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Friday March 9, 2012

The Arjeplog Times Your weekly paper with news, views & interviews. Since 90/91. 21st season.

Welcome to the Winter Market! Shopping, handi­ craft, food and music. The winter market that starts in Arjeplog today has a lot to offer its visitors. Gun Inger Wallström and Annica Stenman at Desti­ nation Arctic Circle are in charge of the market. According to them, there will be the same amount of market stands this year as last year. The only thing they worry about is that some people will cancel due to illness. So many people are sick at the moment. Many people buy and wear warm, furry hats at the winter market and the colourful dolls (on the left) are an example of the many different things for sale.

The market weekend is often a time when those who have left Arjeplog come home for a visit. It also attracts visitors from near and far. During the weekend, you will find many things to buy, exhibitions to see as well as entertainment, pubs and dances. Many of the restaurants offer special meals and many are open later. On Friday 19-22.20 at Medborgar­ huset you can go dancing to typical Swedish dance band music. There are many different foods to taste and to buy such as souvas (smoked reindeer meat), salted herring, sausages,

hamburgers, hot chips, sandwiches, waffles, spices and lots more. The Silver Museum is open all weekend (Sat 10-16, Sun 10-14 and 16-18). Here you can see permanent exhibitions as well as temporary handicraft exhibitions. You can also buy souvenirs and handicraft at the shop. There is also an art exhibition at Hotell Lyktan. On Sunday morning, at the church in Arjeplog, there will be musical church services combining Swedish and Saami music. continued on page 2

Inside: Hot Seat: Rob Storey, Bosch, Australia; Local: Hanna Karlberg, Shell; Useful Information, What’s on?

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This & That

Welcome to the Winter Market

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• The Silver Museum have 10% dis­ count on blankets 9-15 March. • Peter from Fiskimport in Arvidsjaur will be selling his salmon and other fish specialities at the market this weekend. • Norrskensglas, the local glass studio will be open on Saturday and Sunday where you can test-blow a bubble. They will also be selling their glass products at the market in the centre of town. • Tundra Art will be open during the market on Fri 10-17 and on Sat 10-16. • A petrol truck caught on fire on Mon­ day on Road 95, south of Arvids­jaur. The road was closed for many hours and the traffic had to be re-driected to alternative routes. Although the truck burned most of the day, 1000 - 3000 litres of fuel spilled into the forest. Now, they are trying to suck up as much fuel as possible and clean the area. • On Saturday night, March 10, a documentary film will be shown on German ARTE TV, about 2 different worlds in Arjeplog: the vehicle testing industry and reindeer herding. The film follows David Palopää, a local teacher and a reindeer herder. Read more: amm/244,broadcastingNum=1330409, day=1,week=11,year=2012.html

The Korean chefs from Mobis are very happy to be able once again to give people at the market a taste of Korean food.

Most of the shops are also open on Saturday and Sunday and have special offers. The Korean chefs from Mobis will once again offer visitors to the market a free taste of Korea. They will stand next to the florist’s on Storgatan. Last year, many people were very happy to try real Korean food and this year they are so pleased to be able to offer this again. Local handicraft artists will be selling

their wares at the “Hantverkargränd” at Lärcentrat, behind the new florist’s all weekend. Many will be showing how they make their handicraft and you can chat to them and get a closer look at local handicrafters and their wares. At the cinema in central Arjeplog, films, mostly local and mostly in Swedish, will be shown all weekend. Walk around, look at the people and the things, taste the food, absorb the atmosphere. Enjoy the market!

Main Streets Closed to Traffic During the market weekend, the streets in the centre of town will be closed to traffic from Thursday afternoon until Sunday at 20.00. Drott­ning­gatan will turn into a two-way street and should only be used by people who live there and by Coop Konsum customers. Most of Storgatan and the streets by the market square will be closed to traffic.

to Norway

The Silver Road

to Arvidsjaur

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Candid interview with a car tester

The Hot Seat Name: Rob Storey.

What is good in Arjeplog? The Northern Lights are awesome. The snowboarding and skiing oppor­tunities here are very good, we like to go to Galtis on Sundays and on Wednesday nights. The people are friendly and I also like the cold, clear air.

