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hey kanye fan! yeezine is a zine all about kanye west. he’s not perfect, but we can’t help loving him.

if you have strong feelings about kanye, submit your own art/writing/et cetera by contacting lucy kaplan at and putting yeezine #2 in the subject line. enjoy! lucy kaplan, editor


yeezine was published with help from:

kiana bee (pages 4, 9, 11, 15) //

big tight (page 5) // mollie decker (pages 6-7) // @coffeebreathed on twitter timothy allways (page 8) // marijke mcdonald (page 10) // @geckonidae on instagram dj young venom (pages 12, 13, 18) //



_______________________________________ oh how I would like to be easy like a sunday morning

spent with yeezy. never short on chronic on a park bench, there's the feds, look busy, time to flee. down on his knee, he looks into mine eyes and says i'm leaving kim, leave bey come, run away with me, jay-z ______________________________________




The Life of Pablo as told through two days in Mississippi turn a corner in cleveland drinking vodka in the backseat wanting to go home don't go on til 1 am. Ultralight hand on my thigh. front porch ask me if i want to do a line off the hood of a stranger's parked car i say "no". This is a god dream. know every word to the chance verse. ask me "can i have your keys" i say "yes". drinking energy. i thought it wouldn't matter. wrong.

When they come for me dave meltzer in a bathroom at 4 am looking in a mirror at my cracked skin and damp shirt. I just wanted you to know buy a snickers and eat half of it. Somewhere i can feel safe in a denim jacket walking to and from and to and from and to and from and to and from the memory house. feet hurt Beautiful morning 3 cups deep. windows 10 and samoa joe shine through the window. Tell everybody I'm back in town.





we all have our fave kanye songs, but did you know kanye produced some of your other fave hits?


scan the qr code on page 18 to hear all these and more on spotify, specially curated for yeezine by dj young venom! 13

KIM KORNER: FUN KIM FACTS 1. kim is an activist who works to raise awareness about the armenian genocide. 2. kim often sees her dead father in dreams.

3. kim’s production company, called “kimsaprincess productions”, produced three workout videos. 4. kim collects vintage issues of vogue and harper’s bazaar. 5. kim is reportedly worth over $140 million. 6. as a child, kim wanted to be a teacher when she grew up.







scan this code for a complete spotify playlist of kanye-produced and kanye-performed music!


scan this code to read yeezine #1 online in full color!


about the editor:

lucy kaplan (not pictured above– that’s north west) is a college student who regularly ignores her studies to make zines. kanye west makes her feel mighty. follow her on instagram @likls for mostly selfies but sometimes zine information. and look out for yeezine #2!


yeezine #1  

a zine all about kanye west.

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