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Choosing the right netbook can be tricky business especially if you are not familiar with the choices that you have. Here is a quick guide to selecting the best netbook model for you. What do you plan to do on your netbook?: The netbooks that we have in the market today have very decent computing power and is capable of running a wide variety of tasks. If you plan to use your netbook occasionally for surfing the web, watching videos and checking emails. A basic netbook model would serve you well. If you plan to use your netbook for work, you may want to get a netbook model with lots of extra features (such as HDMI ports, Bluetooth, etc). If you are one of those who love to watch movies on your laptops, you can consider getting a netbook with a larger screen or has a HD resolution display. If audio is an important issue for you, you should check the built-in speakers on the netbooks. Some are better than others. Some netbook models only come with mono speakers. Do you plan to do a lot of typing?: The size of the keyboard on a netbook has long been a very contentious issue. The small size of netbook keyboards takes a little getting used to. Today, netbook keyboards have gone through major improvements to replicate the feel of typing of a fullsized keyboard. The keyboard on HP, Toshiba and Asus laptops have been receiving great reviews. Is battery life an important factor?: The battery life of netbooks today can range anything from 4 to 14 hours. If it is not an important factor for you, you can always get a model with a shorter battery life, as they are usually cheaper. If you want something with a greater battery life, Asus netbooks are they way to go as they currently have some of the longest battery life. What is your budget?: Laptops can range from around $250 to $480 per unit. Currently, Asus by far has the best price-to-feature ratio. They have some of the most comprehensive feature set and are very well priced. The Toshiba Mini is also another of my favorite netbook brands.

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==== ==== Reviews On Netbooks ==== ====

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