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Friday January 28, 2011

The Arjeplog Times

Your weekly paper with news, views & interviews. Since 90/91. 20th season

Sports Centre Teeming with Energy The sports centre in Arjeplog is a very popular place for both locals and car testers. New equipment in the gym has made it even better. The evenings are quite booked up but it is possible to use the gym and swimming pool without booking. It is also possible to rent the sports centre and ice rink in Laisvall 30 minutes away. Every evening the sports centre in Arje­plog becomes a very international place, teeming with energy. We paid a visit on Tuesday evening and the first people we met were the spinning group, where car testers from Sweden, German car tester Marco Strauss gets help and friendly advice from local woman Malin Lestander at Australia and other nations happily the gym in the sports centre. trained together with locals. Instructor Åsa Lundberg said that they are so pleased that In the swimming pool half a dozen Germans swam up and so many car testers have found their way to the different down with different degrees of skill. The warm (+28) water activities offered by Tränings­kompaniet. is very tempting when outside temperatures reach similar numbers but with a minus sign! French testers Marc and Sylvain had fun playing table tennis, even though they have not played so much before. You can try the different activities but most people we saw in the work-out gym using the brand-new equipment. While Marco Strauss and Torsten Müller from Germany were training they got some help from local woman Malin Lestander. Everyone seems very happy to train together and the atmosphere is warm and pleasant in the sports centre. continued on page 6

‘Aussies’ spinning in Arjeplog. In front is Hiroshi Suemitsu and behind Bryan Maris and Stuart Bajema, hidden is also Justin Mcminn, all from BOSCH Australia.

Inside: Paul Fickers, Fiat group on the Hot Se at; Sara Kavalec, Silverhat ten/Kraja; Usef ul info; What’s on?

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This & That... • Bittes Café on the market square is now open later on weekends, by general request. Saturdays and Sundays the cafe will be open 12-17. • A truck hit a moose on a country road south of Arvidsjaur the other day. The moose ran into the forest and local hunters spent the morning in the forest trying to find the animal. • Darren Jones from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR SCS team) unfortunately will not be out to Arjeplog this year. He has been unable to work since last Easter following an accident in which he was knocked off his mountain bike by a white van which then failed to stop. Darren was on the ‘hot seat’ last year in The Arjeplog Times issue nr 4, exactly one year ago. His colleagues and we wish him a speedy recovery and return to work. • The German company Air Berlin are now flying from Hannover to Arvids­ jaur. They fly Mondays and Fridays to accommodate car testers. Ralf Lundberg, boss of Arvidsjaur Airport, says that it is positive that Air Berlin also want to fly to Arvidsjaur. It is always good with a bit of competition and there will be more flight opportunities. • Four cars were seen driving the wrong way down Drottninggatan in the dark the other night and they weren’t all testers. Didn’t they see the no entry sign on the corner opposite ICA? • There is a new exhibition at the Silver Museum showing the development of modern-day Arjeplog from 1901 onwards. The explanations are in English and there are many photographs to be seen and interesting texts to read.

(Angry) Letter to the Editor We received the following mail from an angry car spy. Mr Stefan Baldauf from SB-medien does not like the fact that we write about him. In the same way, some people do not like the fact that he will do whatever it takes to get pictures of prototypes. We have always been on the side of the car testers but we have also reported stories from the ‘other side’. We will continue to write about the things that happen to our readers and when we get a tip, we usually write about it.

The mail from Stefan Baldauf

Dear Mr Fjellström, You must be one of the happiest persons in Arjeplog if you hear something about car spies. Why? Why is it that you always report about the english car spy and both german car spy companies, but never about the lovely swedish guy, who is driving around in his white Skoda Superb. Oh, I forget... there were stories in the past about good moments, when the lovely car spy Andreas helped a Opel test driver. Only good things with Andreas, but all the details with the others. Is it forbidden to take pictures from a public road about camouflaged cars? Even from the public road near a shell petrol station or something else doesn’t stop me. If Porsche is angry about photographs, why do they come here and why do they drive on a public road? It’s there problem. If they are worried about photographs

and to much details about their cars, they have to talk to their camouflage department and put more cover over the details. Sorry Porsche! But back to you: Why is it that you always talk about me, SB-Medien/ Stefan Baldauf? We had the same shit last year and we will have it again during the next weeks. Please stop it! You know that car spies are around and you know that Andreas is driving a Skoda. Why did you just wrote about the Mondeo and not about both cars? Don’t tell me that Porsche just told you about the Mondeo. Anyway, your report in the Arjeplog Times gives me a perspective how important car spies are. Let’s hope that every prototype get’s photographed. I’m waiting for your answer. Thanks! Regards, Stefan Baldauf

