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Poetry|Krishnapriya A.S. Eternal Clarity So shy, I wander around lonely, Looking for those eyes, I met in a dream. Drifting, Like a cloud on a summer’s day, Ending up on a blue bay, Eternal clarity. I’ve tasted salty seas, sour cream sincerity. Dressed in blue, butterfly, Forgetting what the moon tastes like. I wear my heart around my black hair. Drifting, On a heavenly fire, Time mends, amends, all fragments Of a divine light. So, I Wander around peacefully. My mind flowing through the galaxy. Looking for dew drops filled with memories, That I once lost in a dream, Eternal clarity.


LIJLA Vol.4, No.1 February 2016

LIJLA Vol.4 No.1  

Lakeview International Journals of Literature and Arts February 2016 issue featuring works by writers/artists like Hanif Kureishi, George S...

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