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The 17th BNSC Issue Three


Mission accomplished By the time you receive this issue, you have already packed your bags, thanks to the reminder of our amazing organisers, and you will soon be ready to return home. Another thing that the organisers have reminded you of is to leave nothing behind. This is true in many senses. There is something the organisers, as much as the chairs, the presidency and the media team wants you to take with you more than anything: the memories of your first EYP session. Naturally I hope that you bring the session magazine with you and that once you are home, it can help you with recalling the world of EYP that you have now been introduced to. Your mission, participating at this session, is now completed. Well done! Our Undercover-DelegateIn-Training has also explored the full EYP experience during the last few days. To compare your experiences, check out page 10. However, there are more missions to come. The description of your next assignment in EYP can be found in the Mission report

on page 8 which gives you the details on how you can stay involved. More tips regarding future activities for a post session state can be found too, everything from post depression cures (read about this phenomenon on page 12) to how to be a successful spy, thus continuing the hunt of Mr B, who has once again recorded some uncomfortable moments of you, this time in action in the General Assembly. After some intense and somewhat sleep deprived days, I am writing this editorial in a rather sad fashion since it is going to be the last one of Target Brussels and thus of the session. But like I said, there are more sessions to come, more missions to be accomplished. You just have to open up a little to find them, attend them, complete them. So if you are selected to go to an international session, congratulations, if not - do not despair. There are many more ways to explore EYP. The European Youth Parliament is full of challenges and possibilities.

Contents 3 Your MEPs 4 Pride & Prejudice 6 Symbolism Of Colours 8 Mission Report 10 Exploration EYP 12 Big Brother In GA 14 Zuper Zodiacs 15 How To Be A Teenage Spy 16 PED Medicine 17 Quiz


Lilian Liu On behalf of the media team

PROFILE Having been both significant journalists and presently members of the European Parliament, Ivo Belet and Dirk Sterckx have the knowledge and the experience that we might be missing due to our youth.They have an informed, realistic and optimistic view of Europe which they are willing to share with us during the Panel debate.

Your MEPs

IVO BELET is the Vice-Chair of the Delegation for relations with the countries of Southeast Asia and, like some of you, he is a member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy. He started his career in European politics in 1983 as a trainee in both the European Parliament and the European Commission. Just one year after that, at a mere 24 years old, he was already a MEP assistant. He has seen the EU grow at its very heart and has been part of that, just like you will have to be, building the EU of the future. He has combined all this activity in European institutions with journalism: he has been the editor at Concentre NV and a journalist with VRT-TV. So not only has he played the political game for years but he has also observed it from the outside.

DIRK STERCKX is a member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism and works as well in international relationships and foreign affairs of the EU through the Delegation to the EUMexico Joint Parliamentary Committee and the Delegation for relations with the People’s Republic of China. You may learn a lot from him, as he is a very experienced MEP, being a member since 1999. Before that Sterckx had an intense career as a journalist as he has worked in VRT as both Copy Editor and Head of news, and in Terzake – a television news interpretation programme. Prior to all this significant activity in politics and journalism, he has been a teacher - so he knows the importance of sharing knowledge with the youth.

by Laura Mont Castro


PRIDE & PREJUDICE How do you present a country that is not your own?

Most of the jokes and ideas that were presented during the ‘So you think you know Europe’ evening were based on prejudices. According to the country presentations, the Germans, the Irish and the French are known to have problems holding their liquor while the Dutch and British people have their own problem with drugs. Swedes apparently have problems with ABBA and Swiss people have absolutely no problems with money. While prejudices are mostly funny and amusing, they are not always precise – the Irish are most probably not all green and cheerful and not all French women are exotic dancers from the Moulin Rouge. Even though prejudices and clichés are what they are – a funny way of describing a country – their origins do come from the truth. These images, which are so strongly associated with different nationalities,


cannot exist by coincidence. As a Finn, I cannot say that I am proud of the image many people have of my country being depressed and alcoholic, but I cannot say that it is a completely false picture either. All you need to do to evaluate the prejudices against your own country is look around and compare your country to others. Often prejudices and images of countries are born through historical events and mystical stories. Leprechauns from Ireland dominate the way people think of the Irish, the history of Germany is known world wide and is a starting point for the examination of German culture, Shakespeare lays out the fundamentals of English literature and the Vikings in Scandinavia are still seen as a symbol of Sweden and Norway. No matter how fictional or funny, most countries love and cherish their symbols and clichés.


Tourist shops are filled with soft toys, history books and post cards reminding us of these images that we have already made of just about every country in the world.

