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Friday March 11, 2011

The Arjeplog Times

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Welcome to the Winter Market The traditional winter market, also known as the Lappish mark­et, dates back to 1640 or maybe even earlier. The market has changed in many ways but many things are still the same. In the beginning the market was the place and time of year when people traded what they had hunted and fished during the winter months for necessities such as salt, sugar, flour and, later on, coffee. One or two horses also changed owners. The weekend began when the Saami arrived on sledges A Norwegian visitor at the traditional winter market, keeping warm with a big fur hat. pulled by reindeer. On Thursday people met their friends and to the doctor, to get married and go to a time when those who have left drank schnaps. Friday and Saturday court while they were in town. Arjeplog come home for a visit. It also were spent shopping and bartering. On Sunday morning, church attracts visitors from near and far. Many took the opporunity to go services were held as well as burials There are many things to buy, and christenings. exhibitions to see and entertainment, pubs and dances at night. Many of Nowadays, it is a open-air market with the restaurants offer special meals and many are open later. a variety of articles for sale: everything New this year is the dance at Medfrom local food-stuffs, Saami and local borgarhuset on Friday 19-22.20 with handicraft and clothes to jewellery, clothes and knick-knacks from all over typical Swedish dance band music. the world. The market fulfilled a social need There are many different foods to taste and family and friends spent the and to buy such as souvas (smoked weekend together talking, eating, reindeer meat), salted herring, drinking, doing business and having sausages, hamburgers, hot chips, fun. sandwiches, waffles, spices and lots Today, the market weekend is often more. Keeping the dog and herself warm. continued on page 6 Inside: Mee t K aj Sorge, GKN Dr i ve line on the Ho t Se at; Pat r ik Hermansson, Ice makers; Usef ul info; What’s on?

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This & That...

Smile for the Camera!

• We

would like to thank Kraja, Silverhatten, Hornavan Hotell, Harrys and Hotell Laponia (in Arvids­jaur) for donating free meals for the locals and car testers that we interview throughout the season. It is certainly appreciated. • The

price of petrol has never been higher than it is at the moment in Sweden. This week the standard price for 95 octane petrol rose to 14.28 kronor per litre. Now people are demanding that the government lower the tax on petrol, which is still the main reason for the high price. The recent unrest in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya are given as the main reason for the rising oil price. • Please let us know what you want to read about in The Arjeplog Times. Remember that this paper is first and foremost for you, the car testers. We like it when you give us tips, send us pictures or just ask questions that we can help answer. Send an email to or come in and visit. The LiLAB offices are situated in the centre of town in Storgatan street.

This moose was obviously pleased to scratch its face againt the tree. What a smile!

Main Streets Closed to Traffic During the market weekend, the streets in the centre of town will be closed to traffic from Thursday afternoon until Sunday at 20.00. Drott­ning­gatan will turn into a two-way street and should only be used by people who live there and by Konsum customers. Most of Storgatan and the streets by the market square will be closed to traffic.

to Norway

The Silver Road

to Arvidsjaur

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Candid interview with a car tester

The Hot Seat – The comfortable and friendly feeling one has here - it’s quick to get on a personal basis with people. It’s like being part of a big family.

Name: Kai Sorge Age: 50 Family: Wife and 2 daughters, 11 and 13 years old. Home: Sankt Augustin, near Bonn in Germany. Company: GKN Driveline Occupation: I work with the developing of control algorithms for our devices. It is challenging work which I enjoy. It is so good to be able to see the results of one’s work and achievements directly. Favourite food: Thai food and crème caramel. In Arjeplog I like lax planka (salmon on a plank). Dream car: An old timer: Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster, white, built the year of my birth, 1960. Present car: VW Touran and a Fiat Panda, which I drive to work and back. Spare time activities: Cross country skiing which I do here as well as in Austria. I like outdoor activities for example, hiking. I am a member of a Christian Fellowship and a scout leader for the Royal Rangers Scouts. I run the internet page for the church. What is good in Arjeplog? Arjeplog is a unique place. It’s very remote but at same time a major center of the automotive industry. The local people can be proud to have made this possible.

