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==== ==== What Is Macbook Air ? Please Check This Out And Get The Answers ==== ====

Well the new MacBook Air has finally arrived and has been anticipated by many. With all the new features and new design, time will tell how well the new MacBook Air will be received by customers. The newest version of the MacBook is available in 11 and 13 inch models. It is small, sleek and thin and runs on an all flash storage method. What this means is that when you first turn on your new MacBook Air it will wake up and start working fast! The new longer lasting battery will last between 5-7 hours, depending on which model you have. Plus the battery is good for 30 days on standby. The keypad is extremely easy to use and you can effortlessly swipe, drag and rotate. It comes with a large trackpad which has a button less design. Even though the screen is small, the resolution is so high that you will feel as though you are watching a big screen. Don't worry it still has a camera and you can make face time calls. The new MacBook Air comes with two USB plugs or you can go wireless if you wish. The speakers produce a great stereo sound and are so small that you can't see them. There is also a mini jack for your headphones. The MacBook Air has a 320M graphic processor which allows you to do all the normal things like writing and sending emails, and makes surfing the internet fast and enjoyable. When you purchase your new MacBook Air you will not be left alone. You receive support from your local Apple store. Or you can access their support at Apple Care free for 90 days. This support is done via the telephone and you have unlimited access during this time period. If you want to really learn as much as possible about your new MacBook Air then go online and visit their tutorials. Apple has tutorials on just about everything and you will even discover some new interesting tips and tricks! As with any Apple product you will not be left out in the cold. If you run into any issues you can use any of the above resources to get it resolved quickly. The service from Apple is impeccable and one of the main reasons that people prefer to buy from them. This new MacBook Air is extremely energy efficient and has received a 5.0 Star rating. All the hardware components work effortlessly with the operating system which is why it is so energy efficient. Its low power consumption is making the new MacBook very popular with consumers. If you would like to find out more about the newest MacBook then you can either check online or

visit your local Apple Store retailer. Either method will allow you to see firsthand just how small and powerful this MacBook really is. With prices at under one thousand dollars it is a very affordable way to finally get your own MacBook today.

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==== ==== What Is Macbook Air ? Please Check This Out And Get The Answers ==== ====

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