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Week of March 26, 2012 • Supplement to the Roseville Review • Published by Lillie Suburban Newspapers, Inc.

This new columbarium, above left, will grace the area north of Roselawn’s famous chapel this spring, with a bronze sculpture and water feature as a pleasant background. Above right, Roselawn’s “Reflection of Peace” columbarium, with its flight of golden doves, is an inspiring choice.

Find trusted help, assurance of care at Roselawn Cemetery A

s more families choose cremation over burial, Roselawn Cemetery continues to offer more choices. This fall, Roselawn will unveil a new columbarium, in the shape of two separate half-cylinders that invite observers to walk around and between them. “The design is the first of its kind in Minnesota,” longtime cemetery superintendent Larry Hudella explains. “We’re very excited to be able to offer it here.” The columbarium’s backdrop will be accented by a new bronze sculpture which will fit into Roselawn’s natural landscape flawlessly. Hudella explains the sculpture, of two children sitting on a fallen log, will add a water feature — a bronze turtle between the pair is actually a small fountain — with the sight and sound of water falling into a small pond. The new columbarium will be located just north of Roselawn’s historic Cass Gilbert-designed chapel, where visitors can enjoy it. “The innocence portrayed in the sculpture is appealing,” Hudella says. “And with the water and a border of natural stone, it will provide a tranquil setting where people can relax and reflect.”

More choice The new columbarium will add to a variety of choices for placement at Roselawn. “Roselawn has more cremation options than any other cemetery in the Twin Cities,” Hudella says. And with those options comes a veryaffordable range of prices, he notes, starting at under $600.

Options include: • Roselawn’s “Reflection of Peace” columbarium, a granite-faced cylinder composed of niches, with a sculptured golden flight of doves rising above it • in-ground or niche placement in the Garden of Remembrance, where a wall of inscribed niches is tucked into a serene, landscaped setting • ossuary placement, with a spiraling pathway leading visitors through granite memorials to a column for co-mingled ashes topped by a golden sphere • placement in Roselawn’s mausoleum, where a bronze niche wall — said to be the largest in the world — depicts a lake scene from the northwoods Roselawn also offers interment of ashes in its traditional cemetery lots, and of course traditional burials.

Roselawn’s community mausoleum, with its famed bronze niche wall depicting a Minnesota lake scene, is complemented by the “Cube Column Resurrection” sculpture.

Memorial Day remembrances at Roselawn

Meaning and memory While planning arrangements, Hudella says people should remember the importance of having a permanent place for current and future generations to visit. Though it’s popular for families to scatter a loved one’s ashes somewhere that holds meaning for that person, Hudella suggests retaining some of the ashes for a permanent memorial, as well. “People sell houses; people sell cabins,” he points out. “Your children and grandchildren may not be able to visit that property if it’s in someone else’s hands. . . People often find they want a place they can go to for that sense of connection.” Roselawn Cemetery provides that place along with the assurance of perpetual care. The cemetery is organized as a nonprofit association owned by lot owners and governed by a volunteer board of trustees. “There are very few cemeteries orga-


oselawn emetery

803 W. Larpenteur Avenue (Between Lexington and Dale) Roseville, MN 55113 • (651) 489-1720

Make time Memorial Weekend to hear a concert by nationallycelebrated organist Barb Bang. On Monday May 28th, 2012 the Roseville VFW, Rosetown American Legion and North Suburban Chorus will have a program to honor our Veterans on the Cemetery grounds. It will be an experience you’ll remember. nized as nonprofits,” Hudella notes. “The families we work with appreciate the fact we’re wholly dedicated to service.”

The Roselawn difference Whether pre-planning arrangements or meeting with Roselawn staff in a time of grief, people trust Roselawn’s open approach. “I’ve seen cemeteries that confuse people with lists of charged items — from transportation to staffing costs — which they then claim to discount,” Hudella says. “Here, you know the cost and you know it includes all our services. That’s why people who

do their research choose Roselawn.” Roselawn has been in operation since 1902, and is on the Register of Historic Places, due to its famous Cass Gilbert-designed chapel and buildings. Roselawn’s foundation in the past and its vision for the future are joined by a single goal: to operate “for the benefit of those living as well as the memory of those departed.”

The Hand of a Genius... Created a Special Place to Gather..

Visit Roselawn, the Grounds, our BuildingsWe’re Here to Help. Roselawn Cemetary is a non-profit organization owned by lot owners.

At Kath, customer satisfaction is guaranteed


urnace on the fritz? A/C blowing hot air? For all your heating, cooling and electrical needs, you can count on Kath. Along with a trusted name in the industry, Kath Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical offers top-notch products, stellar service and a full electrical shop in-house. Thanks to customer satisfaction rates ranging from 98 to 100 percent, Kath has been deemed a “Carrier factory-authorized dealer,” notes manager and master electrician Keith Williams. “Carrier is the industry’s leader,” Williams explains. “They’re constantly updating their products.” In late spring or early summer, Carrier will be coming out with their new long-anticipated “Infinity Control,” a communicating Wi-Fi-enabled touch-screen thermostat. With the new Infinity Control, customers can adjust the home thermostats from any computer with an internet connection or a smart phone anywhere with Wi-Fi. “It’s something people have been asking about and wanting,” Williams says. “It benefits technicians and provides extra comfort for customers. It is calibrated to one third of a degree.” Carrier also recently released a new line of ultra-efficient furnaces that provide up to 98 percent efficiency and added comfort. And if you’re hoping to keep cool this summer for a reasonable cost, consider purchasing a new A/C system from Kath. Last year, Carrier updated their air conditioning product line to maximize performance and efficiency, notes sales representative Jim Manos, and when people upgrade, they get Carrier’s earthfriendly Puron air conditioning system. The old R-22 Freon refrigerant that’s been used in air conditioning for years is being phased out,

All Kath products are installed by Kath employees, not subcontractors, Williams notes, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. From left to right; Servicemen Gary Carlson, Antone Cumpian and Brent Golaski.

Manos says, and an environmentally-friendly Puron system will give customers better performance, lower utility costs, and fewer repair bills. “It’s a more dependable unit all around,” explains sales representative Brad Hansen. Customers who have replaced their furnace and air-conditioning systems lately have seen average energy savings of about 35 to 45 percent, Manos says. And those looking for even more energy savings can achieve them without digging up their landscape for geothermal systems. Carrier’s new inverter-technology heat pump gives homeowners equivalent heating compared with ground-source geothermal heat pumps. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a new system or repair an old one, you can always count on the staff at Kath. All Kath products are installed by Kath employees, not subcontractors, Williams explains, and Kath technicians are

‘A tuned-up furnace is a happy furnace’ says longtime service coordinator Rodney Johansen. Regular maintenance for furnace and air systems isn’t just a good idea — it’s a money-saving must. “Cleaning and maintenance keep that system working effectively and efficiently so your savings don’t drop,” Johansen explains. “Your furnace is a moving mechanical system just like your car’s engine. “Nobody buys a new car and then doesn’t change the oil for five years. Your car needs regular attention to be kept running in top shape, and so do your home’s heating and cooling systems.”

certified by the North American Technician Excellence program and licensed with St. Paul and Minneapolis competency cards. Employees always pulls all necessary permits for every job, Williams adds, taking that burden off the homeowner as well as ensuring a high-quality, code-compliant installation.

Have you felt abandoned by another company during a January furnace outage? Kath provides 24-hour-a-day service during the heating season, and customers can also take comfort in knowing that when they call during daytime hours, they’ll always be greeted by friendly office staff, such as service manager Rodney Johansen or office manager Sue Tubman. Tubman goes above and beyond to ensure customers get any rebates available to them; she even fills out the necessary paperwork so all customers have to do is sign on the dotted line.“If we offer a rebate, we make sure our customers get it,” Tubman says. Customers can also purchase filters on Kath’s website at Kath Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical is a division of Kath Fuel Oil Service Co. Inc. Thanks to its dedication to reliable products and expert staff, the familyowned company has remained in business since 1944. “At Kath, 100 percent satisfaction is guaranteed,” Williams says. “We want absolutely no unhappy customers.”

Left, the Total Healthcare building is located on Hamline Avenue in Roseville, kitty-corner from the Ramsey County Library. Right, pictured here is Dr. Josh Norine with patient Ray S. as he finishes up his neuropathy treatment at Total Healthcare. As part of the treatments, Total Healthcare uses a machine to help stimulate blood flow and restore damaged nerves.

Got foot pain? Total Healthcare can help


hen Barb Norine was unable to free herself from crippling pain and numbness in her feet, her son, Dr. Josh Norine, D.C. at Total Healthcare, was desperate to find a way to ease her suffering. Barb had traveled the country visiting specialist after specialist to try to find relief, and was eventually diagnosed with a form of peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy can cause painful sensations, including soreness, numbness, burning, stinging, tingling and tightness in the feet and legs – all of which can making walking difficult and painful. One day, the numbness in Barb’s feet even caused her to fall and break her back – an event that nearly caused her to give up hope of ever leading a life without pain. Barb is just one of an estimated 20 million people in the U.S. who suffer from peripheral neuropathy, and a majority of those who have the condition are over age 45. “Most people don’t have any idea what’s wrong with their feet when they have this condition,” Dr. Josh explains. “Basically, the nerves in your feet go bad.” So when Dr. Josh heard about a new non-surgical medical treatment covered by most insurance plans, he decided it was worth researching. Especially if it could help patients like his mother. It did, and Dr. Mark Bostrom, D.O., N.D., and Dr. Flete Gray, P.A. began offering the medical treatment at Total Healthcare in Roseville. Now, Total Healthcare is the only health care office in the area that offers this treatment, and there are fewer than 150 other offices that do so throughout the U.S. “This is a process that’s working off the charts,” Dr. Josh says, adding that he’s especially pleased it has been able to dramatically reduce his own mother’s pain. “I can bend over and pick up something off the floor without much problem, unlike before,” Barb explains. “I never expected to see this much progress after a series of just 16 visits.” Total Healthcare doctors say

another major benefit of this new exclusive treatment is that it can ease pain, freeing patients from dependence on potentially addictive pain medications. And Barb isn’t the only one who has found relief from pain caused by peripheral neuropathy through Total Healthcare. The office began offering the treatment, which has been around for several years, six months ago, and nows sees about 30 patients each week. The experts at Total Healthcare have researched peripheral neuropathy extensively, and note though many people who suffer from the condition are diabetic, diabetes isn’t the only cause of the disease. They encourage those with symptoms of peripheral neuropathy to come to Total Healthcare to determine whether they might benefit from this medical treatment. If you’re unable to find relief from constant pain in your feet, call Total Healthcare to find out how you, like Barb Norine, may be able to get a new lease on life.

