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==== ==== What Is Macbook Air ? Please Check This Out And Get The Answers ==== ====

The new MacBook Air has trampled over the older version in more ways than one. The Mac Air was first released in 2008 and was a hit since it was the thinnest book on the market. However, there were many problems with it, that in this go around, Apple corrected with the new Air. The old Air had several problems, first of all the fan would put out a lot of noise when the Book was given an extremely complicated task to do, which was annoying to consumers. In addition, there was not an overabundance of USB ports to utilize. In addition, many devices would not fit into the USB drives simply because the Mac was so small that these accessories were too large to fit. And many consumers reported that trying to upload photos or files onto the Mac was a time that would try your patience given the number of limited USB ports and the computer just not responding in a timely manner. However, probably the biggest complaint of the older Mac was the price. The price was around $1800, give or take a little bit. And many consumers found that for this price they could get the top of the line regular sized laptops that would do everything that they needed to do. It seemed as if the MacBook Air would simply be one of those products that Apple could chalk up as a loss, given the consumer feedback on the product. However, Apple went another direction with the product. They took these problems and suggestions to heart, and came out with the new MacBook Air that was released earlier this year. So what can people expect with the new MacBook Air? The size will remain the same as the previous version, which is the biggest benefit of the Mac. It is small enough that it can fit inside an envelope with no problem. The weight of the Mac is around two to three pounds, meaning that it will not weigh you down like other laptops on the market. However, probably the best improvement is that it will have no hard drive, which means using a flash drive, however, it is now equipped to better handle this demand. This should also stop the meaning noise that the older version put out. Another huge improvement is the price of the MacBook Air as it will now range from $1000 to $1300 depending upon the size that you purchase. Overall, Apple really listened to consumers and have developed a MacBook Air that more consumers are going to be pleased with.

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==== ==== What Is Macbook Air ? Please Check This Out And Get The Answers ==== ====

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