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VICTOR TAYLOR 38 years old Ben Affleck type guy 3 months from present/Flashback. Lincoln, Nebraska. Inside of hospital. Afternoon. We are panning through a hospital room. WENDY TAYLOR, a beautiful blonde hair woman smiles as her doctor gently moves the ultra sound device across her gelled stomach. Wendy clasps her hands together in joy as DR. NIELSON prints out pictures of her ultrasound. Outside of hospital. Wendy looks at the ultrasound and smiles. She takes out her cell phone and her voice is very high from excitement. We cut back and forth from her and her husband, VICTOR TAYLOR, exchanging their enthusiasm: “Our first baby, honey!” She talks as she walks over to her 2007 blue Volkswagen Beetle. She tells Victor that she loves him, hangs up and starts the car. We cut to TONY ANDERSON, a wealthy, perverted, doctor. He cusses many people out as he drives. We see that Tony does not completely focus on the road while he drives. He answers a phone call through his ear piece. He answers with a very professional tone but then his voice turns very flirty as a sly smile appears on his face. He makes subtle sexual references about “playing doctor” with the patient and ends the call with “I’ll see you soon, sweet cheeks”. Tony reads his text messages while he is driving and grabs the wheel last minute to dodge incoming cars. We hear the sound of cars honking their horns as they fade into the distance. He cusses them out and yells “Watch the Mercedes, asshole. This is worth more than your life!” He has a serious, angry look on his face which then cracks into a smile after an attractive woman drives by him in a Mustang GT convertible. He whistles to her and she blows him an air kiss. Tony flips down his sun shield and smirks at himself in the mirror. He makes a couple of quick different poses as he flies down the street, doing 65 in a 25 zone.

We cut back to Wendy, who is cautiously driving while smiling and singing softly to a poppy song on the radio. Crash. Tony runs a red light and collides into the front left side of a blue Beetle. Tony hits it head on the wheel and swears very loudly. He clutches his forehead and flips the mirror down, examining his forehead. He angrily expresses concern about how his bleeding open wound is damaging his appearance. Smoke coming out of the hood of his car catches his eye. “Holy shit my car!” he yells as he anxiously scrambles out of the car. He looks at the giant dent of the compressed hood and turns bright red. He grabs his hair and starts pacing back and forth. His voice begins to get higher as he rapidly mutters to himself. He begins to look around to see if there is anyone that can fix his car. There is closed down gas station with a couple buildings around, a couple with boarded up windows. He shows a look of disgust when he realizes how run down the town is. The streets are completely empty. He swears to himself and looks at the blue Beetle. His eyes widen. “Oh shit! There’s someone in there!” he whispers to himself. He runs over to the car. He peeks into the shattered driver’s window and sees Wendy hunched over the wheel. A repulsive look appears on his face as he blankly stares at Wendy. Her hair is a mess and tainted with red. He slowly lifts his index finger and pushes her shoulder. He pushes again with much more force and Wendy’s limp body falls up against the seat. Blood drips from Wendy’s forehead down her face, also getting in her tangled hair. Tony screams and bolts to his car. He wipes the blood on his pants and scrambles into the driver’s seat. He turns the car on and speeds away, leaving Wendy behind. We pan away from Wendy’s body and see Tony’s Mercedes drive off into the distance. The pictures from Wendy’s ultra scan flutter in the airstream created by the car racing by.

Scene fades into blackness with white text reading “3 Months Later” We see the exterior of a run down apartment. The bricks are dirty and there is graffiti covering the side of the building. We then see a couple second clips of Victor’s apartment: An unplugged house phone, dirty, stained clothes covering his couch and the floor, food wrappers and dirty dishes are stacked up on the tables, shattered picture frames of Wendy and him, and knocked over beer bottles. The carpet is soiled and the room reeks of mold and bad B.O. The drapes are duck taped together, letting no light into the room. Victor lies on his couch with greasy hair and covered in grime. His blankets all have sauce stains and they are bunched up on the couch. We hear a knock on the door. There’s a loud knock on the door followed by a “Victor? Victor! Let us in!” The beat up, wooden front door creaks open but gets stuck in a pile of clothes. Victor doesn’t flinch. The woman calls Victor’s name from behind the door. She pushes the door harder until there is enough room for her to barely squeeze through. A short, 60 year old woman, CASSEY, stands at the door and gazes around in horror at the disgusting room around her. She unclogged the door from the filthy bundle of clothes and lets her husband, DANIEL, in. Daniel walks in and immediately displays a sickened look on his face. He calls Victor names such as “a repulsing hog” and “low life piece of shit”. Cassey hits Daniel on the shoulder and walks over to the window and rips the tape off the drapes and opens them. Blinding light enters the room. She walks over to the couch. She pulls the blanket off from Victor and he instantaneously shields his eyes from the light entering his eyes. Cassey pushes the clothes off the couch and onto the floor and sits in the empty space. She puts her arm on Victor’s shoulder and attempts to comfort him and make him realize that staying indoors won’t solve anything.

