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Achieving Success on Your Terms

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Progressive Programs

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Extending Our Reach – And Yours

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The Advanced Learning Experience

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Robust Resources

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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M.S. in Accounting

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M.S. in Computer Science

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M.S. in Instructional Design & Performance Technology

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M.S. in Marketing & Communication

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Admission Requirements

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About Franklin University

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ON YOUR TERMS Welcome to Franklin University, where your success matters. As you consider earning a master’s degree from Franklin, stay focused on the ultimate outcome of such a smart decision. When you complete a graduate program at Franklin, you acquire advanced skills that are noticed, needed, and valued. You join an elite group of professionals who have taken significant steps toward achieving success. But what does success mean to you? A new title, a steady stream of customers, a schedule you can set on your own? Perhaps achievement for you means launching your own business or setting an example for your family by fulfilling a long-held educational dream. However you define success, Franklin makes it possible for you to gain the specialized knowledge you need to advance toward your goals, succeed in your professional career, and open doors to increased opportunity – today and well into tomorrow.

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PROGRAMS At Franklin University, the programs are designed to not only connect with your aspirations in a global marketplace, but to also fit your busy life in a demanding day-to-day world. We understand how important it is for you to be in control of how and when you earn your master’s degree. Since 1902, our entire focus has been on helping adult learners effectively manage work, home, and school. It’s what we’ve always done. It’s what we’re committed to doing for you. Grounded in theory and designed for practice, Franklin University’s highly respected master’s programs are built on an enriched learning experience that will prepare you for advancement and career success.

If you have the ambition to earn an advanced degree, Franklin has the experience, expertise, and resources to help you be a successful student and professional. After all, when you succeed, so do we. EACH OF OUR GRADUATE PROGRAMS CAN BE COMPLETED ON CAMPUS, ONLINE, OR A COMBINATION OF BOTH. » Master of Business Administration (MBA) – 16 months » Master of Science in Accounting – 17 months » Master of Science in Computer Science – 20 months » Master of Science in Instructional Design & Performance Technology – 24 months » Master of Science in Marketing & Communication – 16 months




No matter which graduate program you pursue at Franklin University, you’ll discover that what you study is inspired by the need to keep pace in our fast-moving global economy. As communication and commerce reach across borders, the modern world dictates that today’s professionals stretch their perspectives and capabilities in order to stay competitive. Understanding this, Franklin University is extending our reach and capabilities so that you may do the same.


Global partnerships enrich effectiveness Franklin is home to international students from more

Why all this effort? Because we want you to be

than 72 countries. In addition, the University has

equipped with the tools called for to become an

defined itself as a world leader in higher education

innovative, forward-thinking authority in your field.

with partnerships to offer its programs at educational institutions in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Consequently, you can be confident that the graduate coursework at Franklin is instilled with the knowledge

Through these partnerships, we draw from diverse

you need to make significant contributions – as a

cultures that are infused with distinctive ideas and

respected professional, as a community advocate, and

practices. We observe, interact, teach, and learn

as a member of a global society.

with and from our academic partners. Ultimately, these experiences are incorporated into Franklin’s coursework, so the knowledge you gain has veracity and value throughout your life.

OUR INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS » Mangalore University (India)

» Sichuan University (China)

» Megatrand University (Serbia)

» University of Economics of Bratislava (Slovakia)

» Modern College of Business and Science (Oman)

» University St. Kliment Ohridski-Bitola (Macedonia)

» National Mining University (Ukraine)

» Vietnam National University (Vietnam)

» Okan University (Turkey)

» Wroclaw School of Banking (Poland)



LEARNING EXPERIENCE While earning your master’s degree at Franklin University can be demanding, it can also be a highly rewarding, high-level learning experience. Through ongoing input received from industry leaders and alumni, we weave into the coursework contemporary challenges and case studies, fortifying academic theory with the reality of real-world application.


Professors bring the coursework to life

Excellence both on campus and online

Whether you choose to take classes in a face-to-face

Since the beginning of online learning, we have refined

setting or online, you will grow through enriching

the use of technologies to create effective online

interactions with motivated classmates who come

learning experiences that deliver outcomes equal to

from many places and professions, and from skilled

those produced in our traditional settings.

professors who have tested their academic credentials in the waters of real-world application.

