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Issue No. 2 • 2015/2016 • @lilikoidesign Made by hand with love and plenty of style. Los Angeles + San Francisco 213.798.4502 • #sendletterpresslove Mailing Address + Open Studio: 171 Lily Street • San Francisco, California 94102

Photo: Katie Nash

Lilikoi Design + Letterpress is a graphic design and letterpress printing studio based in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. The studio was founded by Andria Sato in 2007 out of a love for the handmade and tactile beauty of letterpress printing. Lilikoi offers both custom projects and a retail collection of cards, stationery, gift tags and art prints created using hand operated presses and the finest materials.

A Note from the Studio After producing custom projects for 7 years, our time to grow and introduce a retail collection was upon us in May of 2014—I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished in this first year while maintaining our custom project schedule and keeping focus on the integrity of our business. Launching our retail line has allowed us to connect with a new audience and share the cherished experience of giving and receiving a handwritten note. We have worked hard to build personal relationships along with our brand—and we are only getting started. Our first year has brought us so much joy—the response to our products has been incredible. We were featured in the Ladies of Letterpress publication, were recognized in a wide variety of online, television and print media outlets, and our Balloon Animal Collection earned a Louie Award Nomination for Letterpress. We also continue to stay connected with the community by hosting workshops in our San Francisco studio, participating in wedding industry events and collaborating on styled photo shoots. We hope to continue strengthening our relationships with current retailers and reaching out to many new faces, so that our growing collection may be received with an open heart by those who share in the love of letterpress and the art of the handwritten note. Let’s celebrate every day! —Andria Sato, Owner & Creative Director

Clockwise from top left: Best Day Ever, pg. 32; Gift Tags, pgs. 34-36; Watermelon, pg. 21; Pretty Peach and our Just Peachy Collection, pgs. 20-21. Photography, art direction and styling by Andria Sato. Special thanks to The Petaler for the gorgeous flowers as seen throughout the catalog: Special thanks to Katie Nash Beauty for hair, makeup, styling and photo on page 3:

Contents About Us 4 A Note from the Studio

A reflection on where we started and what we have become.

8 Meet Peach

An introduction to our favorite letterpress.

9 Our Commitment to Sustainability A studio with a conscious.

10 Our Process

Taking an idea to the press—how we create our products.

Our Collections 12 Flourish & Whim Cards

30 Hello Stationery

16 Classic Cards

32 Shine On Cards

Mini Notes and A2 Size Folded Cards

A2 & 4 Bar Size Folded Cards

20 Just Peachy Cards

A2 & 4 Bar Size Folded Cards

4 Bar Size Flat Stationery

A2 Size Double Heavy Flat, Foil Printed Stationery

34 Gift Tags

2.25x3.75 with Natural Twine

22 Balloon Animal Cards 4 Bar Size Folded Cards

24 Black + White Collection

A2 Size Flat Stationery, Folded Cards and Perfect Pairings

Details 40 Custom Projects

Learn more about our capabilities.

42 Pricing

Price per unit + order minimums

43 Ordering with Us Terms + Conditions

38 Art Prints

5x7 and 8x10 Limited Edition Prints

Say Hello to Peach

Our circa 1889 letterpress—manually operated with patience and love. Peach is our oldest press and lives in our San Francisco studio. She runs beautifully (although she does have her moments) and is what we use for our custom work, classes and workshops.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our process is thoughtful. Maintaining product quality while protecting our Mother Earth will always be a top priority. We take pride in how we run our studios. Our oldest press ‘Peach’ was born in 1889 and is a classic beauty. We run our presses manually, without the use of electricity, staying true to the original art of letterpress. Our vegetable based inks are hand mixed and omit minimal air pollutants. Additionally, we clean our presses using natural solvents in an effort to be gentle on both our skin and the environment. We use 100% tree-free, reclaimed cotton paper which is recyclable and renewable. Cotton is an annual crop requiring very few natural resources and minimal energy to grow and make into paper, unlike wood or bamboo. It has a luxurious feel and perfectly complements letterpress printing. We are committed to responsible disposal, recycling each scrap piece of paper and old plate. We also use cloth rags for clean up, rather than disposable paper products. Running a sustainable studio and making a conscious effort to be resourceful is just as important to us as the attention to detail and the quality that goes into our products. We feel that our efforts to make an impact can go a long way.

