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Friday February 5, 2010

The Arjeplog Times

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A Short History of Arjeplog Arjeplog was not always a car testing centre. The name ‘Arje­plog’ was first mentioned in history books in 1636 when the Nasa Silver Mine was working. There have been people in this area for nearly ten thousand years but the town of Arjeplog was ‘born’ when the silver mine in Nasa was started in 1635. At that time the town of Arjeplog was declared an official market place and priests were sent here to convert the heathen people into good Christ­ ians. They used brutal methods to reach their goal. The traditional market is still held every winter in March (and nowadays also every autumn) but today the priests do not hunt down the nonbelievers with torture and violence.

A view of Storgatan (main street) in Arjeplog in the beginning of the 1900s. These were the first proper houses ever built in Arjeplog and a few are still standing, for example, where LiLAB and Pensionat Fjellström are. We think that this picture is taken from where the hard-ware shop Järnia Granns is today and the house on the near right is LiLAB’s.

At first there was only a handful of huts built for the people working in the mine. There was also a building for the separation of the silver from the ore which stood in the area between the Silver Museum and the church. When people gathered for the market they stayed in tents and the merchants had small sheds from where they traded their goods. It is believed that later many people erected small huts where they could stay when visiting Arjeplog. During the following years, more and more Saami as well as settlers moved to the area and began to populate inner Lapland.

In 1901 the first plan for the town of Arjeplog was drawn. The houses on Storgatan (the main street) were the first to be built. The house where LiLAB and The Arjeplog Times is today, at number 12 Storgatan, is one of the oldest remaining houses. The first proper houses were built by merchants and forest people. The municipality or kommun of Arjeplog continued to grow until the end of 1950’s when some six thousand people lived here. Now, there are only about 3200 in the whole municipal area of Arjeplog and about 1800 in the town. There

has never been more than about 2000 people in the actual town of Arjeplog. At the Silver Museum in Arjeplog, you can see many of the artefacts and objects that were collected from the past, mostly by Dr Einar Wallqvist, the founder of the Museum. A visit to the Museum will give you a very good picture of the history of Arjeplog, both of the Saami people and the settlers who have lived here. The permanent exhibitions are explicit and very interesting. The Museum is open Monday to Saturday as well as on Sunday afternoons during the winter season.

Inside: Jens Schmidt, Knorr Bremse on the Ho t Se at; Mee t Ale xandra, ATM; Usef ul info; What’s on?

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This & That... • Two Dutch KDC-10s landed at Arvidsjaur Airport last Saturday. They are the largest aircraft ever to land on the runway in Arvidsjaur. These enormous planes brought soldiers from the Dutch army for winter training in Arvidsjaur. ‘Each plane weighs 256 tons’, says Thomas Scherman, safety co-ordina­ tor at the airport. The KDC-10 is the military version av the DC-10. • Some car testers left a window open in the private house that they were renting when it was very cold. This is not a good thing to do as the pipes and other things in the house can freeze and break.

What is snus ? What is snus? Or, what has he got under his lip? These are questions often asked by visitors in Sweden. Snus, or snuff, is moist tobacco that is put in the mouth for the same reason that people smoke; for the nicotine. There are many different kinds of snus. The ”real deal” is the soil-like substance that is formed into a prilla or small ball and put under the lip. Nowadays it is popular to use snus in teabag-like pouches. This is the method preferred by women using snus and it is not as messy. There is even a tobacco-free version of snus that is popular with people who want to kick the habit.

• Frasses and Harrys, 2 restaurants under one roof, will be opened next weekend, at last. It is almost one year ago that the old Frasses burned down. • You are allowed to go cross country skiing on the snow-mobile tracks. There is a big red cross on these tracks. • Many people have heard about the high suicide rates here. The suicide rate has decreased by more than 75%, according to statistics comparing 1994-2003 and 1983-1994. The rates here are now less than half of those for the whole of Sweden. Doctor Bosse Henricson, from Arje­plog, is very proud of this. He has been asked to write a manual about the practical prevention of suicides to be presented in Korea in March. • The man that filed the complaint about Nelly’s (we wrote about it last week) was proven correct and it has now been revealed that the Kommun made a mistake in not presenting the plans properly. The county administrative board has therefore said no to the plans for Nelly’s. The Kommun now has to start from the beginning and a building permit seems very far away.

Many smokers go over to snus when trying to kick the habit.