Here’s what peripheral neuropathy patients are saying about a new, exclusive treatment offered by Total Healthcare. “My feet constantly felt prickly, burning, throbbing and stinging sensations. They always felt round on the bottom, making walking painful and unsteady. After a few treatments I started to notice the “normal” feeling starting to return to my feet and the pain diminishing. Every week I have noticed positive results.” – Mary S. I would recommend this treatment to others who suffer from neuropathy. This has reduced my pain in my foot by 50 percent.” – Ron D. To see video testimonials, visit

The staff at Total Healthcare want to help you feel your best. From left to right: insurance specialist Jeanne Martineau; Dr. Scott Arneson, D.C.; front desk coordinator Ciera Colbert; Flete Gray, P.A. - C; rehab specialist Dan Delahunt; administrator Jennifer Norine; Dr. Josh Norine, D.C.

Other services In addition to treating patients with peripheral neuropathy, Total Healthcare and Physical Medicine, PLLC in Roseville provides numerous services to help those suffering from various other health conditions. All physical medicine techniques are gentle, non-surgical and non-invasive. Total Healthcare has experience in treating a wide variety of issues such as high blood pressure, breathing issues, depression/anxiety, bulging or herniated discs, digestive problems, headaches/migraines, back and neck pain, sleep problems, weight issues and more. Total Healthcare may also be able to help patients with food allergies or intolerances.

Burning Feet? Electric Shocks? Pain & Numbness? Pins & Needles? Creepy Crawlies? You might have Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that affects nearly 20 million Americans. It usually begins in the feet and lower legs, but over time, can advance to the hands and fingers. Until now, the only treatment for this terrible condition has been oral medications and injections. And in many cases, these simply didn’t work. We’ve utilized a completely NEW TREATMENT that may take away most, if not all, of your pain. It’s safe and highly effective for most people...even diabetics. It’s covered by many insurance plans. Call now to schedule a FREE conference with one of our doctors.

Dr. Josh Norine’s mother, Barb Norine, has suffered from a form of neuropathy for 25 years. After starting treatments at Total Healthcare, Barb’s pain has decreased dramatically.



FDA Cleared Safe & Effective

Total Healthcare & Physical Medicine Medical Doctor: Dr. Mark Bostrom, D.O.Physician Assistant: Flete Gray, PA-C

Convenient Appointments: Daytime • Afternoon •Evening

Left, North Heights Hardware Hank and Rental carries the full line of Echo power tools, and Ben and Isaac will help you pick the right one. Right, Samantha can help you find the perfect paint color and finish for any room.

North Heights Hardware Hank and Rental Kick-start your warm weather projects!


lanning some home remodeling or decorating? Need to restock your weed-and-feed or grab a grill that will really make the neighbors jealous? North Heights Hardware Hank and Rental is your answer. Go ahead and try to stump cashiers Marilyn or Samantha at the front of the store. If they can’t answer your question they’ll quickly find someone who can. Isaac and Charlie can suggest the right model in top-notch power equipment or parts to keep your old classic running like new. And both Doug and Dave know service – they attend training often to keep up on technological developments in every brand they carry. The store offers Toro, Ariens and Echo brands as well as over 400 different power equipment belts. They recommend getting your lawnmower ready for the season with a tune-up and a new blade – we have at least 150 different blades in stock. The grill department has a full range of Weber grills – everything from tabletop models to the full outdoor kitchen center. Gas grills are available in either propane or natural gas. Plus, the store offers assembly and delivery. North Heights Hardware Hank and Rental also has everything else you need for the summer grilling season, including a full line of accessories, charcoal, lighter fluid and repair parts. While you’re at it, make sure to pick up the store’s free monthly grilling newsletter,

Stu’s an expert on our feathered friends, and he can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

“Backyard Grilling,” for tips and recipes sure to make you a grillmaster. The store also carries SodaStream Soda Maker products, which have become increasingly popular. With the machine and convenient refill canisters, you can make your family’s favorite choices of 20 flavors of soda. Perfect to go with those freshly grilled burgers! Nothing complements backyard grilling session like a beautiful lawn. North Heights Hardware Hank and Rental’s got you covered there too. The lawn and garden department carries the full line of


NORTH HEIGHTS 2920 Rice Street By the Market Place


Scott’s lawn fertilizers and yard care products and Ortho weed controls and garden chemicals. Of course the store also has an assortment of garden tools, hoses, sprinklers, flowerpots, flower and vegetable seeds, potting soil, topsoil and mulch. With one stop, you’re set for that busy weekend. Looking to add some color to your world? Make sure to visit Abbie in the store’s paint department. North Heights Hardware Hank and Rental carries the full line of Valspar paint and stains. The store also has a computer color-matching system, which takes

away the pesky guesswork. Talk to Stu in the bird department and he’ll tell you how to take care of your backyard’s feathered friends. A variety of bird feed, both prepackaged and in bulk, is available as well as an ever-changing selection of stylish bird feeders. Make sure to grab the store’s free monthly newsletter, “Backyard Feeder,” for extra tips and tricks for attracting your local songbirds. In the window and screen repair area, Mike’s been putting them back together for 20 years, and he and Matt can sometimes even do repairs on the spot. Jack, Harry, Gerry and Ben round out the rest of the store’s staff. Experience counts, and these folks have been getting the job done right for years. You’ve got the know-how, but do you have the right tools for the job? With the rental department’s extensive inventory, you can rent what you need to do it yourself – and still save. Make sure to check out www. for monthly specials or to order that hardto-find item. If North Heights Hardware Hank doesn’t have it, Hardware Hank can ship it quickly. Though this hardware store is big, it’s not too big to support local seniors, schools, churches and community organizations. Owner Jim Schwalbach loves his community and works to keep it great.

Roseville Wine and Spirits: Where service matters


hen you first set foot in Roseville Wine and Spirits, you know you’re not in a typical liquor store. You’re greeted with a smile and a friendly hello and staff quickly make your needs their top priority. “We make sure to always listen to our customers,” says Brandon Valtinson, who runs the familyowned store with his brother, Justen. “We want to know what our customers want and then we do everything we can to see that they get it.” That’s how the Valtinson brothers approached their business since day one. They took over the store in October of 2010 and immediately started crafting their selections to please local palates. The first priority: offering an outstanding selection of craft beer, Brandon explains. “We really expanded our craft beer selection right away,” he says. “Here in the Twin Cities, craft beer is a really big deal, and we want to make sure we have the brands our customers love while also offering new beers we think will become some of their favorites.” A small sample of the store’s fabulous craft beer offerings include: Surly, Bell’s, Left Hand, Two Brothers, Fulton, Flat Earth, Stone Brewery and Unibroue. Customers can build their own six packs of featured craft beers to try out unfamiliar brands. A walk around the store makes

Justen, left, and Brandon Valtinson, operate Roseville Wine and Spirits with a committment to excellent and friendly customer service.

it clear these guys know their stuff. Brandon and Justen, as well as regular staffers Thomas and Adam, have a wide knowledge of the industry and keep up to date on the latest and greatest products. While they love craft beer, the staff at Roseville Wine and Spirits is also passionate about wine. Brandon and Justen have taken numerous wine classes that focus on identifying the subtle differences between styles. “With this knowledge we’re able to help a customer who might not be sure what the differences are between two styles of wine,” Brandon says. “Understanding what makes wine great has also helped us stock lesser-known but great labels next to the brands customers already know and love.”

To find out what’s new, customers are invited to wine tastings every Friday from 4-8 p.m. “We have regulars who come to all our tastings,” Brandon says. “It’s really been a fantastic way to get to know our customers while also exposing them to lesser known brands that are truly exceptional.” Another benefit for regulars at Roseville Wine and Spirits is the customer punch card. Once the card is full the next purchase is 10 percent off. “That’s proven to be very popular,” Brandon notes.

Additionally, wine promotions include 15 percent off on case buys of wine and on Tuesdays all wine purchases are 15 percent off. For his part, Justen sums up taking over the store like this: “It’s been a fun, family adventure so far and we hope that will continue for many years to come. We really appreciate our regular customers and we want to encourage people to stop in and explore our selection.”

10% OFF your next purchase of wine, beer or liquor w/coupon

Not valid with other coupons or offers. Roseville Wine & Spirits. Expires 4-30-12

651.633.6777 Mon-Sat: 10AM-10PM 2217 Snelling Ave N. Just South of Hwy 36 in Roseville



Assistant Manager Dave Floberg helps customer Bob Simonet locate the correct bolt for his project in the store’s vast product line.

Roseville Suburban Ace gears up for spring


t doesn’t matter what kind of winter it’s been; the first sunny Saturday sends crowds of eager homeowners and gardeners into Roseville Suburban Ace Hardware. “People are excited for spring, and we are already getting lots of spring things in – new paints, tools, lawn mowers, trimmers and other lawn-care products,” says store owner Mike Johnson. “This year we’ll have hanging baskets and pots of colorful, assorted flowers as well.” Roseville Suburban Ace, a popular local hardware store on the corner of Lexington and Roselawn avenues, is known for its helpful, friendly service. The store is also widely-known for carrying top-name brands, and has recently added to that lineup with Craftsman tools, Clark and Kensington paints and Scotts’ new “Snap” lawn care system. Ace’s affiliation with Craftsman means customers can find a full line of Craftsman wrenches, hand tools, air tools, shop vacs and other power equipment, with more available by special order, says assistant manager Dave Floberg. The new Clark and Kensington paint is “darn good stuff,” adds Floberg, who explains all the paints in the store are made by Ace and score well in Consumer Reports. With the primer in the paint, Clark and Kensington can save customers elbow grease and time. Scotts’ new Snap system promises the greatest change for homeowners, taking the guesswork out of lawn care and the mess off their hands. With the Snap system, lawn care products like fertilizer, weed killer or crabgrass preventer are packaged so they just clip into the Snap lawn spreader. There’s no measuring, pouring or handling chemicals. With cutting-edge products and years of expertise on staff, the Suburban Ace crew sees customers coming in from all over the area, Floberg says. Employee Troy Williams adds, “People would rather come

Suburban Ace Hardware 651-558-2000 1930 Lexington Ave. Roseville

Roseville Suburban Ace owner Mike Johnson and staffers Luis Saybe and Troy Williams say the new Scotts Snap system, a lawn-product line with no-mess/no guess measurements, will make lawn care a snap.

