstaking care to make sure each dish is perfect in taste and presentation.

lowest point when John took over. In the early years, John slept on the floor above the kitchen and worked morning to night. He told his staff early on that he was going to reshape the Inn’s reputation by focusing on the thing he knew best: quality food. From that foundation, John grew the Inn from a small-town secret to a regionally recognized spot for superb dining, unique wines and a welcoming environ-


ment. The remodeled Inn now boasts three dining rooms, rich wood walls and fireplaces – as well as weekly ice sculptures and elaborately themed receptions at the Inn’s Event Center. The veranda has been a welcome addition. The all-glass enclosure affords a charming view of Lake Elmo’s Old Village by day and reflects the warm glow of the lights on a romantic evening. In all this growth, however,

John says the Inn has never strayed from his core principle. “I think our food competes with anybody,” John says. “I think they compete with us, to be honest with you.”

World Class Dining, Close to Home 3442 Lake Elmo Ave. N • Lake Elmo, MN 55042 • 651.777.8495

Grow your business with Lillie Suburban Newspapers

Advertising representatives Holly Koep and Paul Mock agree; “nobody fulfills the community niche like the Review newspaper does.”

ers are using our papers to find their grocery ads on a weekly basis. They turn to us again and again.” Lillie Suburban Newspapers will be here for the long term, co-publishers Jeffery Enright and Ted H. Lillie add. The pair are the third generation in a family business than began in 1938. “Our reporters, advertising representatives and managers are familiar faces in our communities,” Enright notes. “People from the newspaper are involved in civic activities year-round, from business associations to development-planning groups,

and are doing everything from moderating political debates to helping build floats.” Another benefit: the variety of services the newspaper offers, Enright notes. “We have a full-fledged print shop and can produce booklets, flyers, inserts, post cards, door hangers, calendars, raffle tickets, newsletters, brochures, envelopes, letterhead, invitations, business cards and more,” he explains. The company recently installed new digital equipment to increase its four-color, sheetfed printing capabilities and

increase its color capacity and quality. “The new equipment enables us to produce our print jobs faster and more affordably for our customers,” Enright adds. “We control the process from beginning to end, and we can now produce a higher quality four-color or single-color digital printing.” Lillie Suburban also prints other niche newspapers, such as school newspapers, “and best of all, whatever product a client chooses, their logos, art and copy are all in-house, and they talk directly with the person responsible for making the project happen,” Fragnito adds. “We don’t outsource our design and we don’t have a huge bureaucracy to work through. Our speedy response time keeps the client in charge of decision-making.” Visit Lillie Suburban Newspapers online at the soon to be revamped website,, where each individual newspaper’s website will have a new and improved look. Or, find us on Facebook.







“With award-winning writers, photographers and designers, we have a newspaper people want to pick up and read,” Fragnito says. “And with a readership audited in the high 80th percentile, we know our advertisers’ messages are getting through.” Advertising representatives Paul Mock and Holly Koep agree. “We’re a leader in local community news,” Mock says. “Nobody fulfills the community niche like the Review newspapers do.” Mock, a board member of the White Bear Avenue Business Association, and Koep, a board member of the Oakdale Business and Professional Association, say they enjoy getting to know local business owners and helping them grow their businesses. “It’s more than just a business-to-business relationship,” Koep says. “It’s person-to-person.” And though many businesses that advertise with Lillie Suburban Newspapers are locally owned and operated, Koep says bigger corporate clients realize the benefits of advertising with a weekly community newspaper with a seven-day shelf life. Fragnito adds: “Our read-

Lillie Suburban Newspapers doesn’t just give readers the inside scoop on what’s happening in their local communities. Its dedicated team of advertising representatives strives to help businesses succeed.







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undreds of businesses advertise with Lillie Suburban Newspapers regularly, says advertising director Tony Fragnito, and for good reason.

