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Objectives: • Learn formal wear and vocabulary Type: Articles of Clothing (formal) Vocabulary : tuxedo, dress, evening gown, tie, suit, dress shoes, dress shirt, high heels, formal, wide, narrow, plain, fancy, dress-up Levels: intermediate youth Materials : fashion catalogs, flashcards Preparation : make flashcards Time : 50 minutes Interaction : T-S, S-S, S-T Potential Problems: Western formalwear might be too different from formalwear in their custom, making journaling difficult.

Review/Presentation: (30 minutes) [S-T, T-S, S-S] • Go over Dress Code worksheet. • Have students discuss the pros and cons of school dress code. • •

Ask students on what occasions they would wear formalwear. Have students share if they’ve had the opportunity to wear formalwear before. New vocabulary – explain formalwear

Practice: (10 minutes) [T-S, S-T] • Drill vocabulary words using flashcards: o Ask students to identify clothes on flashcard. Also use an adjective in a sentence to describe article of clothing. Production: (10 minutes) • Journal: Write about your dream wedding outfit/dress-up clothes. Use as many adjectives to describe it as possible. If Time: • Ask students what questions they have about unit so far. Test coming up, so tomorrow will have time for review. • Crossword puzzle Assessment: Informal Homework: Finish crossword puzzle. Come to class with questions for test.

Clothing: Dress Up  1  2





 7  8  9



  Women's shoes that make the wearer taller 

1   Tan pants appropriate for business casual  attire 

4   Warm top made of wool

3   Women's formal dress 

6   A blouse with ruffles is not plain, but  _____ 

  Collared shirt 

  Women's shirt appropriate for business  casual attire  7  

9   Men's suit usually worn at very formal  events 


8   Sleeveless top worn over another shirt 

Lesson 4 - Formal Wear