Kai Sorge, GKN Driveline

For me, The Arjeplog Times also contributes to the character of this place. It combines the informal local style and is also an insider paper for the car testers. There are so many good things here. – The permanent presence of Nature and the landscape. – The Philadelphia church at Lyktan, where they translate church services into English or German. – The illuminated ski tracks. – The ‘Vaukaleden’ path where I often go walking either with snowshoes or on the snow-mobile tracks. – The good facilities at Colmis and the companies that make it easy for us to work here, they’re doing a good job. Beautiful scenery along the ‘Vaukaleden’’

What is bad in Arjeplog? There are not many bad things but a few minor improvements could make it much better. – A place to meet locals and car testers, where you could for example drink coffee, show and look at slides or films from your home place. – A nature walk in the winter would be nice for those of us who do not want to drive a car or snow-mobile when we are not working. – Lectures or talks explaining for example, the Swedish traditions or how it is in the summer here. – A place and opportunity to make friends with other people who don’t work at the same company. What music you enjoy? Folk music, Mark Knopfler and also German Christian music such as Lothar Kosse. What is important in life? I am Christian and I think this sentence that Jesus said sums up what is important in life: ‘Love God with your full heart and love other people like yourself ’. Then you will have peace with yourself and with other people and that is important. I also think it is important to have a good, challenging job.

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Win a Car! Ice-fishing Competition There will be an ice fishing competition on Sunday at 10.00-12.00 in Skeppsviken, on Lake Hornavan close to town. You do not have to fish to win the Hyundai i10 as the winner will be drawn from all the start tickets. You can buy your ticket for 165 kr at Destination Arctic Circle and at many other shops as well as on the ice on Sunday before the competition starts.

Taste Korean Food at Market A new feature at the market is the Korean food that some of the Korean chefs who are in Arjeplog at the moment will be serving on Sunday. They would like people to come and taste it.

The Korean chefs who prepare food for the Korean car testers will be serving their food at the market. Come and taste! This was taken at their restaurant last year.

Speed Limits Changed

In it’s quest to make traffic safer the Swedish Road Administration have decided to change the speed limits on certain roads. For instance, on the Silver Road by the village of Jutis the speed limit will be 80 kph instead of 70 and 90. In other places the speed limits have also been changed.

Road Signs also in Saami

If you are wondering why there are two names on all the signs you see in the municipality of Arjeplog, there is a simple answer. The first one is in Swedish and the second is in the Saami language. One example is the sign one km from the village of Jutis, which in Saami is Juhtas.

Partners of The Arjeplog Times We thank our partners for their support Arjeplog


Arjeplog’s Kommun Arjeplogs Eltjänst Arjeplog Test Management Bittes Café Blomhörnet, flower shop Båtsuoj Saami Centre Cartest Cold Spot Facilities Colmis Proving Ground Destination Arctic Circle Fixar’n, Tyre Service Frasses & Harry’s Flinkfeldts Buss Glass studio, Norrskensglas Hornavan Hotell Hotell Lyktan Hotell Silverhatten ICA supermarket Ice Makers Järnia, Granns hardware Konsum supermarket Kraja Lena’s Fish Shop Mathörnan, restaurant & pub Moose Village Jutis Nina’s Boutique OK-Q8 petrol station & shop Pizzeria Verona Polaris Experience Center Porsche-On-Ice Restaurang Vuogga Silver Museum & Tourist Info Swedish Church in Arjeplog Viltbutiken

Arvidsjaur Airport Fiskimport i Arvidsjaur Hotell Laponia Marios Grill OK Q8 petrol station & shop

Car test companies BorgWarner BMW Group BOSCH BWI Group Daimler AG Fiat Group GKN Driveline Haldex Hyundai Mobis Jaguar Land Rover Knorr-Bremse MAGNA Powertrain MAN Truck and Bus Mando Opel Porsche

Others Flycar German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce Friday March 11 Sunrise: 6.25 Sunset: 17.33 Length of day: 11 hours 08 minutes Length of visible light: 12 hours 50 minutes

If you or your company want to be a partner of The Arjeplog Times, please contact Illona or Johan, tel 0961-616 88 or The partners of The Arjeplog Times enable us to produce & publish this important paper. We thank them for their solidarity, their belief in the need of the paper and their financial contribution.