w pr eb es en c


Paul Mock

Review Area Community Marketing Executive

651.748.7862 651.777.8800 Call Holly Koep

Oakdale-Lake Elmo Review Community Marketing Executive


is a proud supporter of

If beauty is skin deep, Christina Clinic goes deeper


ith more than 30 years of experience in hair removal and the skin care business - and now body contouring - the staff at Christina Clinic does it all. The clinic provides services including basic skin care, electrolysis, laser hair removal and CoolSculpting — a new high tech, non-surgical body contouring treatment. “We treat all types of issues,” says owner Christina Cairl. Cairl opened Christina Clinic in Arden Hills in 1981 and made the move to Roseville in 2001. The new state-of-theart facility has seven treatment rooms and serves men and women — ranging from age 8 to 90. “We have patients who come in for multiple services, and hair removal is popular,” Cairl adds. Typically, men have hair removed from their chest, back and the confluence of their eyebrows, while women prefer to keep their upper lips, bikini line and legs silky smooth. Some choose electrolysis, a safe permanent hair removal technique that involves sending heat and current through a probe to destroy the roots of hairs. With electrolysis, which works best for removing lightcolored hair, the hair removal is permanent after a series of treatments, Cairl explains. The clinic is also one of only a few clinics in the state to offer laser treatments using the new Light Sheer Duet Laser System — a comfortable option for permanent hair removal. “The darker and thicker the hair, the better the laser treatment works,” Cairl says.

A progressive clinic Cairl notes that the industry is everchanging, but that Christina Clinic remains a leader in the field. “You’ve got to be innovative or your business will not survive,” she says, adding that one of the clinic’s newest services, CoolSculpting, is gaining popularity. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, non-surgical liposuction alternative for removal of those pesky love handles. If the bulge won’t budge after diet and exercise, CoolSculpting can freeze stubborn fat, which is then naturally eliminated from the body. Christina Clinic is an affiliate of Crutchfield Dermatology with CoolSculpting and procedures are also done at that office, located at 1185 Town

Procedures & Treatments Non-Invasive Fat Removal CoolSculpting is a patented revolutionary, non-invasive cooling technology created by Zeltiq. It has the capability of removing specific localized fat in body areas such as the waist or love handles, back and abdomen which are proven to be stubborn to respond to exercise and diet. CoolSculpting is a noninvasive and non-surgical liposuction alternative and tummy-tuck alternative.

Laser Hair Removal (Using the Light Sheer Duet Laser!) The ultimate hair removal procedure. It’s quick, comfortable, permanent and able to treat large areas. Unfortunately laser hair removal isn’t for everyone, so give us a call today to find out if laser hair removal is right for you.

Owner Christina Cairl supervises the CoolSculpting procedure, a safe, noninvasive treatment to get rid of extra bulges.

Facials For these facial skin treatments we utilize the world renowned Dermalogica skin care line. Our skin treatments feel amazing and help eliminate signs of aging and bring out the skin’s youthful glow leaving the skin supple, smooth, and radiant. They also make a perfect gift... so ask us about our gift certificates!

Electrolysis The time proven method for safe, permanent hair removal that works on a wider range of skin and hair types. Learn more about our extensive electrolysis experience.

Microdermabrasion Safe and effective technique for improving the texture & appearance of aging skin.

Chemical Peels

Certified Medical Electrologist Cologne Hartman performs electrolysis on a client at Christina Clinic.

Centre Drive in Eagan, 651-209-3600. Cairl says she’s proud Christina Clinic offers its clients this revolutionary new technique, and that she’s even tried it herself with great results. “I want to make sure the services will work for my clients, so I test them out on myself,” Cairl says. Christiana Clinic also offers a full line of skin care items, featuring Dermalogica and NeoStrata products. Beginning with a Face Mapping analysis, a client can experience various degrees of treatment designed to make the skin glow and reduce signs of aging. Further treatments may include peels, waxing, and microdermabrasion. The clinic also offers gift certificates and now has a special offer for a package of five treatments.

In addition to eight longtime employees, the clinic employs two doctors as supervisory medical directors, James Wire, M.D. in Chaska and Charles E. Crutchfield III, M.D, from Crutchfield Dermatology. The staff also includes nationally certified laser technicians, estheticians, and electrologists who can inject Botox and fill wrinkles. Cairl says she believes her staff can help clients keep their skin looking great, and help them feel great too. “We can help them have an overall sense of well-being.”


Christina Clinic 2338 North Lexington Roseville MN 55126 651-482-8912

Superficial chemical peel treatments are quick, in-office procedures that are given in combination with glycolic home care products to stimulate skin renewal helping the skin appear healthier, plumper and tighter with enhanced skin smoothness and clarity.

Fillers For Wrinkles Restylane, Juvederm & Botox.

Galvanic Current Gentle galvanic currents revive stressed and dull skin because increased circulation from the massaging action draws vital nutrients to the outer layers of the skin - creating a healthier, more vibrant appearance.

