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Saeedeh Naderikooshesh Fall 2013

With a look at the existing buildings in the history it is observed that in many cases the elements which form the urban spaces and architecture has been formed from various elements with different dimensions and sizes which will eventually lead to one united organization that features one unique characteristics In a coherent and coordinate structure, each individual members has their own clear and specific position in a way that if each member has any change in its position or dimension it will cause a form change in the whole collection and sometimes it disassembles the overall structure, cause basically the architecture seeks to have a right performance with coordinating all of its parts. The architecture workshop of The Architect’s Role magazine was based on the exercise of how to access skill and knowledge that forms and creates flexible structures, the structure that has a high potential, hosted 3D alternatives and different functional use. In this workshop we practiced the way of setting up some repeated elements and finally get to a unit element production which includes numerous elements and is called a collection. Saeedeh Naderikooshesh


The Architect’s Role Journal Workshop, Iran Tehran Spring 2013 Saeedeh Naderikooshesh


I believe an Architectural design should be Unique, artful and useful, and I also believe we can do all as an Architect! Following lines to create shapes is a fun way to create new designs and finally make it practical. As Edmund Bacon said “it’s in the doing that idea comes.”

Arch 205 Drawing/Design Visualization 2 Professor Dr. Dean L. Abernathy Work in progress Saeedeh Naderikooshesh 3

Saeedeh Naderikooshesh


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