Age: 26. Married? I live with my girlfriend, Johanna. Home: Melbourne, Australia. Company: BOSCH, Australia. Occupation: I am a stability control engineer. Favourite food: Roast lamb. We eat a lot of lamb back home. In Arjeplog, I like the pizza at Harry’s, and the food at Hornavan Hotell. We also cook in the houses, the salmon is good. Dream car: Audi R8. Blue, if they make them in blue. Present car: I don’t own a car. I ride bikes. I have 2 mountain bikes and road bikes. I ride about 250-300 km a week, often to and from work.

Rob Storey, BOSCH Australia.

Spare time activities: I ride my bikes and I also compete in various competitions. I spend time with my girlfriend and friends. We like to BBQ and hang out together. In Arjeplog, I like snow-boarding and snow-mobiling. I also go spin­ ning. We try to be active and do as much exercise as possible when we are here.

What is bad in Arjeplog? Travelling here (and then back to Australia) is really bad. It is such a long trip and we have to wait in so many airports. And then when we get here, it is hard to sleep and adjust to the time difference. It is so dark in January. Now, it is much nicer when the days are longer. It also feels bad that we leave sum­ mer in Australia and come to winter here. We miss a good part of our nice summer. What music do you enjoy? I like house and dance music. And I also like to listen to punk-rock, which is very different. What is important in life? A good-life and work balance. Good friends are important, good food and good coffee.

Australian Car testers Donate to Local Youth A contribution of 3800 SEK was made to the youth of Arjeplog this week. The contri­ bution was a team effort from Robert Bosch Australia - CC/ ENG and they said that they are only too happy to help.

They explained that they were mis­ takenly given some meal tickets and instead of keeping the profit or gain as individuals, they decided to put all the meal tickets in a pool and sell them within the group. They then decided that the profit should go to a charity.

To quote the Australian car testers: “Evelina at ATM (Arjeplog Test Man­ agement) was kind enough to give us the details about the Found­ation for Arjeplog Youth and once everyone had put into the pool we asked ATM to make the payment in our name.”

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Mikael’s Job is to Help Develop Businesses Here Mikael Reinholdsson is the new managing director of Argentis in Arjeplog. He took over this year after Stefan Oscarsen, who has now retired. The main objective of Argentis is to help develop trade and industry in the municipality of Arjeplog. Mikael sees his role as a link between small busi­ nesses and the authorities of both the municipality and the county council. Both he and Eva Qvist, who works part time for Argentis, are available to give advice when small companies want to start a business or to develop an existing business. These actions can indirectly help the car and component testing industry by improv­ ing service and infrastructure.

Mikael Reinholdsson comes from Arvidsjaur and is the new managing director of Argentis.

Mikael is somewhat of a visionary and wants things to happen and to happen fast. He knows that people say there is too much talk and too little action but he would like to change this. One thing he will try to do in this municipality is to try and get decisions to be made quickly. If a company needs building permits or other permits, he would like Arjeplog's kommun to be the quick­ est in the world, for example, in giving permits. This will help companies to grow and develop. Such a strategy is possible, especially in a small kommun, if you really aim at getting it done. Page 3

Partners of The Arjeplog Times We thank our partners for their support Arjeplog


Arjeplog’s Kommun Argentis Arjeplogs Eltjänst Arjeplog Test Management Arjeplog Vilt AB/ Viltbutiken Cartest Cold Spot Facilities Colmis Proving Ground Coop Konsum supermarket Destination Arctic Circle Experience Arjeplog (Polaris) Fixar’n, Tyre Service Frasses & Harry’s Flinkfeldts Buss Galtis Ski Resort Hornavan Hotell Hotell Lyktan Hotell Silverhatten ICA supermarket IceMakers Järnia, Granns hardware/sport Jutis Moose Village Kraja Lena’s Fish Shop Nelly’s Café Nina’s Boutique Norrskensglas, Glass studio OK-Q8 petrol station & shop Pizzeria Verona Restaurang Vuogga Shell petrol station & shop Silver Museum & Tourist Info Sixt-rent-a-car Swedish Church in Arjeplog Tjintokk Tundra Art

