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The MacBook Air was first introduced in January 2008. The most striking feature is its slender Aluminium unibody casing that measures just 0.76 inches at its thickest point. At launch it was claimed by Apple to be the thinnest notebook available, a title which has since been taken by the Dell Adamo. Other notable competition in this segment are the HP Voodoo Envy 133 and Lenovo Thinkpad X301. MacBook Air review The MacBook Air has a 13.3" LCD display and is available in two models, one with a 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 120GB SATA hard drive and the other with a 2.13GHz Core 2 Duo processor with a 128GB solid state drive (SSD). Both models have 2GB of RAM, an nVidia 9400M graphics chip, built in Wi-Fi and an integrated webcam above the screen. A Mini DisplayPort connection allow an external monitor to be added. Other innovative features include the large track pad that allows you to use iPhone actions (such as swiping, pinching and rotating) and the MagSafe magnetic power cord that allows the cable to easily break free from the MacBook if snagged or tripped over. MacBook Air specification Several standard notebook features had to be omitted from the MacBook Air specification in order to achieve the devices required size and weight. The most notable omission is the DVD drive where the user has to either purchase an external unit or use Apple's Remote Disc software which allows wireless access to another computers optical drive. The FireWire port, Ethernet port, line-in socket, memory card reader, all but one USB port and the Kensington security lock slot are all missing from the specification. The Air also only has a single mono speaker. As with the MacBook Pro, the battery is non-removable being sealed into the casing. A final limitation is the RAM which is soldered onto the motherboard rendering it non-removable and therefore not upgradeable. MacBook Air battery life Thanks to its smaller dimensions and hence lack of free space the MacBook Air has a shorter battery life than a regular MacBook. Apple claim five hours use on a single charge, although try finding this information on their site! Independent tests have revealed a real world use of between three and four hours on a charge. In our opinion this is still an impressive feature, beating many PC based laptops in this area. MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Whether the MacBook Air will suit you really depends on how you use your computer. Due to its

lack of ports and absence of a DVD drive a free MacBook Pro might be the better choice thanks to its full range of features and longer battery life. We also happen to think that the unibody MacBook Pro's are better looking than the Air, which seems a little dated to us. We would even go as far to say that the Air will probably prove a frustration over long term use, mainly because of the specification omissions and shorter battery life.

One final consideration is price. This is a very expensive notebook that can be considered a major investment. You may be better to go for a free MacBook Air, thanks to one of the best free Mac website on the internet. This is a genuine proposition that only requires you and a few friends to sign up to simple offers. It's really easy and the fact that it hasn't cost you anything will make your new MacBook Air seem even more enjoyable and your friends even more jealous. Thanks for reading our MacBook Air review.

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==== ==== For Information On What Is Macbook Air Computers Please Check This Out ==== ====

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