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INT. Keganson Residence – DAY


HANNAH KEGANSON is being scolded for her immaturity. After she talks to her parents about talking to her new friend THORTON, a lawn gnome in her neighbor’s yard, they ground her. Her mother, LISA, shows a look of distress on her face. Her father, PETE, is red with anger and grounds Hannah. Pete fears that Hannah’s friend’s old brother has peer pressured her into taking hallucinogens. HANNAH Mom! Stop, I thought you’d understand PETE Lisa, don't defend her. I know that shit sack of a brother Hailey has is dealing her something. LISA Peter! Do you know how ridiculous that is? She is only 9 years old! PETE You don’t know what the hell these kids are up to these days HANNAH Daddy I didn’t do anything! Don’t get mad at Thorton. Please Daddy? PETE (pause) (says through teeth) What did you just say? LISA Pete, there is no reason to get mad PETE Who is the hell is Thorton! LISA Stop swearing (smacks Pete with arm)

HANNAH (stays quiet) PETE Well? LISA (kneels down and hugs Hannah) Now now, don’t be sad. Daddy’s just being a jerk HANNAH (tear drips down cheek) H-He’s my gnome friend PETE (rolls eyes and walks out of the room) LISA (turns Hannah so they’re face to face) Who is he? HANNAH M-My gnome friend LISA Gnome? As in a garden gnome? HANNAH (nods head) Yes LISA Is he made up? Is he imaginary? HANNAH Nope! He lives in Mizz Pillsen’s garden. I saw him taking a bath in her wine presser! I promise I shut my eyes right after! LISA Hannah, lawn gnomes are just decoration. They’re not real HANNAH

Mom! Why don’t you believe me! He’s real! He’s real!!

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