The cannabis space is an interesting investment opportunity with all the attendant risks, but the nascent industry should accelerate in 2020 as Ohio's medical marijuana growers and dispensaries slowly grow. "Regulatory and state hurdles aside, it's a tough business," said Andy Joseph, founder of Apeks Supercritical, which began making plant extractors for the emerging legal marijuana market in 2012. Joseph, who is considered a pioneer in Ohio's cannabis industry, said the cultivation facility he was involved in building required a significant upfront investment. "Before we were allowed to start growing a single plant, we had to build the whole setup," he said. "It's a huge investment, and there's no income until everything is done. So we're investing a lot of money and not getting a return on it, whereas in any other market you don't usually start in that way. You don't get involved in a market where you don't have a clearly defined customer base with such a huge investment and no revenue generation. It's