In Sweden, when people stop smoking cigarettes, they often go over to using snus instead and more people probably use snus than smoke. About two out of ten Swedes use tobacco, half smoke and half use snus. Sweden’s Institute for Public Health published a report in May arguing there was “strong scientific proof that snus has negative effects on health. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified smoking as the second major cause of death in the world. About half of the 650 million people who smoke will die from this habit. In an international perspective, Swedish males run a comparatively low risk of dying from a tobacco-re­ lated diseases. The reason is that they use snus instead of smoking and in the scientific community this is called “the Swedish experience”.

What has Tomas Gustavsson from Track Fix, got under his lip? It is snus or snuff.

In the light of this information, it seems strange that Sweden is not allow­ ed to export snus to EU countries. Cigarettes are much more dangerous and carry no export or import bans. However, Sweden is the only EU member state where sales are permit­ ted after it obtained an exemption when the European Union banned snus in 1992. Pub Källan in the basement at Mathörnan was probably one of the first pubs in Sweden to become smoke-free. The owner then was Lotten Mörtell. She was facing expensive renovations involving a new ventilation system when The Arjeplog Times suggested a smoke-free pub. Lotten immediately adopted the idea and declared the pub smoke-free. This was back in January 1995. Nowadays you are not permitted to smoke in most public places. But to ”snusa” is still allowed, although many people find it hard to imagine kissing somebody with a big prilla beneath their lip. Friday February 5

Sunrise: 8.56 Sunset: 15.07 Length of day: 6 hours 11 min Length of visible light: 8 hrs 22 min

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Candid interview with a car tester

The Hot Seat you cannot do in Germany, like snow-mobiling. I like the landscape, the lakes and forests especially when the sun is shining.

Name: Jens Schmidt. Age: 26. Family: Girlfriend, Lena.

What is bad in Arjeplog? Arjeplog is a small place. I would have liked to see a big city in Sweden as well. I hear that many people think that it would be nice if there was a café here. I haven’t been here so long and I work most of the time. I do not have so much spare time, so I have not really thought about this.

Home: Fulda, near Frankfurt, Germany. Company: Knorr Bremse. Occupation: Software engineer. Favourite food: Chicken, barbecues and pizza. Dream car: I do not have a dream car, it is not important what I drive. As a child my dream car was a Porsche. Present car: Opel, that I bought second-hand. Spare time activities: Sports such as jogging (even when it

Jens Schmidt, Knorr Bremse

is very cold here), football and swim­ ming. I go biking in the summer and downhill skiing in the winter. What is good in Arjeplog? The people are friendly. There are many things you can do here that

Locals Love ‘Palt’ It has been said that the best way to get rid of a local is to throw palt on to thin ice. When he sees the palt he will walk out on the ice to get it and the ice will break! Palt is arguably the most popular food among the locals in the north of Sweden. There are two basic kinds of palt (a kind of dumpling). Regular palt is made of grated potatoes and flour and blodpalt is made from reindeer blood and flour. The dough is formed into round balls that are boiled in salted water or meat stock. The potato palt is also filled with boiled pork and often served with fried pork. Sweet and sour lingonsylt

(lingonberry jam) and plenty of real butter crown this delicious dish. The blodpalt is served sizzling hot together with boiled reindeer meat. Lingonsylt and butter are also essential to this dish called Lappkok. The preferred drink for palt dishes is milk, but some people say that red wine also goes very well with palt. Every week palt is served at Mat­ hörnan and the restaurant is filled with locals. Next Wednesday there will be blodpalt on the menu, if you are ready to try real Laplander food. Karim at Mathörnan shows a serving of blodpalt. He comes from Morocco and is not so fond of it but he is happy to serve it.

Music you enjoy? All kids of music, from oldies to the newest music. What is important in life? To be happy. My girlfriend makes me happy. It is also important for me to have a job that I enjoy, one that is interest­ ing and not boring. So much of one’s life is spent at work.

