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October 2013 Issue 6


District 6 Challenges you to empower those around you and move them to action  

The Capitol Wishes you a Happy October!

Hey guys! I hope you guys are surviving first semester relatively well! As a senior, life is definitely a struggle. However, let’s all try out best to stay on top of things and really make the most of this month, academically and Key Club-wise. This newsletter contains a few VERY IMPORTANT UPDATES. If you haven’t been receiving the emails, be sure to email me about getting the

appropriate information. Key things to take note of this month are the Youth Opportunities Fund, getting dues in, and Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. Happy October everyone!

Yours in Loving Service


Jenny Li (PSSSTTT if you’d like to contact me personally: Cell: 832-434-8603 Email: or Texting: 281-210-6793    

District six tips to “train” your club for success October is a month of opportunity! Here are some ideas for your clubs: -host an officer social to better increase club cohesion -plan to have at least one volunteer opportunity, however small, every other week -get in touch with your district officers and ask about how to better your club -find ways to participate in the governor’s project May the odds be ever in your favor as always!

Governor’s project 2013 Do you want to help a little train get on track?

Help fight against bullying by participating in the governor’s project!  

The capitol invites its minions to…

One baby dies every nine minutes due to the horrors of MNT which run rampant in 28 countries. Just $1.80 saves a life. Project eliminate needs your involvement to succeed.

How will you eliminate?

Apply for the Youth Opportunities fund!

Receive up to $2000 for your volunteer project! Applications are due October 15th. Visit und/yof/yofgrant.aspx For more information!

Attention minions of panem! Get those dues in! Dues are $12.50 for the TexasOklahoma District. Submit them by November 1 st for early bird recognition! More information at .aspx

District Contact Information           Editor Tashrima Hossain Phone: 713-505-2252 Email: tashrima.hossain.kc

Treasurer Isaiah ValleQuinones Phone: 580-458-1432 Email: vallequinones.i

                              District Admin Walt Roetter Phone: 830-733-0008 Email:

Regional Advisor Judy Pomorski Phone: 832-452-7544 Email: judypomorski

Governor Luke Broussard Phone: 325-998-1384 Email: luke.broussard.keycl


Convention Liason Grace Liu Phone: 817-962-8945 Email: grace.liukc

Secretary Usman Hyder Phone: 817-715-5111 Email: usmanhyder_kc@ou

LTG Jenny Li Phone: 832434-8603 Email: division3south

October Newsletter  

I like trains.

October Newsletter  

I like trains.