Through the ease of the internet, audio and visual tools enable you to converse with new friends and

Our faculty members combine advanced degrees with

build professional networks while you also acquire

extensive on-the-job experience, which they draw from

new knowledge. It’s not uncommon to discover that

to reinforce the coursework with added relevance.

the level of interaction with professors and classmates

Their insights, as well as those shared by classmates,

via online resources strengthens your contemporary

take your learning to a higher level as you gain new

communication skills.

perspectives on a variety of careers and industries.



RESOURCES Everything you need to succeed as a graduate student is on hand at Franklin University. From easily acquiring textbooks to receiving knowledgeable research assistance to getting one-on-one coaching from seasoned professionals, you’ll find a variety of educational resources readily accessible.


Graduate Academic Advisors A notable component of Franklin University is the

abundant resources that include interviewing, networking,

service you receive from our Graduate Academic

and recruiting events; industry and company information

Advisors. Franklin’s Academic Advisors offer

sessions; and professional development workshops.

comprehensive support as they help you register for classes, provide information on academic requirements, clarify program content, and act as a liaison to faculty and other University resources throughout your entire graduate program.

Coaching Programs The Franklin University Coaching Programs gives you the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of seasoned business professionals. Through these

The Franklin University Nationwide Library

free programs, coaches offer valuable insight, help

Rich with services and resources, the Franklin University

and professional life.

Nationwide Library generates a sharing power of more

you expand your professional networks, and provide guidance to help you get ahead in both your personal

than 46 million items that exceed 10.2 million unique

Intranet Support

titles and over 100 electronic databases. When you need

The University’s intranet portal, myFranklin,

to gather information online, state-of-the-art research

supports all courses, both online and face-to-face,

capabilities and 24/7 access are available, and qualified

and is available to all Franklin students. Through

librarians provide reference assistance via phone and

myFranklin, you have access to a personalized entry

email seven days a week.

page with connections to course listings, lesson plans,

The University Bookstore Whether you need a textbook, school supplies, Franklin gear, or just want to grab a beverage before an evening

assignments, grades, transcripts, financial services, personalized email accounts, and links to other learning resources.

class, the Franklin University Bookstore has what you

Technology Support

need. You can also conveniently buy and sell your

For assistance with everything from logging in to a

books online through our Bookstore.

course website to making the most of your Franklin

Center for Career Development The Franklin University Center for Career Development (CCD) can help align your education and experiences with your career aspirations and life plans. The CCD offers

interactive communication tools, you can turn to Franklin’s knowledgeable Help Desk technicians. They are available seven days a week through a toll-free number (1.866.435.7006) and via email at


MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Franklin University was founded more than 100 years ago. During that same period, the American MBA was also introduced. Early courses taught business principles that were adopted and adapted by numerous institutions over the years. Today, dramatic advancements in the marketplace dictate that the modern MBA must offer far more than programs grounded in the past. Franklin’s 16-month MBA goes beyond business basics to emphasize adaptive administrative skills, so you learn how to nimbly address business situations in times of increasing change and uncertainty.

Elevated business strategies Offered in several countries around the world, our MBA curriculum challenges you to think expansively about how the current world of commerce operates. With an emphasis on analytics, social responsibility, and contemporary modes of communication, you will gain a comprehensive foundation of elevated business strategies for both immediate and enduring application. And through proven theory-to-practice methods, you will learn how to assess personal and organizational qualities, to develop strategy in a team environment, and to apply fiscal decision-making acumen.

SuccessPrep SuccessPrep courses are woven into the MBA curriculum to strengthen your core skills in reading comprehension, writing, and math. Unique to Franklin, this approach is designed to help you achieve optimum learning value throughout your graduate program.


MBA COURSES (40 HOURS) Students are admitted to the MBA Program periodically throughout the year. MBA courses are taken sequentially and each 4-credit hour course is conducted over six weeks.

MBA 707

MBA Foundations

MBA 711

Business Environment

MBA 713

Human Resources Management

MBA 721

Marketing Management

MBA 723

Managerial Economics

MBA 727

International Business Management

MBA 731

Operations and Project Management

MBA 733

Financial and Managerial Accounting

MBA 737

Corporate Finance

MBA 741

Strategic Management

2010-11 Educational Costs: $21,705 Cost includes a $30 application fee and $75 graduation fee. A $100 deposit is required and will be applied toward tuition.