Above, if you’re tired of the primepaint-paint process, Troy Williams suggests the new line of Clark and Kensington paints, which offer paint and primer all-in-one. Left, Dave Floberg notes Roseville Suburban Ace carries the new line of Craftsman tools.

here than the big-box stores because we know what we’re talking about, we’ve got what you need and we greet you the minute you walk in the door.” Bob Simonet, who recently needed a small part from Ace’s large selection of bolts for his son’s snowmobile, is one of Roseville Suburban Ace’s repeat customers. “It’s easier to go to Ace than any place else, and I like their courteous service,” he says. Women are a growing part of the store’s customer base, as they gain confidence in their do-it-yourself abilities. Williams says plumbing seems to be a project more women are willing to tackle, noting a widow who decided she could complete a repair herself after store staff

showed her what she needed and walked her through the process. “She was happy to get the job done herself,” Williams recalls. “We can often help people fix something on their own. They’re saving money and adding skills.” Those turning their thoughts to the outdoors – greening up lawns, planting flowers or maybe adding to the decor – can get a head start at Ace. “With winter nearly over, we’ve got a good start on spring and summer goods like grills, lawnmowers and garden supplies,” Floberg says. Outdoor living furniture can now be ordered from the Ace warehouse through the store’s colorful catalog, and benches for the yard are already in the store. The new Toro and Craftsman lawnmowers will

Customer Appreciation Coupon

HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 8am-8pm Sat. 8am-6pm Sun. 10am-6pm • Window/Screen Repair • Computerized Color Matching Paint • Cut & Thread Pipes

be in soon, and hanging baskets and pots of flowers will follow soon after. Johnson suggests that people who need lawnmowers repaired should bring them in now, before the spring rush starts. He adds that once new folks stop in, they usually become regulars. “We appreciate our customers and strive to provide superior customer service,” Johnson adds. “We pride ourselves on answering their questions and helping them get going on their projects. And we want this to be a fun and friendly place to shop as well.”


$ .00

• Power Equipment Sales & Service • Lawnmower Tune-ups • Snowblower Tune-ups


Your Purchase of $20.00 or More Not valid on sale and clearance merchandise, online purchases or in conjunction with any other coupon offer. May not be used toward rental, in-store services, Ace Gift Card purchases, or for previously purchased merchandise. Not redeemable for cash. Limit 1 per customer. With coupon. Expires 4-30-12

Left, Just Sew Studio’s store manager, Ernie Rinehart, and sales and education coordinator Carmen Rinehart have quickly made their store a destination for sewing enthusiasts from all over. Right, Carlos Huinansaca is a certified Pfaff technician and has repaired both personal and industry-grade sewing and embroidery machines for 15 years. He also repairs other makes and models, and all repairs at Just Sew are done in-house, never offsite.

With their products and expertise, you’re free to ‘Just Sew’


hen people drive from North Branch, Prior Lake and Wisconsin to get to a Roseville business, you know it’s quite a business. Fortunately, local residents don’t have to budget for gas money to get to Just Sew Studio. The store truly is a studio – just take a look at the works of art on the walls. The perfectly composed and finished quilts, intricately embroidered runners and placemats and even beaded, elegant evening bags are all machine-sewn creations – and Just Sew’s staff can show you how to make them. With help from Carmen and Ernie Rinehart and Carlos Huinansaca, beginners, advanced hobbyists and even those with their own cottage industries are creating beautiful items every day. Carmen, who worked at another area sewing store for nearly a decade, is the store’s sales and education coordinator. Husband Ernie, now retired from 3M, is store manager. Carlos is a certified Pfaff technician with 15 years’ experience working on all makes. And store owners Dawn and Joe Kraayenbrink are involved handson in the business; just ask about the gorgeous mittens on display. Dawn created the “S’mittens” pattern herself, making the popular reused-felted-wool-sweater mitten a more elegant creation, with button cuffs and embroidered snowflakes. The store carries top-of-the-line Pfaff machines – with models for everyone from the experienced embroiderer to starting-out quilters or clothing makers. “The basic Pfaff machine is both a great heavy-duty sewing machine – it handles jeans with ease – and a beautiful heirloom machine,”

Carmen explains. “Quilters love it.” Just Sew Studio also offers a wide variety of notions, and carries “King Tut” thread – another favorite with quilters – in a rainbow of solid or variegated colors to complement any pattern. They are also stocking locally-made accessories such as machine totes and portable ironing boards. After opening just last summer, Just Sew Studio has already donated space, machines and notions to a variety of community efforts, from mittens that went to local schools for students in need to blankets the “Sewing Angels” made for patients at area hospitals. Perhaps most challenging – and very needed – projects were “fidget blankets” for care-center residents with memory issues. The lap blankets are made with zippers, ties, buttons and other sensory additions for patients who are soothed by handling them. But the store’s most valuable offering is knowledge. Beginning quilters, embroiderers and even sewing novices find Carmen an enthusiastic guide in developing their skills on their new sewing machines. More advanced hobbyists make it a priority to get to creative classes at the studio, where experts in a variety of specialties share their knowledge. Best of all, they can change their focus from quilts to embroidery or children’s clothing to fashion items without worrying that the newgeneration Pfaff machine can’t keep up. “These machines are basically a computer with a needle,” Ernie says. “People aren’t limited anymore by their machine.” The Pfaffs sold at Just Sew Studio are backed with a one-year warranty from Pfaff – and a second year from the store. “We stand

Start ‘em young Keep an eye out for the dates of Just Sew’s summer “kids’ camp,” where youngsters gather weekday mornings to learn sewing basics while working on fun projects. Campers make everything from pillowcases and pajama pants to backpacks, while learning skills to last a lifetime.

behind our customers, because we want them to get the most from their new machines,” Carmen explains. “And what they can do is truly unlimited.”

To Roseville via Florida North Branch resident Donna Orme visited Just Sew Studio on a recent morning. She counts herself as one of the store’s loyalists, despite the drive. “I’d never worked with such a high-quality sewing machine and wanted to make sure I had the right lessons,” she explains. “I actually called a neighbor’s mother in Florida, because I knew she had an embroidery machine. She recommended Just Sew, and she was right.” With Carmen, Ernie and Carlos’ help, she’s confident she’ll have sound guidance as she masters new techniques. “They’ve been just fabulous!”



$5 OFF Purchase of $20 or more Coupon must be presented. Just Sew Studio. Expires 4/30/12.

We repair all makes and models of sewing machines. Find us on:

Just Sew Studio

Your Twin Cities PFAFF Dealer

1235 W. Larpenteur Ave • Roseville 651-644-0010 •

Left, pictured here are the friendly faces of Ramada Plaza owners Patrick and Paul Durand. Right, the Ramada Plaza in Minneapolis is open and inviting, and features a business center along with informal spaces that are convenient for a meeting with clients or friends.

Ramada Plaza Minneapolis restored to its original “glory”


ucked away in a convenient Twin Cities location, the Ramada Plaza on Industrial Boulevard offers all the benefits of a big city hotel without all the hassles. And with a top-rated restaurant featuring modern interpretations of traditional Italian specialties, the Ramada Plaza is the obvious choice for your stay – be it for business or pleasure. Two young entrepreneurs, Patrick and Paul Durand, purchased the hotel in 2009 and have been working to “restore the hotel’s glory,” as they lovingly renovate this full-service hotel to the prominence it once held when first built in 1978. Conveniently located between Minneapolis and St. Paul, with easy access from Interstate 35W, this Ramada Plaza is one of three hotels owned by the Durands and operated under Scalzo Hospitality. Business clients are already attached to the popular lobby business center and coffee bar, and the newly restored pool and fitness area will appeal to families ready for a

fun-filled getaway. Many of the current staff of 100 have worked in the hotel for years and both Patrick and Paul say they appreciate their expertise and experience. “Everybody here is immersed in making the hotel comfortable for guests,” Paul says. “It’s exciting to see what the leadership has done, and each employee has something unique to contribute.” Patrick adds, “It’s great to see people shine in doing what they love to do.” And for those who love to eat, Scalzo’s Italian Grille features mouthwatering Italian dishes and American classics. The full lunch menu includes a different special buffet each weekday – all for an affordable price. Steve Maxson, restaurant general manager, notes Scalzo’s signature dish is Tomato Basil with Ravioli Soup, but diners are encouraged to try many dishes and then choose their own favorite. The dining room is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and room service is available as well. Guests and members of the public are welcome to enjoy the happy hour specials at Scalzo’s, including half-price appetizers. The restaurant is named after

Carmen and Mary Scalzo, the hardworking Italian immigrant grandparents of Patrick and Paul. The namesake is a “tribute to our grandparents’ work ethic and hospitality,” the two men say, traits they also appear to have inherited themselves. “Grandpa was an entrepreneur by heart,” Paul adds. The two brothers also are proprietors of the original hotel their grandparents once owned in California and the Ramada of Wisconsin Dells. In addition to a top-notch restaurant, the Ramada Plaza offers over 10,000 square feet dedicated to banquet and meeting space. “This is flexible space which can function for a meeting in the morning, be set up for a luncheon and then serve as a banquet facility in the evening,” Paul explains. General manager Tammy Grainger adds the hotel can accom-


Serving Easter & Mother’s Day Brunch Starting at $20.95


Hours: Monday - Friday 6:30 AM - 10:00 PM Saturday and Sunday 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

PLAZA MINNE APO L IS Enjoy a mouthwatering dish at Scalzo’s Italian Grille at the Ramada Plaza.

modate 400 to 500 people in the ballroom, depending on the setup. The 252 guest rooms all have free high-speed Internet service, and the hotel also boasts ample free parking and a complimentary hotel shuttle for use within a five-mile radius. Guests can shuttle off to downtown Minneapolis, the theater, sports events and even to the State Fair just a few miles away. Whether you’re staying for business, a special event or simply to visit family and friends, let the Ramada Plaza help ensure your stay is comfortable, affordable and stressfree. For more information on the Ramada Plaza Minneapolis, visit or check us out on Facebook or Twitter.


Left, Greenhouse Village Cooperative is located on Larpenteur Avenue within walking distance of shops, restaurants and drug stores. Right, the land on which the cooperative was built has been in the Leben family for generations. Pictured here is the original Leben family farm.

Live and laugh at Greenhouse Village


pend five minutes at Greenhouse Village senior cooperative community and it becomes evident that the people who live there love to laugh and have fun. “We laugh a lot,” says Bev Liebenstein, one of about 150 cooperative members. “The environment is light.” Greenhouse Village has 102 units, and members cooperatively own the campus. The land on which the cooperative is built has been in the same family for at least three generations. Patricia Leben, whose family owned the land, lives at the cooperative now. “Since the land has been in family ownership for years, it has become a link to making cooperative members feel like family,” says cooperative member Lee Brotherton. Brotherton admits he was hesitant to move into the cooperative because of the stereotypes that surround many senior living communities, but he learned almost immediately that Greenhouse Village didn’t fit that mold. Now, he has coffee with other cooperative residents each morning, participates in community events and says he couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. “The people that live there have become family too,” he explains. “And where else can you walk to nearly 15 restaurants?” Housing manager Jeff Welle notes that Greenhouse Village is located within walking distance of a number of restaurants, shops, the drug store, a clinic, an optical store, a bank, beauty shops, a dentist’s office and a grocery story; it also

has convenient access to Metro Transit. The cooperative’s close proximity to a wide variety of amenities increases the quality of life for the residents and allows for more independence and mobility as a senior. Welle says he believes seniors can be happier, more active adults if they move to a cooperative while they are still independent. “People wait too long to move here,” Welle says. “If you’re an active senior, it’s perfect.” The cooperative offers a host of activities for those who live there, and the campus includes a billiards room, library, craft room, woodworking shop, underground parking and an underground car wash bay, event room, exercise room and two guest rooms. A major perk of Greenhouse Village, according to member Marion Fogarty, is that residents have full ownership of the campus. Many seniors don’t want to buy a home late in life, Brotherton adds, but cooperative living can save people money since each owner pays a small percentage of the overall cost of living there. “In a co-op, you own your entire grounds,” Welle explains. “You really care about everything.” Friendship and laughter are the biggest benefits of living at Greenhouse Village, though, Brotherton and Liebenstein says. “It’s a little community and because you own it, it’s your family’s home,” Liebenstein says. “It’s just so hard to put into words. It’s a thrill to be here,” Fogarty adds.