After hours and hours of picking up the broken pieces of glass and doing infinite loads of laundry, Cassey and Daniel make the room look a bit better. Cassey pushes Victor into the shower where he pauses for a couple moments while scrubbing, and begins to weep. He punches the wall but then realizes that he needs to move on. While cleaning, Cassey stumbles across the collected pile of mail by the front door. She finds a nicely decorated envelope that is addressed to Victor. Cassey recognizes the sender as one of Victor’s close friends, MADDIE. She opens the envelope and pulls out an invitation to a neighborhood barbeque. She notices the postage is dated 2 weeks before today and that the barbeque had already begun. She has a frustrated look on her face and demands that Victor attends. It is around 4:15pm and sunny. We see people in casual clothing mingling, chatting and holding drinks in a backyard. Cassey walks through the fence and is immediately hugged by Maddie. “It’s so good to see you again,” Maddie exclaims “I didn’t think Victor would come, but it’s so great to see all of you guys”. Victor mingles around, slightly pale and zombie-like with dark circles under his eyes, but still makes an effort to socialize. Maddie’s fiancé, PATRICK, runs up to Victor with a huge smile on his face. He puts his arm around him and offers him a beer. They reflect on old times and Victor laughs. Patrick walks into the kitchen to grab another beer. He stops in front of one of the kitchen cabinets. He opens the door and we see about 8 keys dangling on the inside. He stares at the keys and bites his lip. He grabs one of the set of keys and hurries out. Patrick recommends that Victor takes a solo trip to his cabin in Colorado. “It’ll get you away and you can start fresh” he says. Victor pauses and looks at the key. He smiles and thanks him as he takes the key from his hand. Victor, Cassey and Daniel return to Victor’s apartment. Cassey flicks the light switch on and mentions how much cleaner it is. Victor turns and faces his parents. He smiles as he rolls back and forth on the balls of his feet. Victor thanks his parents for bringing him back to reality. He tells them about Patrick’s cabin and how he’ll be going

there for a bit. They agree that it’s a good idea to get away. Cassey kisses him on the forehead while they say goodbye. The next morning, we see Victor loading duffel bags into the trunk of his 2002 silver, slightly rusty, Subaru. A navy Dodge pickup trunk pulls up behind Victor’s car and Patrick hops out. He offers to help him load the car but Victor’s just about done. Patrick smiles and expresses how excited he about Victor’s recovery. They exchange goodbyes and Patrick wishes him a good trip. We get a bird’s eye view of Victor’s car driving on the highway and fading shots of him driving his car while smoking a cigarette. After a couple minutes of this, we see Victor looking around and disinterested in the road. A young boy in an argyle sweater jumps out into the road and flails his arms around. Victor sees him and slows down. He pulls up next to the boy. The 17 year old boy, JACKSON, peeks into the car through the passenger window. Jackson introduces himself and asks if he can take him back home. Victor first hesitates and takes a good long look at the boy. Jackson gives him a nervous smile. Victor smiles back and says “Hop in. Nice to meet you kid, I’m Sam” says Jackson. Victor looks Jackson up and down. He has a confused look on his face. Jackson is dressed very sharp with stylish designer clothes on. Victor asks why a gent like him is doing stranded at the side of the road. “’Cuz I felt like it, I guess” Jackson says and he shrugs his shoulders. Victor gives him a look, “What’s the real reason kid” he laughs. Jackson then begins talking about how he got fed up his cocky “douchebag of a father” and walked out. The two begin talking random things, such as their goals in life and high school relationship. Jackson asks if Victor’s seeing anyone. Victor bites his lips and is quiet. He then mutters, “We got a divorce”. Jackson apologizes and immediately changes the topic and asks him where he lives. Victor begins talks about his childhood life in Lincoln. Jackson then notices a silver ring on Victor’s ring finger. He looks down in shame and expresses a look of guilt. Victor doesn’t notice.