“No matter how fictional or funny, most countries love and cherish their symbols and clichés.” Another way to examine a country is through their culture. Dance, music, cuisine and fashion are great ways to describe and understand what other countries are really about. For example, the song La Bamba performed during the evening is perfect to demonstrate the joy and carelessness of a southern European lifestyle, and pizza is the first thing most

think of when they hear the word Italy, after Tiramisu of course. Most importantly, what anyone could see from the country presentations was the wide variety of countries and cultures we have in Europe. Even if the things you end up learning are clichés, learning something about your neighbouring countries and countries even further away is time well spent. Life is filled with prejudices, but just as long as they are taken lightheartedly and as long as everyone remembers that Santa Clause truly comes from Finland, everything is just fine.

by Sini Hyytiäinen



of Colours A

re you optimistic, cheerful and innocent or sophisticated, serious and sober? In other words, did you wear white or black at the Black&White Party last night? These two colours have historically symbolised opposite things and they can make us react in different ways. Where do these differences come from and more importantly, what do they say about you?


Forever opposite, white is light and black is dark. Humans are by instinct afraid of darkness. They have always associated black with evil and the unknown. As early as ancient Egypt this colour was associated with death divinities and afterlife and is still the most usual colour for funerals. By opposition, white has become the colour of all that is good, sacred and pure. For example, it is worn by both doctors and brides. However, black is not only about negative things. Elegant and very sophisticated it has always been associated with glamour, demure and has been the colour of choice of fashionistas throughout the centuries. It is a perfect colour for formal occasions and evening soirĂŠes while having the added bonus of being irresistibly seductive and sexy. On the other hand, white will make you look happy and good humoured, compliment a tan, make you shine and stand out from the


crowd. It is the perfect colour for summer days and summer nights. It is not only about the way you look but also how these colours will affect you.White will fill you with optimistic and peaceful thoughts and is perfect for fresh beginnings. Black will make you feel powerful and will provoke strong emotions, so it is ideal when facing a challenge. The compromise? Combine them.Monochrome, a favourite of coco channel epitomises classic clean-cut fashion. Sophisticated yet simple, sexy yet pure, it is the perfect colour combination for all events be it summer, autumn, spring or winter. Patterns, designs and colours may fade but monochrome remains and will never be extinct. Like the Yin and Yang, it achieves perfect balance. It is, and forever will be, in vogue.

When it comes to clothes, just like in life, not everything is black or white. So what do the other colours suggest and say about you? Colours have great power, but must be used wisely. Here you have a little guide on what each of them symbolises, so that you will never send the wrong message and can use the power of colour to your advantage. Red: This is the colour of passion, it symbolises desire, blood, war, violence and danger. Pink: The most feminine colour. Pink symbolise love, romance and excitement. Purple: The colour of monarchy and nobility. It also has a mysterious note. Blue: This is a peaceful colour and means cold, calm and harmony. Yellow: This is the colour of happiness and optimism and it also represents sunshine and gold. Green: It obviously suggests nature but it also represents good luck and youth.

by Grรกinne Hawkes & Laura Mont Castro






NEXT MISSION RECIPIENTS: The delegates of the National Selection Conference of EYP Belgium 2011. BACKGROUND INFO: Your first mission in EYP is over, but it was just the start for many more missions to come. Some of you have been selected for international sessions and others will have to be more independent in their continuation of EYP. All forums, national and regional sessions are open to all EYP alumni through applications that will be mentioned in emails from EYP Belgium. GENERAL MISSION MISSION OUTLINE: OUTLINE: Your next mission fits into the same category of your previous one which was one of European citizenship. Stay active: vote, read newspapers, keep updated on international events and continue the political debate and innovation. EQUIPMENT: Computer, Internet, email, facebook, enthuEQUIPTMENT: siasm, involvement, bravery. GUIDELINES: Join the EYP Belgium mailing list. This way you will get all the information you need to continue with your National Committee. EYP Belgium organises trainings and teambuilding weekends that anyone can join. Information on international forums and delegate applications will also be sent out through the mailing list. In addition to new missions as a delegate you can also consider trying the position of being an official. You can be an organiser, journalist or chair in sessions all over Europe. Information on applying as an official can also be found on facebook and on the EYP’s home page ADDITIONAL REMARKS: ADDITIONAL REMARKS: Being fearless is important when pursuing new missions in EYP. All doors are open to you, so take advantage of them. Welcome to EYP. UPCOMING MISSIONS: MISSIONS: Zagreb International Session, Antwerp Forum, Iberian Forum... by Sini Hyytiäinentro


The undercover delegate-in-training (UDIT) knows no bounds and explores the many mysterious of the EYP experience.


1. You may not have seen the undercover delegate at teambuilding. Such ‘name games’ would 2. Committee work wasn’t very productive for have compromised UDIT’s cover so instead he/she UDIT. The committee remained silent throughout. remained quietly observant up a tree…

3. Dressing up for Eurovillage UDIT was feeling positive about all the lovely treats and delights available from a handful of European countries. UDIT was happy and even found love in the form of a dancing Spanish stallion.

