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What to Do When Smoking has been Banned? Try the New E-Cig on the Market

Times Lau press person for the JoyCheapBuy Company announced today that the sales of the many brands of e-cigarettes that they are suppliers to have had a huge spike in sales.

Increase in Sales Lau stated, “We believe that we have had the increase because of better quality products, lowers prices, and better service than anyone else on the web. Our unique website features advances searches and great links.�

Many Brands There are many types of e-cigarettes, E-Cig and E-Liquid and JoyCheapBuy carry all these products first, and for a lower price.

Smoking Ban is Spreading Due to all the restaurants, bars, and even whole towns that have put into place regulation against smoking, the popularity of e-cigarettes under many different brand names has increased more than most store owners, and online retailers thought. However, this seems to be the hottest product on the market currently.

Other Counties This is the same trend that is being seen in other countries as some of the nations in Europe and Central Asia has banned smoking in public. JoyCheapBuy is also doing business with many companies in these areas.

JoyCheapBuy has had a factory to begin the production of these different e-cigarette products for about 6 years, and have been selling electronic cigarettes for online shopping for over 2 years. Additionally, they provide wholesale service as well as OEM service.

Future Plans Future plans are to continue to provide high quality products as well as the newest product for their customers at good prices, saving their customer more by distribution coupons for more that is bought more is saved. For example, 103DT order saves 3 percent, 105DT order saves 5 percent and 108DT order save 8 percent.

JoyCheapBuy is a technology assimilation company that specializes in electronic cigarette, ECig, and E-Liquid, research, development, production, sales and service. Since their establishment, Times further talked about focus on numerous products to develop e-cigarettes of all types. Also from being located in China, they are able to be global online retailers for what has become a worldwide business leader in the selling of e-cigarettes, E-Cig, and E-Liquid. They also sell starter kits for first time users. Their vision is to empower people worldwide to buy goods and products at low prices saving the customer money. When making purchases from JoyCheapBuy, customers pay 10-70 percent less than the prices on other sites as well as the order are shipped out quickly.

Lau further states, “We care about our customers and strived to give the best in customer service globally. So we put our prices where everyone can get the best price currently on this market”. An article in “Convenience Store News” states that business in e-cigarettes are booming all over the world now that the ban on smoking has moved to Europe and other countries. Any

company that had the foresight to see how the smoking ban was going to grow globally is currently making a lot of money. Contact Information: Contact Person

: Times Lau

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: JoyCheapBuy

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Contact Information: Contact Person : Times Lau Company Name : JoyCheapBuy Telephone Number : 8602039926227 Fax Number : 8602039926227 Ema...