Our Commitment to Sustainability • 9 #sendletterpresslove

Our Process

Letterpress is the oldest form of printing and requires a raised image which is pressed into paper, making a relief impression that is tactile and beautiful. We truly embrace the art form by using materials such as our ink and paper that are specifically made for letterpress.

Digital Artwork + Printing Plates The basic theory of letterpress printing has remained the same over the past five centuries, but modern technology has allowed us to combine digital layout with traditional printing. This allows us the opportunity to create custom artwork on the computer and process it into a plate to be used on the press.

Ink is Custom Mixed Our ink is vegetable oil based, omitting minimal air pollutants. It is mixed by hand (for each job) and applied to the press where it is then distributed evenly with rubber rollers.

10 • Our Process

Artwork Setup + Registration We set the artwork (printing plate) by hand on a metal base which sits opposite of the paper on the press, set the paper in place and manually start the press with a foot pedal. The raised image area on the plate is inked by the rollers and an impression is applied by pulling on a lever.

Printing While each individual piece is fed in the press one at a time, only one color is on press at a time. If there is a two-color piece, it is fed in the press two times. Once the ink is dry, all the paper gets a final trim or is custom die cut and is inspected for quality before delivery.

Our Process • 1 1 #sendletterpresslove

MINI NOTES 2.25x3.5 Folded Card + Recycled Kraft Envelope Single or Set of 6

Merci Beaucoup NC011 Single • NC011-011 Celebrate NC012 Single • NC012-012 Bonjour NC013 Single • NC013-013 Kisses & Hugs NC014 Single • NC014-014

12 • Mini Notes

Set of 6 Set of 6 Set of 6 Set of 6

You’re Lovely NC015 Single • NC015-015 Set of 6 Lucky LE013 Single • LE013-013 Set of 6 Make Out LE014 Single • LE014-014 Set of 6

For the Love of Letterpress and the Art of the Handwritten Note Lilikoi retail products are inspired by clean, classic and clever designs that are meaningful and perfect for all occasions. The collection of folded notes, flat stationery, frame-worthy prints, small notes, and gift tags was created to express our love for handmade products and to encourage the art of the handwritten note. All products are not only made by hand in this labor intensive, original art form—they are one of a kind and beautifully tactile. They are sure to stand out amongst other printed items and to inspire us all to write more love notes.


FLOURISH & WHIM CARDS A2 4.25x5.5 Folded Card + Recycled Kraft Envelope Single or Box Set of 6 • Calligraphy by Flourish & Whim

Celebrate NC001 Single NC001-001 Box Set of 6 I Love You NC002 Single NC002-002 Box Set of 6

Happy Birthday NC003 Single NC003-003 Box Set of 6 Happy Anniversary NC004 Single NC004-004 Box Set of 6

You’re Lovely NC005 Single • NC005-005 Box Set of 6

Merci Beaucoup NC007 Single • NC007-007 Box Set of 6 Bonjour NC009 Single • NC009-009 Box Set of 6

So Grateful NC006 Single • NC006-006 Box Set of 6 Kisses & Hugs NC008 Single • NC008-008 Box Set of 6 Baby Joy NC010 Single • NC010-010 Box Set of 6

Flourish & Whim • 15 #sendletterpresslove

CLASSIC CARDS A2 4.25x5.5 Folded Card + Recycled Kraft Envelope Single or Box Set of 6

Happy Birthday NC018 Single • NC018-018 Box Set of 6 Hello Darling NC021 Single • NC021-021 Box Set of 6

Oh Baby NC016 Single • NC016-016 Box Set of 6 XOXO NC020 Single • NC020-020 Box Set of 6 Hostess NC023 Single • NC023-023 Box Set of 6

16 • Classic

Left Column:

LA Love NC024 Single • NC024-024 Box Set of 6 Love NC027 Single • NC027-027 Box Set of 6 Birthday Candles NC029 Single • NC029-029 Box Set of 6

Right Column:

Thank You NC026 Single • NC026-026 Box Set of 6 Lifesaver NC028 Single • NC028-028 Box Set of 6