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Meet Patrik Hermansson, Icemakers – this week’s local Name: Patrik Hermansson

Spare-time activities: This time of the year we go to our extended caravan that is parked in Sandviken, by the arctic circle on the Silver Road. We stay all weekend and ride snow-mobiles and spend time in the mountains by the Norwegian border. This we do until the middle of May when the season ends. In summer I sometimes drive snowmobiles on open water on the lakes.

Age: 44 Family: Wife, Charlott, daughter Alma, 18 (soon) and son Albin, 13. Home: Arjeplog since 1987, I grew up in Arvidsjaur. Company: Icemakers Occupation: I am the service manager at Ice­ makers and am responsible for the maintenance and service of tracks and machines. I am also the contact person at Nåtti, for BMW. I am an electrical fitter and have worked for many years for Vattenfall, Energy company. Most of time, the work was outside of Arjeplog and I was away a lot. Now, I am pleased to have a job here at home. Favourite food: Blodpalt, dumplings made with blood and flour as well as regular palt made with potatoes and flour - eaten with reindeer meat.

Patrik Hermansson, Icemakers

Dream car: A BMW M3, silver. Present car: An old Volvo 940 from 1991. It is good to have this car because I can do the repair work myself.

What’s good in Arjeplog? The car testing industry is very good for Arjeplog and provides work for locals, which is really needed. Arje­plog has developed so much because of winter testing. Nature, the outdoor life here and the mountains in winter. What’s bad in Arjeplog? Service and other things close down after the winter season. It is hard to find work here that is all year round. What music do you listen to? Hard Rock. A favourite is Mustasch. What’s important in life? To see to it that you have fun in your life, every day. It is all up to you.

Winter Camping with Extended Caravans various camping spots. Snow-mobiling, skiing and ice fishing are some of the activities they share, as well as generally enjoying this spring-winter season. Many people have realized that a caravan is quite small and cramped, especially in winter when you need a warm area for winter clothes, snow-mobiles suits, big boots and helmets. At Vuoggatjålme you can see caravans with extended rooms.

This time of the year many people spend most of their spare time in the mountain area. Locals and visitors park their caravans on a permanent basis in the

Instead of tents that you often see connected to caravans in summer camping areas, many people have built or bought a ready-made ‘spiker­ telt’ for their caravan. This is a Norwegian word and is an extra room or entrance hall often made of wood that has been built onto the caravan. These extra rooms are well insulated with proper windows, doors and a roof and can be used for storage, as an extra room or a guest room. Driving along the Silver Road, you can see hundreds of caravans with these built-on extentions.

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Love is in the Air at Verona

There is a very friendly and nice atmosphere at Pizzeria Verona in Arjeplog these days. Maybe it is because Afef has arrived. “I met Apo when he was visiting Tunisia and we fell in love”, she said. Afef was married and had a good job for an international company in Tunisia but she decided to leave it all for Apo and Arjeplog. She said that she has been here for three months and is going to live here now. Afef has total control of what’s going on at the pizzeria she and Apo provide good service to the car testers and visitors who come from many different parts of the world. When The Arjeplog Times visited Verona, Arsenal was playing Barcelona (Barca won 3-1) and the match was being shown on all the TV screens. Often, however, there are different matches being shown on the various screens.

Apo and his woman, Afef run Verona

“I am thinking of putting in more TVs so we can become a real sports bar,” says Apo, the owner of Verona. Good food, good service and exciting sports on big screens make Verona a very popular place for an international crowd. The only negative thing this evening (especially for the English people) was that Barca beat Arsenal.