Application Deadlines: Fall 2011 .............. Sept. 1, 2011 Winter 2012 ....... Jan. 15, 2012 Summer 2012.... April 15, 2012


M.S. IN ACCOUNTING This is an exciting time to be an accounting professional. As the demands of the accounting field continue to grow in complexity, the need for accountants to distinguish themselves with elevated technical, research, and communication skills has escalated. Franklin University’s 17-month M.S. in Accounting (MSA) Program helps you develop the expertise required to take on strategic-level responsibilities in this ever-evolving, multidimensional profession.

Gain a comprehensive, highly specialized skill set Through this transformational graduate program, you will reinforce core financial and managerial technical aspects and develop advanced skills in forensics, technology, organizational risk, and accounting research. By refining your verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills, you’ll also refine your ability to convey specific accounting research and findings with competence and clarity. Ultimately, you’ll differentiate yourself as an accounting professional with high-level expertise in fraud investigations, data-mining, systems process improvement, and enterprise risk analysis.

Earn additional certification coursework Because the job growth outlook for accountants continues to show significant growth – especially for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) – Franklin’s MSA enables you to earn the additional coursework necessary for the 150 credit hour requirement needed to sit for the CPA examination in Ohio.


MSA COURSES (30 HOURS) Students are admitted to the MSA Program periodically throughout the year. ACCT 710 (6 weeks) and ACCT 715 (12 weeks) are taken concurrently and are followed by six 12-week courses.

ACCT 710

Introduction to Research Accounting

ACCT 715

Financial Accounting Theory

ACCT 725

Management Control Processes and Systems

ACCT 731

Enterprise Resource Planning System

ACCT 732

Forensic Accounting

ACCT 733

Computerized Auditing Using Data-Mining Techniques

ACCT 734

Enterprise Risk Analysis and Management

ACCT 795

Accounting Research Seminar

2010-11 Educational Costs: $16,305 Cost includes a $30 application fee and $75 graduation fee. A $100 deposit is required and will be applied toward tuition.

Application Deadlines: Fall 2011 .............. July 15, 2011 Winter 2012 ....... Dec. 1, 2011 Summer 2012.... March 15, 2012

For information on prerequisite courses, go to

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M.S. IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Are you an experienced programmer or IT specialist? Is it your ambition to take on advanced technical responsibilities or to move into senior roles? If so, then elevating your expertise by earning Franklin’s M.S. in Computer Science (MSCS) is an intelligent decision. Franklin’s comprehensive 20-month MSCS Program enables you to build on your skill set to meet the rising need for knowledgeable IT professionals who have extensive experience operating intricate systems and expertise in advanced topics in the field.

Upgrade your career as a technology professional The program fuses relevant courses in advanced computer science with the latest advancements in technology. By adopting high-level theory and developing hands-on proficiency, you’ll learn how to turn complex specifications into well-designed software systems and document multifaceted computing applications. Because employers seek technology professionals who can effectively articulate technology design features and benefits, the MSCS curriculum also cultivates communication skills necessary for becoming a leader in any organization. This means you will not only elevate yourself as a technology expert who can apply computer engineering principles to develop efficient software systems, you will also be able to effectively discuss what you’re doing. In due course, by the time you earn your MSCS degree, your abundance of talents will already be well tested and established.


MSCS COURSES (40 HOURS) Students are admitted to the MSCS Program periodically throughout the year. All courses are 15 weeks.


Analysis of Algorithms

COMP 630

Issues in Database Management

COMP 645

Topics in Software Development

COMP 650

System Architecture and Engineering

COMP 655

Operating/Distributed Systems

COMP 660

Communication Strategies for the Technical Profession

COMP 671

Verification and Testing

COMP 691

Capstone Project


Internship in Graduate Computer Science

COMP 665

Project Management of Information Systems

COMP 670

Application of Artificial Intelligence

COMP 672

Human Factors

COMP 674

Parallel & High Performance Computing

COMP 676

Computer Security

COMP 680

Special Topics in Graduate Computer Science

COMP 699

Independent Studies in Graduate Computer Science

2010-11 Educational Costs: $24,305 Cost includes a $30 application fee and $75 graduation fee. A $100 deposit is required and will be applied toward tuition.

Application Deadlines: Fall 2011 .............. Aug. 1, 2011 Winter 2012 ....... Dec. 1, 2011 For information on prerequisite courses, go to March 15, 2012 Summer 2012....


