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“Only through fashions that we can immerge from ourselves and know what another person sees.�


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Styling Streetwise. Style for winter Accessories Crossover your daily routine Interviews

2 immerge

Down with glamour. Tear up the scene. Walk the streets with style this winter alternatively. P h o t o gr ap h y b y Kor e n S t e v e n s an d Kw o k K eun g L e e

S k y high P air up w it h a P ar k a and ke ep w ar mer in w in t er time s. Sk ull Tank + Sk ir t / Ur b anou t f it t er s, P ar k a / OldNav y, all ot her it ems o w ne d b y s t y lis t s.

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A t t i t u de S t y le d b y Ly dia X iong P hot o s b y Kor en S t e v ens

S en s e s S t y le d b y Ly dia X iong P hot o s b y Kw ok Keung L ee

Gar age L u n g s S t y le d b y Ly dia X iong P hot o s b y Kw ok Keung L ee

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STYLE FOR WINTER streetwi se :

s t y le d b y L ik k i

B o o k D r o p pin g . H a t / F o r e v er 21, S w e a t er an d S c ar f/ H& M, Clu t c h / Tar g e t , O x f o r ds / R e p o r t , all o t h er i t e m s o w n e d b y m o d el.

tick tock!

Wear ou t a

t r i k S r e h t a e L Sk ir t b y C al v in K lien.


A r t S c h o o l . D e nim ja c ke t / L e v i ’s, L a c e S hir t / V in t a g e, B el t / OldN a v y, M e t allic F la t s / R e s t r ic t e dS h o e s.

S ex y D a t e . P le a t h er B us t ier/ F o r e v er 21, C ar dig an + Clu t c h + J e w eler y/ V in t ag e, H e els / Nin eWe s t . immerge 13

Keep warm w ith

Pl ai d Bl a ze r Bla zer is V in t ag e.



H a u t e O p e r a . H a t / H& M, Blous e + Clu t c h / V In t a g e, Sk ir t / F or e v er 21, S h o e s / D olc eV i t a.

me #workti

Bu s in e s s . R o mp er/ C y n t hia R o w le y, S c ar f/ H & M, H e els / B C B GM a x A z r ia..


est u q w o n #S

S n o w y D a y. H a t / H& M, S w e a t er/ V in t ag e, J e ans / Tr ip p N YC, B o o t s / C al v in K lien, B a ck p a ck / U niqulo. immerge 15

16 immerge

Go t h S h o w. B o y f r ie d J a c ke t / Gu e s s, P le a t h er P an t s / H & M, To t e / B C B GM a x A z r ia, B o o t s / L .E .I.

S t re c h o u t y o u r

Musc l e Tank t ank b y ur b an ou t f i t t er s

S p o r t s L o v e r. C ap / Tar g e t , Var si t y J a cke t / F o r e v er 21, High -Wais t e d sh o r t s / C al v in K lien V in t ag e, B o o t s / L .E .I.

Gir l y. C r o p C ar dig an / V in t a g e, Sk ir t /J as o n Wu f or Tar g e t , P ump s / B C B G M a x a z r ia.


Go tribal and edgy. It’s time for a change. Change is good or better yet, experimenting is great. Try it!

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Choose the sweet and girly way to style your jewelry. It’s super feminine and sophisticated at the same time.

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Mix and Match your jewelry, you’ll always find a unique look.

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immerge 29

Chunky bracelets and stone necklaces are the way to go when your feeling a little tropical.

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immerge 33

COZY COWL NECKS A cowl neck is the perfect addition to an already stylish look.

H&M / gray

Handmade / cream

34 immerge

H&M / brown

Handmade / red

H&M / fur

immerge 35

Bohemian Scarves A bohemian scarf is a great accessory to have in your wardrobe. It’s the perfect touch to a festive look.

36 immerge

immerge 37

CROSSOVER YOUR DAILY ROUTINE “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel

38 immerge

Discover Your New Styles Now a day, working-women have many different things that they need to involve in between different locations; therefore, knowing how to crossover the dress up during a daily routine that become a very essential part for who want to be chic and beauty. The initial task is to discover your own style, knowing and be confident about yourself! Creating your personal style that including your taste, interests, desires and inspirations. You can bring couple of them together and let it shine in the way you dress in different daily moments. Now, let us start discovering your fashion style.

immerge 39

working 8:00am “I like to take challenges of day, but still look smart and chic.” Working in the creative field is going to require very different chic clothing than someone who works at a bank. I’ve had to sand down my rough edges and develop a sophisticated wardrobe that gives the impression that not only I am creative and fashionable, but also someone who can be trusted with big responsibilities.

40 immerge

meeting 1 1:00am “I like to look more confident and professional when I meet others.” For meetings, I always dress up in heels. For interviews I tend to dress up a bit with nice slacks or a skirt, dressy sandals or shoes or a nice top. If the couple is of another faith or tradition that has clothing standards such as wearing skirts, keeping arms and legs covered then I try to be aware of and respectful of that.

tea time 4:00Pm “I take challenges on everyday, but everyone in a while I need a break!” Just because you’re dressing casual doesn’t mean the little extras should be ignored. A few pieces of appropriate jewelry can bring an outfit into focus. Just a simple pair of earrings can be the perfect touch for that quick, but fashionable, casual feel.

dating 9:00pm



“I like to immerge into the romantic night with my looks.” For dating, I like wear brunch an outdoor meeting. The idea is to dress as you would normally except you happen and look completely awesome and effortless.

immerge 41


Andrea Jackson

“If someone’s interested, I can teach them how to do anything.”

42 immerge

ry Maker What is your profession? I’m a Jewelry/Metal-smithing instructor at Herron School of Art and Design. What excites you most about it? The teaching part of it. I love to help the students problem solve. Also, encourage those who don’t feel like there creative enough to make artistic pieces. It’s an opportunity to show them what they are truly capable of. I get a lot of dental students and they don’t feel like they have enough background in the arts. If someone’s interested, I can teach them how to do anything. Daily Routine? Is to prep for classes. In this time of the semester I’m helping students with projects and ordering supplies for the following semester. All these things behind the scenes that students don’t see. How do you start designing jewelry? What’s the process? When designing pieces for myself, it;s more fine arts based. Most of my work has to do with interpersonal relationships. For instance, I may do a series of 5-6 rings that will take me a year to complete. Do you sale your work? No, but I used to. The pieces that I make are more project pieces for museums. How would you describe your fashion style? It’s usually pants, boot, and the shirt changes, as she points to what she has on. She says I lived in Texas for a few years, so I”m still stuck in West Texas. “I still dig the cowboy boots.” She finishes with this, If it matches sort of kinda in the closet... Awesome!

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Kathryn Armstrong What is your profession? Artist, Educator and Director of the Basile Center for Art, Design and Public Life. What excites you about it? The opportunity to have a conversation with an unknown audience and the possibility of change. What is your daily life routine? This is often difficult to define as it depends on my role that day. Such as, I am working as an artist or meeting with a student, client and so forth. I do enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning with time to sit and think in my studio. What are you most passionate about? Presenting another way to see and understand the world as well as new experiences that help this process. How would you describe your fashion style? This is similar to question number three, it depends on what I have to do that day. I wouldn’t say I have a specific style, you may disagree!!

The Artist/ Educator/Director 44 immerge

Beyond Object and Image, site-specific installation, Salzburg, Austria, 2014

Materials: loose pigments, paint, paper, string, foils, wood, reflective screen, glass, fabric, wire, plastic and other found material

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