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Lilesadi’s philosophy is to bring simplicity and poesy in people’s lives. The studio stands for a soft aesthetic with minimalist details.

Studio Lilesadi was founded in 2012 in Rotterdam by the creative duo of German textile designer Dinah Smutny and her sister Sarah Smutny. Lilesadi stands for delicate and minimalist textile and product design. Simplicity through texture, graphic details and a soft color palette. The studio mainly works with textile design. They lately started to explore as well the possibilities of other materials such as ceramics, glass and wood. The studio recently collaborated with Puik Art, Photowall Sweden, Siebring & Zoetmulder, Bershka and Studio Rafaele Rohn. Inspired by these projects Lilesadi places a strong focus on future collaborations with other designers and brands. For Lilesadi craftsmanship is essential to create timeless, high quality pieces. They work closely with artisans and small businesses in the Netherlands. All LileSadi interior textiles are sewn by the Dutch social enterprise MadeinHavens. For their blanket LileSadi worked with the famous Textilelab in Tilburg. The work of Lilesadi is exhibited at international fairs and sold in design stores worldwide.

LINE & GLEAM Cushion Collection




100% organic cotton Hand screen printed in Rotterdam Feather insert Size 45 x 45 cm Colour: Dark grey, apricot, yellow & whitew Cu-Lin-Glea-Gr

100% organic cotton Hand screen printed in Rotterdam Feather insert Size 45 x 45 cm Colour: Dark grey, white & black Cu-Lin-Glea-Ma



100% organic cotton Hand screen printed in Rotterdam Feather insert Size 40 x 40 cm Colour: apricot & white Cu-Lin-Glea-Ap

100% organic cotton Hand screen printed in Rotterdam Feather insert Size 45 x 45 cm Colour: black & white Cu-Lin-Glea-St



DOTS CUSHION - INDIGO NUDE 100% organic cotton Hand screen printed in Rotterdam Colour: Nude & indigo blue Feather insert Size 45x45 cm CU-DO-INDI


BLANKET 01 In search of new creative playgrounds, LileSadi worked with the famous textile lab in Tilburg. The result of this new adventure is Blanket 01, a high quality woven art piece that will stand out in any interior. Woven triangles in the shades of indigo blue, pastel rose, light grey, white, black, vanilla and anthracite with a soft gradient effect on the bottom of the plaid.

BLANKET 01 62,5 % Mohair, 25% Wool, 12,5 % Cotton Size: 130 x 165 cm Colour: grey, white, indigo blue, pastel rose, anthracite & vanilla yellow BL-TR-01



MARBLE HEXAGON 170 grams matte paper. Offset printed Size 50x70 cm Po-Dia-colo


MARBLE & STONE 170 grams matte paper. Offset printed Size 50x70 cm Po-Marb-colo


MEOW POSTER 170 grams matte paper Offset printed Size 50x70 cm Po-Meo-blwh




170 grams matte paper. Offset printed Size 50x70 cm Po-Moo-colo

170 grams matte paper. Offset printed Size 50x70 cm Po-Tak-Off

Table cloth Rainy Days


TABLE CLOTH - RAINY DAYS 100% cotton Screen printed 240 x 145 cm TC-RA-DAYS



CARD & PHOTO HOLDER “MARBLE “MOUNTAINS” Fimo marble effect Gold spray Hand made in Rotterdam Colour: antracite, white & gold Pack of three (one of each size) Sizes: S: 5.5 x 2.5 / M: 6 x 4 cm / L: 7 x 4.5 cm, MG-PHOTO-HO



MIRROR ‘LINES’ Lilesadi & Siebring Zoetmulder* designed a collection of minimalist mirrors. The graphic and minimalist ‘Lines’ mirror is an eye-catcher for any interior. Install it on your wall with the oak mirror base or display it on your favorite furniture. The screen printed architectural lines create a subtle pattern on the mirror.