Pizzeria Verona has a good atmosphere.

Welcome to the Winter Market continued fr page 1

A market vendor.

The Silver Museum is open all weekend (Sat 10-16, Sun 10-14 and 16-18). Here you can see permanent exhibitions and buy from the shop. An exhibition of Japanese paper sculptures, Origami, by Kensuke Kitaoka opens at Hotel Lyktan at 14.00 on Saturday. Most of the shops are also open on Saturday and Sunday, have special offers and some also serve coffee. Local handicraft artists will be selling their wares at the “Hantverkargränd” at Lärcentrat, behind Blomhörnet flower shop all weekend.

The church in Arjeplog has the following activities: On Friday at 18 there is a concert with young people from Umba, Russia. On Saturday at 15.00 there will be a free music concert with the local choir and a man’s choir from Piteå. On Sunday a feature of the Saami culture will be included in the church services. At the cinema in central Arjeplog, films, mostly local and mostly in Swedish, will be shown all weekend. Walk around, look at the people and the things, taste the food, absorb the atmosphere. Enjoy the market!

Arjeplog ◗ Arjeplogs Eltjänst All kinds of electrical jobs as well as telephone and computer networks. Tel 0961-102 40. ◗ Blomhörnet Flower and gift shop. Fresh flowers, pot plants, candles, gifts. We send flowers all over the world. Storgatan 1. Tel 0961-102 65. ◗ Båtsuoj SAmecenter Lotta explains about the Saami way of life, cutlure & reindeer herding. See reindeer, drink coffee. Sundays at 15.00 (2 hours) 220 kr /person. Book 2 days advance, tel 070-642 3166. Other times also available. Gasa, 50 km fr Arjeplog on Slagnäs Road. ◗ church of Sweden, parish of Arjeplog. Church services on Sundays at 11.00. Visit the church every day 8-16. ◗ Cold Spot FAcilities Testing facilities for rent, short and long-term. Workshops, offices, tracks. Magnus Holmgren tel 070-641 9998, Rickard Larsson tel 070-635 8110. ◗ Colmis Proving Ground One of the leading facilities for winter testing. Your total service provider: tracks, workshops, offices (within the fenced area) and accommodation - just one phone call away. Tel 0961-720 100. ◗ Destination Arctic Circle Private houses and apartments for rent, Saami culture, dog-sleds, snow-mobile and moose safaris, ice fishing, incentive events. Storgatan 1E. Tel 0961-222 30. ◗ Fixar’n Tyres and repairs, wheel alignments. Everything for your cars. We now sell Liquefied petroleum gas. We fix everything! Open Mon-Fri 7-16. Tow-truck 24-hour service: Tel 070-510 5525. ◗ Flinkfeldts Buss Transfers to and from all the airports as well as bus tours. Tel 0961-104 25. Book transfer to/from Arvidsjaur Airport tel 0771-100110. Direct tel to Airport bus: 0706-40 44 25. Email: ◗ Hornavan Hotell Snow-mobile activities and more fun! Tel 0961-777 100. For more information