After the conversation ends, there is a silence. After a couple minutes Victor looks over at Jackson who is staring at the window. Victor asks Jackson what he is thinking about. Jackson doesn’t say anything at first. He sighs and looks back at Victor. “Just thinking about how much I hate my dad”. Victor looks slightly insulted and begins to tell Jackson about how valuable human life is and that he should appreciate what he has. Jackson rolls his eyes and cuts Victor off: “Believe me, you don’t know my dad. Even from just looking at him you’d want to punch him in the face”. Victor scoffs and says, “Sure whatever, kid.” Jackson frowns and grabs his wallet. He pulls out a picture and tosses it onto Victor’s lap. “There’s a motherfucker for ya” he says. Victor picks up the picture of a sneering man in a classy blazer. Someone had poked a hole where the man’s left eye should have been. Victor does a double take and slams on the brakes. Jackson hits the dashboard and cusses loudly. Victor stares at the picture with wide eyes. There’s a long silence. Jackson turns and looks at Victor with a smile on his face. “Yeah, I’d punch that motherfucker in the face if I saw him” mumbles Victor. Jackson laughs and says, “Yeah you should meet him”. There’s another silence. The engine of the car is the only thing that is producing sound. After a couple minutes Jackson says, “Well… Wanna?” Jackson smiles and starts the car back up. It’s nighttime. Victor pulls up into the driveway. They exit the car and slam the car door shut simultaneously. Jackson stops and looks at Victor. “You know you’re right, my dad’s a piece of shit but he’s all I ever had you know?” he says while shrugging. He looks at his house and then quietly says, “I guess I’m just an ungrateful lil’ bastard” We tilt from the rusty car up the giant 4 story cabin inspired house. Victor follows Jackson up a set of stone stairs to the front double doors. Giant windows expel the light from a beautiful chandelier in the foyer. Jackson takes out a cluster of keys and opens the door. We see two sets of winding staircase in the circular foyer

leading to a balcony that connects to the rest of the second floor. Jackson sighs and walks through another set of double doors into a large room. Victor walks in after him and looks up in amazement as the space opens up into a giant room with a 20 foot tall ceiling. The room is gorgeously furnished with fine leather couches and antique coffee tables and cabinets. “Hah, I figured you’d come back to such a marvelous house like mine” says a voice in the background. “Couldn’t do it, could ya?” A man in a red bathrobe walks in while smoking a cigar. He runs his hand through his hair and he gives Victor a look and smiles: “Look what the cat dragged in”. Jackson and Victor look at each other smile. Victor takes a step forward and reaches his hand out towards the man: “Pleased to meet you sir, my name’s Sam”. The man takes a step back and conveys disgust as he stares as Victor’s outreached hand. “Tony. Dr. Tony Anderson. PhD.” The two stare at each other for about 20 seconds and Jackson get their attention by asking who is hungry. Tony leaves to go get dressed. We pan through the dining room made of mahogany wood floors and detailed Tudor wall panels. Victor and Tony sit at the table as Jackson grills steak in the kitchen. Victor compliments the house and Tony replies with a stuck up comment. Victor resists jumping across the table and strangling Tony. Jackson brings in everyone’s plate and they all begin eating. Jackson tries to start up conversations and all of them talk, but there is awkward tension between them. Victor asks Tony where the scar is from. Tony immediately answers “a bear while hunting”. Victor acts interested and asks to know more. Tony replies with a very broad answer and then changes the subject. Victor mentions that it looks like he had gotten in a car accident. Tony pauses and looks at Victor. Victor looks down his nose at him with his chin resting on his propped up arms. Tony

breaks eye contact and scoffs: “You’ve clearly never wrestled a bear like I have, I killed that lil’ fucker”. Victor bursts out laughing and wraps his fingers around his steak knife. “Oh really? Just like you killed my fucking wife with your car?” he yells as he stands up from the table and chucks the knife across and into Tony’s gut as Tony jumps out of his seat too. Jackson’s face flushes white and rushes to Tony. Jackson looks at Victor with utter fear and pulls out the knife from Tony’s body. Tony braces himself against the table as blood gushes out of his open wound. He looks into Jackson’s eyes and tells him to get his gun. Jackson hesitates at first and runs to Tony’s bedroom. Tony tries to push himself back onto the chair as he tries to catch his breath. Victor picks up Jackson’s steak knife and gets up onto the table. We look at Victor from Tony’s perspective. He takes slow steps towards the camera as he makes demented, threatening comments. We look down at Tony from behind Victor’s shoulder. Victor kneels down and grabs Tony by the collar. Tony is panting and breathing hard. Victor pulls the knife up to Tony’s neck, just barely touching his skin. Tony laughs. Victor asks him if he has anything to say. Tony barely opens his eyes and looks at Victor: “You’re wife is a whore.” Jackson slides into the room holding a loaded shotgun. Tears are running down his face and he’s breathing so hard that spit is dribbling down his face. Jackson cusses loudly and pulls the gun up to his eye level. Victor’s eyes widen and pulls Tony up towards his body. Boom. Loud gunshot. It’s silent except for Jackson panting. He puts both his hands on his knees and stares at the ground as sweat drips down his face. He lifts his head and looks over excepting to see Victor’s dead body.