M.S. IN INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN & PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY Organizations large and small benefit significantly when they operate at optimal efficiency. To make this possible, individuals and teams who work in organizations must acquire the skills and knowledge they need to successfully perform their job functions. You can gain the specialized expertise you need to help people and organizations execute their roles more effectively by earning Franklin’s 24-month M.S. in Instructional Design & Performance Technology (IDPT).

Optimize work performance Franklin’s IDPT Program unites two expanding fields: instructional design, which focuses on developing the performance skills and knowledge of workers, and human performance technology, which focuses on enhancing the results of people operating in work settings. Designed to the highest industry standards, the program ensures the knowledge you gain is not only the most cutting-edge, but also the most effective. The coursework blends the disciplines of behavioral psychology, communication theory, systems theory,

This intensive hands-on graduate program will teach you how to apply new concepts, principles, and technologies in workplace learning and performance – and prepare you for success in rewarding occupations such as training and development, learning management, and human performance consulting.


management science, and cognitive science – so you will ultimately be able to design, develop, and implement methods to solve performance and learning problems.

IDPT COURSES (37 HOURS) Students are admitted to the IDPT Program periodically throughout the year. The courses, which are either six or 12 weeks in duration, are taken sequentially.


Principles of Learning Theory

IDPT 610

Principles of Instructional Design

IDPT 620

Principles of Human Performance Technology

IDPT 630

Performance Analysis

IDPT 640

Enhancing Learning with Technology

IDPT 650


IDPT 660

Advanced Instructional Design & Performance Technology

IDPT 670


IDPT 680

Presentation Portfolio


Performance Consulting

IDPT 715

Managing Learning Projects and Relationships

2010-11 Educational Costs: $17,680 Cost includes a $30 application fee and $75 graduation fee. A $100 deposit is required and will be applied toward tuition.

Application Deadlines: Fall 2011 .............. July 15, 2011 Winter 2012 ....... Dec. 1, 2011 Summer 2012.... March 15, 2012


M.S. IN MARKETING & COMMUNICATION If you want to attain a specialized skill set that helps you truly stand out and be successful in the marketplace, you could do no better than to earn Franklin’s distinctive M.S. in Marketing & Communication (MCM). The need for individuals with multiple talents becomes pronounced as many businesses restructure, merge, or downsize and employers seek professionals who can navigate disciplines and departments with ease. In addition, today’s extended marketplace amplifies the need for organizations to develop smart strategies for articulating their messages to diverse audiences. Franklin’s 16-month MCM helps you develop the dual-discipline expertise that uniquely qualifies you to meet these needs. One of the few graduate programs in the nation that intertwines the disciplines of marketing and communication, the MCM will help you develop into a savvy, sophisticated practitioner in both fields. 20

Develop an exclusive, highly specialized expertise The MCM curriculum teaches you how to craft compelling and persuasive messages, to hone your analytical and critical thinking skills, and to help you develop skilled knowledge in leveraging new media and emerging technologies. Ultimately, you will enhance your aptitudes both strategically and creatively. You’ll develop impressive résumé samples. And you’ll know how to develop effective and integrated marketing and communication strategies to help organizations achieve their goals.

SuccessPrep SuccessPrep courses are woven into the MCM curriculum to strengthen your core skills in reading comprehension, writing, and math. Unique to Franklin, this approach is designed to help you achieve optimum learning value throughout your graduate program.

MCM COURSES (38 HOURS) Students are admitted to the MCM Program periodically throughout the year. Courses are six weeks in length and are taken sequentially.

MCM 607

Essentials of Marketing*

MCM 707

MCM Foundations

MCM 711

Media and Technology

MCM 713

Communication and Persuasion

MCM 721

Design Concepts

MCM 723

Metrics and Analytics

MCM 727

Behavioral Research

MCM 731

Applied Communication Theory

MCM 733

Applied Marketing Theory

MCM 737

Management and Leadership

MCM 741

MCM Capstone

2010-11 Educational Costs: $21,705 Cost includes a $30 application fee and $75 graduation fee. A $100 deposit is required and will be applied toward tuition.