10 10


4. Like a typical trainee for the first day of GA UDIT was not concentrating, playing with fellow delegates hair and gazing off into the distance….tut tut tut UDIT!!

5. UDIT wanted too see what it would feel like to be on the board just like Milda, Gustaf and Kristina…..

7. UDIT began to finally concentrate the second day of GA and even managed to muster up the courage to make a passionate attack speech, pity it was for the wrong resolution though…

9. UDIT enjoyed watching the country presentations then danced the night away at the black and white party, for once truly fitting in with the colour scheme...

6. UDIT was so impressed with the standard of debate he/she rang the members of the European Parliament and recommended they come over to the Eastman building and let the delegates show them how it’s done.

8. Exploring around the European Parliament UDIT was awe struck . Collecting freebies, looking at the flags, the UDIT even broke into a translators box and translated for a debate in the actual EP…all in a day’s work for the UDIT. FINAL NOTE UDIT had a fabulous three days in Brussels exploring all aspects of EYP. The highs, the lows, the successes and the failures, the experience was invaluable and oh so much fun. What you didn’t know dear delegates was that UDIT stands for U DID IT. Hopefully your own experiences of the session were even better then the UDIT’s. Having followed you all the session as the UDIT you are all most impressive people and certainly much more then mere delegates in training. You should now take your newfound skills and use them to your advantage in all aspects of your lives. With the session complete so is your mission but don’t be surprised if you see the mysterious UDIT in the future. He/she knows no bounds. He/she is omnipresent. He/she is the true unsung superhero of our time……

by Gráinne Hawkes & Eva Verbeeck

11 11


ontinuing the fight against Big Brother, Charlie’s angels are closing in on their target. However, Mr B is a tough enemy and even managed to get passed the strict security checks in the European Parliament today, recording you all in General Assembly...

Every now and then some delegates were caught showing more interest in their own faces than in their fellow delegates points.

WHAT BIG BROTHER In one shot Big Brother caught one delegate eating her lip because of extreme hunger after most probably sleeping in and missing breakfast, another delegate day dreaming and a teacher giving a look that could probably kill.

12 12

Even teachers were caugh finding extra curricular activities instead of listening to the debate.

Other delegates seemed to have skipped breakfast since they were noticed trying to eat on their own bodyparts, fingers where the meal of choice for most.


Many delegates were caught at numerous moments experiencing great amounts of exhaustion. Big Brother can confirm that these three delegates were the last ones at the bar last night.

Just before making her point, one of the delegates was caught making sure she remembered her own name. Good luck with that.

A pissed off delegate tried to blow off some steam by biting the top off his pen.


IN GA In an attempt to make her session flame notice her during making the debates, Big Brother caught this delegate frequently licking her lips in a provocative manner.

One of the delegations showed extreme coherency in their dressing: blue skirt, stockings and black heels. Mmm... Big Brother approves.

13 13

Zuper Zodiacs Superwoman Superman

Scorpion King


Mr/Mrs Awesome

Laser Eye

The Peeled Banana







In the past days you have experienced many things. Take some time to think about everything. Don’t be afraid to talk to good friends, they will give you some advice.

Mercury is indicating that you will feel weird t o m o r r o w. J u s t try to act normal and avoid black cats and ladders.

You will have to say goodbye to a good friend today. But you don’t have to worry, you will see each other again very soon.

The stars are in a good position for you at the moment. Take advantage of that and give EYP a place in your heart.

Planet Mars is giving you bad vibes. This could make your PED a lot worse, but things will get better soon.

Everything is going really smooth today. Just go with the flow and relax. You’ve got a cool vibe going on.

Sonic Boom

Almighty Allelle

Scientific megamind

The Incredible

Rainbow Unicorn

Bear Hunter



23/9-22/10 23/10-22/10 23/10-22/11


You are extremely exhausted. You think you have a lot of important stuff to do, but it’s very important to listen to your body and get some rest.

The GA was extremely stressful for you, you’ve achieved so much the last couple of days. You can spoil yourself tomorrow. Well done,

There are a lot of positive vibes because Venus and Jupiter are very close to each other. It will stay positive for a while. Benefit from this.

You may feel like you’re not getting recognition for your hard work. Believe in yourself and you’ll be rewarded eventually.

You have a big task for today. It may seem like it will never finish but don’t worry, you’ll be satisfied at the end of the day.

This will be an extremely important day for you. Prepare yourself properly. Things of great magnitude can happen.

by Eva Verbeeck



be a teenage spy?

