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The truth about Spine surgery

Spine surgery is carried out to ease pain and other indications by reducing pressure on a firmed nerve otherwise by soothing the spine.

There are various methods of performing spine surgery. Few are mentioned below:

Laser Spine surgery requires cuts to reach to the spine and then focused light beam is used merely to separate the soft tissues that are on the spine. Minimally invasive spine surgery is an endoscopic surgical procedure carried out using tools and endoscopic visualization to reach spine and operate it through a small cut

Some of the benefits of Spine surgery are:

o Very less loss of blood all through surgery o Lessened risk of infectivity o Reduced pain after the surgery o Short period of hospital stay after surgery o A small scar in place of a big scar o Shorter healing time and faster return to everyday activities

There are several specialized hospitals in Dallas where spine surgeries are carried out successfully. Minimally invasive spine surgery has many benefits as compared to open surgery. Risk of spine surgery: Adverse effect to the general anesthetic, risk of injury to the spinal cord or nerves leading to pain or yet paralysis.

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Benefits of Spine Surgery