Greenhouse Village features a woodworking shop in its basement, where cooperative residents have access to hundreds of tools. Two cooperative residents assemble patio furniture.


Imagine this Spring Greenhouse Relax at in the company of goodVillage friends and neighbors. Enjoy heated underground Cooperative in Roseville parking, snow removal while you watch and traveling is as easy as turning the key. Relax in the company of good friends and ■ Unparalleled Amenities neighbors. Enjoy heated underground ■ Stable Monthly Fees parking, snow removal while you watch and ■ Benefits of Home Ownership traveling is as easy as turning the key. ■ Freedom from Home Maintenance ■INFORMATIONAL Unparalleled Amenities


Stable Monthly Fees ■ Benefits of Home Ownership 1021 W. Larpenteur Ave. inMaintenance Roseville ■ Freedom from Home ■

Discover a community you Discover a community you will be proud to call HOME! will beLarpenteur proud toAve. callinHOME! 1021 W. Roseville Fine Living in a Senior Cooperative Community 651.488.9997 Fine Living in a Senior Cooperative Community 651.488.9997 WWW.GREENHOUSEVILLAGE.COM Two cooperative residents enjoy harvesting corn from the community garden.

Fra-Dor, Inc.: your landscape supply experts I

t’s a dirty job, literally, but somebody has to do it. And when it comes to landscaping, Fra-Dor Inc. can help you get the job done right. Fra-Dor’s Black-Dirt and Recycle division has been serving its customers’ needs for over two decades, and Frador now sells a wide variety of landscape products: dirt, decorative rocks, gravel and mulch – products to make any landscape project a work of art. Delivery and grading services are also available. This year Fra-Dor, based in Little Canada, celebrates 25 years in business. “We always worked in the dirt,” chuckles Anna (Frattalone) Weber, office manager. Weber says she remembers when the land was part of the lowlands area of the farm on which her grandfather worked. When it was founded, the FraDor business started screening and selling black dirt from the farm and then gradually added other products. “We always had black dirt so the business just seemed to evolve,” says Steve Buche, operations manager. Contractors who are digging and preparing land for development bring their excess soil to Fra-Dor, and the soil is then screened and cleaned and made ready to sell to homeowners or contractors who want to complete the perfect landscape project, and to greenhouses who appreciate the high-quality soil. Any suitable landscaping rocks found in the dirt are sorted out and sold by weight. Rocks add a unique, durable addition to any landscaping project, and best of all, the stones never gather moss. Fra-Dor also buys mulch, shredded wood, from various suppliers; all are recycled products, of course. Old sod is also turned into fresh new dirt, so the recycling process is in constant motion.

“We are good for the community,” Buche adds. Eventually Fra-Dor began to tackle another aspect – gravel. A huge pile of concrete and asphalt from torn up old roads and parking lots occupies a back spot on the company’s property. Some concrete also comes from buildings when they are remodeled or torn down. Each year, Fra-Dor crushes the pile into usable gravel for local high ways, roads, driveways and parking lots. “It’s important for a community

to be able to recycle all of its commodities,” Buche says. Loader operators and dump truck drivers are on hand at FraDor, and business begins to boom in the spring when outside projects typically begin. Buche notes that the current economy has led to growth in the residential landscape aspect of the business. People are now spending money on their home and landscaping, just to make a prettier view from their deck. “It’s cheaper than going on

a trip,” Buche explains. “The improvements made on the yard will last longer than a week’s vacation in Mexico.” Stop by Fra-Dor to experience stellar customer service, and find out why this business makes good use of the land.

Landscape Supplies

3101 Country Drive, Little Canada, MN 55117 • 651-484-8180 • Open 7 Days A Week

• Black Dirt • Sand • Mulches • Fill • Decorative Rock • Gravel • Wood Chips • Boulders • Topsoil & More! Serving Home Owners And Businesses. Stop In To Pick Up Your Order Or Use Our Convenient Delivery Service. We Have Everything You Need To Build A Beautiful Yard!

Special Offer

20% OFF Your Entire Next Order With This Coupon. Expires 07-31-12. Not valid with any other coupons or special offers.

Abbey Carpet tops Angie’s List of exemplary businesses


olks in this area know that Abbey Carpet of Mounds View offers them the best products and service available. John Kopas and business partner Tom Link have been spreading the word, and now the million-plus people who use consumer reviews on Angie’s List also know Abbey Carpet is tops. The “Super Service Award” Angie’s List bestowed upon Abbey Carpet shows that it’s one of only 5 percent of companies rated nationwide that receives top marks from customers. “This isn’t anything we could have applied for or pursued,” Kopas says. “This all came from our customers.” The Angie’s List rating follows another from the nonprofit organization Consumers’ Checkbook, which also compiles customer reviews. In Checkbook’s listing, Abbey Carpet in Mounds View posts a solid 100 percent satisfaction rate in “overall service” compared to a metro-wide average rating of 53 percent. What difference does Abbey’s consulting expertise and trained installation crew make? “You can find the same carpet somewhere else, but the installation is everything,” Kopas says. He’s backed up by Consumers’ Checkbook, which warns homeowners to check installers’ work for “wrinkles or ripples, gaps between wall and carpet edge, unusually conspicuous seams, irregular seams, inconsistent shaping of carpet on steps” as well as glue stains and damage to walls. Poorly installed flooring can be even worse and more expensive for another contractor to correct. Wood planks that shrink and gap, substandard underlayment, cracking ceramic and sloppy grout are just the beginning. “People think they’re getting a deal at big-box stores, but they often regret having to live with the

Largest selection of laminate flooring in the Twin City area Experienced decorators always available during store hours Large “daylit” showroom shows true colors Buying power of the bigbox stores — Abbey won’t be undersold! Twin City Better Business Rating? A+

Abbey Carpet and Floor’s staff members have over 200 years of experience combined. There’s co-owner John Kopas, 37 years; Kathy Bosse, 35 years; Karleen Clemens, 31 years; Julie Hoover, 30 years; Tim Link, 30 years; co-owner Tom Link, 26 years; Suzanne Hynan, 25 years, Jan Benson, 20 years; Sue Kaasa, 15 years; Christina Fricke, 2 years.

Customer Satisfaction survey according to Consumer’s Checkbook? 100% Length of the Abbey guarantee? “Forever!” Want to go green? We have flooring made from cork, flax and corn, and we recycle everything we take out. Custom made patterns to fit your space Award-winning retailer (ask us for details)

Owner John Kopas is proud of his spacious, customer-friendly showroom featuring “daylighting” for accurate color selection.

results,” Kopas says. Although people may be able to find their carpet and flooring choice somewhere other than Kopas’ store, it is hard to imagine them doing so without a couple of weeks and several tanks of gas. Abbey’s 10,000-square-foot space showcases nearly 50 carpet brands, over 20 wood-flooring brands and myriad choices in tile, ceramic and stone floors. From cork to teak wood, plush shag to commercial carpet and marble to slate, you can find just what you’re looking for. Abbey Carpet also carries area rugs and

Why Would You Buy Flooring Anywhere Else When Abbey Carpet Has the Best:

window treatments, so customers can see for themselves they’ve chosen the perfect match. And for those who don’t arrive with an idea of what kind of carpet they desire, Abbey Carpet also provides experienced interior designers who will visit your home. “It’s hard sometimes for customers to decide,” Kopas states. “With the thousands of homes we’ve worked in, our designers know what looks good and can give customers that confidence.” Selection, quality and the willingness to stand behind their work - it’s all at Abbey Carpet.

Longtime owner John Kopas purchased his Abbey Carpet franchise in 1973 and opened up shop in New Brighton’s Brighton Village Shopping Center. He operated out of New Brighton for 30 years before moving the business to Mounds View. Kopas and business partner Tom Link, who also has decades of experience, continue to provide the same excellent customer service. At a corporate event in Anaheim, Calif., Kopas was recently awarded Abbey Carpet and Floor's prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award – the only one ever given out. Link says he was delighted when Kopas received the award. “It was wonderful and he deserved it,” Link says. “John is like a second father to me.”

Abbey Carpet & Floor® Carpet • Wood Floors • Vinyl • Ceramic Tile • Laminates • Rugs • Window Treatments

es • Nation om


Buying P Over

1000 Locatio



,000,000 H

Warranties Installers Selection Experienced Decorators Service Prices Customers

2222 County Hwy. 10 • Mounds View, MN

er • In Ove ow

• • • • • • •

(Next to the Mermaid)


No Money Down And No Interest For One Full Year!

Take advantage of our convenient Shop - at - Home Service. We’ll bring the samples right to your home! VISIT US AT WWW.MOUNDSVIEW.ABBEYCARPET.COM FOR VALUABLE FLOORING INFORMATION AND STORE LOCATIONS!

Abbey. Floors at Home Home Shopping Service

Showroom Hours: Monday Through Friday 9AM-8PM and Saturday 9AM-5PM. Design and color assistance always available!

Quality is key to Brausen’s longtime success


or Ted Brausen, seeing his name on the signs in front of his auto shops is a source of pride, but also a reminder of the reputation he stakes on every repair. For that reason, Ted committed to using the highest quality parts and tires to ensure when a car came to Brausen’s Family Repair Centers to be fixed, it stayed fixed. It seems only right to Ted that something you depend on and spend as much time in should be maintained at peak efficiency, especially in an era when just filling up the gas tank requires an investment in your vehicle. “We use only the top quality parts in people’s cars,” Ted says. The quality commitment has paid off for Brausen’s, both in terms of business and also in its branches receiving AAA Top Shop awards year after year. Top Shop awards are given only to facilities that score a 98 percent or higher in customer satisfaction surveys. Each AAA-approved entrant is evaluated by its customers for business integrity, professional standards, customer service and community involvement. Brausen’s also makes a point of hiring Automotive Service Excellencecertified master technicians. The ASE certification is given to technicians with years of experience and proven skills with multiple automotive systems.