Made in Rotterdam Colour: blue / nude Mirror Holder: Oak Wood Size Mirror 50x50 cm Size Holder: 28,2 x 10,3 x 4,3 cm Designed by Lilesadi & Siebrng Zoetmulder

DAILY GEMS COLLECTIVE X PUIK ART The Daily Gems Collective*, a collaboration between Studio Lilesadi & Siebring and Zoetmulder, designed a collection of unique shaped ceramic objects and smart furniture pieces for the Dutch interior brand Puik Art.

The ‘Monday mugs’ are minimalistic architectonical objects complementing the everyday aesthetics in the kitchen

For the shape of the mugs, we played with architectural proportions inspired by the mathematical rules of the ‘golden ratio’ and the geometric elements used by the Memphis group.


MONDAY MUG Material : Ceramic Colours: misty grey and cobalt blue. Stackable and dishwasher safe. Sold as a set of 2 cups. Size: 7,5 x 7,5 x 10,5 cm For wholesale inquiries please

“The pigments are blended through liquid porcelain and poured

into the mold, which is then fired on high temperature�

GEMS CABINET The ‘Gems’ cabinets are flexible wall furniture pieces for any interior. They can function as floating bedside tables in the bedroom or as shelving systems in the living room, dining area, studio or in the entrance. The visible texture of the ash woodgrain adds depth and a natural calm detail to the furniture.

Beautifully milled lines around the cabinet create a subtle pattern and rhythm. Next to that they serve as rails, which enable the display of daily artifacts.


“A great composition can be made when you instal l wo or three ‘Gems’ on one wall”


Colours:ashy ice grey and dark petrol. Material: Ash wood Size: 73 x 30 x 44 cm ( w x h x d) For wholesale inquiries please

Lilesadi x PHOTOWALL Sweden

WALLPAPER MARBLE & CONCRETE The“Marble 2.0 – Marble and Concrete” wallpaper collection has been designed exclusively for Photowall in Sweden. In this wallpaper marble and concrete truly come to life in a beautiful pattern combined with soft pastels. It is available in 4 colour combinations.


WALLPAPER - MARBLE & CONCRETE Non woven material Panel width 45 cm Colours: yellow / rose / apricot grey/ mint, grey / nude, grey / apricot


Wallpaper A wallpaper collection inspired by the flora and animals in the mountains. The result is four patterns, representing each a unique take on the theme.



WALLPAPER - HIGH ABOVE Non woven material Panel width 45 cm WA-HI-HIGH



WALLPAPER - SOFT TRIANGLES Non woven material Panel width 45 cm WA-HI-SOFT

bears WALLPAPER - BEARS Non woven material Panel width 45 cm WA-HI-BEAR


rainy days

WALLPAPER - RAINY DAYS Non woven material Panel width 45 cm WA-HI-SOFT

WALLPAPER - DIMENSIONS Non woven material 160 gr Panel width 52x10,05 m WA-HI-DIME


blooming forest

WALLPAPER - BLOOMING FOREST Non woven material Panel width 45 cm WA-HI-CUBA


STYLING DAILY GEMS COLLECTIVE / PHOTOGRAPHY ROZA SCHOUS PAGES: 1, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 54 STYLING + PHOTOGRAPHY Holly Marder PAGES: 4, 5,7, 8, 10, 14, 16, 18, 22, 39, 40, 41 STYLING KATE IMOGEN WOOD | PHOTOGRAPHY GYRITHE LEMCHE: PAGES: 42, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52 Kelly Alexandre PAGE: 2 NYNKE &- designshop PAGE: 9 STUDIO HUIZBAAS | Raffaella Huizinga en Marleen Elenbaas: PAGES: 13, 21 EDWIN PRINS: PAGES: 11, 12


COLLABORATION Collaboration for the marble mountains: Rafaële Rohn

WEBSHOP Dinah Smutny+31 0 683906242 Sarah Smutny +31 0 644399364

Lookbook 2017 Lilesadi  

Have a look at our 2017 catalogue with new products. Minimalist ceramic cups, new wallpaper, graphic mirrors and smart furniture.

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