Arvidsjaur Airport Fiskimport i Arvidsjaur Hotell Laponia Marios Grill & Restaurant Statoil petrol station & shop

test companies BorgWarner BMW Group BOSCH BWI Group Caterpillar/Perkins Daimler AG Fiat Group GKN Driveline Haldex Jaguar Land Rover Knorr-Bremse MAN Truck and Bus Mando Mobis Opel Porsche

Others AirBerlin FlyCar German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce Friday March 9 Sunrise: 6.29 Sunset: 17.29 Length of day: 10 hours 59 minutes Length of visible light: 12 hours 41 minutes

If you or your company would like to be a partner of The Arjeplog Times, please contact Illona or Johan, tel 0961-616 88 or We thank our partners for their solidarity, their belief in the need of the paper and their financial contribution.

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Hanna Karlberg, Shell – this week’s local Name: Hanna Karlberg.

Spare-time activities: I work most weekends and many evenings. I also work extra at Hotel Lyktan when they need help. If I do have spare time I like to be at home. I like riding my snow-mobile. We often go on outings in the moun­ tains with our snow-mobiles. We also have a cottage in Bukt, outside of Arjeplog where I like to be.

Age: 21. Family? Sambo Alexander, mother Eva and father Ivan, both at Hotell Lyktan and sister Olivia. Home: Arjeplog.

What’s good in Arjeplog? Everything. I love Arjeplog. The nature is good and I feel safe here. It is a small place with not so many people and I like that very much.

Occupation: I work at Shell petrol station and shop in Arjeplog. I enjoy meeting all the different people that come in to the shop. We are open until 22.00 every night and often just before closing time, there are many people who come in and want to buy things. Favourite food: My father’s planked steak. Dream car: Audi R8, white. Present car: Volvo 740, red. I took my driving license at Hornavan­

What’s bad in Arjeplog? It would be nice if Arjeplog was a little closer to a larger town and if the airport was closer. Hanna Karlberg, Shell petrol station and shop

What music do you listen to? All kinds of music, mostly pop and R&B.

skolan. All students here are offered this opportunity to take their driver’s license while studying at school. And you only have to pay very little for taking the test.

What’s important in life? A good family and good friends. My Christian faith is important and to feel good. If you have all these things, then you feel good.

2500 SEK. That is how much it will cost if you fail to stop at a stop sign. The local police are tired of seeing that so many car testers fail to stop at stop signs. They will now make some examples of what happens when you do not follow the law. “We want to make a point of showing that we think it is a serious offence to skip the stop signs”, says local police­ man Anders Holmlund.

Local policeman Anders Holmlund says that they will now fine anyone who does not stop at a stop sign.

Tractor Went through the Ice Last week, a large tractor went through the ice at Sakkaträsket, where AMG-events are being held. They had to get help from divers in order to locate the tractor that was nine meters below the surface of the water. In order to be able to lift the tractor out of the water, they had to build a frame of metal and wood. Then they had to wait for the ice to get strong enough before they could take it up. The relatively new tractor will probably not be able to be salvaged. It is thought that the water has destroyed both the engine and all the electronics in the tractor.

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Rescue Services Could Not Find Injured Car Tester In an emer­ gency, you must phone 112 and say what has happened. You must also say where you are and help will soon be on its way. Last Tuesday, a car tester broke his arm when the large truck he was driving over­ turned on the Knorr-Bremse tracks on Lake Udd­jaur, south of Arjeplog. However, the rescue services could not find him.

It was on these test tracks at Cartest that a large truck overturned and the driver broke his arm. He said to the emergency operator that he was at Icemakers and this made it difficult for them to find him. These tracks rented by Knorr-Bremse are a small part of the gigantic operation that is ongoing on the lakes around Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur.