Ted, Jake and Cheri Brausen operate Brausen’s Family Repair Centers.

computerized record keeping, Kelly has an expanded view on each issue that arises with a car and can help customers prioritize repairs and provide written estimates for future work.

“If friends of mine are going to be driving with my parts, we’re going to get the best ones money can buy,” Ted says.

Meeting the needs Three generations of Brausen’s Brausen’s was founded in 1969 by Ted’s father, Joe, with the first shop in Arden Hills. When Joe later suffered a heart attack, Ted was called on to manage the shop as a 17-year-old senior at Mounds View High School. However Ted learned quickly in his new role and relied on his father’s motto: “Do the right thing.” The business has grown under Ted, with a Roseville location added in 1984, a Blaine service center added in 2003 and a second Blaine site added last year. Blaine Tire and Auto is a Goodyear Tire Center, while the Arden Hills auto repair is a dealer of BF Goodrich, Michelin and Uniroyal tires. The family behind the business has grown as well: Ted’s wife, Cheri works in the office and handles the company’s bookkeeping, while their son Jake works as a service manager at the Arden Hills shop his grandfather started more than 40 years ago. They’ve also added a few others to the family, albeit not all with the Brausen name. Brausen’s is proud to have several staff members with 20 or more years of experience working for the company, such as 26-year veteran Mike Kelly, who manages the Roseville location and Dave Isakson, who has managed the Arden Hills location for 28 years. By combining Kelly’s years of experience with Brausen’s state-of-the-art

Brausen’s now offers customers the ability to schedule their appointments on its website, Customers can use the site to schedule everything from oil changes to intensive repairs on cars, trucks and SUVs and receive a confirmed reservation from a service technician. While on the website, customers who are curious about the staff who will be working on their vehicles can find information about the employees on each location. Coupons for service are available on the website as well. Customers at the Arden Hills location can also get a “green” clean for their cars by using the state-of-the-art touch free car wash. The equipment uses specially designed equipment that reduces water use while still providing a thorough wash. Brausen’s also recycles waste oil, antifreeze, batteries, tires, lights and other fluids at its repair centers.

Quality today and tomorrow Staying ahead of the times while still providing time-honored service to customers are two of the highest priorities for Brausen’s, whose customers now span generations as well. Ted knows that the same customers will be coming back to him through the remainder of his career and on into Jake’s after Ted’s retirement, and that’s just an added incentive to keep the quality to the same high standards.

Established in 1969 JOE

1306 County Rd. E W Arden Hills 651-633-4100

2164 N. Dale St. Roseville 651-488-8800 If you are already a customer - Thank You… If not, please give us a try. We think you’ll be back. • Quality - ASE Certified Technicians. • Extended Warranty Work - accepted. • No Surprises - All work must be approved by you. • Free Shuttle Service - in local areas. • Warranty - 12 month, 12,000 miles on parts & labor. • Work Done Right - the first time, on time.



Oil Change Must present coupon at time of service. Includes up to 5 quarts of oil, standard filter and chassis lube. For most vehicles. Not valid with other discounts. Offer expires 4/30/12 Environmental and shop supply fees extra.


Any System Flush $

20 OFF or $100 OFF

Each Flush

Coolant • Transmission Power Steering • Brake Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with other specials or discount. Offer expires 4/30/12

Wiper Blades

40 OFF

Any Set of 4 Tires Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with other discounts. Offer expires 4/30/12 Environmental and shop supply fees extra.

All Four



.99per pair

(excludes NeoForm) Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with other specials or discount. Offer expires 4/30/12

FREE Brake Inspection plus $

2000 OFF per axle

Any Brake Repair Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with other specials or discount. Offer expires 4/30/12



Pot Hole Special ROTATE & BALANCE TIRES PERFORM ALIGNMENT CHECK. Must present coupon at time of service. For most vehicles. Not valid with other discounts. Offer expires 4/30/12 Environmental and shop supply fees extra.

Is Solar Energy Right for your Home? Today you hear a lot of talk about solar energy, but how do you know if it’s practical or possible for your home? Now is a great time to find out. The Snelling Company – an 80 year old heating, cooling and electrical business is sponsoring a free solar seminar to help answer your questions about solar energy. From questions like what does it cost, to how much energy will it generate, the Snelling Company experts can provide you answers. The Snelling Company has been providing solutions to homeowners energy needs for over 80 years. From the days of coal delivery to fuel oil and high efficiency natural gas furnaces, their knowledge and experience will help you decide the best solutions for your homes energy needs. Snelling Company President Phil Krinkie indicates that with Federal tax credits of up to 30% of your solar installation cost, it’s worth asking if solar energy is right for your home. Krinkie adds “Our company has been providing answers to homeowners energy questions for decades, and today people are more concerned than ever about energy costs.”

Free Electricity With rising electric rates, now is a good time to consider solar panels for your home which will provide free electricity for years into the future. For over three decades the Snelling Company has offered a full range of Lennox heating and cooling products including the new SunSource Home Energy System. Lennox has always been a leading global name in home comfort. Today, Lennox is pushing beyond the traditional parameters of comfort by setting the pace for environmentally responsible climate control. When you choose Lennox, you can feel good knowing you’re getting the best. And, when you choose the the Snelling Company, you’re getting the best from the best. From the world’s first riveted-steel furnace to the groundbreaking SunSource Home Energy System, products from Lennox are engineered to deliver innovation and reliability beyond measure. The SunSource Home Energy System puts you in control of your monthly bills by creating and using solar energy, reducing your need for

electricity from your utility provider. Solar energy generated by the system is first used to power your air conditioner. When your heating and cooling system is not in use, the solar energy can operate other appliances and electronics. Any excess energy that’s not needed will be sent back to the utility company, possibly entitling you to a credit. The cornerstone of the SunSource Home Energy System is a high-efficiency air conditioner from the Dave Lennox Signature Collection. These units come solar-ready, which means they can be easily integrated with solar modules in a solar energy system. You can start small, with one or two modules, and add more (up to 15 total, per outdoor unit) when budget permits. Power from the sun also has major benefits for the environment. It reduces the need for electricity generated by power plants, which in turn leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

For over 80 years, Snelling Co. technicians have been providing fast, reliable service.

mation from a coal-delivery business in 1931 to today’s full-service home energy solutions with all the modern components of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, one thing has remained the same: the staff’s dedication to providing the expertise and service necessary to meet homeowners’ changing needs.

President Phil Krinkie believes, “Our great customer service is why the Snelling Company has an ever-growing number of satisfied customers.”

Learn More Snelling Company and its experienced staff are well versed in solar energy trends. For example, customers often ask about the upkeep of solar panels. The good news is they are virtually maintenance free for customers, and any repairs are covered by comprehensive warranty from the Snelling Company and Lennox. Solar panels are installed based on the pitch of each customer’s roof for maximum efficiency and designed to shed snow accumulation on the surface, a common concern for customers in Minnesota. As the warmer months approach it’s a good time for customers to consider if a SunSource Home Energy System is right for them. Join us at the Snelling Company office at 1400 Concordia Ave in St. Paul on April 10th to learn more about solar energy for your home.

Hello, sunshine! Goodbye, high utility bills

You can receive a 30% Federal tax credit on your solar installation.

Great Service When considering installation of any home energy product, generations of families have been coming to the Snelling Company because they know it’s the place to stop for quality heating and cooling products as well as their home’s electrical needs. The Snelling Company is nationally recognized for its excellent service, and its industry-certified technicians are adept at finding the best products to match customers’ needs. Through the company’s transfor-

SunSource Home Energy System 101 The SunSource Home Energy System allows you to tap into the utilitysaving benefits of solar. Here’s how: • One to 15 solar modules harness clean, sustainable energy from the sun and send it to a SunSource Solar-Ready heat pump or air conditioner. • Solar energy is first used to meet heating and cooling demands. When the heat pump or air conditioner isn’t running, the system powers lighting, appliances and other electronics in the home. Any surplus power goes back to your utility company for a possible credit. • A communication module allows you to see how your home energy system is working to lower your utility operating costs. It also shows the environmental benefits of using renewable energy for your home.

by The SunSource Home Energy System is the simplest way to bring money saving solar power into your home. FREE SOLAR SEMINAR Learn more about the savings you can receive when you install a SunSource system for your home. Tuesday, April 10th - 6pm 1400 Concordia Ave. St. Paul Call today for free registration

651-646-7381 We know you don’t compromise. And neither do we. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to product innovation and customer service.


Take the first step toward solar savings today by calling 651-646-7381

The staff at Holcomb-Henry-Boom-Purcell are dedicated to providing personalized service to families. Pictured from left to right are Lynne Schriver-Sheedy, John Locke, owners Richard and Sharon Purcell, Daniel Grubisch, Steven Tenney and Donna Dvorak.

Comfort and care at Holcomb-Henry-Boom-Purcell


or the dedicated staff at Holcomb-HenryBoom-Purcell Funeral Home and Cremation Services, providing comfort to families who have just lost a loved one is a top priority. “We like to treat every family as if they were our very own,” says Richard Purcell, who owns the business with his wife Sharon. The funeral home staff also works with families to offer reasonable pricing for their services and recently received a top ranking from the Twin Cities’ Consumer Checkbook for disclosing cost to clients early in their planning process. “The very best doesn’t have to cost you more, in fact, it will probably cost you less,” Purcell says. Holcomb-Henry-Boom-Purcell also topped the charts with superior ratings in the Twin Cities’ Consumer Checkbook – among funeral homes throughout the metro area – in overall performance, proper service, pleasantness of staff and providing advice on service options and costs. The fact that the funeral home received such positive ratings across the board is a testament to Holcomb-HenryBoom-Purcell offering a full range of services from trusted professionals, starting with the family who founded the business

in 1916. The funeral home opened that year in St. Paul and a second mortuary was built in Shoreview in 1993. Purcell says the staff includes licensed morticians, who graduated from the University of Minnesota with degrees in mortuary science. They’re committed to helping customers with their funeral-planning needs at affordable prices. Clients can choose to have memorial services and receptions honoring their loved ones at either location and Holcomb-Henry-Boom-Purcell will coordinate burial or cremation services as well, Purcell adds. The staff can also oversee all the arrangements for funeral services at any church in the area. The funeral home has the technology to accommodate the wishes of clients who would like to remember their loved ones with music, photographs or a video tribute. Purcell says past services have featured everything from Dixieland bands to harp solos to highlight their clients’ personal memories of their loved ones. “We try to accommodate any request a family makes to reflect, honor and celebrate their loved one’s life,” Purcell says. “Personalization is a big part of that.” In response to consumer demands, Purcell adds that families choosing cremation may opt to have a funeral or memorial service with a viewing of their loved one’s

body present, then the cremation can take place after the service. This can be done at the funeral home or at the family’s church. He finds this option is becoming more common, especially when clients know out-of-town relatives and friends will be attending the service, Purcell says. Most importantly, all the options for clients to consider are available at one location to provide them with ease and comfort in an already difficult situation. Many families are choosing to have receptions at the funeral home so that people can socialize and enjoy a catered meal after the funeral or memorial service.