Reply to the mail

Stefan Baldauf, you got it wrong. We did not get the tip from Porsche and we did not know it was your car. If we had known maybe we would have published a picture of you as well. Forgive us, but we do have a tendency to be nice to people who are nice to us, and vice versa. We dislike it when we get threats and other nasty remarks. But it will not stop us from publishing stories that are interesting for our readers. PS: You are right I am a very happy person. Johan Fjellström, The Arjeplog Times

An aerial view of Arjeplog from 1926, part of the new exhibition covering the recent history of Arjeplog.

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Candid interview with a car tester

The Hot Seat A big handicap is that it is difficult to get here. What is needed is a quick and good flight to Arvidsjaur. Also, there are problems with luggage handling when it comes to low cost airlines and it is hard to send the luggage all the way to your final destination. It would be so valuable if there was a good solution to the transportation of car testers to and from Arjeplog.

Name: Paul Fickers Age: 46. Family: Girlfriend, Arlette Carolle, we live together (sambo). Home: Bologna, Italy on weekends and in Turin during the working week. I have lived in so many countries, Belgium, Holland, Germany, England and now I am based in Italy.

What music you enjoy? I am a fan of the 80’s, from ABBA to U2.

Company: Fiat Group Occupation: I am Head of Vehicle Testing. Favourite food: I have learned to appreciate Italian cooking. I like Dutch-German food. Dream car: I had my dream cars, a Dutch sports car called Donkervoort, metallic grey in colour, as well as a Maserati GranTurismo, which I created myself when I was working as a vehicle engineer. My dream car is a 1967 Mustang Shelby GT500 also known as Eleanor, seen in the movie ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’. Present car: A red Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon. Spare time activities: I spend a lot of time travelling for my work but I also enjoy travelling in my spare time. Track-racing with my car and inline skating are spare time activities that I enjoy and of course, working on my car. In Arjeplog I like snow-mobiling, if I get the time.

Paul Fickers, Fiat group

What is good in Arjeplog? The people are friendly and the climate is good. And it is nice to see a sound world. The scenery is fantastic, for example the beautiful church, which is a landmark, and its surroundings. This picture remains in one’s memory for a long time. The silence is overwhelming, almost ‘deafening’. It feels good to be in a place where it is silent and you can reflect on things. In Holland, for example there is not one single place where you don’t hear a car. Also, there is no light pollution here, so you can see the stars in the sky and the northern lights - an amazing aurora performance. Lapland is so special. And now ‘Harrys’ has added a metro­po­litan style to Arjeplog which is a great improvement for those people who want that. What is bad in Arjeplog? The problems with the Paparazzi are getting worse every year.

What is important in life? To be healthy is important and also to be happy. I need to have certain goals and new challenges in order to be happy. To have challenges in your life keeps you busy and off the road. Fortunately, I am never bored as my passion is my work. Perhaps that is why I work too much but I enjoy it and am happy.

The pink church in Arjeplog is a landmark.

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Snow-mobiles and the Return of the Sun In Arjeplog, there are over 2,000 snow-mobiles. Snow-mobiling is a hobby that is cherished by many of the locals. Riding a snow-mobile on a properly prepared trail is a real treat, especially when the sun is shining and it is warmer in the air. After some kilometers, you can stop, go to the side of the trail, make a fire, dig a hole and make a kind of ice-sofa to sit in, and prepare your lunch. As far as I am concerned there is not much that beats sitting on a reindeer skin, stripped to your bare skin, with your nose facing the sun. And, of course, with a cup of coffee in your hand. Some say this is a poor excuse for going on a snow-mobile outing but it is one of the many reasons we have chosen to live here. There are also a lot of people who choose to bring their snow-mobiles on a trailer from one of the coastal cities in Sweden or from the Norwegian side. In Norway, there are many restrictions concerning snow-mobiling and for this reason many Nor­we­ g­ians come to Sweden in order to be able to drive their snow-mobiles. Our tourist facilities in the mountains are filled with paying guests and yet it is by no means overcrowded. Arjeplog is a municipality with a lot of space. We have a trail system that is between 1250-1600 kilometers long, which is almost the same distance as the length of Sweden - so we certainly do live in a long country. There are large differences between the northern and southern parts of our country and therefore different conditions for our businesses. In the northern part of Sweden we have many unique advantages that are easy to market to visitors. People who are not accustomed to sitting on a mountain top where you hardly see another person for miles. People who have never seen the northern lights, aurora borealis, or people who have never experienced the sun shining 24 hours a day - as it does here in summer time. Now, we can already see the sun is returning. This Friday, the sun rose a little earlier than last Friday, and set a little later. The day is getting longer very quickly, by about one hour each week. Have a great week! Britta Flinkfeldt Jansson Mayor, Arjeplogs kommun.