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Stormy Weather


ast week when I was going to Umeå, there was a class-2 warning from SMHI, Sweden’s Mete­ orological and Hydrological Institute. This warning means that bad weather and bad road-conditions were predicted. In Arjeplog the weather looked fairly good and in the morning I talked to my brother, who drives a snow plough, and he didn´t think that it was too bad. 30 km south of Arjeplog the road started to disappear before my eyes. I met very few cars so I could drive in the middle of the road, which was good because it was difficult to see the edge of the road. I had planned 2,5 hours for the first 220 kilometres - but it took me almost 3.5 hours to reach Lycksele. I tried to choose roads that I thought would be cleared more than others, but unfortunately no roads were well-taken care of on this day.


n the evening I went on to Umeå, where there was a blizzard with strong winds. The closer I got, the slower I had to drive and eventually I even had to turn off the headlights of the car in order to see the road at all, in the dark. When I arrived in Umeå, my car got stuck in an intersection but luckily, there were a lot of people around outside, so I could get help. It all turned out fine in the end but I was reminded that we cannot control the weather and I was glad that I have driven a lot since I took my driving licence. Of course, I always have warm clothes and shoes in the car in order to survive if I get stuck in a snow bank. A good idea is to have some small candles in the car, which actually can make the difference between a warm and a cold car, if an accident should occur and you get stuck.


n the south of Sweden they are also experiencing a very cold winter with a lot of snow. Nowadays, this is not usual and it makes me think of our family in the south. I know that they are often less prepared for winter and they do not always have winter tyres for their cars.


f the weather here in winter is too mild, it does not feel right. Strange as it may seem, we like our cold weather - it is one of the reasons why we choose to live here. We enjoy our five seasons, each one different from the other. Right now, in early February, we look forward to the fifth season - which we call spring/winter. That is the time of year when there is still a lot of snow but the sun warms you and it is pleasant to be outdoors. Have a nice week!

Britta Flinkfeldt Jansson, Mayor.

Partners of The Arjeplog Times We thank our partners for their contributions. Arjeplog


Arjeplog’s Kommun Argentis, trade & industry Arjeplogs Eltjänst Arjeplog Test Management Blomhörnet, flower shop Cartest Cold Spot Facilities Colmis Proving Ground Destination Arctic Circle Fixar’n, Tyre Service Frasses grill & restaurant Flinkfeldts Buss Harrys restaurant & pub Hornavan Hotell Hotell Lyktan Hotell Silverhatten ICA supermarket Ice Makers Järnia, Granns hardware Konsum supermarket Kraja Laisdalen Hotel Lena’s Fish Shop Mathörnan, restaurant & pub Moose Village Jutis Nina’s Boutique OK-Q8 petrol station & shop Pizzeria Verona Polaris Experience Center Porsche-On-Ice Shell petrol station & shop Silver Museum & Tourist Info Swedish Church in Arjeplog Viltbutiken

Afrodite restaurant & pizzeria Anna-Lisas Souvenirbutik Arvidsjaur Airport Hotell Laponia OK Q8 petrol station & shop

Car test companies BMW Group BorgWarner BOSCH Daimler AG Fiat Group GKN Driveline Haldex Hyundai Mobis Jaguar Land Rover Knorr-Bremse MAGNA Powertrain MAN Truck and Bus Mando Porsche

Others Comdate communication Flycar German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

The partners of The Arjeplog Times help to ensure the production & publishing of this important paper by means of their solidarity, their belief in the need of the paper and their financial contribution. Would you or your company like to be a partner of The Arjeplog Times? Please contact Illona or Johan Tel: 0961-616 88. E-mail:

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Meet Alexandra Reuss, Arjeplog Test Management – this week’s local Name: Alexandra Reuss.

Spare-time activities: I read a lot and listen to talking books in Swedish. I knit and also go walking with snow-shoes. I am also interested in Swedish films. I collect certain glass objects and like going to auctions and flea markets. I also watch football on TV, I support St Pauli from Germany.

Age: 37 Married: No. I have a särbo. (See explanations below). Home: Snierra, I have a house in the forest just outside of Slagnäs which I bought in September last year. I come originally from Lübeck in Germany. Occupation: In the winter, I work as a receptionist at Arjeplog Test Management. I see to it that Bosch and their customers have everything they need. In the summer months I work at the tourist office at the Silver Museum. Favourite food: That depends on where I am. In Germany, by the harbour, I enjoy a fish sandwich and German beer. Here, I like grilled perch (abborre). I love having a slow breakfast with very strong coffee.

What’s good in Arjeplog Nature. The landscape, the scenery, the light, the water. The quietness and the freedom I feel when I am at home in my house in the forest. Right now I do not want to be anywhere else. Alexandra Reuss, ATM, Arjeplog Test Management.

Dream car: Some kind of jeep, a robust car with a tow-ball. I must be able to defrost the windscreen when I start the car, so I do not need to scrape off the ice. Present car: Silver-grey Ford Focus, stationwagon.