Tony’s limp body swung back and forth in Victor’s grasp of his collar. Blood trickled out of the bullet wound as the red stain on Tony’s shirt grew bigger and bigger. Victor let go of Tony’s body and stared at the collapsed, fleshy mess. Jackson yells at the top of his lungs and fires a shot at Victor. Victor jumps off the table but his left forearm is hit. He yelps as he runs into the living room. We heard Jackson yelling in rage as he storms around the house searching for Victor. Victor takes off his shirt and wraps up his wound to avoid dripping. He expresses extreme pain but tries to remain quiet. We see a silhouette of Victor tip toe-ing across the screen and into the hallway as Jackson’s shadow appears against a wall, slowly coming from a doorway. Victor slides across the wall of the hallway trying to be as stealthy as possible. He takes a step and a floorboard creaks. He takes a step back and knocks over a vase. Jackson turns across and runs to where the sound came from. Victor picks up an antique end table and flings it at Jackson just as he steps into the hallway. Jackson falls back and shakes off the broken wooden pieces. Victor has run up the stairs and into a bedroom. He shuts the door and collapses to the floor in pain. He forces himself to sit up to lock the door. The door is kicked open by Jackson and bashes Victor in the face, knocking him backwards. Victor scrambles to his feet. He tries to shake the pain in his face away and weakly lifts his unharmed arm up in defeat. Jackson has his shotgun up by his face, pointed at Victor. Victor slowly steps away from Jackson. “Your dad killed my wife. My pregnant wife. My fucking son” Victor choked. Jackson keeps stepping closer and closer as Victor continues to back up until he bumps into the wall. He hears picture frames rattle from the slight knock.

Victor looks around. It’s dark except for the light that is being let into the room. He sees that he is in a large bedroom with a king sized bed to his right, a stone fireplace to his left, and a 17 year old boy pointing a shot gun directly in his face. “No place to run” breathes Jackson. He’s still panting very hard. Victor shakes his head with a fearful look in his eyes. Standing five feet away from him, Jackson points the gun at Victor’s foot and pulls the trigger. Victor falls back and crashes into the wall. His body slides down the wall as tears flood into Victor’s eyes. He clutches his foot with his good arm. Victor’s body gives out and he falls to his side. His head hangs low as sweat and tears drip onto the shattered picture frame. He looks at the picture. It’s a black and white portrait of Tony, Wendy and Jackson. His heart drops and he gags a little. He notices that Wendy has a baby bump and that she is wearing their wedding ring. He looks at the photograph at Jackson and then back up at the Jackson standing over him. Jackson has the gun pointed back at his head. Victor begins to sob as he crinkles up the photograph, also cutting his hand by the broken glass. “Why… Why?” Victor whispers to himself. Jackson continues breathing hard and steadies the shotgun. “She was the mother of my unborn baby!” he cries. “That piece of shit isn’t yours you dumbass!” Jackson yells. “She cheated on you! She never loved you!” Jackson was only a couple inches from Victor’s face. Victor lies limp against the wall. “Like anyone’s loved you either” Victor whispers. Furious, Jackson pulls the trigger over and over again, firing the remaining four shells. He keeps shooting but the gun is empty. The shotgun slips out of his hand as he falls onto his knees. We get a bird eye’s view of dead Victor lying against a wall in the light coming from the doorway with Jackson curled up on the floor in front of him.

After a couple minutes of silent tears, Jackson goes silent. He hears sirens from a far distance. He fetches Victor’s keys out of his pocket and dashes out of the bedroom. With his racing heart beating in his ears, Jackson sprints down the stairs and out the doorway. He rushes over to Victor’s car and fumbles with the keys. He looks around in all directions; there are no cops in sight. Jackson get’s into the car and starts the engine. “Go go go go go!!” He begs. He pulls out into the street and speeds down the street. Adrenaline pumping through his body, Jackson is panting extra hard. He flies down the hilly roads going about 70 mph, occasionally getting off the ground. Jackson reflects on what had just happened and he keeps wiping his tears away. Completely disregarding a stop sign, Jackson rams into a turning car. After being half conscious for about ten minutes, he wakes up with his face in the airbag. He punches it away as it slowly deflates and he grabs his head with both hands. He looks straight at the car with horror and slowly lowers his head into the steering wheel. THE END.