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Useful Information ◗ Hotell Lyktan Hotel and con­ference in centre of town. Beakfast available. Tel 0961-612 10. ◗ ICA supermarket Fresh bread & cakes baked on premises, grilled meat, food, household items. Post office services. Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18, Sun 12-18. ◗ Icemakers Apartments as well as test tracks on lake, ice and land for rent. Info: 0961-329 00, Katarina or Gunilla. ◗ Järnia, granns hardware shop. Sports clothes, kitchenware, tools, shavers. 10% discount for car testers. Storgatan 9. Tel 0961-101 70. ◗ Konsum supermarket Fresh bread, grilled chicken, fruit, vegetables, bottled water, smoked salmon and more. Mon-Fri 9-20, Sat 9-18, Sun 12-18. ◗ Lena’s Fish Shop Fish, meat, souvenirs, knives. Mon 9-11, 16-18. Tues & Wed 16-18. Thurs 16-19. Fri 8-11, 16-18. Other times, tel 070-216 9065. ◗ Moose Village in Jutis Moose Safari on snow-mobile. Start Jutis 39 km on The Silver Road. 550 kr/person. Money-back guarantee. Lunch available. Tel 070-222 9235. Veronica. ◗ Nina’s Boutique Knitted caps, fur hats, warm gloves. Ski pants and winter jackets. Fashion clothes, suitcases, bags, sportsbags. Torggatan. Tel 0961-103 04. ◗ Norrskensglas - Glass Studio and shop. Glassblowing and production of ornaments and other things. Gifts. Mon-Fri 10-17 (closed for lunch 11.3012.30), Sun 12-16. Come and visit, we might be blowing glass. Smedjegatan 3. Sarah and Yvonne. Tel 103 33.

◗ Silver Museum + tourist office. Mon-Fri: 10-12, 13-16. Sat 10-14, Sun 16-18. Exhibitions, slide show, souvenir shop, tourist information. Entrance to the museum: 60 kronor. Tel 0961-145 00. ◗ VILTBUTIKEN in the centre of Arjeplog. Moose & reindeer meat. Shellfish. Swedish salmon (gravlax). Handicraft. Souvenirs. Gifts. Open: Mon 9-17, Tues & Wed 10-17, Thurs 10-19, Fri 8-17, Sat 10-14. Drottninggatan 6 . Tel 0961-100 01

Ar vidsjaur ◗ Arvidsjaur Airport Flights to & from Arlanda, Stockholm. Charter flights to/from Munich, Hahn, Hannover, Stuttgart. Info & reservations: tel 0960-173 80. Cafeteria/lunch restaurant. ◗ Fiskimport i Arvidsjaur Fresh specialities from the sea. Smoked & marinated salmon. Stationsgatan nr 12. Tel +46 960 128 28. Fax +46 960 128 22 Mon-Fri 9.30-17.30 Sat 10-13 Closed for lunch Mon-Thurs 12-13. Other times call 070-322 58 01. ◗ OK-Q8 (OK petrol station & shop) Open till 22.00 every day. Petrol & ethanol. Small supermarket with everything you need. Tel 0960-654 540.

◗ OK-Q8 (OK petrol station & shop). Open till 21.00 every day. Petrol & ethanol. Shop with everything you need. Tel 0961-102 35.

◗ Deutsch-Schwedische

◗ Polaris Experience Center Snow-mobile tours, RZR Quads, Polo Cup Racing, VOC Rally, Multi Discipline events. Info: Joakim 070-5511779.

Ihr Partner im Schwedengeschäft, tel 08-6651800.

◗ Porsche-On-Ice Training & Events. Benny Larsson 070-626 2974. Magnus Holmgren 070-641 9998.

◗ Flycar Direct flights to and from Arvidsjaur and Stuttgart, FrankfurtHahn, Munich, Hannover,

General information Handelskammer,

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What’s on ? Friday, March 11 • Market trade 10-17 in the square and along the main streets. • The Silver Museum open 10-16. • Pub Källar’n, Mat­hörnan 22-02. • Special meal & troubador Dave Stewart at Harrys 22-02. Entrance: 60 kr. • Buffet at Hornavan Hotell 17-22. 165 kr. Book a table. Live music in restaurant from 17.00 to midnight. Happy hour in bar.

Saturday, March 12 • Market trade 10-17. • Glass Studio and shop is also open today 12-16. Special: Test blow a glass bubble 100 kr. Smedjegatan 3. • Concert at church in Arjeplog at 15. Local choir and a man’s choir. • Pub Källar’n, Mat­hörnan from 11.

Sunday, March 13 • Ice-Fishing competition on Lake Hornavan, close to centre of town. 10.00-12.00. Come & take part or just watch. • Snowmobile tours at Polaris Experience Center 3 hours 1365 kr. Start 10.00. Book at Silverhatten/Kraja.