What’s bad in Arjeplog? There is no natural meeting place here, we need a cosy café or pub. It would be nice if people in my age group came to the cultural arrange­ ments here. What’s important in life? To be satisfied with things in your life. To do whatever it takes to fulfill your dream and goals. We only have one life and must make the most of it.

Sambo, särbo, gift

Free Films at the Public Library

Here are a few different terms in Swedish that describe a family situation. Gift = married Sambo = living together as married or cohabitation Sam = from the word tillsammans which means ‘together’ and bo (boende) = live. Särbo = sharing a life but living separately, in different places. Sära = separate or apart.

Did you know that you can borrow, free of charge, DVD and video-films as well as books in foreign languages at the library in Arjeplog? All you need is a library ticket, which you get free of charge, straight away at the library, which is situated in Emma Sundström at the public library showing the large Medborga­huset by number of films that you can borrow free of charge. Hornavan School. There are many different films as The library is open: well as books in English, German, Mon, Wed, Thurs 11.00-19.00 Italian, French and Spanish. Tues 11.00-17.00, Fri 11.00 -14.00.

Both the words sambo and särbo can be used when talking about the actual living together/apart or to denote the person, male or female, with whom you live or share your life.

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Go Skiing - Win a prize

Kristoffer, entrepreneur of the year in Arvidsjaur

If you go cross country skiing during the month of February, write your name and telephone number in the box by the tracks and you have a chance to take part in the draw for a prize. The February Skiing Activity is arranged by the kommun’s public health group who are trying, in this way, to get people to ski and exercise more. There are ‘Aktivitetslådor’ or Activity boxes at the ski tracks at Öberget, Djuptjärn, Slagnäs, Laisvall and Mellanström.

Kristoffer Lundström, 26, who has owned and run Hotell Laponia in Arvidsjaur since June 2007 won the entrepreneur of the year award in Arvidsjaur for 2009.

Good Water in Taps The water in the taps is clean and pure and very good to drink. However, we heard that the water in the taps at the BMW facilities should be avoided at present.

This young man received the award last Saturday night from the trade association because of his succesful development of the hotel and his interest in tourism and the car testing industry in the area. He is sensitive to the needs and wishes of his clients and is always on the go and with a smile on his lips. Kristoffer is very happy to have received this award and sees it as an acknowledgement of his work. He says that he has a fantastic team at Laponia and that they always have fun at work. Their work is never-end­ ing and they will continue to improve and develop the hotel and different projects.

Kristoffer Lundström, is 26 years old and owns and runs Hotell Laponia in Arvidsjaur. On Saturday, he received the entrepreneur of the year award for 2009.

Moose Village and Naked Men The village of Jutis 45 km west of Arjeplog has become famous for two things: naked men and moose.

Three years ago the inhabitants of the village needed to make some money to maintain their community centre. Somebody had seen the English film ‘The Calendar Girls” and sug­ gested that they copy the idea. The women of Jutis did not want to be photographed in the nude so they decided to make a calendar with the men posing in the nude. The Jutis calendar became an instant success and now they have produced their third calendar. Some of the profits this year also go to cancer research. Jutis is also famous for being the Moose Village. In winter the hunters use their skills to find and show moose to tourists and car testers.

This picture is the front page of their latest calendar and shows the whole hunting team (nearly all the people in Jutis).

They are so sure that they will find moose when you go on a moose safari that they promise: No moose, no

money. You only have to pay if they can show you moose. See details and the telephone number on page 7.

Arjeplog ◗ Arjeplogs Eltjänst Electricity and network for tele- and computers. Tel 0961-102 40. ◗ Blomhörnet Flower and gift shop. Fresh flowers, pot plants, fine chocolates, candles, gifts. We send flowers all over the world. Storgatan 1. Tel 0961-102 65. ◗ church of Sweden, parish of Arjeplog. Church services on Sundays at 11.00. Visit the church every day 8-16. ◗ Cold Spot FAcilities Testing facilities for rent, short and long-term. Workshops, offices, tracks. Magnus Holmgren tel 070-641 9998, Rickard Larsson tel 070-635 8110. ◗ Colmis Proving Ground One of the leading facilities for winter testing. Your total service provider: tracks, workshops, offices and accommodation - just one phone call away. Tracks, workshops and offices located within the fenced area of Colmis Proving Ground. Tel 0961-720 100. ◗ Destination Arctic Circle (Arjeplog Lappland) Storgatan 1E. Accommodation, Saami culture, dogsleds, snow-mobile and moose safaris, ice fishing, incentive events. Tel 0961-222 30. ◗ Fixar’n Tyres and repairs, wheel alignments. Everything for your cars. Tow-truck 24-hour service: Tel 070-510 5525. We can fix anything! Industrivägen 6. Tel 0961-615 09. ◗ Flinkfeldts Buss Transfers to and from all the airports, bus tours. Tel 0961-104 25. Direct tel to Airport bus: 0706-40 44 25. Mail:

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Useful Information ◗ ICA supermarket Fresh bread baked on premises, grilled meat and lots more. 2 semlor for 29.90 kr. Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18, Sun 12-18. Post office services. ◗ Icemakers Apartments as well as test tracks on lake, ice and land for rent. Information: 0961-329 00, Katarina or Gunilla. ◗ Järnia, granns hardware shop. Sports clothes, kitchenware, tools, shavers. 10% discount for car testers. Storgatan 9. Tel 0961-101 70. ◗ Konsum supermarket Open: Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18, Sun 12-18. Fresh bread, grilled chicken, fruit and vegetables and lots more. ◗ Lena’s Fish Shop Fish & meat. Mon & Fri 9-11, 16-18. Tues & Wed 16-18. Thurs 16-19. Other times, phone 070-216 9065. ◗ Moose Village Jutis Moose Safari on snow-mobile. Start Jutis 39 km on Silver Road. 550 kr/person. Money-back guarantee. Lunch available. Tel 070-222 9235. Veronica. ◗ Nina’s Boutique Swimming and sports shorts. Woollen caps, warm gloves and padded (ski)pants. Winter jackets. Fashion clothes. Torggatan. Tel 0961-103 04. ◗ OK-Q8 (OK petrol station & shop). Open till 21.00 every day. Petrol & ethanol. Shop with everything you need. Tel 0961-102 35. ◗ Polaris Experience Center Snowmobile tours, RZR-activities, ice fishing, multi-discipline events etc. Information: Joakim 070-5511779.

◗ Hornavan Snow-mobile adventures. At Rebakkudden and Skeppsudden. Hot tub, ice-fishing, activities. Tel 0961-777 100.

◗ Porsche-On-Ice Training & Events. Benny Larsson 070-626 2974. Magnus Holmgren 070-641 9998. www.

◗ Hotell Lyktan Hotel and conference in centre of town. Tel 0961-612 10, Fax 101 50. Breakfast available.

◗ Shell petrol station and shop, fresh bread, food, DVDs, car accessories, fast food and lots more. Open to 22.00 every day. Tel 0961-291 80.

◗ Silver Museum + tourist office. Mon-Fri: 10-12, 13-16. Sat 10-14, Sun 16-18. Exhibitions, slide show, souvenir shop, tourist information. Entrance to the museum: 60 kronor. Tel 0961-145 00. ◗ VILTBUTIKEN in the centre of Arjeplog. Moose & reindeer meat. Shellfish. Swedish salmon (gravlax). Handicraft. Souvenirs. Gifts. Open: Mon-Wed 10-17. Thurs 10-20, Fri 8-17, Sat 10-14. Drottninggatan 6 . Tel 0961-10001

Ar vidsjaur Stationsgatan 3 Arvidsjaur Open Monday to Saturday Airport shop Monday and Friday Tel 0960-106 33, 070-591 89 39.

◗ Arvidsjaur Airport Flights to & from Arlanda, Stockholm. Charter flights to/from Munich, Hahn, Hannover, Stuttgart. Info & reservations: tel 0960-173 80. Cafeteria/lunch restaurant. ◗ OK-Q8 (OK petrol station & shop) Open till 22.00 every day. Petrol & ethanol. Small supermarket with everything you need. Tel 0960-654 540.

General information ◗ comdate Broadband, tele­ phones, network, communications, support. Tel 0911-232323. ◗ Deutsch-Schwedische Handelskammer, Ihr Partner im Schwedengeschäft, tel 08-6651800. ◗ Flycar Direct flights to and from Arvidsjaur and Stuttgart, FrankfurtHahn, Munich, Hannover,

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What’s on ? Friday, February 5 • Pub evening at Pub Källar’n in basement at Mat­hörnan.