Partners of The Arjeplog Times We thank our partners for their support Arjeplog


Arjeplog’s Kommun Arjeplogs Eltjänst Arjeplog Test Management Bittes Café Blomhörnet, flower shop Cartest Cold Spot Facilities Colmis Proving Ground Destination Arctic Circle Fixar’n, Tyre Service Frasses & Harry’s Flinkfeldts Buss Glass studio, Norrskensglas Hornavan Hotell Hotell Lyktan Hotell Silverhatten ICA supermarket Ice Makers Järnia, Granns hardware Konsum supermarket Kraja Lena’s Fish Shop Mathörnan, restaurant & pub Moose Village Jutis Nina’s Boutique OK-Q8 petrol station & shop Pizzeria Verona Polaris Experience Center Porsche-On-Ice Silver Museum & Tourist Info Swedish Church in Arjeplog Viltbutiken

Arvidsjaur Airport Fiskimport i Arvidsjaur Hotell Laponia Marios Grill OK Q8 petrol station & shop

Car test companies BMW Group BOSCH BWI Group Daimler AG Fiat Group GKN Driveline Haldex Hyundai Mobis Jaguar Land Rover Knorr-Bremse MAGNA Powertrain MAN Truck and Bus Mando Opel Porsche

Others Flycar German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce Friday January 28

Sunrise: 9.00 Sunset: 13.03 Length of day: 6 hours 02 minutes Length of visible light: 8 hours 02 minutes

If you or your company want to be a partner of The Arjeplog Times, please contact Illona or Johan, tel 0961-616 88 or The partners of The Arjeplog Times enable us to produce & publish this important paper. We thank them for their solidarity, their belief in the need of the paper and their financial contribution.

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Meet Sara Kawalec, Hotell Silverhatten/Kraja – this week’s local Name: Sara Kawalec

I also enjoy being outdoors and skiing and skating. It is wonderful to have real winter here, so I hope to get a chance to be outdoors.

Age: 32 Marital status: Single

What’s good in Arjeplog Nature - the landscape is magical here, like a winter wonderland, especially when the sun is shining. I also like the people here, they are so genuine and friendly. I had heard so much about the quiet people in the north but these preconceived ideas do not fit with the people I have met.

Home: Arjeplog for now. I grew up in Gothenburg and have lived mostly there and in Stockholm. I have moved around a lot. Occupation: Restaurant co-ordinator. I am responsible for the restaurants at Silverhatten, Kraja and the Silver Lodge and also for catering the events. Favourite food: Mussels, clams and cheese. I like strong tasting mature cheeses. I like the reindeer dishes at Kraja. Dream car: Older cars. Mustang from1967, turquoise in colour. Present car: I do not have a car or a driving licence. I have always lived in a city where it isn’t so important to have a car or be able to drive. Here in Arjeplog, I see how necess­

Sara Kawalec, Hotell Silverhatten/Kraja

ary it is to have your own transport. That is why I am practising to drive and hope to take my driving licence soon. But there is so much snow, I hardly see where the road ends and the pavement begins. Spare-time activities: I do not have so much time, but when I do, I love cooking together with friends.

What’s bad in Arjeplog? Nothing so far. It is very different to living in a city, of course and quite an adjustment to move here but so far I have had so much to do, that I haven’t thought about it. What music do you listen to? All kinds of music except ‘House’ music. Depending on my mood, I listen to punk, cabaré and sync. What’s important in life? Love is important and to develop as a person. I think it is important to take the chance to learn new things and to take on new challenges.

