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Identifying Apple iBook computers is easy when you have connections. Places like the Internet make it possible for you to locate information and specs on each iBook PC sold. The key to finding what you want is to look at the features and different models. You want to be able to distinguish colors and features. IBooks include the original Graphite, Tangerine and Blueberry computers. FireWire computers make up the key lime, Graphite, and Indigo but there are some white parts with opaque models available. USB ports should be considered as well. Some of the IBooks have dual USB, which these are available on the later models. The computers come in various shapes and size today. The G4 iBook laptops are similarly shaped to the G3 yet translucent is lacking in the case finish and the translucent keyboard is more of an opaque finish. The iBook computers include models with speed up to 700 MHz and silver audio ports with reset buttons available. You can find display screens up to 14-inches and tray load optical drives. Some of the latest Apple iBook laptops include the G3/700, G4/1, and the G4/1. 33 GHz. The first model is more affordable and it comes with dual bootable with 640 MB of Random Access Memory (RAM), 30 Gigabytes (GB) of internal drive, 56k internal modem and an internal combo drive. The second model offers 1024 MB with 60 GB drive and a SuperDrive. You have 768 MB of Ram with 160 GB drives on a combo drive. Notice there is not a lot of difference in the Apple iBook computers, other than RAM access. Still, you want to review all the features that are offered with each computer to compare. Technology is steady advancing at rapid pace so now is the time to buy your Apple iBook laptops.

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==== ==== For i Book for Mac Computers Please Check This Out ==== ====

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