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onnecting mind to body remains to be the key ingredient to any fitness regimen. In the Pacific Northwest, winters can be brutal on our workouts. Looking out the window, wind-chill and snow stares back and all one thinks about is climbing back into bed and pulling the covers overhead. That may seem like the best place to be, but habits become us. Habits can be healthy or unhealthy to one’s body and life, so determining what is healthy is a great place to start. Keeping the mind motivated takes the body out of bed and out into our daily activities. Whether it’s working out or just moving, it’s important to keep motivation alive during these long winter months. Connecting mind-body is the best way to jumpstart motivation. Mind-body is a coined term the fitness industry uses to help people connect their minds to their bodies. This is ever so popular and true in circles of yoga, Pilates and stretching but also in cases where one needs to motivate their bodies to simply move. The basic foundation to a mind-body connection remains within the will. Willing the body to remain active, stay motivated and continue pursuing the activities that makes one happy keeps the body healthy. It starts with the mind and ends with the body. Be mindful of the winter blues and catch that connection before it starts. Winter blues actively become another stumbling block between the couch and change. Recruiting the mind-body connection will allow for one to continue hitting

those goals, get results and remain healthy. Phrases like “Summer bodies are made in the winter” and “Six months to fit and two weeks to lose it all” keeps that motivation alive. Of course, when someone speaks about the mind-body experience, it’s definitely easier said than done. How does one really commit to this practice when every time that window opens, the bed looks so much better than the active choice? Understanding how to recruit the mind-body connection doesn’t happen overnight. Like anything else, it takes practice. One must decide the big questions first: Do I want to get fit? Are my fitness goals realistic? How can I achieve the goals? Once these answers are present, one can focus on these to keep the mind motivated to take action on the body. Again, practice. If it is a foreign concept to connect mind-body, just doing it is a great start. Motivating muscles need the mind-body connection to really stay in it and get fitness results. Healthy, fit people understand that every day is a new day with new struggles and consequences. Setting the body up for success through mind-body creates a first step to success. Mind motivates the muscle, even when one stares out the window into the icy abyss. When your mind-body connection is there, the mind begins the day by telling your body “Get up. Let’s do this.” So next time you set a goal to get fit, think about starting with the mind.

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