Tuesday, March 15 • Special dinner at Hornavan Hotell Homemade schnitzel. 125 kr. 19-22.

Wednesday, March 16 • Pub evening at Pub Källar’n in basement, Mat­hörnan.

Thursday, March 17 • ‘Planka’ at Hotell Silverhatten, 195 kr. Must book the day before.

• Disco at Laponia Hotell, Arvids­jaur. 22-02. Entrance 120 kr.

• Planked beef steak or salmon at Hornavan Hotell, 179 kr. 19-22. Happy hour 20.00-23.30.

• Dance: live band ‘Hat over Hills’ & Disco at Silverhatten with DJ: P2 in basement 21-02. 120 kr. BBQ buffet, 195 kr. Book a table.

Where to Eat & Drink Arvidsjaur

• Planked beef or salmon plus dessert at Hornavan Hotell, 225 kr. 19-22. Also à la carte. Book a table. • Special meals & local band - Painters at Harrys 22-02. 60 kr.

Sunday, March 13 • Market trade 10-15. • Silver Museum open10-14, 16-18. • Glass Studio and shop is open 12-16 - same offer as Saturday.

• Hotell Laponia Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. 79 kr. À la carte restaurant Mon-Sun 18-22. Book a table. SPA: book in advance. Tel 0960-555 00. • Marios Grill hamburgers, kebab Lunch: Mon-Fri 10.30-14. Large buffet 3,5 metres long, 4 or 5 main dishes. Good fast food, Best quality Swedish meat. Free refill colddrinks and coffee. Mon-Fri 10-21, Sat and Sun 11-21. Storgatan 26. Tel 0960-126 26.

The Arjeplog Times produced & published by

Tel 0961-616 88. Storgatan 12, Arjeplog, Sweden.

Illona & Johan Fjellström

Where to Eat & Drink Arjeplog Bittes café market square. Mon -Fri 11-16, Sat & Sun 12-17. Coffee, tea, sandwiches, cakes, semlor (cream bun with almond paste). Britt Marie, tel 070-558 8576. Frasses Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. (75 kr - 11 lunches for price of 10) 3 dishes, salads and pizza buffet. Fast food every day 11-20. Pizza also take away, Tel 0961-101 01. Drottninggatan 2. Harrys Varied menu, pizza, à la carte. Cosy pub, live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays. New pub area. Drottninggatan. 2. Tel 0961-101 06. Hornavan Hotell Lunch: Mon-Sat 11-14. 85 kr. 10 coupons 750 kr, 5 for 375 kr. Restaurant: Mon-Sun 19-22, special dinners and à la carte. Skepps­holmen. Tel 0961-777 100. Hotell Silverhatten Lunch: Mon-Sat 11-14. 85 kr. 10 coupons 800 kr. Also valid at Kraja. À la carte and pub menu: Mon-Sat 19-22.30, Sun 18-22.30. Tel 0961-107 70. Kraja Restaurant Lunch Mon-Fri 11-14. 85 kr. Same coupons as Hatten. Restaurant: Mon-Sun 19-22. Tel 0961-315 00. Mathörnan Lunch: Mon-Fri 11-14. (75 kr - 11 lunches for price of 10) Open: Mon-Fri: 11-22, Sat 12-22, Sun 13-21. Wed and Fri: Pub Källa’n in basement. Catering & take away. Drottninggatan 4. Tel 0961-614 44. Pizzeria Verona Lunch: 11-14. 69 kr. Also: Pizza, pasta, à la carte. Take away. Fully licensed! Sports channels on 2 big screen TVs. Football matches & other sporting events. Drottninggatan 6. Tel 0961-108 00. Restaurang Vuogga - New restaurant in Vuoggatjålme by the arctic circle. 105 km from central Arjeplog on the Silver Road. Open every day for l unch and à la carte. Info and opening hours tel 0961-10715.

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The Arjeplog Times 10-11  

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