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How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? I have used many different types of new media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stagesof my course and they have also encouraged my understanding and creation of the work within the horror genre. Blogger: I have used blogger throughout the year to show the progress in my work and to learn about the horror genre and conventions within them, I have also used blogger to view other people’s blogs and to help my understanding of the conventions of a teaser trailer. It is very easy to use and is helpful in allowing me to show my work in a more interesting and eye catching way which is laid out neatly and clearly for my work to be read and followed accordingly. Blogger has helped me in all aspects of the course as it has allowed me to blog my findings in planning, research, construction, evaluation and gone towards all my final product and ancillary texts. Photoshop CS4:I used Photoshop to create my ancillary texts, which makes it possible to add a professional touch to them and at the same time make easily fulfil the conventions of the horror genre, using all of the functions and tools available within the software. Photoshop has also helped me in the evaluation stages. As I have been able to take still images of my trailer and upload them onto Photoshop in order to match them up to existing trailers and edit them to create an understanding of how and why certain shots and approaches were used within the trailer, and how they capture the conventions of the horror genre within the trailer. GarageBand: I used Garage band to create and edit audio files, such as the sound effects like laughter and the music box sound, and most importantly the music for the trailer. GarageBand also made it possible to upload the trailer, so that music and the trailer were synchronised. Final Cut Pro: Final cut pro is where the trailer was made, and is the software I used to upload and edit the footage, that was shot; it could be uploaded and edited anytime during the processof doing the coursework. Final Cut Pro enabled me to produce titles and add effects on colours and contrast e.g. the brightness and contrast and colour corrector and the effect Bad TV. The effects available on the software allowed me to add different things onto the footage, to help it adhere to as many horror conventions as I could. I also used fades and the cut/razor tools that enabled me to edit the footage into a teaser trailer and add certain conventions into it. Flickr: I have used the website Flickr in my course to add an interactive feel to my blog and the posts within it, this enabled me to make more posts look more interesting and attractive. Flickr has allowed me to analyse images in a more interactive and all round easier, quicker way. Audiences can simply click on some of my posts and it will take them to Flickr where I have evaluated stills and mood boards using a ‘note’ tool, so that when the user hovers the curser over part of the image that I have analysed, my notes will become visible. This helped make my research much easier and simplified my knowledge and understanding when looking back at certain shots. Youtube: Youtube allowed my group and I to get different ideas and see some conventions through the watching of existing movie trailers which had previously been uploaded to Youtube. Watching these also helped me to analyse my product once we had uploaded onto the college's account on Youtube, this helped loads for the audience feedback and for the evaluation of our products. Video Camera: The group and I used a video camera to film the footage, we attached the handheld cameras to tripods for steady use and without the shakinessand lack of control just using the

camera alone would produce. However we did use some handheld camera shots as it is a typical convention of the horror genre. Apple Mac Computers: I used Apple Mac Computers throughout all work done. It enabled me to use all the technology I have mentioned and also standard applications like the internet. This definitely contributed and improved the quality of our products. Still Camera: I used a still camera to take pictures of the storyboards to upload them onto the blogs. Tripod: I used a tripod to fit the camera onto so that I could use a number of shots and angles for the production process. It allowed me to create tilts, pans and cranes whilst also making the production quality to a better standard.

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Details of the new media i used as part of my course.

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