The problem was that the ambulance and rescue team did not know where to go because they had been given the wrong information about the location. The person who called the emergency number 112 said he was at Icemakers, when in fact he was on the Cartest tracks. This accident and the confusion that followed has led to a discussion concerning how to ensure that the rescue services find the place of the accident. There are hundreds of kilometres of ice tracks all around Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur. In Arjeplog alone there are five big track makers plus all the event tracks scattered on many lakes. Thousands of people visit the tracks. Many of them speak little or no English at all. Many do not know exactly where they are. Customers who are visiting for the first time often find

it difficult to navigate the system of tracks on the lakes. Alf Sundström at Cartest was surprised when the rescue team and ambulance came rushing into Cartest on Tuesday. He said, “We have a rescue plan, so that when someone in our facilities phones the emergency number we are informed immediately and can assist.” On Tuesday, however, they did not know what had happened because the person who called 112 said he was at Icemakers and not at Cartest. Alf and the rescue services all agree that it is vitally important for every person driving on the tracks to know exactly what to do in case of emergency. Most of the companies operating in the area have an emergency plan, but that requires that the caller knows his location.

Very few people realize the magnitude of the test areas and even many of the locals do not know how big this business really is. If you do not already know exactly where you are driving; ask and remem­ ber. It may save your life. Every person who goes onto the ice tracks should know and do the following things: 1. The emergency number is 112. 2. Say what has happened and know where you are. 3. Say what company you work for. It is not enough to say that you are, for example, at Icemakers, as they have many tracks on different lakes and different locations. Find out from your reception if you are unsure.

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Useful Information

◗ Arjeplogs Eltjänst All kinds of electrical work. Networks for telephones & computers. Tel 0961-10240.

◗ Hornavan Hotell Snow-mobile activities and more fun. For information: tel 0961-77 71 00.

◗ Arjeplog Vilt/ VILTBUTIKEN in centre of Arjeplog. Moose & reindeer meat. Shellfish. Swedish salmon (gravlax). Handicraft. Souvenirs. Reindeer hides. Open: Mon 9-17, Tues & Wed 10-17, Thurs 10-19, Fri 8-17, Sat 10-14. Drottninggatan 6 . Tel 0961-100 01. Find us on facebook.

◗ Hotell Lyktan Hotel and conference in centre of town. Tel 0961-612 10, Fax 101 50.

◗ church of Sweden parish of Arjeplog. Church services on Sundays at 11.00. Visit the church every day 8-16. ◗ Cold Spot FAcilities Testing facilities for rent, short and longterm. Workshops, offices, tracks. Magnus Holmgren tel 070-641 9998, Rickard Larsson tel 070-635 8110. ◗ Coop Konsum supermarket Open: Mon-Sat 9-21, Sun 10-21. Fresh bread, grilled chicken, fruit, vege­ tables, organic produce and more. ◗ Colmis Proving Ground One of the leading facilities for winter testing. Your total service provider - just one phone call away. Tracks, workshops and offices located within the fenced area of Colmis Proving Ground. Accommodation. Tel 0961-720 100. ◗ Destination Arctic Circle Storgatan 1E. Accommodation, activities and incentive events. Tel 0961-222 30. ◗ Experience Arjeplog (ex Polaris) Snow-mobile tours, RZR-activities, ice fishing, multi-discipline events etc. Info: Joakim 070-5511779. ◗ Fixar’n Tyres and repairs, wheel alignments. Towtruck 24-hour service: Tel 070-510 5525. We can fix anything! Tel 0961-615 09. Industrivägen 6. ◗ Flinkfeldts Buss Book transfer to/from Arvidsjaur Airport tel 0771-100110. Direct tel to Airport bus: 0706-40 44 25. Email: ◗ Galtis Ski resort Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10-16. Rental of equip­ment, restaurant. 11 km from Arjeplog. Tel lift: 0961-440 26, office 0961-109 08. Page 3

