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What if‌? Imagine life without air travel, TV, telephones, paper, canned food, electricity, money, cars... All of these things, from the simplest to the most complex, exist thanks to people's creativity. And all of these things have their own 5 story. For instance, the first aircraft design was finished more than 400 years before the first aeroplane took off. After all this work inventing things, what would happen if many of these things disappeared or if they didn't exist? Some interesting feedback was gathered from a recent survey. Mark, from Britain, thinks that if the telephone hadn't been invented, the great communications revolution wouldn't have begun. And on the subject of television, he believes that if the television didn't exist, we wouldn't be eyewitnesses to historic moments from cultural events to 15 wars and famine. Naomi Takahashi, from Japan, considers that if all the the world disappeared, it would be the best solution for many problems. She also added, "Nowadays, money is one of the most important things for most people. 20 This is true because what we call money interferes with our lives in many different ways." And she also believes that if there were no money, there would be no wars, since one of the principal reasons for wars is money. So if it disappeared, the number of conflicts in the world would decrease. All the countries in the world would grow closer. If everyone were telepathic, Keiko Mamata, also from Japan, thinks the world would be more complex, "I wouldn't always want to know what was on other people's minds. I’d be exhausted thinking about other people's thoughts. If people could read our minds, we'd have to develop certain skills. For example, if I wanted to talk to one person and not another, I'd open my mind only to the one I wanted to talk to, I wouldn't want my own thoughts to be known by other people. I would want to keep my privacy. So, I'd develop theskill of closing my mind to other people." "On the other hand," she added, "human beings would gradually lose the ability to speak with their mouths. As we wouldn't use our mouths, they would become smaller and smaller. I wouldn't want to be telepathic, but if people all 40 over the world were telepathic, we wouldn't bother to study other languages." It doesn't seem very likely that money will disappear, or that we will become telepathic and lose our ability to speak. Nevertheless, sometimes it is interesting to think, "What would happen if‌?" After all, even the most hypothetical situations sometimes become reality.

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