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Holy Shrimp! This scampi happening! August 2013 Issue 4


District 4 Challenges you to take advantage of a year full of oppor-tuna-ties  

Announcements from the capitol: August Greetings

Bonjour mes amis! August signals the quickly approaching school year. While summer may have driven all of you into your caves, I’m glad that many of you have stayed active in terms of reporting and planning volunteer events. With the start of school, you all should be considering things such as recruitment and how best to reel in new members (sorry I love fish

Puns, they’re just reely finny), fill this year with even more service, and diversify the sectors of the community that you serve. Whether its food drives or tutoring sessions or bake sales, I hope that you’ll all find your individual ways to contribute. Whether its your senior year and the end of it all or your freshman year, I hope to make this school year a memorable one. Let’s fight through the constant haze of stress and homework and stay on top of things together. Keep calm and key club guys! Bleh we’ll survive school together!

Yours in Loving Service


Jenny Li (PSSSTTT if you’d like to contact me personally: Cell: 832-434-8603 Email: or Texting: 281-210-6793


District four offers up some recruitment tips for you buoys and gills With the school year quickly approaching, you’ll all need to find ways to fish up some swimming new members! Try things like: -set up a booth at whatever summer club introduction event your school might offer -contact younger friends in middle school and tell them to spread the word -pass out brochures and flyers to younger students -host a library informational session about key club for interested families with children starting high school

Good luck and may the odds ever in your favor as always! Â

Governor’s project 2013

What’s lurking below the surface in a child’s mind? How can you help?  

W hether you feel like a shark or minnow in school, reach out to someone else that dreads school.  

Governor Luke Broussard challenges you save a child from drowning in bullying    

The capitol invites its minions to…

One baby dies every nine minutes due to the horrors of MNT which run rampant in 28 countries. Just $1.80 saves a life. Project eliminate needs your involvement to succeed.

How will you eliminate?

Charitable Sweetness!

$1 or more * from every Blizzard ® Treat will be donated to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. your Facebook RSVP to Miracle Treat Day will also be matched with a $1 donation to the cause—up to $50,000. Visit for more details. Let’s make miracles happen!

Attention minions of panem! Capitol ball on the horizon! Did you miss the Dance Marathon Application deadline? DO you still want to be a part of something spectacular? Do you want to be featured in videos like 4yj5lw ? If so contact and see how you can get involved!

District Contact Information           Editor Tashrima Hossain Phone: 713-505-2252 Email: tashrima.hossain.kc

Treasurer Isaiah ValleQuinones Phone: 580-458-1432 Email: vallequinones.i

                              District Admin Walt Roetter Phone: 830-733-0008 Email:

Regional Advisor Judy Pomorski Phone: 832-452-7544 Email: judypomorski

Governor Luke Broussard Phone: 325-998-1384 Email: luke.broussard.keycl


Convention Liason Grace Liu Phone: 817-962-8945 Email: grace.liukc

Secretary Usman Hyder Phone: 817-715-5111 Email: usmanhyder_kc@ou

LTG Jenny Li Phone: 832434-8603 Email: division3south

August newsletter  

Apologies if this looks a bit fishy!