◗ ICA supermarket Fresh bread and pastries baked on premises, grilled meat and lots more. Post office. Friday’s special bread for 19.90 kr. Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18, Sun 9-18. ◗ Icemakers NEW this season: cold chamber for heavy vehicles for rent. Apartments. Test tracks on lake ice and on land. Cold chambers for cars and heavy vehicles. Info: 0961-329 00, Gunilla or Katarina. ◗ Jutis Moose Village Moose safari on snow-mobiles. Start Jutis, 39 km from Arjeplog on the Silver Road. 700 kr/person incl. coffee, tea, sandwich. Money-back guarantee. To book, tel 070-222 9235, Veronica. ◗ Järnia, granns hardware shop. NEW this season: sports department with many name brands. Kitchenware, tools, shavers. Storgatan 9. Tel 0961-101 70. ◗ Lena’s Fish Shop Fish & meat. Mon 9-11, 16-18. Tues & Wed 16-18, Thurs 16-19. Fri 8-11, 16-18. For other times, phone Lena at 070-216 9065. ◗ Nina’s Boutique Woollen caps, warm gloves and padded (ski)pants. Winter jackets. Fashion clothes. Bathing suits and shorts. Torggatan. Tel 0961-103 04. ◗ Norrskensglas Glass Studio/shop. Glassblowing. Ornaments and articles for sale. Weekly specials. Make a reservation to blow glass or to see a demonstration. Mon-Fri 10-17; Sunday 12-16. Smedjegatan 3. Tel 0961-103 33. Sarah and Yvonne. ◗ OK-Q8 petrol station & shop. Open till 21.00 every day. Petrol & ethanol. Shop with everything you need. Fast food, coffee, tea. Tel 0961-102 35. ◗ Shell petrol station & shop. Open till 22.00 every day. Petrol, food, drinks, DVDs. Fresh bread, salads. Fast food, coffee, tea Tel 0961-291 80.

◗ Silver Museum & tourist info Mon-Fri: 10-12; 13-16. Sat 10-14 and Sun 16-18. Exhibitions, slide show, shop, tourist info. Entrance: 60 kronor. Tel 0961-145 00. ◗ Sixt rent-A-Car Arje­plog. Premium cars at low cost. High quality, good service. Tel 070 544 0202. ◗ Tundra Art High quality handicraft. Knives, jewellery, lamps. Gunnar Edholm. Open: Mon-Fri 10-15, Mon-Thurs 18-21, Sunday 15-18. Tel 070-345 5719. Skomakaregatan nr 4. ◗ Vuoggatjålme on the arctic circle. Restaurant Vuogga, accommodation, helicopter tours, snow-mobile rental and guided tours. For info: 0961-107 15.

Ar vidsjaur ◗ Arvidsjaur Airport Flights to & from Arlanda, Stockholm. Charter flights to/from Munich, Hahn, Hannover, Stuttgart. Cafeteria/lunch restaurant. Tel 0960-173 80. ◗ Fiskimport i Arvidsjaur Smoked & marinated salmon, filleted and smoked by hand. Specialities from the sea. Stationsgatan nr 12. Tel 0960-128 28. Fax 128 22. Mon-Fri 9.30-17.30. Lunch Mon-Thurs 12-13. Other times, Peter 070-322 5801. ◗ Sixt rent-A-Car Tel 070 544 0202 Arvidsjaur Airport. Premium cars at low cost. Good service and high quality. ◗ Statoil Mon-Sun 6.00-24.00. ‘Testförar-kaffe’ Good coffee at special price for car testers! Food, petrol, toasted sandwiches, freshlymade baguettes, hamburgers, salads.

General Info ◗ Air berlin Direct flights to and from Arvidsjaur-Hannover. ◗ Deutsch-Schwedische Handelskammer Wir bringen Ihr Geschäft nach Schweden. Tel: 08-665 1800. ◗ Flycar Direct flights to and from Arvidsjaur and Stuttgart, Frankfurt-Hahn, Munich, Hannover.

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What’s on? Friday, March 9

Sunday, March 11

• Market trade 10-17 in the square and along the main streets.

• Market trade 10-15.

• The Silver Museum open 10-16. • Waffles & bean soup at Nellys,

17-20 Bavarian sausagesWeißwürste.

• Lina’s Kök/Kraja Restaurant full. Music: ‘Floorsmokers’. Free. 22-01. • Harrys Open 12-02. Local band: Painters fr 22. Entrance: 100 kr. • Mathörnan 11-22. Special lunch

and dinner offers during market.

• Silverhatten Disco DJ Emil L. Free entrance. Shuttle bus from 22.00.

Saturday, March 10 • Market trade 10-17. • Glass Studio and shop open 12-16. Special: Test blow a glass bubble 100 kr. Smedjegatan 3. • Waffles & bean soup at Nellys,

17-20 freshly baked Leberkäse.