Our arrangements come in all shapes and sizes. We believe a service should be as individual as the individual. That’s why we respect the choice of cremation as much as the choice of traditional burial. Whichever you choose, your options are far from limited. In fact, both allow for the same variety of services. No matter what you preferences, you can count on us for choices.

Holcomb Henry Boom-Purcell Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. St. Paul Chapel • 536 North Snelling at Charles • St. Paul (651) 646-2844 North Suburban Chapel • 515 Highway 96 at Mackubin • Shoreview (651) 482-7606

Everyone knows the value of being prepared. Few people know where or how to start.

A list of professional caterers is available upon request. “We try to be a resource for families as far as being a place where they can gather options, and then of course the decision is ultimately the families’ to decide what type of service they want and then we make sure it’s carried through,” Purcell says.

Being PREPARED …is having peace of mind. Let us send you the FREE “Being Prepared” brochure. Please send me this free booklet No cost - No obligation Name:_________________________________ Address:_______________________________ City:______________ State:______ Zip:______ St. Paul Chapel 536 North Snelling at Charles St. Paul • (651) 646-2844

North Suburban Chapel 515 Highway 96 at Mackubin Shoreview • (651) 482-7606

Grow your business with Lillie Suburban Newspapers







“With award-winning writers, photographers and designers, we have a newspaper people want to pick up and read,” Fragnito says. “And with a readership audited in the high 80th percentile, we know our advertisers’ messages are getting through.” Advertising representative Cindy Severson agrees. “We’re a leader in local community news,” Severson says. “Nobody fulfills the community niche like the Review newspapers do.” Severson says she enjoys getting to know local business owners and helping them grow their businesses. “It’s more than just a business-to-business relationship,” Severson says. “It’s person-to-person.” And though many businesses that advertise with Lillie Suburban Newspapers are locally owned and operated, Severson says bigger corporate clients realize the benefits of advertising with a weekly community newspaper. Fragnito adds: “Our readers are using our papers to find their grocery ads on a weekly basis. They turn to us again and again.” Lillie Suburban Newspapers will be here for the long term, co-publishers Jeffery Enright and Ted H. Lillie add. The pair are the third generation in a family business than began in 1938. “Our reporters, advertising representatives and managers are familiar faces in our communities,” Enright notes. “People from the newspaper are involved in civic activities year-round, from business associations to development-planning groups, and are doing everything from moderating political debates

Lillie Suburban Newspapers doesn’t just give readers the inside scoop on what’s happening in their local communities. Its dedicated team of advertising representatives strives to help businesses succeed.





d an


li mi


it y

consistency g



undreds of businesses advertise with Lillie Suburban Newspapers regularly, says advertising director Tony Fragnito, and for good reason.

w pr eb es en c


Cindy Severson

Roseville Area Advertising Representative

651-748-7864 Cindy Severson

to helping build floats.” Another benefit: the variety of services the newspaper offers, Enright notes. “We have a full-fledged print shop and can produce booklets, flyers, inserts, post cards, door hangers, calendars, raffle tickets, newsletters, brochures, envelopes, letterhead, invitations, business cards and more,” he explains. The company recently installed new digital equipment to increase its four-color sheet fed printing capabilities and increase its color capacity and quality. “The new equipment

enables us to turn our print jobs faster and make us more cost-effective for our customers,” Enright adds. “We control the process from beginning to end, and we can now produce a higher quality four-color or single-color digital printing.” Lillie Suburban also prints other niche newspapers, such as school newspapers, “and best of all, whatever product a client chooses, their logos, art and copy are all in-house, and they talk directly with the person responsible for making the project happen,” Fragnito adds. “We don’t outsource our design and we

don’t have a huge bureaucracy to work through. Our speedy response time keeps the client in charge of decision-making.” Visit Lillie Suburban Newspapers online at the soon to be revamped website,, where each individual newspaper’s website will have a new and improved look. Or, find us on Facebook.

Shown here is the end result of one of thousands of repairs in the Twin Cities handled by Western Remodelers.

Western Remodelers installers in action as they complete a remodel.

Western Remodelers: “We Know Homes” I

f you’re looking to remodel your home, look no further than Western Remodelers, a local, family-owned business since 1962.

Western Remodelers is a design and build general remodeling company specializing in home additions, kitchen and bath remodels, siding and window replacement and much more. Western Remodelers is an accredited A+ member of the Better Business Bureau since 1976 and has received numerous recommendations on “Angie’s List” earning the top A Rating. Western Remodelers has done thousands of residential remodels throughout the Twin Cities metro area, and its sales consultants and installers bring a wealth of experience to the table. Western Remodeler’s philosophy is to “provide its customers with quality construction services at prices they can afford.” When a storm sweeps through and your home is damaged, Western Remodelers will even look over your insurance company’s repair estimates and work with your carrier on your behalf. Originally operated by the Goldman family, Western Remodelers opened its doors half a century ago with a foundation built on trust, personal service, knowledge, quality and affordability – earning the business substantial repeat business and many referrals. In May of 2008, the Goldmans sold the company to Dave and Ellen Bernardson, who continue to carry on the family business spirit established by the Goldman family. “Currently, we have about 2,000 customers in our database. Over half of that business was due to repeat business and refer-

Western Remodelers owners Ellen and Dave Bernardson are excited to continue the family business tradition.

rals from our many past customers,” Dave Bernardson says. Western Remodeler’s commitment of 100 percent satisfaction to your project separates the company from the competition. Western Remodelers will be there for you every step of the way and walk you through the planning phase, active phase and completion phase. Western Remodelers offers design services, free estimates, and 10-year warranty on installation. Design services include home additions and interior remodeling such as kitchens and baths. Other interior projects include new cabinets and cabinet re-facing, basement finishes, wood floors and more. “We will take your ideas and design something that will bring years of enjoyment to you and your family,” Bernardson says. Western Remodelers can also handle all your exterior home needs – new steel, vinyl, wood or fiber cement siding. Western Remodelers also offers window replacement or full frame win-

dow installation from the top window and door companies in the business; Andersen, Marvin Windows & Doors, Alside, and other window brands. They install roofing products from GAF, Certainteed, Owens Corning and others. Steel roof-

ing is also available from Metro Roof Products. Western Remodelers has over 40 years of experience helping their customers with insurance claims for both inside and outside home repairs. “Whether your home was damaged by broken water pipes on the inside, or hail and wind from storms on the outside, we will be there for you. We work with all insurance companies and help you get the full repairs you are entitled to,” Bernardson says. Whatever your remodeling needs may be, Western Remodelers can provide the right products and services at affordable prices to complete your dream project. Choose Western Remodelers because, as Bernardson puts it: “We know homes.” For more information, call 651-645-1411 or visit www.

“We Know Homes” Since 1962 • License # BC634336 Additions • Kitchens • Baths Family Rooms • Basement Finishing Siding • Roofing • Windows • Gutters

HIGH QUALITY & AFFORDABLE DESIGN SERVICES FREE ESTIMATES Dave & Ellen Bernardson, Owners Office ~ 651-645-1411 Cell ~ 763-221-0195

A+ Rated Member Since 1976

From left, Carlson Wagonlit Travel consultants Marsha Klein, Barb Connolly and manager Tracy Beam. Not pictured, travel consultant Michele Wadenstierna.

Reach your dream destination with Carlson Wagonlit Travel


hinking about a trip to China or maybe Hong Kong? Cruising on the Danube or hiking in the Sierras?

No matter where you want to go, the experienced travel consultants at Carlson Wagonlit Travel at Macy’s in Rosedale Center can help you reach your dream destination. With more than 100 years of experience between them, the consultants at Carlson Wagonlit Travel in Roseville are wellversed in all of the industry’s intricate details. Whether it is planes, trains, hotels, car rentals, tours, or cruises – Carlson Wagonlit consultants can help you plan it all. “Customers look for expertise since planning travel can be complicated,” explains Carlson Wagonlit Travel manager Tracy Beam. “It’s a complex business and there are many components to a trip.” And though many Carlson Wagonlit clients with busy schedules prefer to work with consultants via phone and e-mail, clients are also welcome to stop in to confer with a consultant face-to-face. The travel agency, formerly Dayton’s, Marshall Field’s & Macy’s Travel, has been a mainstay in the Twin Cities since 1963. Customers can even use their Macy’s credit card for payment, as well as most other credit cards, cash or check. Carlson Wagonlit Travel is a member of Virtuoso, a consortium of the finest hotels, best cruise lines, tour companies, airlines and other related travel products. This means the staff has global connections and can get their customers the best value for exclusive travel offers –

Brochures about everything from cruises to safaris are available for clients to browse in the agency’s lobby.

which is helpful to many Carlson Wagonlit clients who are planning international getaways. “We’re arranging many trips to Europe this time of year and a lot of our clients are choosing escorted tours. Some of the most popular countries are Italy, Ireland and Spain,” Beam says. “All-inclusive travel is extremely popular now,” he adds. “It’s especially attractive to the client who hasn’t traveled much before.” And for the more experienced traveler, Carlson Wagonlit travel consultants can help with all the details – whether it be booking flights, hotels or performing other tasks. And though international leisure travel is booming, Beam explains popular destinations and travel trends are constantly changing and extended family trips also seem to be on the uptick lately. “Grandma and grandpa, mom and dad and the children are all going as a group to places throughout the world,” Beam says, adding that he has also seen a growing number of river cruises being confirmed. A few popular rivers are the Mekong

in Vietnam, Yangtze in China, Amazon in South America and various European rivers, especially the Danube. Destination weddings are also popular right now, Beam says, and many brides and grooms are heading to Mexico, especially the Riviera Maya, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica as well. No matter where you want to

go, Beam and his staff at Carlson Wagonlit Travel are more than happy to help. “Our top priority is always to provide a service that meets and exceeds our customers’ needs,” Beam says.






Avalon sails on the newest ships with the largest staterooms on Europe’s great rivers— bringing you closer to Germany, Hungary, France, the Netherlands, and more. Exciting river cruise vacations could include: tThe Legendary Danube 11 days from Prague to Budapest tEuropean Splendor 13 days from Amsterdam to Vienna tBurgundy & Provence 11 days from Paris to Côte d’Azur or reverse

Scan Avalon Scan S Sc can ca n to to experience e expe experience xpe p rie rience nce Av A Avalon allo lon

CONTACT CALL US TODAY! your favorite Carlson Wagonlit Travel Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Roseville • 763-852-8167 or CWT Vacations office.

