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On class activities Week 3- Campus Tour (Unimel, Parkville) Aim: starts from 757 Swanston building towards ERC, go through south lawn, Old Arts, Union House, Athletic Track & Hockey Pitch, lastly Architecture building &planing. To discovered the particular material and structure of the building in campus and understand the purpose of the choice. 1. South Lawn Car park (underground)1970 Material uses: Steal inside & concrete cover up Purpose: One reason is that there are large amount of tall trees above the ground, and lunch space where is the most crowded place for students during lunch time, therefore designer of the building choosing to use steal what is the strongest constructing material to hold the load (eg. trees) from above ground as reinforcement and support. The other reason is the surface of concrete is smooth and cool, it helps to absorb the texture. However, since the water (eg,rainwater) keep sinking down to underground, the steal starts to rusting and the concrete starts peeling off and reveals the steal inside.

* compression and expansion * uses joints to supports the loads, if the concrete craps, joints will control the loads.

2. west art building

Steel truss

Material: Steel truss Steel holding timber 1. glass

Main building 1. glasses The use of steel truss is efficient. In point 1, the material use in the gap between the triangle is glass, because that part is on the top of the main building, it can let more sun light to go into the building, not only save lighting also make the inside of the building more brighter.

2.Cut through In point 2, there is cut through gap between the steel truss instead of glass. The reason for this is that from that part outwards is outside of the mainbuilding, therefore leave the gap to be empty. Not only makes the weight become lighter, but also let air to go through.

3. union house

holding hire PEC BINS Use steel Use roller joints to support: lighter weight and efficient When wind comes, the bridge can stretch out

4. union house

4. union house

Why use wires instead of concrete? * it can help air flows *lifting itself up *lighter in weight *tension

Let rain water to go through, otherwise it will overflow

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