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EURO 2012 misi贸n cumplida

4-0 Mario Balotelli - how near but how far

Torres ! Torres !! Goal

Espanayol conquistar !!! They came , they defended and showed to the world why they are the best team and have the best players in the world. Over 60,000 people in the stadium and millions of viwers worldwide witnessed the the power strenghth of spain. David Silva opened the score with an exciting goal , and after that it was witten that Spain will retain as the Euro Champions. Critisized for playing dull and not offensive enough , Spain with this victory has shut the mouth of their critizirs. But have to give an applaude to Italy they played like a team . Having not sure to play in the Euro and reaching the final is an achivement. Mario Balotelli was a bull in the Euro. To me he was the best player.




Well England did’nt win the Euro , but this flick from Danny Wellback was the best goal in the cup .

2 Déjà vu for Germany ? They lost in the semi-final of the world cup and the same this time now. When will this bad luck end ?

Mario Balotel The higest sco the germany g man will fear

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lli was the star of the Euro. orer ( 3 goals ) , dominated game . After that , the gerthis italian bull


The Penalty - BAD LUCKERS England hate the penalty like they hate brussel sprouts. Well apart the bad comparison , Englan has lost their 6 penalties in major cups. Hope they will do better in their own backyard

ell Football Fever is here to stay , atch out for 2012 London Olympics

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