Classic • 17 #sendletterpresslove

CLASSIC CARDS A2 4.25x5.5 Folded Card + Recycled Kraft Envelope Single or Box Set of 6

Left Column:

Congratulations NC030 Single NC030-030 Box Set of 6 Mine NC035 Single NC035-035 Box Set of 6 SF Love NC040 Single NC040-040 Box Set of 6 Right Column:

Happy Birthday Sir NC031 Single NC031-031 Box Set of 6 SF Golden Gate NC039 Single NC039-039 Box Set of 6 Something Special NC051 Single NC051-051 Box Set of 6

10 • Classic

Classic Collection This collection incorporates classic, clever design with a bit of modern whimsy. These notes can be used for a variety of events and capture the hearts of both men and women who enjoy celebrating every day as a special occasion.

JUST PEACHY CARDS 4 Bar 3.5x4.875 Folded Card + Recycled Kraft Envelope Single or Box Set of 6

Left Column:

Buttercup NC017 Single NC017-017 Box Set of 6 Blue Ombre NC036 Single NC036-036 Box Set of 6 Banana Phone NC042 Single NC042-042 Box Set of 6 Right Column:

Feather NC022 Single NC022-022 Box Set of 6 Chocolate Chip NC041 Single NC041-041 Box Set of 6 Kisses NC043 Single NC043-043 Box Set of 6

20 • Just Peachy

Left Column:

I’m Sorry NC044 Single NC044-044 Box Set of 6 Hip Hip NC046 Single NC046-046 Box Set of 6 Hot Mama NC048 Single NC048-048 Box Set of 6 No Way NC049 Single NC049-049 Box Set of 6 Right Column:

Pretty Peach NC045 Single NC045-045 Box Set of 6 Watermelon NC047 Single NC047-047 Box Set of 6 Venice NC050 Single NC050-050 Box Set of 6

Just Peachy • 21 #sendletterpresslove

BALLOON ANIMAL CARDS 4 Bar 3.5x4.875 Folded Card + Recycled Kraft Envelope Single, Box Set of 6 or Assorted Box Set of 6

Top Row (Left to Right):

Bear BA001 Single BA001-001 Box Set of 6 Bunny BA002 Single BA002-002 Box Set of 6 Dinosaur BA003 Single BA003-003 Box Set of 6 Botton Row:

Giraffe BA005 Single BA005-005 Box Set of 6 Dog BA004 Single BA004-004 Box Set of 6 Monkey BA006 Single BA006-006 Box Set of 6 Assorted Balloon Animals BA007-007 Box Set of 6 (1 of each)

22 • Balloon Animal

• Dog • BA004 Single BA004-004 Box Set of 6

• Giraffe • BA005 Single BA005-005 Box Set of 6

• Monkey • BA006 Single BA006-006 Box Set of

Balloon Animal • 23 #sendletterpresslove

NOIR STATIONERY A2 4.25x5.5 Flat Card + Recycled Kraft Lined Envelope Box Set of 6

Thank You • ST016-016 Box Set of 6 K • ST008-008 Box Set of 6 A • ST001-001 Box Set of 6 B • ST002-002 Box Set of 6 L • ST009-009 Box Set of 6 M • ST010-010 Box Set of 6 C • ST003-003 Box Set of 6 N • ST011-011 Box Set of 6 D • ST004-004 Box Set of 6 R • ST012-012 Box Set of 6 E • ST005-005 Box Set of 6 H • ST006-006 Box Set of 6 S • ST013-013 Box Set of 6 T • ST014-014 Box Set of 6 J • ST007-007 Box Set of 6

Black + White • 25 #sendletterpresslove


A2 4.25x5.5 Folded Card + Recycled Kraft Lined Envelope

A2 4.25x5.5 Flat or Stationery Single Box Set of |6Assorted Box Set of 6

26 • Black + White

Happy Birthday NC032 Single NC032-032 Box Set of 6 Thank You NC033 Single NC033-033 Box Set of 6 SF Love NC034 Single NC034-034 Box Set of 6

PERFECT PAIRINGS 2x4 Wine Tags | 2x3 Cheese Tags Set of 6 18x26 Tea Towel

Cheese Tag LE002 Single • LE002-002 Box Set of 6 Wine Tag LE003 Single • LE003-003 Box Set of 6 Alphabet Tea Towel LE011 Single