*Book a select 2012 Europe Avalon Waterways River Cruise vacation to receive $750 or $1000 off per person on the cruise/land only price. Offer available on select dates of select cruises. Contact your travel agent for the most current list of cruises. Royal and Avalon Suites excluded. Booking must be made, under deposit, and discount applied after 4/01/2012 for travel at select times in 2012. Applies to new 2012 bookings only, and offer will not be applied to pre-existing bookings. Offer reliant on space availability and may be withdrawn at any time. Not combinable with any other offer other than Journeys Club Repeat Traveler benefit. Full cancellation penalties will apply. Additional restrictions may apply.

Complete Home Health Services offers help and care at home any Twin Cities seniors are discovering there’s no place like home — especially when you can get needed care right there.


St. Anthony resident Gwen N., age 96, wanted to stay in her home rather than move to a nursing home; although it was becoming more difficult to maintain her daily schedule, she wanted to remain in the neighborhood she has lived in for over 40 years. Gwen, whose children supply her daily meals, needed just a little help with bathing. That’s where Complete Home Health Services filled the gap. Drawing from a wide variety of medical and companion services, Complete Home Health Services put together a plan to meet Gwen’s needs and ease her family’s concerns. Gwen is now visited by a home health aid who helps her with her bath and other daily routines. “It’s more convenient for me,” says Gwen, who enjoyed a long career as a nurse herself. “And it relieves my family of that obligation.” Gwen praises her home health aid, Nancy. “She is so accommodating, so kind and gentle,” Gwen says. “She always asks if there is anything else she can do for me.” Complete Home Health Services offers help ranging from IV care, wound care and respiratory therapy to housekeeping, respite care and companion services, case management and even end-of-life care. Needed services

are available to people of any age and may be covered by insurance or out of pocket, and are available on a short-term or long-term basis. For people who find they need more care than they expected after an illness or hospital discharge, Complete Home Health Services offers help on short notice, with a call service answering the phone 24/7. Complete Home Health Services was founded in 2009 by family doctor Sirri Nomo-Ongolo, who realized there was a need for in-home care among the senior community. In her clinic she often saw adult children leaving work and driving across the metro area to get an elderly parent in for a simple diagnosis or checkup. She wanted to bring care to the patients where they were, without exorbitant fees. Dr. Nomo-Ongolo also knew many people recover from surgery or injury faster when they’re able to do so in the peace and familiar surroundings of their own homes. “There is something comforting about being in your own home,” she notes. Dr. NomoOngolo will also be offering physician house calls in the future. Though many clients live in the St. Anthony area, Complete Home Health Services offers home care to anyone in the Twin Cities. Whether your needs are great or small, Complete Home Health Services can meet those needs with professionalism, kindness and affordability.

Gwen, age 96, enjoys the visits from her caregiver, Nancy Johnson, a home health aid with Home Health Care Services.

Nurse Manager Linda Eckert works with clients’ needs and nurses’ schedules at Home Health Care Services. Linda has been a certified gerontological nurse for 15 years.

Complete Home Health Services LLC We PUT CARE in our business Home Health Care: • Homemaking • Overnight Stays • Live-in Services

PCA Attendants: • Bathing • Personal Care/ Home Health Aid • Feeding, Walking • Light House Keeping

Respite Care, Skilled Care, RN Nurses: • Medication Distribution • Education On Conditions

such as Diabetes, Woundcare, Ventcare

• Nutritional Advice

Case Management Available ~ Free RN Assessment 4001 Stinson Blvd St. Anthony, MN 55421

612. PUT CARE (612.788.2273)

It’s a family affair at Floors By Steve D

rop by anytime at Floors By Steve in Roseville and the first person you meet will be a member of the Schmid family. Whether it’s owners Steve and Linda Schmid, their daughter Lisa Burton, Steve’s brother Paul or the friendly family dog, Reyna, one family member will be on hand to greet you and offer assistance. That personalized attention is one of the hallmarks of the store, which specializes hardwood flooring products and installation, and it’s what keeps customers returning, whether they are building a new home or just updating their current one. “Over 97 percent of our customers have said in surveys that they would recommend us to a friend or family member,” explains Steve, who has a stack of customer-satisfaction reports to prove it. Steve says he always tries to tailor his advice to customers’ needs and lifeThe experienced leadership team at Floors by Steve gathers in front of a display of Mirage hardwood flooring in the showstyles. room. From the left are: salesman Paul Schmid, sales manager Lisa Burton, company president Linda Schmid and chairman “If it’s a young family with two of the “boards” Steve Schmid. kids playing with Hot Wheels on the Floors by Steve was born. floor, we take that into account when Steve retired from the school system making product recommendations. in 1995 when daughter Lisa joined the Many woods – especially the exotic business, and today the Schmids have hardwoods – are incredibly durable and a 2,000-square-foot showroom that’s low-maintenance.” lined with It seems the wood flooring wood-flooring “The whole process went well. We samples to view possibilities are want to acknowledge the excellent nearly endless. services and product. We still love our in Roseville. Both Steve In addition to floor and get many compliments. and Lisa have domestic woods Thank you!” craftsman such as oak, Michael and Kathy, St. Paul degrees from maple, cherry the National and birch, Lisa Wood Flooring says the com“You take me seriously! You give Association pany also sells honest recommendations and opinand continue to and installs Reyna, the friendly store greeter, enjoys her position as “top dog” at Floors by ions. You come when you say you’ll attend seminars exotic wood Steve. The rich wood hues of the flooring samples are the perfect backdrop for be there, communicate through the to stay up to the golden retriever’s reddish coat. from China, whole process. date on new the Caribbean, “I really feel valued and respected.” hardwood floorSouth America, ing trends and Europe Phoebe W., New Brighton techniques. and costal Floors By regions of the Steve handles Mediterranean, residential, to name just commercial and municipal jobs. It has a few. The woods are both unfinished an installation crew of skilled workers, and pre-finished and come in a variety some of whom have 30 years experiof colors. She says the exotic woods, ence. with their luxurious dark tones, are They’re experts at installing new especially popular and stand up to wood floors, and patching, repairing, heavy traffic. cleaning and recoating existing floors. Steve describes how a project “By specializing only in wood, we installing a hardwood floor in the offer unequaled quality, service and family’s weekend cabin at Sturgeon expertise,” Linda says. “From the iniLake led to the flooring business’ start. All of which leads to so many excelrefinishing, and offers waterborne fintial greeting in our showroom to our A former teacher and counselor in lent customer ratings, such as the one ishes that have no noxious fumes so knowledgeable sales staff and experiMinneapolis Public Schools, he laid Floors By Steve received from Martha homeowners and pets don’t need to be enced technicians, every stage of your the floor in 1980 with Linda’s help. and Ryan of Mahtomedi. They rave, moved out while the floors are being experience is sure to be a pleasant They liked it so much, they ripped “The floor is so awesome. We love it!” worked on. one.” up the carpets in their Roseville home When they did a price compariThe company uses a dust containand replaced them with hardwood son, they found their everyday prices ment sanding system that eliminates floors. When a neighbor saw the results are often lower than the sale prices of 90 percent of the dust associated with and asked for help with his own home, those chain stores.

Enjoy the Warmth, Beauty and Durability of Hardwood Flooring


Mon.-Th. 9AM - 5PM Fri. 9AM- 4 PM Sat. 10AM - 2 PM



Snelling Ave N

(Look for the Red Awning North of Rosedale & South of County Rd. C)

County Road C

Fairview Ave N

www. 651-639-8096

• Award Winning Service & Care • National Wood Flooring Association Craftsman Degree • Angie’s List Super Service Award Recipient • Members of the National Wood Flooring Association

2583 N. Fairview

St. Anthony Eye Clinic: Seeing – and looking – your best!


ld-fashioned customer service paired with the latest technology and a doctor who really cares: that’s what customers find at St. Anthony Eye Clinic. The clinic has been operating continuously since the 1950s, but is only in the hands of its second owner, optometrist Dr. Todd Hanson, who purchased it in 1995. Dr. Hanson grew up in southern Minnesota and received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Minnesota State University-Mankato. He also graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis School of Optometry in 1993 with high honors. In the past 17 years, Dr. Hanson has built a loyal customer base – one that has grown every year. In addition he has earned the loyalty of his skilled staff; several have been with Dr. Hanson for over a decade. “It’s not a new face every time you come in the door. I think that’s part of our appeal,” Dr. Hanson says. “People appreciate our stability.” Dr. Hanson’s clinic is just one of a handful in Minnesota to offer iZon lenses. These lenses incorporate technology originally developed for the U.S. military and allow iZon wearers to see with high-definition contrast and clarity. Hanson explains that while most eye tests determine nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, many other complex factors affect eyesight. Small aberrations in eye structure can affect depth perception, color perception and nighttime vision, and the iZon lenses may correct those problems. “This is the latest technology,” says Dr. Hanson. “There’s a ‘wow’ factor in this.” Even if a client doesn’t need iZon lenses, they can count on getting a high-quality pair of glasses or contact lenses at St. Anthony Eye Clinic. “We don’t sell cheap glasses,” Doctor Hanson says. “We sell good glasses at fair, reasonable prices.”

Since Doctor Hanson is so committed to his patients, it makes sense that he has a strong commitment to the community of St. Anthony as well. He has been a member of the St. Anthony Kiwanis Club since 1995, serving as president for several years. Dr. Hanson, by nomination of the City Council, also served more than eight years on the St. Anthony Planning Commission. In 2003, the St. Anthony Chamber of Commerce presented its “Business of the Year” award to the St. Anthony Eye Clinic. And since 2001, Dr. Hanson’s clinic has won the Bulletin’s “Best Place for an Eye Exam” award each year. Away from the public eye, Dr. Hanson has quietly been financially supporting the community in which he works. He has provided materials for the local DARE program, contributed money to school booster clubs and donated designer sunglasses to fundraising auctions. He sometimes works with children who would not be able to afford an eye exam and eyeglasses without assistance from his practice and the St. Anthony Lions Club. “It’s my philosophy to give back to the community in which I make my livelihood,” Doctor Hanson says. “I grew up in southern Minnesota and I always envisioned myself in a small atmosphere so I could work with that community.” Dr. Hanson also gives back on an international basis with regular financial support to Optometry Giving Sight, an organization created to address the needs of the 300 million men, women and children around the world who are blind or visionimpaired simply because they don’t have access to an eye exam and a pair of glasses. Dr. Hanson continues to find his profession fulfilling. Of his customers he says, “People are seeing clearly and improving their work performance and so many other things. That’s very satisfying.”

Above, Dr. Hanson checks a patient’s eyes with the iZon machine at his St. Anthony Village Eye Clinic. Right, owner and optometrist, Dr. Todd Hanson.

2929 Pentagon Drive, St. Anthony 612.781.4730

Beisswenger’s specializes in power equipment as well as lawn and garden necessities.