Application Deadlines: Fall 2011 .............. Aug. 1, 2011 Winter 2012 ....... Dec. 1, 2011 Summer 2012.... April 15, 2012

*Prerequisite for students who have not completed appropriate previous coursework





Admission Requirements Eligibility is assessed through your experiences,

For your application to be considered,

accomplishments, and academic record as well as

you must submit the online application at

through an essay and references. Other materials can be submitted by

A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university A minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. For the MBA, MSA, and MCM, the GMAT is required for a GPA of less than 2.75; for the IDPT and MSCS programs, the GRE is required for a GPA of less than 2.75 – along with consideration of work history, references, and other personal qualities and characteristics Proficiency in writing and English language skills

Admission Checklist

email (, or by mail respectively to: Franklin University Graduate Admission & Services 201 S. Grant Ave. Columbus, OH 43215 Students are accepted into the Franklin University Graduate Programs throughout the year. The Graduate Student Services office will notify you of your acceptance into the program. Once accepted,

The following are required for admission to all Franklin

a $100 deposit is required to reserve your place in the

University Graduate Programs:

program. This deposit is applied toward your tuition.

A completed online Graduate Programs Application for Admission

International students, please note: Additional

$30 application fee

documentation for all non-immigrant, international

Official transcripts from each college or university attended, sent directly to Franklin University

students is required. International students: TOEFL

Admission essay Résumé that includes the names and contact information for three professional or academic references

score of at least 550 (paper-based), 79 (internetbased), or an IELTS score of 6.0. For more information on admission requirements, deadlines and financial information, please contact the Office of International Services and Programs at 1.877.341.6300 (toll free) or 614.797.4700, or by email at More information is available online at





Cost & Payment Options

Types of Financial Assistance

We take pride in being straightforward about the cost

The type of aid available depends upon the student’s

of your master’s degree at Franklin University.

financial and academic situation. Students must file

You won’t run into hidden fees and you can know what

the required Free Application for Federal Student Aid

expenses to expect throughout the program – from

(FAFSA) and the Declaration of Outside Assistance

the start.

Form (if applicable). To be considered for maximum financial aid, students must submit applications by the filing deadlines.

Student Loans: Regardless of financial need, lowinterest student loans are available to most students.

Veterans Benefits: Our supportive, knowledgeable staff helps you get the most out of your Post 9/11 GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program. For more information on Financial Aid, go to



FRANKLIN Franklin University has been a leader in adult education since 1902. Established in Columbus, Ohio, today this nonprofit institution has grown to be Central Ohio’s foremost educator of working adults and the third-largest private university in the state. Franklin serves more than 11,000 students each year. They come to us from all across the country and around the world. They take classes online, at five Midwest locations, and at international partner institutions throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.


You’ll fit right in The typical graduate student at Franklin University is 35 years old with 10-12 years of work experience. Most are full-time professionals seeking high-quality and applicable education that can help them move up in their current careers or create new opportunities. Most also have many other commitments, such as work, family, and community activities. With our long history of successfully responding to the lifestyle and learning needs of adult students, you can count on Franklin University to make the most of your time, your mind, and your career – so you won’t get behind on everything else.

Fully accredited When it comes to choosing a college or university, accreditation is important. Accredited institutions are held to a higher academic standard by state and/or

regional governing bodies to ensure that the education you earn is of the utmost quality. Franklin University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, 30 North LaSalle St., Suite 2400. Chicago, IL 60602-2504, 312.263.0456. Franklin University is authorized by the Ohio Board of Regents, 30 East Broad St., 36th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215-3414, 614.466.6000. Dates of Authorization: February 4, 2009 through December 31, 2018. Franklin University in Indianapolis, Indiana is regulated by The Indiana Commission on Proprietary Education (ICOPE) 302 W. Washington St., Room E201, Indianapolis, IN 46204, toll-free number 1.800.227.5695 or 317.232.1320.

The following Franklin University business degree programs are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE):




• Accounting • Business Administration • Financial Management • Forensic Accounting

• Accounting • Applied Management • Business Administration • Business Forensics • eMarketing • Financial Management • Forensic Accounting • Human Resources Management • Management • Marketing

• Master of Business Administration • Master of Science in Marketing & Communication



EXCEPTIONAL You’re serious about distinguishing yourself. You’re excited about earning a master’s degree. You’re ready to stretch your capabilities to advance and succeed. So don’t put your aspirations on hold any longer. There’s no time like now to apply for admission into a respected Franklin University graduate program and get started on your master’s degree this year.



201 S. Grant Ave. Columbus, OH 43215 1.877.341.6300

Franklin University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association (312.263.0456) and authorized by the Ohio Board of Regents. Franklin University is regulated by The Indiana Commission on Proprietary Education, 302 W. Washington St., Room E201, Indianapolis, IN 46204, 317.232.1320, toll free 1.800.227.5695.

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