Moved to Arjeplog to Study here

Whisky and Tapas

There are many different reasons why people move to Arjeplog. Some come for work, some for the outdoor life, some for love and some come here to study. Mathilda Michols chose the Bil­System Teknik (BST) programme at Hornavanskolan and has therefore moved here for three years. She comes from Dalarna in the middle of Sweden and is very interested in cars and technical things and that is why she chose to come to Arjeplog. Mathilda is 16 years old and so far

Ulrik Nordin from Mackmyra will be mingling in the restaurant at Hotell Silverhatten next Wednesday and Thursday evening. You will have the opportunity to discuss buying barrels of whisky or ask about the distillery and their whisky selection. Whisky tasting for these evenings at 20.00 can be booked in advance at the reception at a cost of 195 kr. From Wednesday next week, Silverhatten will be offering ‘whisky and tapas’ consisting of 4cl Mackmyra whisky from live barrels together with a small tapas plate for 195 kr.

she likes it here. She visited BMW for one day and thought it was fantastic. She hopes that she can get more work practise there. When Mat­­­ hilda is not studying she likes to go skiing and do other sports. Mathilda Michols came to Arjeplog to study.

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Sports Centre Teeming with Energy

Flight Problems

continued from page 1

The main sports hall is used for football, innebandy (floorball) and badminton. It must be booked in advance, but Torolf Lidström, who is in charge of the sports centre, told us that most of the attractive times have already been taken. For more information and to book a time, contact him tel +46 961 14156. He says “Tell them to bring an interpreter because my English is very bad and I don’t speak anything but Swedish”. If you do not mind driving to Laisvall, 30 minutes from central Arjeplog, there is a sports hall where you can play football, innebandy (floorball) tennis and badminton. There is also an indoor ice rink, with an automatic light switch, which is free of charge. If you want to book the sports hall in Laisvall contact Christer Westin,

Why are the planes from NextJet always late and why are the flight tickets so expensive? These are two usual questions concerning the flights to and from Arvidsjaur. Many passengers have chosen to fly to Luleå because it turns out cheaper and better.

Tomas from BOSCH is enjoying table tennis with his partner Sylvain.

tel +46 70-605 1813 or the shop, Laisdalens Livs +46 961-200 32.

Jokkmokk Winter (Saami) Market The Jokkmokk market will be held from Monday January 31st until Saturday February 5. It starts with a historical mark­ et and continues into a tradi­ tional Saami (Lappish) market.

and drink, crafts, live performances, and reindeer races. A caravan of reindeer will pass through the middle of the market area on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at about 12 noon. Jokkmokk is about 200 km from Arjeplog.

Jokkmokk’s Market is the oldest market north of the Arctic Circle and has grown into the largest winter festival and tourist magnet of the Scandinavian Arctic Circle region. Art and culture have become as important a feature as commerce. People come from all over the world to this famous market. There are activities from early morning to late at night. There is Saami costumes and flag are very colourful, see colour photos traditional Saami food on our website.

It is the government that decides which airline gets to fly from Arvids­ jaur Airport. The state pays for the costs that the airport accumulates and therefore decides which air company gets to fly. The problem is that they always pick the one that offers the lowest prices (for the government) regardless of the quality and service provided. For the last few years the company NextJet have been flying between Arvidsjaur-Lycksele-Stockholm and many people are dissatisfied with their service and the prices of the tickets. “In the beginning they were a new company and said they did not know how to run things. One of the biggest problems was that they only had three aeroplanes which is the bare minimum for their operation. When one or two of the planes needed service or repair, there were delays”, says airport boss Ralf Lundberg. He told us that sometimes NextJet only had one plane and then things were chaotic. Now, however the company has acquired two more planes and Ralf hopes that things will be better in the future. At the moment Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) are collecting quotes from various airline companies and in October they will decide which company will fly Arvidsjaur-Stockholm for the follow­ing four years. They will probably choose the cheapest and not listen to the people and the industries in the area that are directly affected.


Useful Information

◗ Arjeplogs Eltjänst All kinds of electrical jobs as well as telephone and computer networks. Tel 0961-102 40.

◗ ICA supermarket Fresh bread & cakes baked on premises, grilled meat, food, household items. Post office services. Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18, Sun 12-18.

◗ Blomhörnet Flower and gift shop. Fresh flowers, pot plants, candles, gifts. We send flowers all over the world. Storgatan 1. Tel 0961-102 65.

◗ Icemakers Apartments as well as test tracks on lake, ice and land for rent. Info: 0961-329 00, Katarina or Gunilla.