Capillary Cauterization Method to eliminate skin lesions commonly called “broken capillaries” and “spider veins”.

Eyebrow Shaping Open up your eyes and schedule an eyebrow design consultation for waxing or electrolysis

Bring this certificate to receive

$25.00 OFF first time visit

for hair removal laser, electrolysis, glycolic skin peel, botox and restylane wrinkle fillers, microdermabrasion, medical facial & cool sculpting non invasive fat removal* Complimentary consultation and sample treatment. Open every day.

*One gift certificate per patient. First time visit for service only. Not valid for product. Not valid with other offers.

Dedicated to a higher standards of hair removal and skin systems.

Staff at Sandberg Funeral Home aim to help those who have lost a loved one cope. The interior of the funeral home has recently been remodeled to provide a warm and welcoming feel.

Find expertise and compassion at Sandberg Funeral & Cremation Services


or three generations, Sandberg Funeral Home has been a mainstay in the community of North St. Paul, serving families with care and comfort when a loved one dies. Whether it be an immediate burial, graveside service, cremation or visitation with a funeral ceremony, Sandberg Funeral Home’s expertise and compassion sets them apart from the rest. Owner and funeral director Mary Kaye Sandberg continues the tradition of her grandfather, father and uncle by helping those who have lost a loved one. She and her staff are honored to help the families they serve. “It is a most rewarding job,” she says. To better meet the needs of families and their guests, the interior of Sandberg Funeral Home has been completely remodeled. “We took a risk and tried something different, one room at a time,” Mary Kaye says.

Prior to the remodeling, the funeral home was outfitted mainly in antique white. Now, the walls are painted in earth tones and there is new artwork throughout. New lamps, chairs and furniture have also been added to provide a warm and comfortable feel. “We wanted to make the facility even more welcoming than it was before,” Mary Kaye says. Changing times, same attentive service Mary Kaye has observed a few new trends in funeral services, including a rise in the number of funerals held at the mortuary. Sandberg funeral home offers a 30 by 110-foot space that can seat up to 150 people with plenty of room for overflow. Or the space can be divided up for visitations and smaller events that require a more intimate setting. A beautiful, stained-glass window contributes to the veritable oasis of peace. “Sandberg also can facilitate funerals at all churches, even those out of town,” she adds. Mary Kaye notes she and her staff are equipped

to handle the needs of their families. A personalized experience Mary Kaye and her staff provide a personal service for each of their clients. “Being family-owned and operated, we are a part of the community and we genuinely care about the people,” Mary Kaye says. And the dedicated staff at Sandberg Funeral Home has many years of experience. “Most everyone on my staff has lost someone while working here, and they all genuinely care and know what it’s like to lose a loved one,” Mary Kaye says. “We really try hard to help families in their time of grief.” When a loved one dies, Mary Kaye and staff will help their family plan a funeral. “We give them options, but we want them to make all the decisions that need to be made.” And with two bilingual staff members, Sandberg can easily help Spanish-speaking clients. Sandberg Funeral Home also offers advanced-planning services for those who wish to plan their funeral themselves. Mary Kaye explains, “That allows a client to ensure their wishes will be followed and they can shelter their money for their funeral cost.” The pre-arranged service is a convenient way to ease financial responsibility and decision making for family members. The trend toward cremation “has taken off in the last year,” Mary Kaye adds. She estimates that about 75 percent of people who choose cremation still have a casket and

Sandberg Funeral Home has been a mainstay in North St. Paul for three generations.

funeral service. The tradition of excellent and attentive service at Sandberg Funeral Home has remained consistent through the years. “We see people at their worstgrief-stricken, but people do heal as time goes on,” Mary Kaye notes. “In a small community we may meet one another again later, and we are able to see the healing in progress,” she says. “Our mission is to provide service that goes above and beyond with genuine care and compassion,” Mary Kaye says.

Sandberg Funeral and Cremation Services Family Owned and Operated Since 1942

(651) 777-2600 2593 E. 7th Avenue Downtown North St. Paul

“Dedicated to those we serve” Gloria Sandberg Mary Kaye Sandberg Alicia Moran-Lopez Gretchen Goulette Jennifer Frenette Paul Sandberg

Mary Thompson Dale Bachmeier Sonya Monzel Michael Kiley William Korfhage Bernie Bardon

Doreen Hruby Amanda Domeier Dawn Mulvihill Carlene Winger Keith Krause Lisa Fredricksen

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