• The Silver Museum open 10-16. • Hornavan Hotell Special dinner 395 kr. 19-22. Book a table. • Mathörnan Open 12-22. Special lunch and dinner offers during market. • Coverband ‘Barbar’ at Hotell Laponia, Arvidsjaur. 22-02. 100 kr. • Market buffet Silverhatten 249 kr

2 sittings. Book a table. Sundsvall All Stars entertain. 22-02 Disco in base­ ment DJ P2. 120 kr. Shuttle bus.

• Harrys Open 12-02. Live band: Wolfman Jack, fr 22. Entrance: 100 kr.

• Waffles & bean soup at Nellys. • Musical church service at 11 at church in Arjeplog, combining Saami and Swedish music. • The Silver Museum open 10-16. • Lunch buffet special at Restaurant Vuogga 11-16. 125 kr. • Norrskensglas Open 12-16.

Smedjegatan 3. Come and visit.

• Sunday snow-mobile tours at

11.15-13.15 Book in advance. Experi­ ence Arjeplog. Joakim070-5511779.

Thursday, March 15 • Planked steak evening at

Hornavan Hotell. Fillet of beef or salmon. 19-22. 179 kr. Book 24 hours in advance and get free dessert.

Where to Eat & Drink Arvidsjaur Hotell Laponia

Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. 75:Fjälls Pub/Bistro: Mon-Sun 18-22. Fri, Sat, Sun, fr 16. Restaurant: 18-22. Entertainment, dances, discos. Tel 0960-555 00. Marios Grill Pizzeria Restaurant

Hamburgers, kebab, pizza, à la carte. Lunch: Mon-Fri 10-14. Large buffet salads + 4 or 5 main dishes. Fast food, best quality Swedish meat. Mon-Fri 10-21, Sat and Sun 11-21. Storgatan 26. Tel 0960-126 26.

The Arjeplog Times produced & published by Tel 0961-616 88. Storgatan 12, Arjeplog, Sweden.

Illona & Johan Fjellström

Where to Eat & Drink Arjeplog Frasses Fast food every day 11-20. Pizza, also take away. Drottninggatan 2. Tel 0961-101 01. Harrys Every evening: varied menu, pizza, à la carte. Cosy pub, live entertainment on Friday & Saturday. Drottninggatan 2. Tel 0961-101 06. Hornavan Hotell Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. Sat 12-14. 85 kr. 10 coupons 765 kr, 5 for 385 kr. Restaurant: Mon-Sun 19-22, special dinners and à la carte. Skepps­holmen. Tel 0961-777 100. Hotell Silverhatten Lunch: Mon-Sat 11-14. 85 kr. 800 kr for 10. À la carte; pub menu: Mon-Sun 19-22.30. Tel 0961-107 70. Kraja - Lina’s Kök Tel 0961-315 00. Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. 85 kr. 800 kr for 10 lunches. Same as Silverhatten. À la carte: Mon-Sun 19-22. Fridays: After Work buffet 125 kr 18-21. Thursday: Pizza buffet 89 kr 19-21. Mathörnan Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. 85 kr. 3 main dishes, big salad and pizza buffet. New owner,Thair from Harrys/Frasses. Head chef Karim. À la carte in the evenings. Drottninggatan. NeLLy’s Café Open Mon-Sat 6-20.Sunday 11-18. Special lunches 11-14. Friday, Monday, Thurs: Soup Lunch; Tuesday: Croissants; Wed: Hot Sandwich Lunch. Saturday: Waffles & sweet toppings. Sunday: Waffles & bean soup. Market Square. Tel 0961-33 33 99. Pizzeria Verona Lunch: 11-14. 79 kr. Also: Pizza, pasta, à la carte, Turkish specialities. Take away. Fully licensed! Sports channels on 2 big screen TVs. Drottninggatan 6. Tel 0961-108 00. Restaurang Vuogga Restaurant in Vuoggatjålme on the arctic circle. 105 km from centre of Arjeplog just off the Silver Road. Sun 11-16 lunch buffet; Wed-Sat 11-14 lunch menu; Wed-Sat 14-20 à la carte, Fri, Sat 16-20 buffet & Pub 20-23. Ttel 0961-107 15.

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