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==== ==== There is a way to get out of debt. Follow these steps.... ==== ====

When considering all your options for debt settlement remember that every letter or advertisement that claims to want to help you does not. You must do your due diligence and ask a few questions of these people before you decide to do business with them. By doing this you will reduce your chances for fraud. Unfortunately, any place money flows attracts people who have less than honorable intentions. This is certainly the case in this industry. A not so uncommon example would be as follows. A woman who has massive debt, say fifteen, twenty, or even thirty thousand dollars or more. She wants to get out from under it so she looks for help from online and finds what appears to be a reputable debt settlement company. They start by telling her that they can settle his debt for a 50% of what she actually owes. Sounds great upfront right? The woman weighs her options and decides to enroll in their debt settlement program before fully checking them out. According to the debt settlement company, her creditors agreed to 50% of the price paid over a six month span. Everything looks above board so the woman makes her payments starting with a lump sum at the beginning. Assuming that the company is reputable she thinks everything is fine until she starts getting calls from the credit card companies. They want their money and confirm that no agreement or payments have been made. The woman is bewildered because she's been making payments to this agency. She calls the toll-free number for the agency all she gets is an answering machine, she's just been scammed. Do not let this happen to you. If you need help and are serious about working to lower and eliminate your debt ask questions and do your homework. I have gone through this process and successfully negotiated my owes settlements for about 22% of my debt owed.

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==== ==== There is a way to get out of debt. Follow these steps.... ==== ====

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