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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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May I see your title and resignation, please? Athletics department teeters between Title IX compliance and violation

by Lillian Boyd The Humboldt State Athletics Department violated NCAA Title IX regulations for the first time since 2001 due to the men’s soccer season suspension. Because of the ratio between male participants and money spent on scholarships, the department cannot comply with standards set by Title IX — legislation designed to ban gender discrimination within an educational program. Tom Trepiak, the associate director of athletic affairs, oversees HSU’s compliance with NCAA regulations and Title IX. “Title IX is the law of the land,” Trepiak said. “The NCAA is modeled after it.” Meeting compliance requires the ratio of male and female athletes to be within five percent difference of the amount of enrolled students. Scholarships must be within one percent. Athletic Director Dan Collen made the decision to issue scholarships despite the suspension and Title IX violation. “Since we lost 33 men’s soccer players [to the suspension] while scholarships were still granted, our numbers are out of whack,”


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The Humboldt State men’s soccer team practices at College Creek Field for next year’s upcoming season. | Aaron Sellig

Trepiak said. The department will submit an Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act report to the U.S. Board of Education in the fall and expect an issued violation. After which, a follow-up report specifying solutions to any compliance issues will be submitted. There is a three-year gap period for the solutions to pan out; Otherwise, the Office for Civil Rights, a sub-

agency within the U.S. Board of Education, takes further legal action. “The EADA report will say that the violation reason is the suspension,” Trepiak said. “The follow-up report will basically say that there won’t be any more suspensions. Pretty simple.” However, this is not the HSU athletic department’s first encounter with a Title IX

controversy. In a lawsuit between former track and field coach David Wells and the California State University Board of Trustees, Wells claimed that his contract was not renewed due to his complaints in regards to HSU’s noncompliance with Title IX. Wells advocated that women’s See “Soccer suspension violates Title IX” on page 10

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Bomb threats for Jesus

Evangelical preacher visits HSU campus by Colleen Chalmers Contributing Writer

“Softball sweeps UCSD; wins conference” see page 8 Dani Randall rounds third base during Friday’s game against University of California, San Diego. | Provided by HSU Athletic Department








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It was Friday morning, five days after the Boston Marathon bombings and one day after College of the Redwoods faced a bomb threat. A preacher wearing a gray baseball cap, an orange shirt and a flowing blue skirt stood on the Humboldt State University Quad and declared: “I came to blow myself up for Jesus.” A student called university police at 11:11 a.m. to inform them of the preacher’s words. When UPD Chief of Police Lynne Soderberg arrived, she said Angela Cummings’ statements were protected by freedom of speech. “We don’t take that as a suicidal statement,” Soderberg said. “We need to take it in context. She has a right to free speech, as long as it remains non-threatening. We just make sure it’s in a peaceful way, as long as it doesn’t interfere with education.” Cummings, of Highways and Hedges Ministries, made her comment one hour into her preaching while a crowd of about 100 people gathered to watch her on the university quad. Many students and community members watched and some responded to her. “I’d like to be martyred sooner than later,” the Evangelical Christian preacher said. “If somebody wants to kill me, I pray you don’t have a hard time in jail, but knocking me out would be great.” Students yelled out in shock, after Cummings said she came to blow herself up. Voices called out, “WHAT?” and “Are you serious?” Even students who had not been listening to her preach had turned their heads in response to her mention of a bomb. Many spectators left the quad after the statement. UPD confirmed they received

“The Bible calls all people everywhere to repent.”- Angela Cummings | Samantha Corrales

dozens of calls in regards to the preacher and the crowd. Two of the calls were made to report the potential bomb threat; one from the student and one from a university staff member, according to UPD. Some reports suggested that students protesting the preacher looked like they might become physical with her. Shortly after the two calls were made, UPD officers Chance Carpenter and Sandi Bertain arrived to observe the situation and talk to students. They did not approach Cummings or take any action. Chief Soderberg said the preacher did not violate university policy since Cummings spoke at the university quad — a designated public forum area.

UPD confirmed that there was no further follow-up to the statement and Cummings’ words were taken anecdotally and not as a literal bomb threat. But some students, like HSU freshman Job René, did take Cummings’ words as a threat. “I’m not against freedom of speech, but this is a whole new level,” the 19-year-old said. “I found it almost ironic, like, is she threatening us?” HSU biochemistry sophomore Ashley DePaz did not take the preacher’s words lightly. “Especially with the Boston See “Minister preaches at HSU” on page 2

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Soccer suspension violates Title IX

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teams were disproportionately funded compared to the men’s teams. Despite expectations to violate Title IX, the department strives to meet other areas of compliance. Men’s soccer received $42,375 for travel expenses for the 2012-2013 academic year. Because the men and women’s teams share buses when traveling to away games, the soccer program spent money for empty seats. But not all the traveling funds were wasted. Athletic Director Dan Collen estimates that more than half of the funds meant for travel remain unexhausted. Any unspent money left over for a sports team rolls over to a scholarship fund at the end of the fiscal year. “In a way, the men’s soccer season being suspended saved [the team] money,” Collen said. “Of course that wasn’t the goal, but it’s still a reality.” NCAA regulations state that an athlete can only play for four years at a collegiate level. When the men’s season was suspended, it did not count as one of the four years. Collen estimated that more than $20,000 of

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the men’s soccer budget remained after the suspended season. However, exact numbers are not available until the end of the semester when coaches compile a report on the fiscal year’s expenditures, receipts and revenue. Christian Johnson, the former head coach of the men and women’s soccer team, declined to speak with The Lumberjack. On April 3, he announced his resignation to his team. Men’s soccer will not keep all of the leftover funds; Because of Title IX, what remains of the men’s soccer travel funds will be split and distributed to the women’s team. Amber Woodcock, a sophomore goalkeeper, considers Title IX to be a fair method to find a balance between genders. “There’s a constant emphasis on men in sports, which isn’t fair,” Woodcock said. “Besides, [returning] seniors on the men’s team didn’t lose eligibility and they are going to get a second chance at a full season when our [women’s] seniors don’t.” Lillian Boyd may be contacted at

HSU men’s soccer team scrimmages each other to prepare for the next upcoming season. | Aaron Sellig


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May I see your title and resignation, please?  

by Lillian Boyd

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