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Lieutenant Governor’s Greeting Hey Division 11, how do you feel?! This is Lillian Xie, your Lieutenant Governor for the 2013-2014 service year! It has been two months into the new service year, and we’re off to a great start. Although the school year is coming to a close, don’t stop helping out in your communities. This end is a new beginning, so let’s make the best of it and serve our communities! Summer weather is perfect for going out and making a difference, and we can show everyone just what it means to be a Key Clubber, specifically a part of Division 11! To our graduating seniors, I wish you the best of luck in college. Never forget all the wonderful memories you have from spending time with your fellow Key Clubbers. Never forget what it feels like to help someone remember what it feels like to smile again, even in the toughest of situations. Never forget how much fun you can have by spreading the word of a cause about which you feel passionate to friends, classmates, and even strangers. Most of all, never forget that you ARE a Key Clubber, forever and always. Thank you all (seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen!) for your hard work and efforts to kick-start the beginning of an unforgettable year! Yours in Spirit and Service, Lillian Xie

 Your club’s May MRF is due by Friday, June 7th.  The June Divisional is on June 14th, 2013. It will be from 5:30-7:00 PM at Nest+M High School. The address is 111 Columbia Street, New York, NY, 10002  Our Divisional BBQ Fundraiser will be on Saturday, June 22nd. More details will be announced as the date approaches.  Join our Google Group: NYDKC Division 11  Follow us on Twitter: @NYDKCDivision11  Link to our AWESOME Website: 3

District Projects

 District Charities Donations: $100,000  District Project Service Hours: 65,000 Hours  Governor’s Project Service Hours: 5,000 Hours Governor’s Project: Nurturing K-Family Relations Any events that your club does in collaboration with K-Kids, Builders Club, Aktion Club, Circle-K, Kiwanis International, and/or Golden-K will be considered part of the Governor’s Project and will be counted in the Governor’s Project Goal!

Kiwanis Projects    

Kamp Kiwanis: Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center: Pediatric Lyme Disease Foundation: The Eliminate Project:

District Projects    

Alzheimer’s Association: American Cancer Society: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF): Wounded Warriors Project:

International Projects   

Children’s Miracle Network: March of Dimes: UNICEF:


Divisional Event – March for Babies

It was April 28th and the March of Dimes was about to take place. The Division 11 Board members, Aaron Cheung and Morad Hassan, came early to huddle the members together, which proved to be more challenging than had been expected. Despite their initial difficulties in congregating the students in a single spot, they managed to get a good number of Key Club members to meet together. Wendy Zhao soon made her appearance and the Division 11 Board were all together readying the members for a great day through the blithe city. The clock struck 10:00 am, and the march was off! Hundreds of people gathered began walking and spirits soared, Key Clubbers among them. Signs were raised; students were screaming, and arms were thrown into the air. Steps marched forward and everyone cheered moving past the starting line as the long march began across the city from Lincoln Center. Throughout the way, groups of friends huddled and laughed and jeered. Smiles brightened the way everywhere as all the walkers moved through Central Park. The sun rose higher but the close of the event came into sight as the clock approached 12:00 pm. After a long walk and struggle to keep Key Club together, they all finally made it to the end of the 3.5-mile walk at Madison Square Park. Marching is something nearly anyone can do. Anyone can move along the streets. People do it everyday, but it takes people with devotion to meet up at one point of day, disregard any other duty they might’ve had during this time, and march with only the sole purpose of bringing attention to the cause of babies and their well being. As the first event for the new Historian, he hopes that the year will continue like the kick-off bang he had there. by Morad Hassan 5

Divisional Historian

Interdivisional Event – AIDS Walk

On May 19th, LaGuardia Key Club joined the AIDS Walk along with the rest of Division 11, as well as parts of Divisions 8 and 8-A. The AIDS Walk is a fundraising walk dedicated to combating the AIDS epidemic. LaGuardia Key Club was united by this event in unexpected ways as many members collected donations through different methods. Whether it was asking friends for change, selling food in the cafeteria, or promoting the cause through social networking, we achieved a goal-breaking total of $825. We are very grateful for generous donations and hope to aim even higher next year. By Donna Youn President of LaGuardia Key Club

This year was the first time I attended the AIDS walk in Central Park. I was so glad to finally be able to be a part of something that so many people participated in, and I was proud to be walking with my fellow Key Clubbers. Although I had imagined walking through the park on a nice sunny day, the rain did not stop us from having a great time. It started out tough since our sign fell apart in the pouring rain, but through teamwork, we pulled through, using carry-on resources from our bags, such as pens and hair ties. We poked holes into the sign with the pens and used the hair ties to hold the sign and the wood stick together. We walked proudly, and as we held the sign that represented our club, we cheered each other on every mile we walked. Interacting with other walkers was so much fun, especially in the rain, and we got to meet some new people. A 10 km walk is long, but when you’re walking with so many friends, you don’t think about how tired or how wet you are. All you think about is with whom and why you’re walking. And I was walking for a cause, to make a difference. All of the people who walked were helping to end AIDS and uplift the lives of those who are affected. We walked as a united community, filling the streets of Manhattan, raising over five million dollars for GMHC and other AIDS service organizations. Our Key Club alone raised $825 – what an a amazing accomplishment for LaGuardia Key Club! This AIDS Walk experience will forever hold a place in my heart, and although I’m just one person, I feel so honored to have been a part of this significant accomplishment.