◗ church of Sweden, parish of Arjeplog. Church services on Sundays at 11.00. Visit the church every day 8-16. ◗ Cold Spot FAcilities Testing facilities for rent, short and long-term. Workshops, offices, tracks. Magnus Holmgren tel 070-641 9998, Rickard Larsson tel 070-635 8110. ◗ Colmis Proving Ground One of the leading facilities for winter testing. Your total service provider: tracks, workshops, offices (within the fenced area) and accommodation - just one phone call away. Tel 0961-720 100. ◗ Destination Arctic Circle Private houses and apartments for rent, Saami culture, dog-sleds, snow-mobile and moose safaris, ice fishing, incentive events. Storgatan 1E. Tel 0961-222 30. ◗ Fixar’n Tyres and repairs, wheel alignments. Everything for your cars. We now sell Liquefied petroleum gas. We fix everything! Open Mon-Fri 7-16. Tow-truck 24-hour service: Tel 070-510 5525. ◗ Flinkfeldts Buss Transfers to and from all the airports as well as bus tours. Tel 0961-104 25. Book transfer to/from Arvidsjaur Airport tel 0771-100110. Direct tel to Airport bus: 0706-40 44 25. Email:

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◗ Järnia, granns hardware shop. Sports clothes, kitchenware, tools, shavers. 10% discount for car testers. Storgatan 9. Tel 0961-101 70. ◗ Konsum supermarket Fresh bread, grilled chicken, fruit, vegetables, bottled water, smoked salmon and more. Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18, Sun 12-18. ◗ Lena’s Fish Shop Fish, meat, souvenirs, knives. Mon & Fri 9-11, 16-18. Tues & Wed 16-18. Thurs 16-19. Other times, phone 070-216 9065. ◗ Moose Village in Jutis Moose Safari on snow-mobile. Start Jutis 39 km on The Silver Road. 550 kr/person. Money-back guarantee. Lunch available. Tel 070-222 9235. Veronica. ◗ Nina’s Boutique Knitted caps, fur hats, warm gloves and padded (ski)pants. Winter jackets. Fashion clothes for men and women. Torggatan. Tel 0961-103 04. ◗ Norrskensglas - Glass Studio and shop. Glassblowing and production of ornaments and other things. Gifts. Mon-Fri 10-17 (closed for lunch 11.3012.30), Sun 12-16. You are welcome to visit us and if you are lucky, we may be blowing glass. Smedjegatan 3. Sarah and Yvonne. Tel 103 33. ◗ OK-Q8 (OK petrol station & shop). Open till 21.00 every day. Petrol & ethanol. Shop with everything you need. Tel 0961-102 35.

◗ Hornavan Hotell Snow-mobile adventures at Rebakkudden and Skepps­udden. Hot tub, ice-fishing, activities. Tel 0961-777 100.

◗ Polaris Experience Center Snowmobile tours, RZR-activities, ice fishing, multi-discipline events etc. Information: Joakim 070-5511779.

◗ Hotell Lyktan Hotel and conference in centre of town. Beakfast available. Tel 0961-612 10, Fax 101 50.

◗ Porsche-On-Ice Training & Events. Benny Larsson 070-626 2974. Magnus Holmgren 070-641 9998.

◗ Silver Museum + tourist office. Mon-Fri: 10-12, 13-16. Sat 10-14, Sun 16-18. Exhibitions, slide show, souvenir shop, tourist information. Entrance to the museum: 60 kronor. Tel 0961-145 00. ◗ VILTBUTIKEN in the centre of Arjeplog. Moose & reindeer meat. Shellfish. Swedish salmon (gravlax). Handicraft. Souvenirs. Gifts. Open: Mon 9-17, Tues & Wed 10-17, Thurs 10-19, Fri 8-17, Sat 10-14. Drottninggatan 6 . Tel 0961-100 01

Ar vidsjaur ◗ Arvidsjaur Airport Flights to & from Arlanda, Stockholm. Charter flights to/from Munich, Hahn, Hannover, Stuttgart. Info & reservations: tel 0960-173 80. Cafeteria/lunch restaurant. ◗ Fiskimport i Arvidsjaur Fresh specialities from the sea. Smoked & marinated salmon. Stationsgatan nr 12. Tel +46 960 128 28. Fax +46 960 128 22 Mon-Fri 9.30-17.30 Sat 10-13 Closed for lunch Mon-Thurs 12-13. Other times call 070-322 58 01. ◗ OK-Q8 (OK petrol station & shop) Open till 22.00 every day. Petrol & ethanol. Small supermarket with everything you need. Tel 0960-654 540.

General information ◗ Deutsch-Schwedische


Ihr Partner im Schwedengeschäft, tel 08-6651800. ◗ Flycar Direct flights to and from Arvidsjaur and Stuttgart, FrankfurtHahn, Munich, Hannover,

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What’s on ? Friday, January 28 • After Work at Hornavan Hotell.