Meet all your hardware needs at Beisswenger’s


ark Beisswenger walks briskly through his hardware and power equipment store, stopping to help a customer and, after talking with her for a minute and showing her to the right aisle, wishes her a Happy Birthday and a good afternoon. Getting to know his customers as he helps them is just one way that Beisswenger, owner of Beisswenger’s hardware store in New Brighton, differentiates himself from his competitors. “We’re a service-oriented store,” Beisswenger says. “We cater to a variety of people’s needs.” Beisswenger is proud of his store and its legacy; it has been in his family for more than 90 years. His dad originally opened the business as a small grocery/hardware store in 1919, and since then, the store has grown exponentially. From 1930 to 1988, Beisswenger’s was in the old Exchange Building, which offered a fun shopping experience but was no longer meeting customers’ needs. “It was a unique place to shop for some people, but it was old,” Beisswenger notes. “We were fortunate enough to be able to build this location at 52,000 square feet, and here we are. “We’ve grown from a small, hometown store to more of a larger, hometown store,” he adds. The new building offers more than double the space of the old Exchange Building, making ample room for Beisswenger’s seasonal specialties: lawn and garden supplies and décor, and bird feeders and seed. Beisswenger explains the store offers more than 2,000 different bird houses and feeders and has an extensive lawn and garden section, especially in warmer months. For the winter, garden gnomes and backyard creek bridges are set up in the center of the store, reminding people of the upcoming spring. “Our forte is lawn and garden,” Beisswenger says. “We have statues,

fountains, flowers and more.” Beisswenger’s features a 99 cent geranium sale each May. The store sells upwards of 50,000 geraniums during the week-long sale. Flowers and lawn statues aren’t the only things available at Beisswenger’s, though. The store also features power equipment, tools, paint, automotive parts and a glass shop. The store is known as a large power equipment source, Beisswenger adds, including brands like Honda, Toro, Steel, Jonsered, DR, Simplicity, Cub Cadet and RedMax. Three full-service mechanics are also available for repairs. “We fix things for people,” Beisswenger says. “We repair anything, windows, wood frames, screen doors, even lamps.” Beisswenger’s employs about 50 people, 25 of which are full time. Beisswenger adds that among the 15 most experienced full-timers, they have at least 500 years of hardware experience – an average of about 33 years experience per person. “Our hardware knowledge is extensive,” Beisswenger proudly says.

Above, one of the store’s specialties is lawn and garden decor, like the statues, fountains and bridges pictured here. Right, Beisswenger’s boasts of more than 2,000 different bird houses and feeders, many of which are on display in the store.

Best Fertilizer For Minnesota (It Even Comes In A Maroon Bag)

Note: Best Application Time Is After Your First Mowing Or The First Sign Of Dandelions. See Store For Details You Don’t Have To Hurry Like Some Others Tell You

★ Covers 13,333 sqare feet ★ Fertilizer 25-0-4 ★ Broad Leaf Killer ★ Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Killer ★ Post-Emergent Crabgrass Killer ★ One Application Does It All



HOT Bason U Befor e Apr Y il 6 th

in the Spring

Hardware & Power Equipment 1823 Old Hwy 8 NW, New Brighton, MN 55112 651-633-1271

Culver’s serves great food, great communities


erving homey meals and, most importantly, serving families and their community is the backbone of Culver’s family restaurants. “Culver’s is a destination site,” says Steve Sparks, who owns and operates the Culver’s on Rice St. in Little Canada. “A family leaves home with the intent to go to an actual restaurant where they can sit down and relax rather than feeling rushed at the other burger restaurants.” Steve understands the importance of family; over 12 years ago, Steve and his wife Dianne moved from Rockford, Illinois to partner with his sister Julie Peterson and open their first Culver’s in Vadnais Heights in 2001. Now the family owns and operates four Culver’s restaurants in Twin Cities, including their newest one on Rice Street. They carry on a long tradition of family restaurants; the original Culver’s family operated supper clubs and even an A & W in Sauk City, Wisc. The A & W roots are still evident in the Culver’s menu; Culver’s offers bigger and better variations on classic drive-in favorites, including onion rings and Wisconsin cheese curds. The root beer that made A & W famous is nearly identical to the brew at Culver’s. Culver’s offers meals made with only the best ingredients: fresh beef, the best available filets of fish and Wisconsin cheese. Their custard, which is made fresh several times a day, is made with 100 percent Wisconsin dairy. Because the custard has 12 percent butterfat – twice the amount in regular ice cream – it’s twice as rich and creamy. Culver’s offers vanilla and chocolate custard as well as a daily flavor, such as cherry cheesecake with chunks of real cherries. Don’t want to miss your favorite flavors? Culver’s prints a monthly calendar which is available online at culvers. com!

According to Steve, Culver’s has two “best kept secrets” of which few customers are aware: the high quality of their always-moist fried chicken and their beef pot roast sandwiches. While many clamor to Culver’s for their fresh “butter burgers” – so named because the buns are lightly buttered and toasted – Culver’s offers many lighter alternatives as well. The restaurant’s “Mindful Choices,” which are listed in a easily accessible nutrition guide, include many healthier options, such as the original butter burger with a salad and Diet Pepsi (436 calories) or the beef pot roast value basket with potatoes and a Diet Pepsi (503 calories). The Sparks family takes pride in the high quality meals they offer at their Culver’s restaurants, but they’re equally proud of the work they do in the community. They enjoy hosting a root beer float social during Canadian Days. In addition, they help local schools by offering fundraising nights, in which students act as “food runners,” and their school will receive 10 percent of the sales during the fundraiser. The Little Canada location has partnered with several schools, including Little Canada Elementary and Edgerton Elementary. “We are always looking for more schools to partner with,” says Steve. If local kids are hankering for free custard, the restaurants offer a single scoop of custard for kids who enroll in their reading program. If a kid reads enough books, they’ll even earn a free kid’s meal. The Sparks have given out several thousand free meals during their reading program. “We’re committed to giving to communities, and this is a great way to help the next generation,” Steve notes.

The nose knows... great custard! Dexter the dog gets a taste of frozen custard from a Culver’s employee.

Culver’s owners-management enjoy visits from baby Layla. From left, Dianne Sparks, granddaughter Layla, sister-in-law Julie Peterson and Steve Sparks.

&+2&2/$7( 6+$.( 7+(&8/9(5Ê6  %$&21'(/8;(

( Recipe No. 31)


( Recipe No. 17 )

&5,1./( &87)5,(6 ( Recipe No. 6)

Bring in this ad to receive $1 OFF any Value Basket. Come on in to your local Culver’s restaurant: Culver’s of Vadnais Heights

Culver’s of Little Canada

Culver’s of St. Anthony

4485 Centerville Rd. (651) 762-9600

2880 Rice Street (651) 483-1046

4004 Silver Lake Rd. (612) 781-3450

$1 off regular menu price. Please no substitutions. Not valid with any other offer. Value 1/200 cent. Limit one coupon per person per visit. Valid only at the above listed Culver’s locations. 214-03/12.

c cu

© 2012 Culver Franchising System, Inc. 03/2012

Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning Excellence with a hometown touch or more than 30 years, Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning has been building a sterling reputation of excellence and value.


Apollo has an outstanding selection of products from top manufacturers.

The experts at Apollo are ready for your call 24-hours a day.

Whether it’s installation or repair, Apollo can get the job done right.

“That really seems to be an option our customers like,” he notes. After more than 30 years in business and decades of supporting community events and organizations,

Apollo Heating and Air Conditioning is a trusted expert and valued neighbor.

w w w.callapollo.c om

w w w. c a l l a po l l o . c o m


Family Owned Since 1980

Heating & Air Conditioning An A.C.M. Company

10 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Ginormous Sale

Why wait to replace that old unreliable and inefficient furnace and air conditioner? From now until April 15th, 2012 Apollo will help out and give you $800 off the installation of a new, quieter, higher efficient heating and cooling system for your home. Ask a home comfort specialist how much you can save today. Manufacture rebates and utility rebates still apply. Not valid with any other Apollo incentives. Ask about our financing options and wait till you get your tax money back to pay it off!

651.770.0603 Or visit us online at

w ww. call ap oll o. c o m

Have you changed your furnace filter lately? Stop in today and save!

651.770.0603 APOLLO


Furnace Check-Up

$89 Special


Exp. 4-30-12

$89 Service Call

Regular hours Monday - Friday 8am-5pm Call for details Exp. 4-30-12


Duct Cleaning


w w w. c a l l a p o l l o . c o m

Exp. 4-30-12

w w w.c all apo llo . com

Cave says. “We wanted to streamline it and make it easier for visitors to navigate. We wanted to make it colorful and well-designed and something customers would find valuable.” Though Sales Consultant Pete Flanigan says the warm winter has meant fewer emergency calls, customers looking for furnace tune-ups or upgrades have still kept technicians on the job. “People still definitely have needs,” Flanigan says. “I think the quality of our calls is probably better than ever because our technicians aren’t overly busy, meaning they can spend more time with customers. I think this winter has really been a win-win for our customers.” Another major benefit to customers this winter has been an array of truly outstanding deals. President Eric Mattren says he encourages customers to visit often to find out about special offers. “Manufacturers are offering better rebates than we’ve ever really seen,” Mattren notes. “It’s a great time to be looking for a new furnace or other piece of equipment.” As always, Apollo’s staff is only a phone call away, but Cave says customers can also book appointments in a moment at www.callapollo. com.

w w w. c a l l a po l l o . c o m

Offering top-of-the-line brands like Lennox, Carrier, Amana, Apollo Select Series, Venmar, Honeywell, Aprilaire and Weil-McLain is only the beginning. To succeed for 30 years, you need top-of-theline people, too. Operations Manager Aaron Cave says the decades of experience Apollo’s staff boasts is a major benefit to customers. “It’s just really helpful,” he notes. “We really know all the ins and outs of this industry, and because of that our customers can trust they’re working with someone who’s truly an expert.” Now, Apollo can even offer expertise over the Internet, with — a website redesigned with customers in mind. Having a furnace emergency? Apollo’s number for 24-hour-a-day response is front and center. Want to check out the basics yourself? Website visitors need only click on the “service tips” tab to find a long list of pointers and advice from Apollo’s experts, from regular maintenance schedules to troubleshooting. Considering a new heating or cooling system or a cleaner-air upgrade? Separate sections feature Apollo’s recommendations for furnaces, boilers, radiant in-floor heat, air conditioners and thermostats. And with homeowners’ new awareness of indoor-air quality, the website’s information about humidifiers, filters, duct cleaning and UV air purification is especially well-read. “We really put an emphasis on redesigning our website,”

2012 Roseville-II Progress  

Issue 2 of the Roseville Review 2012 Progress. Featuring these businesses: Roselawn Cemetery; Kath Heating & A/C & Electrical; Total Health...

2012 Roseville-II Progress  

Issue 2 of the Roseville Review 2012 Progress. Featuring these businesses: Roselawn Cemetery; Kath Heating & A/C & Electrical; Total Health...