By Julia Paganucci Editor of LaGuardia Key Club

May Divisional Meeting

Division 11’s May Divisional took place on May 17, 2013 at NEST+M High School from 5:30 to 7:00 PM. This Divisional was a very special one, as there were multiple special guests from different branches of the Kiwanis family. These guests included Division 8 Lieutenant Governor Eric Young, Division 8-A Lieutenant Governor Martin Rabot, District Treasurer Alex Mok, District Secretary Helen Wong, and Circle-K Liberty Division Lieutenant Governor Kristal Gonzalez among others. Additionally, over 50 members of Division 11’s Key Clubs were in attendance. An icebreaker was held during the meeting. Members were encouraged to get in a circle with people they did not necessarily know well and play a game of Pterodactyl, which was loud and crazy but also allowed the people there to make new friends. There were definitely opportunities to mingle with people from different clubs during this time. Then, business was discussed. At the meeting, both the successes of the last month and the plans for the next month were discussed. A lot of interclubbing events were included in both, which meant a lot of interacting between the various Key Clubs within the division and even the city. The district board members present also discussed how to file MRFs and FRFs, which helped the clubs’ boards know what to do and made the members attending the divisional feel like they had a better understanding of the inner workings of Key Club. This divisional was one of the biggest and most unifying divisionals in a long time. By Terrell Merritt Member of Bronx Science Key Club


Service Spotlight – Japan Day

Japan Day was a cultural festival that took place in Central Park, the little strip of nature in a city of concrete. It was Sunday, May 12th. People from across the city gathered together to share Japan’s deep and rich culture. Kimono dresses, cherry blossoms, anime and manga cartoons, ramen, teriyaki, calligraphy, music, and so much more—all culminated in one location. The lines went on for blocks for the free ramen and dumplings. The sunlight gleamed brightly in the park and shined on the lifted smiles of every person there. A wild mix of culture, the kinds that the New York magazines and pop-culture movies portray, stilled across the setting. There truly were all kinds of people. Irish, British, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, all there to enjoy Japanese culture in an American City. The Yemen and Egyptian stands stood nearby on every corner enjoying the bustle of busy streaking across the dusty, soil roads of Central Park. Kids ran amok in this little contained chaos of ecstasy that settled in and the elderly sank into the tranquility that faded into the blue bright sky. A sunny day in late spring, rain was miles away from ruining the setting built. Key Clubbers were there both in and behind the scenes making to make this event as great as it was and I think this was a hugely successful effort on part of all our fellow members and the many other people who wanted to spread the feelings, the culture, and the Japan in all of us. So once again, great job Key Club. From within the action and at the venue, this is your Divisional Historian, Morad Ihab Hassan, telling you how great this day was. by Morad Hassan 8

Divisional Historian

Meet the Divisional Board My name is Aaron Cheung, and I will be serving as Divisional Executive Assistant for the 2013-2014 service year. I was born and raised in New York City. When I got accepted into Bronx Science, I knew that joining a humanitarian club was on my agenda. Following the footsteps of my cousin, Leslie Cheng, I joined Key Club as a freshman. Key Club was not only a way to serve my home, school, and community, but was a way to make new friends and meet amazing new people. It helped me become a better leader, student, and person. I want to inspire others to join Key Club and play a larger role towards improving the community. By working closely with my Lt. Governor, clubs, and individual members, I will strive towards creating a world where poverty is diminished and the standard of living is improved. I regularly attend Key Club events and serve about 30 Key Club hours per month. In the summer, I will be assisting at Weill Cornell Medical College and the New York Presbyterian Hospital as a(n) volunteer/intern researcher. I am studying medical genetics and hope to pursue a career in biological sciences.

My name is Wendy Zhao, and I am part of the 2013-2014 service year Divisional Board as Divisional Secretary. I am currently a sophomore at Bronx Science. I first joined Key Club in Freshman Year but I was not really active in it until this year. This year, Key Club has allowed me to know and become friends with many people including some of my closest friends, to look forward to weekends filled with a variety of events, and to give back to my community. I decided to run for a divisional board position and here I am. I look forward to the upcoming service year and to meet all of you!

My name is Morad Ihab El Mahdi Hassan, and I will be serving as Divisional Historian for the 2013-2014 service year. I was born here in NYC, but was actually raised in Giza, Egypt. I moved there when I was around six years old, and came back about ten years later. I used to see a lot of sad things back there, and I felt a little relieved when I made it to New York City. Originally, I had this plan to simply go by the years without doing many things or building many connections, but meeting one person led to meeting another, and in a strange turn of events, I ended up being inspired to join Key Club. It was an opportunity for me to make up for those things I saw back in Egypt or even the things I’ve seen here. Being a part of Key Club is more than just meeting new people—it’s an opportunity for me to watch better things happen in life. As Divisional Historian, I get to see a happier side of people and I get to watch them fight these things that make life so difficult for some and others. Being a part of that and being 9 there with others like that, that’s what Key Club means to me.

Paperwork Status/Contact Information Division 11 – Paperwork Status Bronx Science DeWitt Clinton Fiorello H. LaGuardia H.S. American Studies H.S. Math, Science, Eng. Hunter College H.S. Nest+M Stuyvesant


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2013-2014 NYDKC Division 11 May Newsletter  
2013-2014 NYDKC Division 11 May Newsletter  

Division 11's first newsletter for the 2013-2014 service year! :)