Steak and Grill buffet. 17-21. 165 kr incl soft drink. Happy hour in bar: 17-21. Book a table tel 777 100. • Pub evening at Pub Källar’n in

basement, Mat­hörnan.

• Live entertainment with Dave

Stewart at Harrys 22-02. Come and request a song. Entrance fee 50 kr.

Saturday, January 29 • Samba evening at Hotell Silver­

Tuesday, February 1 • Evening special at Hornavan Hotell

- homemade schnitzel, 125 kr.

Wednesday, February 2 • Pub evening at Pub Källar’n in

basement, Mat­hörnan.

Thursday, February 3 • Planked beef steak or salmon at

Hornavan Hotell, 179 kr.

Friday, February 4

hatten 19-02. South American meat buffet & samba show 19-21. 195 kr. Book a table. Disco with DJ: P2 from 22.00, Samba surprise at 23.00. Entrance fee 50 kr.

• After Work at Hornavan Hotell.

• Dance to live band Svänzons and

• Pub Källar’n basement, Mat­hörnan.

Disco at Hotell Laponia, Arvidsjaur 22-02. Entrance fee 130 kr. • Live entertainment with Dave

Stewart at Harrys 22-02. Come and request a song. Entrance fee 50 kr.

Sunday, January 30 • Snowmobile tours at Polaris

Experience Center 3 hours 1365 kr. Start 10.00. Book in advance at the reception at Silverhatten or Kraja! • Ecumenical services in English at church in Arjeplog at 11.00. • Glass Studio and shop is open also Sunday 12-16. Smedjegatan 3. • The Silver Museum is open every Sunday 16-18, as well as other days.

Thai buffet. 17-21.165 kr incl soft drink. Happy hour in bar: 17-21.

• Trouba­dour Tomas Lidström at

Harrys 22-02. Free entrance.

Where to Eat & Drink Arvidsjaur • Hotell Laponia Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. 79 kr. À la carte restaurant Mon-Sun 18-22. Book a table. SPA: book in advance. Tel 0960-555 00 Info: • Marios Grill hamburgers, kebab Lunch: Mon-Fri 10-14. Large buffet 3,5 metres long, 4 or 5 main dishes. Good fast food, Best quality Swedish meat. Free refill colddrinks and coffee. Mon-Fri 10-21, Sat and Sun 11-21. Storgatan 26. Tel 0960-126 26.

The Arjeplog Times produced & published by

Tel 0961-616 88. Storgatan 12, Arjeplog, Sweden.

Illona & Johan Fjellström

Where to Eat & Drink Arjeplog Bittes café market square. Mon -Fri 11-16, Sat & Sun 12-17. Coffee, tea, sandwiches, cakes, semlor (cream bun with almond paste). Britt Marie, tel 070-558 8576. Frasses Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. (75 kr - 11 lunches for price of 10) 3 dishes, salads and pizza buffet. Fast food every day 11-20. Pizza take away, Tel 0961-101 01. Drottninggatan 2. Harrys New varied menu, pizza, à la carte. Cosy pub, live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays. Drottninggatan. 2. Tel 0961-101 06. Hornavan Hotell Lunch: Mon-Sat 11-14. 85 kr. 10 coupons 750 kr, 5 for 375 kr. Restaurant: Mon-Sun 19-22, special dinners or à la carte. Skepps­holmen. Tel 0961-777 100. Hotell Silverhatten Lunch: Mon-Sat 11-14. 85 kr. 10 coupons 800 kr. Also valid at Kraja. À la carte and pub menu: Mon-Sat 19-22.30, Sun 18-22.30. Tel 0961-107 70. Kraja Restaurant Lunch Mon-Fri 11-14. 85 kr. 10 coupons 800 kr. Also valid at Hatten. Restaurant: Mon-Sun 19-22. Tel 0961-315 00. Mathörnan Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. (75 kr - 11 lunches for price of 10) Open: Mon-Fri: 11-22, Sat 12-22, Sun 13-21. Wed and Fri: Pub Källa’n in basement. Catering & take away. Drottninggatan 4. Tel 0961-614 44. Pizzeria Verona Lunch: 11-14. 69 kr. Every day from 11.00: Pizza, pasta, à la carte. Also take away. Fully licensed! Sports channels on 2 big screen TVs. Football matches & other sporting events. Drottninggatan 6. Tel 0961-108 00.

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