Saturday, February 6 • Pub evening at Hotell Silver­ hatten. 22-02. Free entrance. • Night club and disco at Hotell Laponia, Arvids­jaur. 22-02. Entrance: 100 kr. • Pub Evening at Hornavan Hotell. 22-02. Troubadour. Entrance 50 kr. • Arm westling competition at Medborgarhuset. From 12.00 in the afternoon. Come and watch.

Sunday, February 7 • Snow-mobile tours at Polaris Experience Center 3 hours 1250 kr. Start 10.00, 2 hours 890 kr. Start 18.00. Book in advance at the recep­ tion at Silverhatten or Kraja! • Snow-mobile tours 4-hour guided tour including lunch or dinner. 1000 kr. Start 9.00 or 14.00. Hornavan Hotell, tel 777 100. • The Silver Museum in Arjeplog is also open on Sundays 16-18. Entrance 60 kr.

Wednesday, February 10 • Pub evening at Pub Källar’n in basement, Mat­hörnan. • Pub at Hornavan Hotell. Free entrance. 22 - 01.

Eating & Drinking Thursday, February 11 • Planka at Silverhatten. 19-22. Planked steak. 195 kr. Book a table. • RZR-evening with polaris quads. 19.00-21.00. Try our exciting RZR activity at the hunting lodge by Kraja. 100 kr/15 minutes. Drop in! No need to book in ad­ vance. Warm clothes not included. • Animals and Nature photos of Håkan Jonsson at Medborgarhuset - hall by school and sports centre. 19.00. Free entrance. • Jokkmokks market February 4-6. Memory cards for cameras and USBsticks for sale at LiLAB, Storgatan 12.

Where to Eat & Drink Arvidsjaur ◗ Afrodite Tel 0960-173 00. Restaurant, Pizzeria, Greek grill. Fully licensed. Lunch: Mon-Fri 10.30-14. Dish of the day OR pizza, kebab, salads, Mexican. 75 kr incl. salads, bread, drink, coffee. All day: À la carte, Italian pizza, rein­ deer meat, fish, Mexican food, salads, pasta. Storgatan 10, Arvidsjaur. ◗ Hotell Laponia Tel 0960555 00 Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. 79 kr. Evenings: À la carte. Mon-Fri 18-22. Sat: Laponia hut: 3-course menu or à la carte. Sun: Sameland: 3-course menu over an open fire. Sun: Laponia hut: À la carte 18-22. Book a table. SPA: book in advance. For more infor­mation:

The Arjeplog Times

produced & published by

Tel 0961-616 88 Storgatan 12, Arjeplog, Sweden.

Illona & Johan Fjellström

Where to Eat & Drink Arjeplog ◗ Frasses and Harrys Drottning­gatan. 2 restaurants and pub under one roof. The plan is to open next weekend (Sat Feb 13). ◗ Hornavan Hotell Lunch: Mon-Sat 11-14. 75 kr. 675 kr for 10 coupons. À la carte every evening 19-22. Pub evening: Wednesday & Saturday. Skepps­udden. Tel 0961-777 100. ◗ Hotell Silverhatten. Lunch: Mon-Sat 11-14. 85 kr or 800 kr for 10 coupons. Evenings: Mon-Sat 19-22. Bar open: Sun-Wed 19-23, Thurs and Fri 19-01, Sat 19-02. À la carte, pub menu and evening menu. Tel 0961-107 70. ◗ Kraja Restaurant Lunch Mon-Fri 11-14. 85 kr or 800 kr for 10 coupons. Evenings: 19-22. Tel 0961-315 00. ◗ Laisdalen Hotel Laisvall, 30 minutes from central Arje­plog. Fully licensed restaurant and pub. 50 rooms. Tel 0960-200 30. ◗ Mathörnan Lunch of the day: Mon-Fri 11-14. 75 kr. 11 lunches for price of 10. À la carte, pizza, hamburgers. Mon-Fri: 16-22, Sat fr 12, Sun fr 13. Pub Källa’n: Wednesday and Friday. Drottninggatan 4. Tel 0961-614 44. ◗ Pizzeria Verona Lunch of the day: 11-14. 69 kr. All day: Pizza, pasta, à la carte. Also take away. Fully licensed! NEW! Sports channels on 2 big screen TVs. See all the popular football matches, ice-hockey, golf and other sports events! We have it all! Drottninggatan 6. Tel 0961-108 00.

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Arjeplog-Times-nr 5-10  

newspaper for car testers in Arjeplog