28 • Black + White

Black + White • 29 #sendletterpresslove

HELLO STATIONERY 4 Bar 3.5x4.875 Double Heavy Flat Card + Recycled Kraft Envelope Single, Box Set of 6 or Assorted Box Set of 6

Assorted Hello ST023-023 Box Set of 6 (1 of each)

30 • Hello

Darling ST017 Single ST017-017 Box Set of 6 Friend ST018 Single ST018-018 Box Set of 6 Gorgeous ST019 Single ST019-019 Box Set of 6 Handsome ST020 Single ST020-020 Box Set of 6 Lover ST021 Single ST021-021 Box Set of 6 Sunshine ST022 Single ST022-022 Box Set of 6

WEDDING CARDS A2 3.5x4.875 Double Heavy Flat, Foil Printed Card + Gray Cotton Envelope Single or Box Set of 6

Left Column:

Blushing Bride WF001 Single • WF001-001 Box Set of 6 Best Day Ever WF002 Single • WF002-002 Box Set of 6 Congratulations WF003 Single • WF003-042 Box Set of 6 Right Column:

Diamond WF004 Single • WF004-004 Box Set of 6 Mr. & Mrs. WF005 Single • WF005-005 Box Set of 6

32 • Shine On

Left Column:

Mr. & Mr. WF006 Single WF006-006 Box Set of 6 Thank You WF008 Single WF008-008 Box Set of 6 Wedding Bliss WF010 Single • WF010-010 Box Set of 6

Right Column:

Mrs. & Mrs. WF007 Single WF007-007 Box Set of 6 Cheers to Forever WF009 Single WF009-009 Box Set of 6

GIFT TAGS 2.25x3.75 with Natural Twine Single or Set of 6

“Life without love is not worth living.” Life & Love • GT018 Single • GT018-018 Set of 6

Top Row (Left to Right):

Heart GT001 Single • GT001-001 Set of 6 Baby (Orange) GT004 Single • GT004-004 Set of 6 Baby (Yellow) Single GT003-003 • Set of 6 Middle:

Happy Birthday Sir GT007 Single • GT007-007 Set of 6 Cross Stitch GT005 Single • GT005-005 Set of 6 XOXO GT006 Single • GT006-006 Set of 6

Bottom Row (Left to Right):

Roses GT008 Single • GT008-008 Set of 6 Waves GT009 Single • GT009-009 Set of 6 Jellyfish GT010 Single • GT010-010 Set of 6 Thank You GT002 Single • GT002-002 Set of 6

Gift Tags • 35 #sendletterpresslove

GIFT TAGS 2.25x3.75 with Natural Twine Single or Set of 6

36 • Gift Tags

Top Row (Left to Right):

Stud Muffin GT011 Single • GT011-011 Set of 6 Austin Love GT012 Single • GT012-012 Set of 6 LA Love GT013 Single • GT013-013 Set of 6 Middle:

Let’s Get Tipsy GT014 Single • GT014-014 Set of 6 Happy Birthday GT015 Single • GT015-015 Set of 6 Herringbone GT016 Single • GT016-016 Set of 6 Bottom Row (Left to Right):

Venice GT017 Single • GT017-017 Set of 6 Life & Love GT018 Single • GT018-018 Set of 6 Wedding Bliss GT019 Single • GT019-019 Set of 6 SF Love GT020 Single • GT020-020 Set of 6

