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CONTENT Words from the LCP elect Application process and timeline Team structure Role descriptions Requirements Questionaire Application submission

WORDS FROM THE LCP ELECT Lilit Manukyan Dear members of AIESEC Yerevan, You may already notice, that AIESEC is that unique organization, which is changing the life of everyone related to it every day. As we grow day by day, the leadership position in AIESEC is giving the holder the chance to grow faster and more disruptive. Now you have an opportunity to aspire for the best experience you have ever had in your life. I believe that each of you reading this message is a brave individual having huge potential to change the LC Yerevan to the better, for you are an AIESECer! I know it is not the easiest decision to make, but I also know that it is the one that will definitely take you higher by the leadership ladder. AIESEC Yerevan needs leaders who dare to change themselves, their surrounding world and are not afraid to leave their comfort zone. By collaboration of this kind of leaders, WE will take the LC to the level never seen before, WE will perceive the term of teamwork as nowhere else and you will feel the capacity in yourself as a shaper. Just remember, one day you will be proud of yourself for making the decision to apply for the vice president position in the LC that has tremendous potential, and YOU are the considerable part of this power!

Application process and timeline

Application submission deadline March 2

Official candidates announcement March 3

Elections March 5-7

Selections March 8-12

Announcement March 18-19


Local Committee President LC VP Outgoing Exchange

LC VP Marketing /PR

LC VP Incoming Exchange

LC VP Talent Management

LC VP Business Development

LC VP Finance and Law

ROLE DESCRIPTIONS Role of LC VP OGX Facilitate oGX growth in the Local Committee Manage Local oGX campaigns, promotion etc Ensure the quality of oGV, oGT and oGE experiences Build and deliver close synergy with VP MKT/PR to enhance the brand of oGX products Manage country partnerships Member oGX engagement-coaching, tracking, conducting meeting etc

Role of LC VP Business Development Study on market research to find potential sponsors for our LC long term partnership Develop the strategic employer brand of the partners in the AIESEC network Responsible for communication between LC and LC sponsor or partner

Role of LC VP ICX Develop initiatives for local growth in iGV, iGT and iGE Manage the partnerships with TN takers Coach ICX members by tracking their plans, focuses, goals and performance Ensure quality of exchanges

REQUIREMENTS 1. Answer the Questionaire. (maximum 7 pages) 2. CV (maximum 2 pages) 3. Endorsement letters (At least one letter from your team leader and one from your team member) 4. Application video no longer than 3 minutes including self-introduction, motivation to apply for the position and your vision. Upload it to YouTube and attach the link.

Questionaire (General) 1. State your 3 personal strengths and 3 personal weaknesses and explain how do you use your strengths and overcome your weaknesses 2. What does leadership mean to you? How you define the perfect leader? 3. How does LC VP role connect and contribute to your dreams and ambitions? Please explain.

Questionaire (Functional) 1. Analyze the current situation of the functional area that you are applying. Propose at least two new initiatives you will implement during your term 2. Describe your action plan starting from the first day of your term 3. Mention 3 main problems existing in the functional area that you are applying for and offer the solutions for the issues. 4. Describe the structure of the field you are applying for (Exchange teams only) 5. List at least 3 opportunities and 3 threats of the functional area. How you can emphasize on opportunities and minimize the threats 6. What should be the cooperation between your team and other teams. Please explain the cooperation with all the teams separately 7. How can you contribute to the increasing number of realization in term of 2017? 8. Describe your strategy to run the team for the best results. 9. What will you consider as success in the end of your term? 10. Describe at least 3 reasons to ensure that you are the right person for this position

Application submission DEADLINE: 02.03.2017 22:00 GMT+4 Send the application package to the e-mail:

Leadership is not about a title or resignation. It is about impact, influence, and inspiration. Robin S. Sharma

Lc vp application  
Lc vp application