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“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.� - Collin Powell

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The Citizenry

7 - 11

Newman Residence

13 - 17

Royal CafĂŠ

19 - 25

Hand Rendering

27 - 37

The Citizenry

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The citizenry is a modern home decor brand. Carly and Rachel travel the world seeking out the highest quality of materials and techniques. Whom they partner with master artisans to create their limited edition collections. Each season, Carly and Rachel introduce a new collection from another corner of the world. To showcase the craftsmanship, stories and meaning of each product. Carly and Rachel built The Citizenry; to celebrate the artisans, designers, and artists that produce home goods that reflect their cultures.

The Citizenry focuses on bringing an oasis of cultures to homes while allowing customers to learn about the importance of handcrafted design. Our goal is to showcase the natural beauty of each culture through their handcrafted design. We will create a light, airy, and open modern space that will emphasize the vibrant colors and geometric shapes of our products by using a simple and light color palette that includes different hues of white. Our modern space will be filled with raw, rustic materials like wood edges that will compliment the natural imperfect design of handcrafted products.

Floor Plan

Reflected Ceiling Plan The Citizenry | Third Year 7

Day Exterior Storefront

Solanum Steel

Night Exterior Storefront

Mullion Black


Direct View

Reclaimed Maple Floor

White Wood

Dark Oak


Corner View The Citizenry | Third Year 9

Reclaimed Maple Floor

White Wood

Dark Oak

White Washed Brick

White Marble

Gray Granite

Cash Wrap

Left Living Room

Claro Candle Holders

Nala Soap stone Vase

Zafiro Pillow

Halston Mug - Sky

Hauri Candle Holder

Engobe Vessel

Makuu Wishing Basket

Aldama Chair

Kitchen Elevation

Rug Elevation

Picture Wall Elevation

The Citizenry | Third Year 11

Newman Residence


Serenbe Community The location of the Newman Residence is the Serenbe Community. The Serenbe Community is located in Chattahoochee Hills, GA. The Chattahoochee Hills, is a four hamlet layout with a new urbanism, farm-to-table, live/work style. As well as has cottages, townhouses and estates homes. The Serenbe Community also has 1,000 acres of mix business and stores. The location also provide seasonal farmers market, shops and small organic stores. The Serenbe Community has 70% of green space and has 25 acres of organic farm

First Floor Plan First Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan

Second Floor Plan Second Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan

Client Profile The Newman Family consists of two adults and two children ages six and eight. Jamie the mother volunteers at the animal shelter twice a week and Branon the father is a movie producer. The family is active with dance and basketball. The Newman’s also hold family holidays with up to fifteen people. The Newman’s have two dogs ans would love to have four bedrooms and three and half baths as well as plenty of storage throughout of the house.

Newman Residence | Second Year 15

Gray Hickory Flooring

White Marble

Esplanade Meadow Light Marble Tile

Morning Fog


Living Room

Reclaimed Dark Oak Floor


Easton Hall Lamp

Sara Side Table

Master Bedroom

Gray Hickory Flooring

Natural Linen

Embassy Lamp

Lounge Chair

Kitchen Sink Elevation

Kitchen Range Elevation

White Wood

Gray Cherry Wood

Bathroom Toilet Elevation

Gray Cherry Wood

Esplanade Meadow Light Marble Tile

Morning Fog

Bathroom Shower Elevation

Roman Travertine Tile

Lazy Gray

Newman Residence | Second Year 17



Royal CafĂŠ is a space inspired by Directional Lines painted by Olga Rozanova. The Painting is an abstract Cubo-Futurism painted with oils. My initial thought of the painting is that it is a representation of a city, trees. With more research, I learned it was painted with the purpose of space separation, color interaction, and interrupted lines to represent landscape elements. With knowledge about the painting I wanted to pull out the colors of the painting and use them various shapes.

Through compositional studies, Royal Café was developed as a space for students, facility, and visitors. Where they can come and enjoy a easy meal while relaxing in a light tone inspired color theme of Directional Lines painting. The Royal Café will be accessible and a friendly environment to all generations.

Compositional Studies

Royal Café | Second Year 21

Compositional Studies Model

Floor Plan

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Royal CafĂŠ | Second Year 23

Reclaimed Maple Floor

Front Entrance

Bench Seating

Mahogany Trim

Black Galaxy Granite

Left Perspective

Dark Oak

Crisp Linen

Right Perspective

Inviting Ivory



Lotus Flower

Meeting Room

Window Seating

Royal CafĂŠ | Second Year 25

Hand Renders


A series of space planning and hand renderings. To showcase new ideas and skill with marker rendering. The renders show luxury home designs. That are functional, contemporary, and have a home feel to them.

Single Professional

Single professional women in her early 30s. Wants comfortable, inviting space to relax after a long day at the office. Often works from home on her laptop in the evenings while watching television or movies. Enjoys hosting small, informal groups of friends for cocktails, Oscar watching parties, or before a night on the town. Has large Great Dane who requires his own bed. Floor Plan

Living Room

Hand Renders | Second Year 29

Empty Nester

Empty-nester couple in their mid-sixties who enjoy reading, playing chess, and listening to their collection of vinyl records. Requires seating for six to eight people comfortably for when their adult children and grandchildren visit. Would like the option to watch television but do not want the TV to be the focal point of the space.

Floor Plan

Living Room

Empty Nester: Kitchen

Empty-nester couple in their mid-sixties who enjoy reading, playing chess, and listening to their collection of vinyl records. Requires seating for six to eight people comfortably for when their adult children and grandchildren visit. Love cooking large elaborate meals together.

Floor Plan


Hand Renders | Second Year 31

Empty Nester: Kitchen/Dining

Empty-nester couple in their mid-sixties who love cooking large elaborate meals together. Would like to have multiple prep and cooking areas and a 48� range and 42� built-in refrigerator and freezer. Would like one sink facing the window and an island prep sink. Wants to display large collection of decorative dishes and serving ware. Floor Plan


Dining Room

Family of Six

Family of six with four small children. Father enjoys baking as a hobby. They enjoy eating together as a family every evening. Requires casual dining area within the kitchen for at least four. Needs plenty of storage for dry food and a 36� refrigerator.

Floor Plan


Hand Renders | Second Year 33

Banker Executive

A young single female bank executive with the Great Dane dog has finally met her dream partner. She’s engaged to marry him in six months. They have bought a house and this master bedroom needs to be appropriately re-designed. To reflect their love for somewhat formal spaces. They want a bed-sitting area, a fireplace, and a standard king bed, and they want the room to be romantic and “fun”. They would like the bathroom separated from a large closet/dressing area.

Floor Plan

Banker Executive: Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom Hand Renders | Second Year 35

Teenage Bedroom (Girl)

From the Family of Six. This bedroom is for one of the daughter’s, a young teen who is a cheerleader in junior high school. She needs a desk, and display space for her pictures and odds and ends of every imaginable type.

Floor Plan


Middle Age Couple

A wealthy middle-aged couple who want to convert this former den to a master suite. They would like a bed-sitting area to share the fireplace with the bedroom, but they really want a deluxe bathroom, with a two-person shower, a whirlpool tub, a water closet with a toilet and a bidet, and two walk-in closets. They want two sinks, and if possible a small make-up vanity area with a stool. Floor Plan

Master Bathroom

Hand Renders | Second Year 37

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Lilibeth Harris Portfolio  

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Lilibeth Harris Portfolio  

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