ART PRINTS Take me to the Beach and SF Love, 5x7 Balloon Animals, 8x10

Take me to the Beach • LE015 SF Love • LE012

Dog • BA010

Bear • BA007 Giraffe • BA011

Gift Tags • 39 #sendletterpresslove

Custom Projects Our custom projects give us the pleasure of working with both individuals and businesses on a wide variety of projects. We carefully select fine materials and work closely with extraordinary people, which has allowed us to achieve a wonderful reputation. From our initial consultation to delivery, we are involved in every detail—which is something we will provide to our retailers. Our custom projects include everything from wedding invitations, hang tags, stationery, product packaging and holiday cards. We hold a true love for working with blushing brides and handsome grooms on their wedding invitations and day of printed materials. We encourage couples who are interested in our services to view our work in person so they can see and feel for themselves how special and luxurious letterpress can be. The invitation suite sets the tone for such a special event, so working individually with each couple and discussing the details that go into such a special day allows for a truly unique invitation suite. We are fortunate to work with businesses and collaborate with them on items that will improve the value of their products, like a letterpress printed hang tag. Little details make such a big impact­—when introducing yourself with a tangible, beautifully printed business card or writing a thank you note to a customer, it’s personal and memorable. We find great joy in working with families during the holidays to create holiday cards that incorporate a photo. This is one of our favorite projects because every family is so unique and the photos really bring the card to life. Our printing services extend to designers as well. We guide them through the printing process and provide them with paper and ink options to print their artwork in the best way possible.

What We Can Offer You Let’s collaborate! You know your shop the best—let’s work together to create products exclusive for your shop, such as stationery or greeting cards, gift tags, limited edition prints or packaging.

Contact us: @lilikoidesign 213-798-4502

Custom Projects • 41 #sendletterpresslove

Pricing Item

Cost Per Unit

Minumum Per Style

Folded Cards A2 Single



A2 Set of 6



4Bar Single



4Bar Set of 6



Mini Note Single



Mini Note Set of 6



A2 Single



A2 Set of 6






Set of 6


4Bar Single


3 6

4Bar Set of 6






Set of 6



Tea Towel



Flat Cards

Flat Stationery

Gift Tags

Art Prints 5x7






TERMS + CONDITIONS Become a Wholesale Partner Thank you for considering Lilikoi Design + Letterpress products for your store. To apply to be a retail partner, please contact us by email or phone to inquire about setting up an account. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

Ordering With Us Ordering can be done by phone, email or online with a special wholesale code to enter upon checkout.

Phone: 213.798.4502 Email: Online: Wholesale Code: ______________________

Minimum Order Requirements Our minimum opening order is $100. Reorders, $75.

Style/Item Quantity Minimums Single Cards + Gift Tags: 6 Sets of 6 Cards + Gift Tags: 3 Art Prints + Tea Towels: 3

Ordering + Payment Orders can be made by phone, email or online. Opening orders are required to provide a resale certificate copy. All orders are charged at the time of shipment. Payments can be made by credit card (a 3% transaction fee will apply) or check. We accept Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Net 30 terms are available for existing customers only. Late payments subject to a 10% late fee, per month.

Inventory Quantities, styles, colors and sizes are subject to availability. You will be notified if any items in your order are back-ordered while the items in stock will ship according to schedule. Once an item is back in stock, it will be shipped immediately.

Letterpress is not only unique for its relief impression but for the variation in color and printing that may occur. While we inspect each piece before it is packaged, variations do occur and we kindly ask that you embrace the beauty of this printing process we love so much.

Shipping Processed orders are shipped within 2-3 days. Shipping costs will be added at this time and included on your final invoice. Domestic and International orders ship via USPS. International shipping may incur customs regulations or duties; Lilikoi Design + Letterpress is not responsible for these fees. Please confirm fees and regulations with your local customs office and allow a minimum of 2 weeks for shipments to arrive. Please let us know if you’d like to request special shipping or if you’d like to use your UPS or FedEx shipping account number. Please notify us of time-sensitive orders— expedited shipping is available for an additional fee. Lilikoi Design + Letterpress is not responsible for any carrier delays.

Cancellations, Returns + Exchanges All cancellations must be made within 24 hours of placing your order and will incur a 10% restocking fee. Returns are accepted on unused and unopened items in their original packaging. Returns, incorrectly shipped items and exchanges must be made and postmarked within a week of receiving your order. Once we receive the returned item(s) the charges will be credited to you (though shipping costs are non-refundable). Used, opened, and/or final sale items cannot be returned.

Display + Packaging Our products must be displayed and sold in their original packaging. Boxed sets may not be broken up and sold individually. Items sold online require credit to Lilikoi Design + Letterpress to be included in the product description.

Printing A friendly reminder that all of our products are printed by hand with patience and careful attention to detail.

Terms + Conditions • 43 #sendletterpresslove

Made by hand with love and plenty of style. Los Angeles + San Francisco 213.798.4502 • • @lilikoidesign #sendletterpresslove

Lilikoi Design + Letterpress  
Lilikoi Design + Letterpress  

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