Get yourself an alias. A false name, age, school and family details are necessary to succeed as a teenage spy. Covert operations can be compromised easily by failing to implement the basic spy technique. Observe. Observation of body language, facial expressions and pitch changes in the voices of your enemies. is crucial Spies must have incredible memories and understand the finer details of their subjects. Keep a Hit list. Everybody has secrets. There is always something that they won’t want you to know. In the world of espionage this is known as their ‘red light’, something that is so secret and so utterly humiliating that they will do anything to stop you from discovering it. This information, if discovered, is invaluable to use for blackmail. Create a Masterplan. A mission is nothing without a carefully formulated plan of action. This should include a start time, an end time, who controls what, who controls who, cover story, and, obviously, a well-thought-out, fool proof plan. A good spy thinks ahead, and has no fear or doubts. Blend. Dress to your surroundings. Do research in advance and understand completely the workings of the area. A good spy hides, a great spy blends. SPY Gadgets. A good spy is only as good as his gadgets!

CUTTER CD PLAYER: The player becomes a circular saw when Beethoven is inserted. The saw blade has been manufactured to look and feel exactly like a CD. It is a lightweight titanium steel disc with a clear plastic coating on each side and a diamond edge. EAR STUD: Outwardly, this appears to be a normal ear stud with a somewhat large and flashy stone inset. However, it contains a small but powerful explosive charge, which can blow a fist-sized hole in virtually any material.

by Gráinne Hawkes


Post EYP Depression (PED) is a common phenomenon among EYPers after a session. It is a disease caused by excessive longing for their recent EYP experience. Although healthy in small amounts, Scientific Megamind has invented a cure: a chocolate explosion cake. While suffering from PED, try this explosive recipe that will burn your PED away while ensuring that the fun memories remain intact.


Chocolate explosion FOR THE CAKE: 200 g explosive granite (plain flour) 200 g caster sugar 1 teaspoon of dynamite (baking powder) 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 40 g cocoa 175 g unsalted butter 2 large grenades (eggs) 2 teaspoons of gunpowder (vanilla extract)

FOR THE ICING: 75g unsalted butter 175g burnt lava (dark chocolate broken into small pieces) 300g icing sugar 1 tablespoon cyanide (golden syrup) 125ml white spirit (sour cream) 1 teaspoon gunpowder (vanilla extract)

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C and butter two 20 cm sandwich tins. 2. Mix all the cake ingredients (room-tempered) in a food processor until you have a smooth, thick batter. 3. Divide the batter, using a rubber spatula, into the prepared tins and bake it about 35 min until a cake tester. 4. Take the cakes out and let them cool for 10 minutes. 5. For the icing, melt the butter and chocolate. Go slowly, even though it is an explosive recipe, you don’t want any burning or seizing! 6. Put the icing sugar into the food processor and blitz! 7. Add golden syrup to the cooled chocolate mixture, followed by sour cream and vanilla. Whisk in the sieved icing sugar. 8. Add a little boiling water or some more icing sugar depending on whether you want the icing to be runnier or thicker. 9. Sit one of the cakes upside down. 10. Use a third of the icing to cover the cake evenly. Sit the other cake on top, pressing gently to sandwich the two. Use the rest of the icing until the whole cake is covered. Et voilà - you have a PED cure.

by Eva Verbeeck



THE SEVERITY OF A PED 1. How do you feel right now? A. I feel great! I slept twelve hours today. B. Awful. I’ve been on facebook waiting for the journos to upload the session photos. C. I miss EYP. I can’t wait to continue and be an official one day.

4. The thing you miss the most right now? A. Nothing special really... B. I miss everything about EYP. C. The crazy funny teambuilding games.

5. If you’d go to a deserted island 2. What have you been doing af- what would you take with you? ter the session? A. Food and water. A. Studying for my school test. B. EYP Belgium. B. Listening to imagine. C. The newspapers of the 17th BNSC. C. Sleeping. 6. First thing that comes to mind 3. Favourite music of the mo- when you hear ‘Peeled banana’ ment? A. A yellow slightly curved object A. I don’t like music. B. EYP!!!! B. John Lennon. C. Mmm... yummy! C. Anything that’s on the radio.

Mostly A: MILD PED You have some symptoms of a PED but you will not have a hard time. You’re a calm person and you already know that you’ll eventually do more EYP sessions.

Mostly B: SEVERE PED Seek help via facebook and calm down. We advice you to eat some PED cake and watch a funny movie. Apply to future EYP sessions and look forward to attending them!

Mostly C: CURABLE PED Most EYP-ers suffer from this form of PED. It’s absolutely curable so don’t worry. The gloomy days with EYP will soon pass, with more yet to come.

by Eva Verbeeck



IMPRINT Eva Verbeeck Gráinne Hawkes Laura Mont Castro Lilian Liu Sini Hyytiäinen

Target Brussels - Issue Three  

Official magazine of the 17th Belgian National Selection Conference

Target Brussels - Issue Three  

Official magazine of the 17th Belgian National Selection Conference